CCG :: Volume #29

#2803: looks at hurts

Aside from Karmic Virtue Snake Beauty who was addicted to the ‘self-sacrifice pillar’, this is the first time Song Shuhang heard anyone voluntarily wanted to become a pillar. 除了‘自我祭柱’上瘾的功德蛇美人外,宋书航还是第一次听到有人主动要求化为柱 However, Lady Dragon Net’s thinking mode stand out from the masses, after all she is not the person, there is nothing surprising regardless of whatever she proposed. Song Shuhang only needs to cooperate with her actions. 不过,龙络女士的思维方式与众不同,毕竟她不是人,所以无论她提出什么样的要求都不意外宋书航只需要配合她行动即可 Prompt: Have not please come out from crash status while Way Item planet, hurries to act.】 The Lady Dragon Net reminder said. 【提示:请趁着道器星球还没从宕机状态中出来,赶紧行动。】龙络女士提醒道。 Also has the relations with the eye-looking planet big shot?” Song Shuhang replied: I’ll open the Core World.” “和长眼睛星球大佬也有关系吗?”宋书航回道:“我这就开启核心世界。” Initially for returned to Black Dragon World momentarily, when Song Shuhang left Black Dragon World, Lady Dragon Net left behind going back teleportation array for him. 当初为了方便随时回归黑龙世界,在宋书航离开黑龙世界时,龙络女士就为他留下了回去的传送阵 Now, she with the aid of the teleportation channel between Core World and Black Dragon World, oneself to promote recently the 『Cultivation』 function cultivation energy doppelgänger, shifted in Song Shuhang’s Core World. 现在,她借助核心世界黑龙世界间的传送通道,将自己最近为了升级‘修真聊天’功能而培育的一尊能量分身,转移到了宋书航的核心世界中。 In fact...... before suggesting Song Shuhang seeks for the ‘client server’ carrier, Lady Dragon Net attempts to create small doppelgänger on oneself, trying to act as a server carrier. 事实上......在建议宋书航去寻找‘客户端服务器’载体之前,龙络女士就自己尝试着创造一个小分身,试图用来充当服务器载体 But her experiment has not succeeded, because mainly between Black Dragon World and present world, there is a generation gap! 但她的实验没有成功,主要因为黑龙世界现世之间,有代沟! Generation gap of between this generation gap compared with gathering will of the people peace world, but also is huge. 这代沟比聚人心和平天下间的代沟,还要巨大。 After the moment. 片刻后。 While the eye-looking planet big shot still in crash, Lady Dragon Net’s pure energy doppelgänger drills from Core World. 趁着长眼睛星球大佬还在宕机,龙络女士的一尊纯能量分身核心世界中钻出。 In her modeling and Black Dragon World Dragon Net avatar Lady Kunna similar, because is the reason of pure energy body, she is white skin. 她的造型和黑龙世界龙络化身昆那女士’相似,但因为是纯能量体的原因,她是白皮的。 „Is this present world?” Lady Dragon Net said in a soft voice. “这就是现世吗?”龙络女士轻声道。 Song Shuhang said with a smile: to be more precise, is Three Eyed Senior’s minor world, has not been considered as that true present world.” 宋书航笑道:“准确来说,是三眼前辈的小世界,还不算是真正的现世。” Un, opens the space door, I still have some time, I need under the contact the ‘Present World’ information and principle, preparing for future upgrades.” Lady Dragon Net replied. “嗯,开个空间门,趁着我还有点时间,我需要接触下‘现世’的信息和法则,为未来升级程序做准备。”龙络女士回道 early stage 『Cultivation』 program upgrade, she only needs to improve according to the Song Shuhang’s request step by step then. Now, after the client was developed, she needs according to the ‘Present World’ rule and information, adjusts client. After all...... present world and Black Dragon World have the generation gap, she cannot according to the Black Dragon World’s rule promotion 『Cultivation』’s client. 初期‘修真聊天’程序升级,她只需要按宋书航的要求一步步来改进即可。现在,客户端研发出来后,她需要根据‘现世’的规则和信息,对客户端进行调整。毕竟......现世黑龙世界有代沟,她不能按黑龙世界的规则来升级‘修真聊天’的客户端 Today's Lady Dragon Net, as before is that professional! 今天的龙络女士,依旧是那么敬业! ...... ...... ...... ...... Under. 下方。 When Lady Dragon Net comes instantly, three eyed youth senior raise head observes closely her. 龙络女士现身的刹那,三眼少年前辈抬头盯住她。 Black Dragon World’s that?” three eyed youth said in a soft voice. 黑龙世界的那位?”三眼少年轻声道。 Before he proved the Way of Imperishable, had gone to Black Dragon World, along the First Heavenly Way’s trail, has walked in Black Dragon World counterpart’s ‘Ancient Serenities’, and inserted own pillar in Ancient Serenities. 他在证道不朽之前,曾经去过黑龙世界,沿着第一天道的足迹,在黑龙世界对应的‘古幽’中行走过,并在古幽插下了属于自己的柱子。 Therefore, three eyed youth senior recognizes the Lady Dragon Net’s aura. 所以,三眼少年前辈认得龙络女士的气息。 Above Lady Dragon Net doppelgänger, lowered the head to look at Ruler Three Eyes, nodded to him slightly. 上空的龙络女士分身,同样低头望了眼三眼主宰,向他微微点头 Two big shot smile, is greets mutually. 两位大佬相视一笑,算是互相打了招呼。 Near three eyed youth senior, Eyeball Steward is looking at Lady Dragon Net, felt that really has to plant facing the ‘imperishable’ misconception, oppressing the strength is full. 三眼少年前辈边上,眼珠子管家望着龙络女士,感觉竟然有种面对‘不朽’的错觉,压迫力十足。 Eyeball Steward puts out a hand to capture the body’s lance completely, asked low voice: Master, who exactly is this lady?” 眼珠子管家伸手将自己身上的矛全部拔掉,小声问道:“老爷,这位女士是何方神圣?” This lady’s origin may be big, I didn’t expect there is a connection between her and Little Friend Tyrant Song. Evidently, it was her who has been assisting Little Friend Tyrant Song in secret.” three eyed youth shows a faint smile. “这位女士的来历可不小,没想到霸宋小友和她之间竟然有联系。看样子,最近一直在暗中辅助霸宋小友的就是她了。”三眼少年微微一笑。 Assisting Fellow Daoist Tyrant Song in secret? , isn’t my position will be dangerous?” Eyeball Steward muttered. 暗中辅助霸宋道友,那我的位置不是很危险了?”眼珠子管家喃喃道。 three eyed youth senior: „???” 三眼少年前辈:“???” Your position? 你的位置? You said clearly to me, what position between did you and Tyrant Song have? 你给我讲清楚,你和霸宋之间有什么位置? But, wants to assist Fellow Daoist Tyrant Song is not that easy matter, after all, Fellow DaoistTyrant Song will be tossing from side to side.” Eyeball Steward also said. “不过,想辅助霸宋道友也不是那么容易的事情吧,毕竟霸宋道友那么会折腾。”眼珠子管家又道。 Truly.” three eyed youth senior approves the person of same belief: I look at this Black Dragon World’s lady, the hair seems to have fallen a lot recently...... the hairline contrasts with what I remembered, seems a lot dangerous.” “确实。”三眼少年前辈非常赞同道:“我看这位黑龙世界的女士,最近头发似乎都掉了不少......发际线对比我印象中的模样,似乎危险了很多。” Eyeball Steward subconscious traces itself, after the moment, it relaxes: Fortunately, I have no hair.” 眼珠子管家下意识摸了摸自己,片刻后它松了口气:“还好我没头发。” three eyed youth senior: „......” 三眼少年前辈:“......” He feels his steward pill. 他感觉自家的管家药丸。 Or, goes back its stopper again, remelts to rebuild? 要不,还是再将它塞回去,回炉重造吧? ...... ...... ...... ...... Airborne. 空中。 Song Shuhang first opened a palm size small space gate, goes nonstop to present world Mars-- to choose Mars , because before , he had just opened the Mars’ space door, leaves leeway the Coordinate, will then open the door quite the convenience. 宋书航先是开启了一个巴掌大的小空间门,直通现世火星——之所以选择火星,是因为之前他刚开过火星的空间门,留有坐标,再开门会比较方便。 The Lady Dragon Net extend the hand palm, lightly probes into to the space gate, enters to present world Mars. 龙络女士伸出手掌,轻轻探入到空间门内,伸入到现世火星 Her that scallion white finger is the same like the antenna, receives from the foundation structure information of present world’s information, the world revolution rule and world unceasingly wait/etc.. 她那葱白的手指如同天线一样,不断接收来自现世的信息、天地运转规则、世界的基础构造信息等等。 These information by the receive and memory, became the foundation information that 『Cultivation』 Client’ will promote next time. 这些信息被接收、存储起来,成为下次‘修真聊天客户端’升级的基础信息。 After several minutes. 数分钟后。 Information collection completed, data packaged...... the transmission main body......” Lady Dragon Net takes back the palm to say. 信息收集完成,数据打包中......发送本体......”龙络女士收回手掌道。 Song Shuhang in nearby static waiting. 宋书航在边上静静等待。 After a few more minutes. 又过了数分钟 Data teleportation completes, go to the next step.” Lady Dragon Net turns around to face Song Shuhang: Starts, making me turn into the column.” “数据传送完成,进入下一步计划。”龙络女士转身面对宋书航:“开始吧,让我变成柱。” Offended, Lady Dragon Net.” Song Shuhang said, he puts out a hand to display «Tyrant God Pillar» secret technique. “得罪了,龙络女士。”宋书航道,他伸手施展《霸神柱》秘法 Under three eyed youth senior and Eyeball Steward’s gaze, Tyrant Song activates secret technique, «Tyrant God Pillar» magecraft’s radiance covers Lady Dragon Net. 三眼少年前辈眼珠子管家的注视下,霸宋激活秘法,《霸神柱》法术的光辉笼罩龙络女士 Lady Dragon Net’s side appears attractive star light, covers her whole person. The star light is getting more and more sincere, can only see Lady Dragon Net that irritable stature shadow by the star light indistinctly. 龙络女士的身边浮现一片好看的星光,将她整个人遮盖。星光越来越厚重,透过星光只能隐约看到龙络女士那火爆的身材影子。 When this and condenses the ‘Exterminating Emperor Pillar’ scene to be completely different, when condenses ‘Exterminating Emperor Pillar’, looks like the tornado...... when Lady Dragon Net column, actually probably in shōjo anime ‘magical girl transformation’ scene. 这和凝聚‘帝灭柱’时的场景完全不同,凝聚‘帝灭柱’时,就像是龙卷风......而龙络女士化柱时,却像是少女动画‘魔法少女变身’的场景。 The style is different. 画风都不一样。 Turns into the column to accompany unexpectedly directly near Tyrant Song?” Eyeball Steward stares the big eye: „It is not wonderful, I’m not a pure energy body.” “竟然直接变成柱陪伴在霸宋边上?”眼珠子管家瞪大眼睛:“不妙啊,我可不是纯能量体。” three eyed youth senior: „......” 三眼少年前辈:“......” His family steward brazenly wanted to become Tyrant Song’s pillar? 他家管家都已经明目张胆的要成为霸宋柱子了 Did you eat Little Friend Tyrant Song’s «Raising Sabre Art» in secret? 你是不是暗中吃了霸宋小友的《养刀术》 Void another side. 虚空另一侧。 The eye-looking planet big shot, finally recovered from the crash status with a great difficulty-- it simply went crazy, the entire All Heavens and Myriad Realms’ practitioner quantity, is how big. 长眼睛星球大佬,好不容易从宕机状态中恢复过来——它简直要疯了,整个诸天万界的修炼者数量,何其庞大。 So many practitioner download ‘Client’ simultaneously, almost made it went mad. 这么多的修炼者同时下载‘客户端’,差点将它逼疯 Tyrant~ eye-looking planet sends out the angry information. 霸~长眼睛星球发出愤怒的信息。 Opposite. 对面。 Song Shuhang puts out a hand to raise, an origin are innumerable the pillar that golden silk thread one after another twines becomes, condenses the formation. 宋书航伸手一扬,一根由无数‘黄金丝线’成捆成捆缠绕而成的柱子,凝聚成型。 The densely packed golden silk thread seemingly pesters chaotically, but under examining carefully among them also constitutes a complete lineage/vein road, conforms to Dragon Net construction feather. 密密麻麻的黄金丝线看似杂乱无章地纠缠,但细看之下它们之间又构成一个完整的脉路,符合‘龙络’的构造特点。 trypophobia of person really must look at object essence.】 The Song Shuhang heart has floated a thought. 【人的密集恐惧症果然还是要看‘物体’的本质。】宋书航心头浮过一个念头。 The densely packed insect, will let person scalp tingles......, but the densely packed gold coin, will make one have joyful. 密密麻麻的虫子,会让人头皮发麻......但密密麻麻的金币,却会让人心生愉悦。 The present gold thread column is also the same, completely by golden silk thread winding of sparkle, although is crowded, pleased person eye. 眼前的金丝柱也一样,全部由闪耀的黄金丝线缠绕而成,虽然密集,也悦人眼目。 Lady Dragon Net doppelgänger after the gold thread column takes shape, but also without and other Song Shuhang gives a good name for her, does not need Song Shuhang to operate, she rises straight from the ground on own initiative, hits to angry eye-looking planet! 龙络女士分身所化的金丝柱成型后,还没等宋书航为她起个好名字,也不用宋书航操作,她就主动拔地而起,撞向愤怒的长眼睛星球 Song ~ the eye-looking planet big shot is roaring. “宋~长眼睛星球大佬怒吼着。 bang~~ 轰~~ The Lady Dragon Net gold thread column has hit ruthlessly on the-- eyeball of eye-looking planet big shot. 龙络女士金丝柱已经狠狠撞在了长眼睛星球大佬的——眼珠子上。 looks at hurts. 看着都疼。
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