CCG :: Volume #28

#2745: Money money money money money money money!

Steel Avatar as before not sentiment, not money. 钢铁化身依旧莫得感情,更莫得钱。 It seems that he doesn't know anything.” Song Shuhang said that if Steel Avatar knows that the details, the information will first synchronize on his side. 看样子他什么都不知道。”宋书航道,如果钢铁化身知道详情的话,情报就会第一时间同步到他这边 But now, Steel Avatar was unresponsive. 但现在,钢铁化身毫无反应。 And...... 而且...... Why do we want to summon Eastern Great Emperor?” Song Shuhang asked. “我们为什么要召唤东方大帝?”宋书航问道。 But opposite party one of the 'Ancient Heavenly Court' Four Cardinal Direction Great Emperors, without clear opposite party standpoint, summoned directly the opposite party, Heaven knows will have what situation. 对方可是‘远古天庭’四方大帝之一,在不清楚对方立场的情况下,直接将对方召唤出来,天知道会发生什么情况。 If by some chance the standpoint of opposite party is like Southern Great Emperor, then come up and use this square-shaped hammer, what to do does hit to explode his Dog Egg Song's dog head? 万一对方的立场和南方大帝一样,然后上来就用这个方方正正的锤子,打爆他宋狗蛋的狗头怎么办? Four Cardinal Direction Great Emperors really has the strength hammer to explode existence of his dog head. 四方大帝可是真的有实力锤爆他狗头的存在。 Karmic Virtue Snake Beauty puts out a hand in the sky to write: Eastern Pei, world the cream of the crop artificer.】 功德蛇美人伸手在虚空中写道:【东方裴,世间最顶尖炼器大师。】 Then, she referred to the hammer. 然后,她指了指锤子。 If have this hammer, can make Eastern Pei take action one time...... Eastern Great Emperor take action refine magical item personally, such opportunity let alone is 1 billion spirit stones, even if its a few times more expensive, there will be no lack of nouveau riches fighting over it. 有这只锤子的话,就能让东方裴出手一次......东方大帝亲自出手炼制法器,这样的机会别说是十亿灵石,就算再贵上几倍,也有的是土豪们抢要 World top artificer refines magical item personally, is indeed attractive. However......” Song Shuhang referred to oneself entire two sets of 'Thirty Three Beasts' Combined Magical Item' saying: I don't lack magical items ah.” “世界顶尖的炼器大师亲手炼制法器,的确诱人。不过......”宋书航指了指自己整整两套‘三十三兽组合法器’道:“我不缺法器啊。” Senior White Two already bored with the 'Thirty Three Beasts' Combined Magical Item', afterward not its recover, they have been used by Song Shuhang all along. 白前辈two已经玩腻了‘三十三兽组合法器’,后来没有将它回收,一直由宋书航使用着它们 Two sets of magical item, are the Eighth Stage ranks. After Song Shuhang promotes to Eighth Stage, their above seals on solution seal, have been able to play the perfect Eighth Stage magical item might completely. 两套法器,都是八品级别。在宋书航晋升到八品后,它们上面的封印就全部解印,已经能发挥出完美的八品法器威力。 In addition the 'Thirty Three Beasts' Combined Magical Item' particularity, after two sets of magical item combine, can change into more powerful 'Infallible Holy City' and 'Doomsday's Holy Sword', enough Eighth Stage's Song Shuhang use. 再加上‘三十三兽组合法器’的特殊性,两套法器组合后还能化为更强大的‘永不陷落的圣城’‘终焉的圣剑’,足够八品的宋书航使用。 Even if goes to resentment Ninth Stage Tribulation Immortal with them, does not have the issue. 甚至就算用它们去怼九品劫仙,也毫无问题。 And they are living item-- living item can, as warm and nourish of master , to promote and grows stronger with the master. 并且它们都是本命法器——本命法器是能随着主人的温养,和主人一起升级、变强的。 His Song, does not lack magical item. 他宋某人,不缺少法器 Only by the living item's quantity, his also can be considered as trench. 只论本命法器的数量,他也算是个壕。 Karmic Virtue Snake Beauty disdain looked at Song Shuhang one. 功德蛇美人不屑地望了宋书航一眼。 Trivial Eighth Stage level combination item, unexpectedly satisfied? 区区八品级的组合法器,竟然就满足了 Although living item has the special nature that accompanies the master to promote together, but that process also needs the master unceasingly goes to warm and nourish they, needs to invest some high qualities for 'living item' on the way the materials, strengthens them. 本命法器虽然拥有着随同主人一起升级的特殊性质,但那个过程也需要主人不断的去温养它们,途中还需要为‘本命法器’投入一些高品质的材料,对它们进行强化。 But at the Song Shuhang's promotion speed, enough time where it does come goes to warm and nourish living item? 而以宋书航的升级速度,它哪来的足够时间去‘温养本命法器 Karmic Virtue Snake Beauty will make a bet, even if Song Shuhang treads own 'Way' to enter Eternal Life Being Realm, its living item can only be as before the Eighth Stage rank, basically it's impossible to be upgraded to Ninth Stage so quickly. 功德蛇美人敢打赌,就算宋书航踏出自己的‘道’进入长生者境界,它的本命法器依旧只会是八品级别,根本不可能那么快晋升为九品 Therefore, she felt that Song Shuhang must use up ‚the Eastern Pei's hammer finally, invited Eastern Great Emperor take action, upgrade the level of his living items. 所以,她感觉宋书航最终还是要用掉‘东方裴的锤子’,请东方大帝出手,提升一下他的本命法器级别 ...... ...... ...... ...... Song Shuhang raised the Eastern Pei's hammer, said: Perhaps, I can retain this opportunity, builds living item for my disciple.” 宋书航重新提起东方裴的锤子,道:“或许,我可以保留这个机会,为我的弟子打造本命法器。” Regardless of Chu Chu and Bird Monster Little Cai, or staff Scallion Lady, daughter Yinzhu, they all needs living item. 无论是楚楚雀妖小彩,或者员工葱娘,女儿音竹,她们都需要本命法器 His master does not have too many things to teach the disciple, does not have the experience of guidance, can only make own disciple on the way of practice smoother as far as possible. 他这个师父没有太多东西能教导弟子,也没有教导的经验,只能尽量让自己弟子在修炼途中顺利一些。 But having said that, this hammer's shape.” Song Shuhang lifts up high this square-shaped hammer, after thinking a little, suddenly called out: Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor!” 不过话说,这锤子的造型。”宋书航高举这个方方正正的锤子,略一思索后,突然叫道:“谁人若手握此锤,且当之无愧,必将拥有雷神之力!” Karmic Virtue Snake Beauty: „......” 功德蛇美人:“......” In this Collapsing World that does not have the bystander, Song Shuhang thoroughly allow himself to fly. 在这个没有外人的崩溃世界,宋书航彻底放飞自我 bang~~ 轰~~ in the sky, as if really has the crazy thunderstorm sound. 虚空中,仿佛真有狂雷暴响。 Song Shuhang: „!!!” 宋书航:“!!!” He is looking at the hammer in hand...... wait, hammers the elder brother, I was shouting plays, I really didn't have any plans to Class Transfer to become Thor. 他望着手中的这只锤子......等下,锤哥,我就是喊着玩玩的,我并没有真的要去转职当雷神的打算 Karmic Virtue Snake Beauty also gawked staring. 功德蛇美人也愣了愣。 hōng lóng lóng sound unceasingly suddenly/violently sound. 轰隆隆声不断暴响。 in the sky...... has form together to reappear indistinctly. 虚空中......隐约有一道身影浮现。 Not an entity, but a spectre-like existence. 不是实体,而是像是幽灵一样的存在 Eastern Great Emperor Eastern Pei. 东方大帝东方裴。 Song Shuhang is somewhat looking at this spectre Eastern Great Emperor-- also don't know if this Great Emperor is an enemy or a friend anxiously, then can hammer to explode his head? 宋书航有些紧张地望着这位幽灵般的东方大帝——也不知道这位大帝是敌是友,接下来会不会锤爆他的头? I overslept just now...... sorry, I'm late, Fellow Daoist Tyrant Song.” Eastern Great Emperor is having the yawn, said out loud. 刚才不小心睡过头了......抱歉,我来迟了,霸宋道友。”东方大帝打着哈欠,出声道 „???” Song Shuhang is puzzled. “???”宋书航一脸疑惑。 Listening to the tone, the other person seems to know him? 听语气,对方似乎认识他 But Song Shuhang racks brains, when cannot find out itself to have the contact with this Eastern Great Emperor. 宋书航绞尽脑汁,也想不出自己什么时候和这位东方大帝有过接触。 Oneself and he should be for the first time meets is right. 自己和他应该是第一次见面才对。 Could it be... is future Entering Dream this 'Eastern Great Emperor', and like affected Holy Man and Heavenly Emperor initially, affected past Eastern Great Emperor? 难道......是未来的自己入梦过这位‘东方大帝’,并且像当初影响到圣人天帝一样,影响到了过去的东方大帝 That, Fellow Daoist Tyrant Song are you ready ma?” Dark spectre to Song Shuhang said out loud: If ready, I'll upgrade the Thirty Three Beasts' Combined Magical Item for you.” “那么,霸宋道友你准备好了吗?”黑乎乎的幽灵对着宋书航出声道:“准备好了的话,我就替你将三十三兽组合法器升级。” Song Shuhang: „......” 宋书航:“......” This type of everything has been arranged properly, but person involved does not know completely what's the matter the situation, making one seize anxiously. 这种一切都已经被安排妥当,但是当事人完全不知道怎么回事的情况,令人捉急。 Heavenly Emperor didn't tell you? I owed her many years ago 1 billion spirit stones, finally with builds magical item's opportunity to repay for her a time.” spectre Eastern Great Emperor said, his entire journey only with looking at the Song Shuhang face, can complete the process of question and answer. 天帝没有和你说过?我在很多年前欠了她十亿灵石,最后用替她打造一次法器的机会来偿还。”幽灵东方大帝道,他全程只用看宋书航脸,就能完成问答的过程。 spectre Eastern Great Emperor seemingly unexpected good speech. 幽灵东方大帝看上去意外的好说话。 1 billion spirit stones that Heavenly Emperor said that was this?” Song Shuhang looks to Steel Avatar. 天帝说的十亿灵石,这是这个了?”宋书航望向钢铁化身 1 billion spirit stones , helping him cross the hand hot hot opportunity not to give. 十亿灵石,连让他过手热一热的机会都不给。 Also without succeeding in obtaining to have spent. 还没到手就已经花出去了。 Relax, I am not strange to the Thirty Three Beasts' Combined Magical Item structure. In Heavenly Court Era, I have studied Beast God Corps' Thirty Three Beasts' Combined Magical Item.” spectre Eastern Great Emperor said. “放心吧,我对三十三兽组合法器构造并不陌生。在天庭时,我就研究过兽神部的三十三兽组合法器。”幽灵东方大帝道。 That trouble Senior East.” Song Shuhang said. “那就麻烦东方前辈了。”宋书航道。 He puts out a hand to wield, two sets of 'Thirty Three Beasts' Combined Magical Item' flew, the dispersion falls in front of Eastern Great Emperor's. 他伸手一挥,两套‘三十三兽组合法器’飞了出来,分散落在东方大帝的面前。 These two sets of Thirty Three Beasts' Combined Magical Item were well built. Is this technique, the Profound Heavy Sect's sledgehammer little hammer technique?” Eastern Great Emperor worthily the Number One Hammer Under the Heaven, the vision is sinister. 这两套三十三兽组合法器打造的不错。这手法,是玄重派的大锤小锤手法?”东方大帝不愧是天下第一锤,眼光毒辣。 And the Great Emperor also notices, in Song Shuhang's this 66 magical items, 65 condensed ‚the tool spirit embryonic form, was born slightly weak's consciousness. That Orca Gauntlet, was born complete tool spirit. 并且大帝还注意到,宋书航的六十六件法器中,有六十五件都凝聚出了‘器灵雏形’,诞生了微弱的意识。那件逆鲸拳套,更是已经诞生了完整的器灵 It seems that… Tyrant Song has spent a lot of time warm and nourishes these magical items. 看样子......霸宋对这些法器投入了大量的时间来温养 If the magical items already have faint consciousness, the upgrading difficulty will be greatly reduced. 法器都已经有微弱意识的话,升级难度就会大大降低 After satisfaction nods, Eastern Great Emperor puts out a hand saying: Then, I need lots of spirit stones and refining materials. ready ma?” 满意点了点头后,东方大帝伸手道:“然后,我需要大量的灵石和炼器材料准备好了吗?” Song Shuhang stares: 1 billion spirit stones ne?” 宋书航一愣:“十亿灵石呢?” „Did 1 billion spirit stones invite my take action price, you think that the 1 billion spirit stones will include the magical item's upgrade materials ba?” spectre Eastern Great Emperor looked at Song Shuhang: Don't tell me you don't have spirit stones and materials?” 十亿灵石只是请我出手的价钱,你不会以为十亿灵石已经包括升级法器的材料了吧?”幽灵东方大帝瞄了眼宋书航:“别告诉我你没灵石和材料?” He as if smelled the poor flavor from Song Shuhang body. 他仿佛从宋书航身上闻到了贫穷的味道。
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