CCG :: Volume #19

#1803: Was the time reveals my unique skill

«Pregnancy Gaze» definitely is not any ‘supreme treasure’. 怀孕凝视》肯定算不上是什么‘至宝’ Therefore, Song Shuhang first has thought of Eye of the Ruism Holy Man. could it be, what relations this Loose Immortal Free and Unfettered and did Ruism or mediate Ruism Holy Man to have? 所以,宋书航第一时间就想到了儒家圣人之眼难道,这逍遥散仙儒家或者说和儒家圣人有什么关系? Simultaneously in the Song Shuhang mind in horse appears some gouging of eyes seizes pupil the plot plot. 同时宋书航脑海中马上浮现出一些‘挖眼夺瞳’的剧情情节。 First do not chat this, the second prize started, displays our skills to come out quickly.” Mad Sabre Three Waves reminded: I have several great ideas, our one group of people can arrange become one string six, certainly very bright eye.” “先别聊这个,二等奖开始了,快发挥我们的本事出来。”狂刀三浪提醒道:“我有几个好主意,我们一群人可以排成一串的6,一定非常亮眼。” Nearby, Su Clan's The Seventh static looked at Three Waves one, then squats, lightly strokes own love blade, finger lightly is rubbing the beloved sabre’s blade. 边上,苏氏阿七静静的望了三浪一眼,然后又蹲回去,轻轻抚摸着自己的爱刀,手指轻轻磨着爱刀的刀刃。 Actually at this time, called 666 and flatters is possibly useless.” Soft Feather said. “其实这个时候,叫666和拍马屁可能没什么用了。”羽柔子道。 Before these two method Senior Copper Trigram and Three Waves, has used, good style that can think, when competed for the third prize to be used by everybody. 这两个手段铜卦前辈三浪之前都用过了,甚至更多能想到的好招式,在争夺三等奖的时候都被大伙用了一遍。 But called always to compare does not applaud?” Mad Sabre Three Waves said. “但叫总比不叫好吧?”狂刀三浪道。 But second prize Layers 6 – 7’s treasure, even if Senior Yellow Mountain this nouveau riche, cannot despise such a number of treasures. 二等奖可是六到七层的宝物,就算是黄山前辈这种土豪,也不能轻视这么一批宝物。 Has any method everybody to use, is worth snatching.” Sage Monarch Seventh Path said. “有什么手段大家都用上吧,值得一抢。”七修圣君道。 He is feared that fellow daoist in group cannot have a long face, therefore said a sentence specially, in a fellow daoist stair to group. Has opened the mouth as his big senior, various use methods that fellow daoist in group can not have scruples. 他是怕群里的道友拉不下脸来,所以特意说了一句,给群里的道友一个台阶。以他大前辈的身份开口了,群里的道友就能没有顾忌的使用各种手段。 Venerable Yellow Mountain reminded: Was right, Fellow Daoist Good Fortune you sit down.” 黄山尊者提醒道:“对了,造化道友你坐下。” Dharma King Good Fortune: „???” 造化法王:“???” don’t start singing, puts down the microphone...... Other means use as you like, but only don’t start singing.” Venerable Yellow Mountain adds: I fear you start to sing, will be considered as an attack, was pursued Throne of Wealth Dispersal.” 别开唱,将麦克风放下......其他办法随你用,但唯独别开唱。”黄山尊者补充道:“我怕你开唱,会被当成攻击,被驱逐出散财王座。” Dharma King Good Fortune is looking at the microphone in hand: Actually I only prepare to read several words to come, has not prepared to open sings. You must believe me.” 造化法王望着手中的麦克风:“其实我只准备念几句词来着,没准备开唱。你们一定要相信我。” Young Master Exterminating Phoenix silently pulls out one set of custom-made ear plug, gives own ear borderland. After thinking, his top of the head emits a pair of sharp ear, he gives the ear of top of the head also to squeeze in the ear plug. 灭凤公子默默的掏出一套定制耳塞,给自己的耳朵塞上。想了想后,他头顶又冒出一对尖尖的耳朵,他给头顶的耳朵也塞入耳塞。 Song Shuhang surprised is staring at Young Master Exterminating Phoenix, why does the young master have four ears? 宋书航惊讶的盯着灭凤公子,为什么公子有四只耳朵? Stares at me to look to do?” Young Master Exterminating Phoenix turns the head, asks. “盯着我看干嘛?”灭凤公子转过头来,问道。 Song Shuhang waves again and again \; All right, all right.” 宋书航连连挥手\;“没事,没事。” Possibly is the Young Master Exterminating Phoenix’s race variety is quite special, therefore there are four ears also perhaps. The public place discussed others appearance matter, a little not politeness, therefore the Song Shuhang revolutions turned head, looked to Soft Feather. 可能是灭凤公子的种族品种比较特殊,所以有四耳也说不定。公众场合讨论别人外貌的事情,有点不礼貌,所以宋书航转回头去,望向羽柔子 Was right, Soft Feather. what are you going to do?” He asked curiously. “对了,羽柔子你准备怎么做?”他好奇问道。 Felt that Soft Feather as if to second prize and first prize, how hasn't seen her to move? 感觉羽柔子似乎是冲着二等奖和一等奖来的,怎么没见她行动? Hee hee, I originally thought of a good line, the preparation read. But now I give up. Three quotas, except a possibility under-the-table manipulations beyond the quota, I compete for that two quotas.” Soft Feather said. “嘻嘻,我原本想好了一篇台词,准备念上一遍。但现在我放弃了。三个名额,除去一个可能‘暗箱操作’的名额外,我就争取那两个名额吧。”羽柔子道。 When fourth prize, everybody has not known to shout 666, Senior Copper Trigram shouted, he won the fourth prize. 四等奖时,大家还不知道喊666,铜卦前辈喊了,他中了四等奖 When third prize, when everybody has not known flatters, Senior Three Waves has patted, he won the third prize. 三等奖时,大家还不知道拍马屁时,三浪前辈拍了,他中了三等奖 But the present second prize, everybody knows to call 666, puts down the moral integrity to cheer flatters, the competition is too big. To become most conspicuous that in the people, the difficulty coefficient is extremely high. 而现在的二等奖,大家都知道叫666,放下节操欢呼拍马屁,竞争太大。想要在众人中成为最显眼的那一个,难度系数极高。 Therefore, Soft Feather gave up the competition decisively, and has chosen the second plan. 于是,羽柔子果断的放弃了竞争,并选择了第二个方案。 Sees only Soft Feather silently took out the incense burner from own size reducing pouch, took out a human scale statue, and suspends the incense burner and statue. 只见羽柔子默默的从自己的一寸缩小袋中取出了香炉,又取出了一个真人比例的雕像,并将香炉和雕像摆好。 Senior White similar statue?” Song Shuhang asked that when this statue met on him at that time Senior White went out, Senior White body the statue was exactly the same. 白前辈同款雕像?”宋书航问道,这雕像就他当时接白前辈出关时,白前辈身体所化的雕像一模一样。 Senior Song guesses right . Moreover, in this statue also has Senior White’s autographed photo.” Soft Feather triumphantly said. 宋前辈猜对啦,而且,这雕像里面还有一张白前辈的签名照。”羽柔子得意洋洋道 Song Shuhang is surprised: When matter?” 宋书航一脸惊讶:“什么时候的事?” When did Soft Feather look for Senior White to want the signature? 羽柔子什么时候找了白前辈要了签名? At this time Soft Feather already suspended the statue and incense burner, she took out the fragrance, extended refers to pinches on the fragrance, the fragrance was lit. 这时羽柔子已经将雕像和香炉摆好,她取出香,伸指在香头上一捏,香被点燃。 After burning incense, the Soft Feather decent start made a vow: Senior White, I wish for the second prize! please lend me a helping hand!” 上香后,羽柔子有模有样的开始许愿:“白前辈,咱想中个二等奖请助我一臂之力!” Does not know that is the misconception. 不知是不是错觉。 While Soft Feather made a vow, the Song Shuhang’s left eye as if really saw from the statue, similar blessing or was ‘luck buff’ and so on thing, fell on Soft Feather's body. 羽柔子许愿的同时,宋书航的左眼仿佛真的看到了从雕像中,有一个类似‘祝福’或者是‘气运加成’之类的东西,落在羽柔子的身上 Drawing light beam opening of second prize. 二等奖的抽奖光柱开启。 Similarly is three light beams, fast is shuttling back and forth in the crowd. 同样是三条光柱,在人群中飞快的穿梭着。 The light beam shuttled back and forth together is falling on a familiar person’s body finally. 一道光柱穿梭着最终落在了一位老熟人的身上 Sage Monarch Winter Melon golden armour, the column sword stands, is specially dazzling. The light beam arrives in his body, he with own obtained the quota of drawing luckily. 冬瓜圣君一身金色的盔甲,柱剑而立,特别耀眼。光柱降临在他身上,他凭着自身的幸运获得了抽奖的名额。 The Song Shuhang’s vision is gazing at the second light beam, as well as Soft Feather. 宋书航的目光注视着第二道光柱,以及身边的羽柔子 Can the Soft Feather's method, succeed? 羽柔子的方法,能成功吗? Is thinking, the second light beam, swept Song Shuhang body...... Then, from his body process. Finally, steady falling in Soft Feather body, has stopped. 正思索间,第二道光柱,扫到了宋书航身上......然后,又从他身上经过。最终,稳稳的落在了羽柔子身上,停顿了下来。 Song Shuhang:( ⊙ _ ⊙) 宋书航:(⊙_⊙) Really success? 真的成功了? The light beam covers Soft Feather, the ray is wrapping her body, making her look like more beautiful. 光柱将羽柔子笼罩,光芒包裹着她的身体,让她看起来更加美丽。 yay ~ succeeded.” Soft Feather makes an effort to make a fist, then she puts out a hand to caress the long hair, the black hair flutters, each sends the silk by the ray package of light beam, the sparkle. ’ ~成功了。”羽柔子用力握拳,然后她伸手一抚长发,黑发飘扬,每一根发丝都被光柱的光芒包裹,闪耀。’ This moment Soft Feather, glistens to cannot move to the eye. Most person the attention on the scene, was captured by her. 这一刻的羽柔子,闪亮到让人移不开眼睛。在场大半人的目光,都被她吸引。 Soft Feather grinning received the Senior White idol and incense altar, has given the hand signal of victory to Song Shuhang and Sage Monarch Spirit Butterfly. 羽柔子笑嘻嘻的将白前辈神像和香坛收了回去,对着宋书航灵蝶圣君比了个胜利的手势。 Heavens Above!” Senior Turtle shocks unable to speak. 望天!”龟前辈震惊到说不出话来。 did you see that, my daughter, intelligent.” Sage Monarch Spirit Butterfly is binding the bed sheet, proudly said. 看到了没有,我女儿,聪慧。”灵蝶圣君裹着被单,骄傲道 Song Shuhang to Soft Feather gives a thumbs up. 宋书航对着羽柔子竖起大拇指 No matter Soft Feather own luck goes against heaven's will, or is really the Senior White statue played the effect, by the result, she was successful. 不管是羽柔子自身气运逆天,或者真是白前辈雕像起到了效果,以结果来说,她就是成功了。 Early knows that I should try to snatch first place to come. However forget about it, first place gives others.” Soft Feather extends both hands, the light beam changes into token to fall in her hands. “早知道我应该试着抢一下第一名来着。不过算了,第一名让给别人啦。”羽柔子伸出双手,光柱化为令牌落在她手中。 Sage Monarch Winter Melon a token, Soft Feather a token, who else is a winner?” Song Shuhang said curiously, his attention was attracted by Soft Feather a moment ago, cannot move to the eye, has not paid attention to the drawing scene. 冬瓜圣君一个令牌,羽柔子一个令牌,还有一个中奖者是谁?”宋书航好奇道,刚才他的注意力都被羽柔子吸引了,移不开眼睛,没注意抽奖现场。 Therefore, who is the prize winner of last light beam? 所以,最后一道光柱的得奖者是谁? I have not paid attention, just patronized Soft Feather that is looking at to glisten.” Mad Sabre Three Waves replied. “我也没注意,刚光顾着看闪亮的羽柔子了。”狂刀三浪回道 Fairy East Six: I also had been a moment ago as if distracted, is too anxious, has not paid attention.” 东方六仙子:“我刚才似乎也走神了,太紧张,没注意。” Big Idiot Yellow Mountain, do you have to pay attention to the third light beam?” Doudou asked. 黄山大傻,你有注意第三根光柱吗?”豆豆问道。 Venerable Yellow Mountain nodded slightly, then put out a hand to select near. 黄山尊者微微点头,然后伸手点了点边上。 Near him, a handsome man shows the bitter and astringent smiling face, he stretches out the palm, to the people demonstrated the token on own hand, he is the third prize winner. 在他边上,一位英俊的男子露出苦涩的笑容,他伸出手掌,向众人展示自己手上的令牌,他是第三位得奖者。 But in instant, presents most people's vision that he wins a prize to be glistened, the satisfactory Soft Feather attraction, neglected him. 但在他得奖的刹那,在场大部分人的目光都被闪亮、美美的羽柔子吸引,将他忽略了。 Congratulates the sword Saint!” Mad Sabre Three Waves holds the fist in the other hand saying: This wave draws, our Nine Provinces (1) Group can be said as the harvest is sumptuous, has almost taken the half of the country, worthy of celebration.” “恭喜剑圣!”狂刀三浪抱拳道:“这一波抽奖,我们九洲一号群可以说是收获丰盛,几乎拿下了半壁江山,可喜可贺。” Handsome male corner of the mouth twitches slightly, he wants to say anything, but he as if gave up finally, has not said. 英俊的男子嘴角微微抽搐,他想说什么,但最后他似乎放弃了,没有说出口。 Song Shuhang felt, Scholar Sober Eyed’s smiling face, grieved. 宋书航感觉,醒目居士的笑容,令人心痛。 Therefore, he reminded: Senior Three Waves, is not sword Saint, is the scholar.” 于是,他提醒道:“三浪前辈,不是剑圣,是居士。” At least scholar these two characters, he still remembers. 至少‘居士’这两个字,他还记得。 First prize that „the first prize, most is then worth anticipating! Everybody spunks up.” Fairy Lychee good intentions shift topic. “一等奖,接下来是最值得期待的一等奖啦!大家打起精神来。”荔枝仙子善意的转移话题。 Chatted again, light saw scholar that bitter and astringent smile, she felt that was specially guilty. 再聊下去,光看到居士那苦涩的微笑,她就感觉特别内疚。 Congratulates the award-winning three fellow daoist, is our this time wealth dispersal’s last segment. The first prize, only has one.】 Loose Immortal Free and Unfettered’s voice resounds once more. 【恭喜获奖的三位道友,接下来是我们本次散财的最后一个环节。一等奖,只有一位。】逍遥散仙的声音再次响起。 Only has one, then this meeting under-the-table manipulations? Draws an item at random? 只有一位,那么这一位会暗箱操作?还是随机抽取? The reward of second prize, three prize-winners, have divided equally the Layers 6 – 7’s treasure. 二等奖的奖励,三位获奖者,平分了六到七层的宝物。 The first prize, that monopolizes the Layers 8 – 9’s treasure! 一等奖,那就是独占八到九层的宝物啊! ...... If who drew a prize-winning ticket, it’s super incredible. 不得了......谁要是中奖了的话,就超级不得了 These many treasures, oneself can use can use, cannot use can take away to change into the resources. 这么多的宝物,自己能用上的可以用上,用不上的可以拿去换成资源。 Even if headmaster of big school, must move facing these many resources. 就算是大门派的掌教,面对这么多的资源都要动心。 Then wins the first prize who can be? 那么获得一等奖的到底会是谁? all cultivators present, has swallowed a saliva, is filling with the anticipation. 在场所有的修士,不由咽了口口水,充满着期待。 Drawing countdown...... 10,9,8,7.】 Loose Immortal Free and Unfettered’s voice resounds. 【抽奖倒计时......10,9,8,7。】逍遥散仙的声音响起。 Has been familiar with cultivators of Senior Free and Unfettered repertoire, immediately knows fairly well. 已经熟悉了逍遥前辈套路的修士们,顿时心中有数。 The so-called countdown, is Senior Free and Unfettered in looks at fellow daoists, is waiting for everybody took out strongest method. Cheers, like, to shout that 666, sycophancy, the loose fireworks, delivers the heart, was the time took out strongest unique skill. 所谓的倒计时,是逍遥前辈看着道友们,等着大家祭出最强的手段。无论是欢呼、点赞、喊666、拍马,散烟花、送心,是时候祭出最强的绝技了。 Although only has a quota, this quota probably not direct under-the-table manipulations. However, who can guarantee that Loose Immortal Free and Unfettered won't increase a points award-winning probability for some practitioner? 虽然只有一个名额,这个名额应该不会直接暗箱操作。但是,谁能保证逍遥散仙不会为某个修炼者增加一点的获奖几率? The Throne of Wealth Dispersal’s atmosphere enters the peak. 散财王座的气氛进入最高点。 The scream is shocking, the light effect covers sky, all person various magical powers, wrestle with every effort. 喊叫声震天、光效遮盖天空,所有人各施神通,尽力一搏。 Wrestles, wrestles a happy future. 搏一搏,搏出个美好未来。 Meanwhile, vision looking of all people cannot help but to the ‘Profound Sage Tyrant Song’ position. 同时,所有人的目光都不由自主的瞄向‘霸宋玄圣’的位置。 Because of what we definitely know is that presents in all people, cultivation base highest, when is ‘Profound Sage Tyrant Song’ -- three on ‘Manifest Presence In Front Of Human’, possibly is Tribulation Immortal’s exists. 因为可以肯定的是,在场所有人中,修为最高的当属‘霸宋玄圣’——三次上‘人前显圣’,可能是劫仙的存在。 Profound Sage Tyrant Song will enter Throne of Wealth Dispersal, that definitely is to the treasure interested. 霸宋玄圣会进入散财王座,那肯定是对宝物有兴趣的。 But before some people paid attention, the front several award items, Profound Sage Tyrant Song has not gotten rid. 而之前就有人注意,前面几个奖项,霸宋玄圣都没有出手。 Therefore, is the Tyrant Song's goal the first prize? At this time, he must do, can lock the first prize? 所以,霸宋的目标是一等奖吗?这个时候,他要怎么做,才能锁定一等奖? Profound Sage Tyrant Song really got rid. 霸宋玄圣果然出手了。 Sees only him to put out a hand a move, appears in his 41 Immemorial Holy Ape’s phantom. 只见他伸手一招,在他的身后有41只远古圣猿的虚影浮现。 1 huge Holy Ape leads 40 small Holy Ape, their simultaneously opens one volume of Ruism scripture. Afterward, these 41 Holy Ape start to recite. 1只巨大的圣猿带领40只小圣猿,它们齐齐的翻开一卷儒家经文。随后,这41只圣猿开始吟唱起来。 Lead big Holy Ape with the Ancient language lead singer, 40 small Holy Ape uses the China language, English, the Beast Realm Language word and black Dragon Language word...... Waits for the different language classifications, unceasingly with singing 666,666. 领头的大圣猿远古语言领唱,40只小圣猿华夏语言、英文、兽界语言、黑龙语言......等等不同的语种,不断跟唱着‘666,666’。 Melodious, rhythm to flow right off the tongue. 抑扬顿挫,节奏朗朗上口 Obviously is only a word, was read the imposing manner of epic poem work. 明明只是一个词,却被念出了史诗巨著的气势。
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