CCG :: Volume #24

#2368: Outer space traffic accident

Song Shuhang can guarantee oneself will not misread absolutely! 宋书航敢保证自己绝对不会看错! About the [Absolute Force Field Shield] blueprint, he once from head to tail careful has looked. Although he cannot make such shield magical item, currently does not have the method to provide the energy for force field shield of this rank. 关于【绝对力场护盾】的设计图,他曾从头到尾细细的看过一遍。虽然他造不出这样的护盾法器,目前也没有手段为这个等级的力场护盾提供能量。 But this does not affect him to study this «Absolute Force Field Shield» blueprint, absorbs about defense knowledge and inspiration. 但这并不影响他研究这个《绝对力场护盾》的设计图,从中吸收关于‘防御’的知识和灵感。 At present this hundred meters mecha body’s force field shield, absolutely is [Absolute Force Field Shield]...... Range of defense reduced. 眼前这个百米机甲身上的力场护盾,绝对就是【绝对力场护盾】……只是防御的范围缩小了很多。 Is an entire planet provided the defense sufficiently shield, now wraps in the body side of hundred meters mecha giant, forms a defense force field. 原本足以为一整颗行星提供防御的护盾,现在只是包裹在百米机甲巨人的身侧,形成一个防御力场。 Incites ’s a sound, Heaven Scorching Flame Sabre that’ Giant of Destruction cuts sabre glow cuts after force field shield, then such as the flare fell into the basin, extinguished directly. 的一声,毁灭巨人斩出的‘焚天火焰刀刀芒斩在力场护盾上后,便如火把掉入到了水池中,直接熄灭。 Doomsday holy sword in Giant of Destruction hand, was resisted. 就连毁灭巨人手中的终焉圣剑,都被抵挡了下来。 Doomsday great sword and in hundred meters mecha’s between overlapping long spear, there was a layer of invisible force field, blocks the Doomsday holy sword’s point firmly. 终焉巨剑和百米机甲的中交叉长枪间,有一层无形力场,牢牢挡住终焉圣剑的锋芒。 This invisible force field, was oppressed the distortion by Doomsday holy sword...... But has kept off holy sword eventually! 这层无形力场,被终焉圣剑压迫到扭曲……但终究还是将圣剑挡了下来! Absolute Force Field Shield...... Really, this place with Three Eyed Senior, or mediated Three Eyed Senior counterpart’s Heavenly Way to be related.” Song Shuhang said out loud. 绝对力场护盾……果然,这个地方和‘三眼前辈’,或者说和三眼前辈对应的天道有关。”宋书航出声道 At present this shrinks small scale’s [Absolute Force Field Shield], when beforehand hundred meters mecha induce to eye-looking planet big shot heart the mood loses control. 眼前这缩小型的【绝对力场护盾】,还有之前百米机甲感应到‘长眼睛星球大佬心脏’时的情绪失控。 Moreover this man-made world small fragment, time-honored, existed from the immemorial time. Time and Three Eyed Senior can also correspond. 另外这个人造世界小碎片,历史悠久,从太古时代就已经存在。时间方面和三眼前辈也能够对应起来。 The giant both arms of destruction catch up, are grasping Doomsday holy sword, downward oppresses stubbornly. 毁灭的巨人双臂发力,握着终焉圣剑,死死往下压迫。 Has been short of only remaining 90 meters mecha, four hands grab the dual pistols stubbornly, is maintaining that Absolute Force Field Shield. 少了个头仅剩下90米的机甲,四只手死死抓着双枪,维持着那个‘绝对力场护盾’。 Both sides fall into the deadlock stage. 双方陷入僵持阶段。 The ground because of the energy of brute force and eruption of both sides, starts to undercut. 地面因为双方的蛮力和爆发的能量,开始下陷。 ...... …… ...... …… In Giant of Destruction right fist. 毁灭巨人右拳中。 Song Shuhang nodded slightly probes almost there, he also obtained some useful information. 宋书航微微点头试探差不多了,他也得到了一些有用的情报。 Slid. 溜了溜了。 Pavilion Lord Chu called one!” Song Shuhang enemy Antenna Hair Chu said. 楚阁主叫一声!”宋书航对头楚呆毛道。 Pavilion Lord Chu antenna hair: „???” 楚阁主呆毛:“???” Suddenly makes me call one to do? 突然让我叫一声干嘛? could it be must coordinate Giant of Destruction, destroys invisible force field shield? 难道是要配合毁灭巨人,来破坏无形‘力场护盾’吗? A Pavilion Lord Chu antenna hair slightly thinking, then prepares to be called under a coordination Shuhang delicately. 楚阁主呆毛略一思索,然后准备秀气地叫上一声配合下书航 Instigated that instigates.” Song Shuhang also said. “怂啦怂啦。”宋书航又道。 Pavilion Lord Chu antenna hair: „......” 楚阁主呆毛:“……” Black Skinned Soft Feather was explaining at the same time intimately: „Before Senior Chu you, does not make Senior Song in instigating calls one, Senior Song called one a moment ago ‚’.” 黑皮羽柔子在一边贴心地解释道:“楚前辈你之前不是让宋前辈在怂的时候‘叫一声’嘛,宋前辈刚才‘叫一声’了。” I do not strangle your surnamed Song!” Pavilion Lord Chu antenna hair twined skilled in Song Shuhang neck volume one, tightened the Song Shuhang tongue to be forced to come out fiercely. “我勒不死你个姓宋的!”楚阁主呆毛熟练地缠绕在宋书航脖子上卷了一圈,猛地勒紧宋书航舌头都被勒出来。 At the same time, Fairy Good Fortune receives the signal, stops the pipa sound, fast escapes to return to Giant of Destruction. 同一时间,造化仙子接收到信号,停止琵琶声,飞快遁回到毁灭巨人内部。 Pavilion Lord Chu antenna hair activated already prepared the method of good secret escape. 楚阁主呆毛激活早就准备好的秘遁之法。 The secret escape’s ray wraps Song Shuhang, pendant as well as entire Giant of Destruction all round. 秘遁的光芒将宋书航挂件以及整个毁灭巨人团团包裹。 the next moment, Giant of Destruction changed into the light. 下一刻,毁灭巨人化为了光。 That brushes, Giant of Destruction the ray plunders to the sky, vanishes in the distant place. 刷的一下,毁灭巨人所化的光芒掠向天空,消失于远方。 The rapidness of this escape technique speed, is next to Piercing All Heavens And Myriad Realms Flying Shuttle. It can be said that this is except space method beside, the cream of the crop’s that a handful bold fast. 遁法速度之快,仅次于‘诸天万界穿刺飞梭’。可以说,这是除去‘空间手段’之外,最顶尖的那一小撮豪速。 Said that slides slides, does not give the opposite party to respond the opportunity. 说溜就溜,根本不给对方反应机会。 90 meters headless mecha grabs two long spear dull, a face stands confusedly same place...... The previous quarter also with the sharp sword the match who it suppresses stubbornly, suddenly changes into the light to vanish to flee, its mentality without enough time transforms. 90米无头机甲呆呆抓着两根长枪,一脸迷茫地站在原地……上一刻还用利剑将它死死压制的对手,突然化为光消失遁走,它心态都来不及转变。 When it responded, even to pursue is also late. 等它反应过来时,就算想追击也迟了。 Let alone in the far escaping speed, it simply does not have such quick speed. 更何况在远遁速度上,它根本没有这么快的速度。 Finally, it can only vent -type wields that two spear/gun strange long spear, in the tuba sends out the angry roaring estimate is scolding some to instigate that who the egg, has to plant to fight 300 rounds, to run away again who is xx and so on glossary. 最终,它只能发泄式的挥动那两枪诡异长枪,大喇叭中发出愤怒的咆哮估计是在骂一些‘怂蛋、有种过来再战300回合、谁逃谁是xx’之类的词汇。 ...... …… ...... …… In the space of city deep underground place. 城市地底深处的空间中。 That group of colorful uniform giants, fall into the deathly stillness silence. 那一群五颜六色的制服巨人,陷入死寂般的沉默中。 Capture failure, but battles is successful, does not use such silent. At least, we protected this city again.” Sits in that blue giant said solemnly of central location. “捕捉失败,但作战还算成功,诸位不用这么沉默。至少,我们再一次守护住了这座城市。”坐在中央位置的那蓝色巨人沉声道 His tone is relaxed, is difficult to conceal the innermost feelings the heaviness. 只是他的语气再轻松,也难掩饰内心的沉重。 This arrival Ancient God was too strange.” Nearby, that Hulk said slowly: Regardless of wisdom, battle strength and equipment, obtained the leap-style promotion. Moreover, Ancient God has understood escaping unexpectedly.” “这次降临的‘古神’太诡异了。”边上,那尊绿巨人缓缓道:“无论是智慧适度、战斗力、装备,都得到了跳跃式的提升。而且,古神竟然懂得了逃跑。” What is more important, Ancient God unexpectedly also changed transform into battle song sacrificial offering...... This is the past has not come across the matter. This information, the earliest possible time transmits to other God Killer bases.” A side yellow coloured giant pertinent say/way. “更重要的是,古神竟然也变化出了‘战歌祭祀’……这是以往都没有遇到过的事情。这个情报,得第一时间传递给其他弑神者基地。”旁边一尊黄色巨人一针见血道。 Ancient God that in the past invaded, intelligent rank was not high. 以往入侵的古神,智能等级并不高。 Even if the body’s equipment, comes and goes is also that several. 就算是身上的装备,来来去去也就是那几款。 They murdered to kill several Ancient God, and pulls down the research the Ancient God body’s equipment, integrated into own technical system. 他们曾经弑杀过几具古神,并将古神身上的装备扒下研究,融入到了自己的科技体系中。 Now they are used to resist Ancient God main force weapon God Killer, is the raw material manufactures with Ancient God. 如今他们用来对抗‘古神’的主力武器‘弑神者’,就是用古神为原材料制作而成。 Ancient God obtained the evolution once more, this to us is the disaster.” Is the blue giant of head grips the tight fist: Therefore, then we must confirm a matter. Ancient God of this arrival, is the special body, all will Ancient God of arrival possibly evolve to this degree in the future?” 古神再次得到了进化,这对我们来说是灾难。”为首的蓝色巨人攥紧拳头:“所以,接下来我们要确认一件事。这次降临的古神,到底是特殊体,还是未来所有降临的古神都可能进化到这种程度?” Must look for absolutely running away Ancient God, shoots down it. Pass this information to our comrades in other bases as quickly as possible, this time is a crisis of life and death. Moreover...... This and picture of Ancient God fight, beats to prepare, simultaneously transmits to all people.” The blue giant has stood. “绝对要将逃遁的古神找出来,将它击落。将这个信息以最快的速度传递给我们其他基地的战友,这一次是生死存亡的危机。另外……将这次和古神战斗的画面,拷备,同时传递给所有人。”蓝色巨人站了起来。 Following several colorful giant, fast executing command. 下面的几位五颜六色巨人,飞快执行命令 Moreover, making God Killer return, was laborious.” The blue giant sighed: Remembers head recover.” “另外,让弑神者回归,辛苦了。”蓝色巨人叹了口气:“记得将头部回收。” In ground. 地面上。 That 90 meters mecha picks up was hewn two halves facial skin shield silently, its recover. Then it stands on the huge lift table, the preparation drops returns. 那具90米的机甲默默捡起被砍成两半的‘脸皮盾牌’,将它回收。然后它站到巨大的升降台上,准备下降回归。 However, when 90 meters mecha drops to 50%, defense system of city four directions has sounded suddenly the grating warning. 然而,当90米机甲下降到一半时,城市四方的防御系统突然又响起了刺耳的警报。 Square anti-aircraft defense tower to outer space, is locking the Coordinate, a wave of collection fire! 四方防空防御塔对着太空,锁定坐标,一波集火! All person simultaneously stare. 所有人齐齐一愣。 This also has the signal that Ancient God approaches. 这是又有‘古神’来临的信号。 Was Ancient God that ran away to leave comes back?” The blue giant frowned. “是那逃遁离开的古神回来了吗?”蓝色巨人皱起眉头。 ...... …… ...... …… Exoatmospheric. 大气层外。 Song Shuhang that changes into the light run away, both eyes turned white, he used the painful voice voice transmission saying: Pavilion Lord Chu, wait a minute, we seem to have hit something?】 化为光正在逃遁的宋书航,双眼都翻白了,他用痛苦的声音传音道:【楚阁主,等一下,我们似乎撞到什么东西了?】 Changes into the light Giant of Destruction that flees toward the outer space, as if scratched a giant object? 化为光往太空遁走的毁灭巨人,似乎擦到了一个巨大的物体? The speed of because escaping is too fast, what Song Shuhang not too definite have hit? 但因为遁的速度太快,宋书航也不太确定自己撞到了什么?
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