CCG :: Volume #17

#1682: This number abandoned

wa... wait, Scarlet Pupil is a child! Song Shuhang induces to own Karmic Virtue golden diamond on, the Holy Man’s eye opens slowly, is a little at heart hurried. «Powerhouse Appraisal Art» was too overbearing, will cast the trauma to this child life. 等......等下,赤瞳还是个孩子!宋书航感应到自己功德金钻上,圣人的眼睛缓缓睁开,心里就有点慌。《强者鉴定术》太霸道了,会给这孩子人生留下心理阴影的。 , is not right. ,不对。 This is not real Ruism Holy Man, is only Gold Core Composition’s a portion, cannot jump from Gold Core Composition. Therefore launches «Pregnancy Gaze» and so on, is the impossible matter. 这又不是真的儒家圣人,只是自己金丹构图的一部分,又不能从金丹构图上蹦出来。所以发射《怀孕凝视》之类的,是不可能的事。 Thinks of here, Song Shuhang relaxed. 想到这里,宋书航松了口气。 Holy Man on Gold Core Composition, does not have «Powerhouse Appraisal Art», is only through Song Shuhang’s spiritual body, locks youth Scarlet Pupil distantly. 金丹构图上的圣人,也没有《强者鉴定术》,只是通过宋书航的元神’,遥遥锁定少年赤瞳 Could it be... Gold Core Composition, dot in the eye final stroke’s turning point, in this youth body?】 难道......金丹构图,点睛最后一笔的契机,就在这少年身上?】 Or, this youth, although does not have the martial arts talent not to have the magic talent, is actually a natural Confucian scholar? Therefore has caused on my Gold Core Composition resonance of Holy Man design?】 Song Shuhang secretly said in heart. 【又或者,这少年虽然没有武技天赋也没有魔法天赋,却是个天生的儒者?所以引起了我金丹构图圣人图案的共鸣?】宋书航心中暗道 If so, were really enviable. 若真如此的话,就让人羡慕了。 The Ruism’s style is very good. 儒家的画风很棒的。 When he thinks, on Gold Core Composition, the Ruism Holy Man’s eye has closed, has cancelled the concern over this youth...... 正当他思索之际,金丹构图上,儒家圣人的眼睛又闭上了,取消了对这位少年的关注...... Such took to close? 就这么取关了? could it be, taught all comers without discrimination including the legend, founded Ruism Lineage’s Holy Man, took this fool can’t do anything about it? 难道,连传说中有教无类,开创了儒家一脉的圣人,都拿这笨蛋没办法吗? This youth, was possibly incurable. 这少年,可能没救了。 ...... ...... ...... ...... In lawn. 草坪上。 Youth Scarlet Pupil puts out a hand, wiping away sweat water and tears. 少年赤瞳伸手,擦了擦汗水和泪水。 Then, he makes an effort sat. 然后,他又用力的坐了起来。 Time also early, again practices a hundred times.” He said in a soft voice. “时间还早,再练一百遍吧。”他轻声道。 Although knows oneself are very stupid and clumsy, but he has not given up. These many years, he insisted. 虽然知道自己很愚拙,但他没有放弃。这么多年,他都坚持下来了。 He can also persist in being longer! 他还能坚持更久! In an instant, Song Shuhang a little loves dearly this child. 刹那间,宋书航都有点心疼起这孩子。 Was a pity that now the main body is not, otherwise with Eye of the Ruism Holy Man, could see that this child does have hidden talent, cultivation system in which aspect excels.” Song Shuhang secretly said in heart. “可惜现在本体不在,否则凭着儒家圣人之眼,或许能看出这孩子有没有隐藏天赋,擅长哪方面的修炼体系。”宋书航心中暗道 Thinks of here, he looked at Senior Scarlet Firmament Sword. 想到这里,他又望了眼赤霄剑前辈 Was right, Senior Scarlet Firmament Sword...... Can you see that what special talent this youth does have?” Song Shuhang asked. “对了,赤霄剑前辈......你能不能看出这位少年有什么特殊的天赋?”宋书航问道。 Said that is also Eternal Life Being divine armament, the vision is very high, can perhaps see the special thing of youth. 怎么说也是长生者神兵,眼界很高的,说不定能看出少年的特殊之物。 Un, I can see that this was called the Scarlet Pupil’s youth...... Eats the wing barrel not to spit the bone, this is a very fierce talent. He eats the chicken to come, will be quicker than the average person several times.” Senior Scarlet Firmament Sword said in deadly earnest. “嗯,我能看出,这位叫赤瞳的少年......吃起翅桶来不吐骨头,这是一种很厉害的天赋。他吃起鸡来,会比普通人快好几倍。”赤霄剑前辈一本正经道 Song Shuhang: „......” 宋书航:“......” What kind, wants to contact this youth?” Senior Scarlet Firmament Sword asked. “怎么样,想要接触一下这位少年吗?”赤霄剑前辈问道。 Song Shuhang sighed: Always felt that will be very troublesome, this youth stupid will possibly exceed our imagination.” 宋书航叹了口气:“总感觉会很麻烦,这少年的愚笨很可能会超出我们的想象。” Be that as it may, his spiritual body is slowly from the airborne landing, flutters to the side of youth. 话虽如此,他的元神还是缓缓的从空中降落,飘到少年的身边。 The average people cannot see spiritual body’s, even if cultivator, when Fifth Stage or lower, is unable to realize that spiritual body’s exists. But has Senior Scarlet Firmament Sword to protect Song Shuhang spiritual body of body, so long as does not come on own initiative, perhaps links Eighth Stage Profound Sage not to induce his existence. 普通人是看不到元神的,就算是修士,在五品以下时,也都无法察觉到元神的存在。而有赤霄剑前辈护体的宋书航元神,只要不主动现身,恐怕连八品玄圣也感应不到他的存在。 Spiritual Body Projection, is really the not bad’s skill. 元神出窍,真的是个不错的技能。 Song Shuhang appears after the Scarlet Pupil youth side, appears spiritual body. 宋书航出现在赤瞳少年身边后,将元神显现出来。 The lance law that Scarlet Pupil uses, the just right maneuver flings the movement of lance. 赤瞳施展的矛法,正好一个回旋甩矛的动作。 shuā~~ 刷~~ spear was sweeping away the penetration from the Song Shuhang spiritual body’s body in the past. 长矛宋书航元神的身体中横扫着穿透过去。 This time Scarlet Pupil, discovered that own was standing unexpectedly together the form. 这时的赤瞳,才发现自己的身后竟然站着一道身影。 He had a scare, grabbed spear jumps to leap, shows the posture of attack: Any person!” 他吓了一跳,抓起长矛纵身一跃,摆出攻击的架式:“什么人!” no need to be anxious.” Song Shuhang shows a smile of warm heart, with Black Dragon World’s voice said in a soft voice: I am only the passer-by who passed by this place.” 不用紧张。”宋书航露出一个温暖人心的微笑,用黑龙世界的声音柔声道:“我只是一位路过此地的路人。” The face of this harmless to human and animals, sometimes is useful, when first meeting, can always to the person leaves behind similar good person the impression. 他这张人畜无害的脸,有时候还是蛮有用的,初次见面时,总是能给人留下一个类似‘好人’的印象。 But this time, Song Shuhang brushes the face failure. 但这次,宋书航刷脸失败。 Scarlet Pupil is more anxious, even is rapid including the breath. 赤瞳更加紧张起来,甚至连呼吸都急促起来。 He is gripping tightly spear, is staring at Song Shuhang -- stubbornly, so long as Song Shuhang has the movement slightly, he will raise the lance to make an effort to hold! 他紧紧握着长矛,死死盯着宋书航——只要宋书航稍有动作,他就会提矛用力捅去! Song Shuhang lightly withdraws, beckoned with the hand, demonstrated oneself are harmless, then said: I thought that you practice spear to be very long, but feels......” 宋书航轻轻退后一步,摆了摆手,显示自己无害,然后道:“我看你练习长矛很久,但感觉......” I know, I don’t have any talent.” Scarlet Pupil first replied. “我知道,我没有一点的天赋。”赤瞳抢先回道 Song Shuhang: „......” 宋书航:“......” Song * is always snatched the lines * Shuhang. 宋*总是被抢台词*书航 Fairy Good Fortune and Karmic Virtue Snake Beauty snatched his lines , did the black pupil younger brother of this fool also snatch his lines unexpectedly?! 造化仙子功德蛇美人抢他台词也就算了,这位笨蛋的黑瞳弟弟竟然也抢他的台词?! „Are you interested in changing a type of weapon, for example changes the spear into sabre?” Song Shuhang is probing asking. “你有没有兴趣换种武器,比如改矛为刀?”宋书航试探着问道。 Senior Scarlet Firmament Sword has said that this youth is not suitable spear, is only pure inborn is quite stupid. Even if changes into sword ah, staff ah, sabre ah effect possibly about the same to him. 赤霄剑前辈说过,这少年并不是不适合‘长矛’,只是单纯的天生比较笨。就算给他换成剑啊、棍啊、刀啊效果可能都差不多 But what after all Song Shuhang excel is the blade, if must direct this youth, should better start from ‘sabre’. 但毕竟宋书航自己擅长的是刀,若真要指点这少年的话,最好还是从‘刀’入手。 Regardless of any weapon, is in any case same to Scarlet Pupil, that might as well elect Song Shuhang most to excel. 反正无论什么武器,对赤瞳来说都一样,那不如选宋书航自己最擅长的。 No, so long as I practice spear.” Scarlet Pupil earnestly said: Actually regardless of any weapon, as far as I’m concerned is the same. However spear at least my practice several years...... Moreover, I want to become battlemage like in the future elder brother. spear is quite suitable battlemage’s weapon.” “不,我只要修炼长矛。”赤瞳认真道:“其实无论什么武器,对我来说都一样。但是长矛至少我修炼了好几年......而且,我未来想成为像哥哥一样的战斗法师长矛是比较适合战斗法师的武器。” Song Shuhang long sighing. 宋书航长长的叹了口气。 spear this thing, he will not play. 长矛这东西,他也不会玩啊。 In he remembers that only with spear related force skill, perhaps is not long ago pokes Ancient Serenities will spear technique of next spear/gun on his kidney, Black Dragon named Mingyingapo spear of cause and effect. 在他记忆中唯一和长矛有关的强力技能,恐怕就是前不久在他腰子上戳下一枪的古幽意志枪法,黑龙名为【名音嘎破】的因果之枪 This move of spear technique, had been recorded by Senior Scarlet Firmament Sword, and in explaining the process and transformation is in the sabre technique’s process. 这招枪法,已经被赤霄剑前辈记录下来,并在破解过程、转化为刀法的过程中。 Senior Scarlet Firmament Sword, how your move of Spear of Mingyingapo must display, records?” Song Shuhang quietly asked. 赤霄剑前辈,你的那招名音嘎破之枪要如何施展,还有记录吗?”宋书航出声问道 don’t be dreaming, that move of spear technique at least also wants the Sixth Stage or higher’s strength to display. Moreover must have very deep understanding and comprehension to Karma......” Senior Scarlet Firmament Sword replied. 别做梦了,那招枪法至少也要六品以上的实力才能施展。而且还要对因果有非常深的了解和领悟......”赤霄剑前辈回道 At present this Scarlet Pupil youth, practices including foundation spear technique such for a long time had not grasped, perhaps that profound spear technique, he studies cannot learn the fur/superficial knowledge for a lifetime. 眼前这位赤瞳少年,连基础枪法练了这么久都没掌握,那种高深的枪法,恐怕他学一辈子都学不到皮毛。 Puzzled over.” Song Shuhang turns the head , to continue to look at the thin and small youth. “伤脑筋了。”宋书航转头,继续望着瘦小的少年。 Scarlet Pupil has not called out in alarm, not to person requesting for assistance, but vigilant looks at Song Shuhang -- to be possible, is he can induce to Song Shuhang is well-meant. Also or, he is only pure hasn't thought of seeking for advice this operation? 赤瞳没有惊叫,没有向人求救,只是警惕的望着宋书航——可能,是他能感应到宋书航没有恶意。又或者,他只是单纯的没有想到‘求教’这种操作? Evidently, only then uses last means that give it a try.” Song Shuhang said: Does not know the Spiritual Body Projection pattern, can display «Appraisal Secret Technique».” “看样子,只有用最后一种办法,试一试了。”宋书航道:“不知道元神出窍模式,能不能施展《鉴定秘法》。” Scarlet Pupil, if you believe that I, come, making me give you to appraise.” Song Shuhang looks to Scarlet Pupil, sincerely said. 赤瞳,如果你相信我的话,就过来,让我给你鉴定一下。”宋书航望向赤瞳,诚恳道 Does not want.” Scarlet Pupil shook the head: „The devil in legend such entices the person, I will not coordinate your.” “不要。”赤瞳摇了摇头:“传说中的恶魔都是这么诱惑人的,我不会配合你的。” „To know that which your elder brother Black Pupil XIII did go?” Song Shuhang shows a faint smile, he felt that Scarlet Pupil will swallow the bait. “想知道你哥哥黑瞳十三世去哪了吗?”宋书航微微一笑,他感觉赤瞳会上钩。 Thinks!” Scarlet Pupil makes an effort to nod. “想!”赤瞳用力点头。 Song Shuhang: Comes, making me appraise your, where I told your elder brother to go.” 宋书航:“过来,让我鉴定你一下,我就告诉你哥哥前往何方了。” Scarlet Firmament Sword: „......” 赤霄剑:“......” Song Shuhang’s this lines, were too awful. The person who does not know the circumstances of the matter, will hear this lines certainly to think him in the crime. 宋书航的这段台词,真的太糟糕了。不知情的人,听到这台词一定会以为他在犯罪。 Good!” Scarlet Pupil inserts toward the ground spear, side eagerly running up to Song Shuhang’s. “好!”赤瞳长矛往地上一插,屁巅屁巅的跑到宋书航的身边。 Really is a very pure fool. 真的是一个很单纯的笨蛋。 Song Shuhang’s spiritual body puts out a hand, made an effort to rub rubbing above the thin and small youth. 宋书航的元神伸出手来,在瘦小的少年头上用力揉了揉。 Scarlet Pupil does not revolt, whatever Song Shuhang rubs his hair. 赤瞳也不反抗,任由宋书航搓他的头发。 After the moment, Song Shuhang puts out a hand to take out glove, the palm according to Scarlet Pupil’s body, attempts to activate «Appraisal Secret Technique». 片刻后,宋书航伸手摘去‘手套’,将手掌按在赤瞳的身上,尝试着激活《鉴定秘法》。 «Appraisal Secret Technique» displayed successfully! 鉴定秘法》施展成功了! In Scarlet Dragon Cave’s Song Shuhang doppelgänger body, were baseless many several wounds. 远在赤龙洞的宋书航分身身上,凭空多了数道伤口。 Fairy Good Fortune turns around, waves the arms about is two healing art brushes, after the moment, the Song Shuhang doppelgänger’s wound restores such as beginning. 造化仙子转身,甩手就是两道治愈术刷下,片刻后,宋书航分身的伤口恢复如初。 After the price pays, result feedback of appraisal to Song Shuhang’s consciousness. 代价付出后,鉴定的结果反馈到宋书航的意识 Scarlet Pupil: The child who nine years old, the person of mixed blood of Dragon Blood Clan and humanity, Black Pupil XII and human female give birth, admires and respects the elder brother of oneself that talent. martial arts talent extremely bad and magic affinity extremely bad, perception extremely bad and physical growth extremely bad. This number has abandoned, suggested re-registration new account.】 赤瞳:九岁,龙血族和人类的混血儿,黑瞳十二世人类女子生下的孩子,仰慕并尊敬自己那位天才的哥哥。武技天赋极差、魔法亲和力极差、悟性极差身体成长度极差。这个号废了,建议重新注册账号。】 This child, there are nine years old?” Some Song Shuhang unbelievable looks at thin and weak young boy -- this fellow to have four -year-old child size completely. “这孩子,有九岁了?”宋书航有些不敢相信的望着瘦弱的小男孩子——这家伙完全只有四岁孩童大小啊。 martial arts and magic affinity and perception are extremely bad. 武技、魔法亲和力、悟性都是极差 The result of «Appraisal Secret Technique» feedback has not missed, this number abandoned. 鉴定秘法》反馈的结果还真没差,这个号真的是废了。 Can be saved? Has solution? Song Shuhang continues to stimulate to movement «Appraisal Secret Technique», tries to obtain many information. 有救吗?有解决的办法吗?宋书航继续催动《鉴定秘法》,试图获得更多的信息。 Possibly because of by the Entering Dream Black Pupil XIII’s influence, therefore has special warm feelings to Scarlet Pupil. 可能是因为受入梦黑瞳十三世的影响,所以对赤瞳有着一种特殊的亲切感。 If are capable of helping this kid, Song Shuhang will lend a hand to assist. 如果自己有能力帮助这小家伙,宋书航会出手相助。 If do not have the ability of help, that...... Naturally has not incurred. After all, he is not the omnipotent god. 如果自己没有帮忙的能力,那......当然是没招了。毕竟,他又不是无所不能的神。 «Appraisal Secret Technique», has not fed back many information. 鉴定秘法》,没有反馈更多的信息。 This has two possibilities. 这有两个可能。 One is Scarlet Pupil this fool, was really incurable, only then said goodbye. 一个是赤瞳这笨蛋,真的没救了,只有告辞。 Another type, possibly is «Appraisal Secret Technique» cannot appraise the method temporarily, the Song Shuhang’s jurisdiction and strength are insufficient. 另一种,可能是《鉴定秘法》暂时也鉴定不出方法来,宋书航的权限和实力还不够。 Before insufficient permissions matter, has occurred. 权限不足的事以前也发生过。 «Appraisal Secret Technique» is not multipurpose. 鉴定秘法》也不是万能的。 Good?” Scarlet Pupil asked: Now you can tell me, which did the elder brother go?” “好了吗?”赤瞳问道:“现在你可以告诉我,哥哥去哪了吗?” Naturally.” Song Shuhang puts on the glove: He went to present world.” “当然。”宋书航戴上手套:“他前往现世去了。” present world, where is that? In Black Dragon World’s which position?” Scarlet Pupil doubtfully said. 现世,那是什么地方?在黑龙世界的哪一个位置?”赤瞳疑惑道 Song Shuhang shook the head: Not in Black Dragon World, but is more vast in another, huger world. Left other world after Black Dragon World.” 宋书航摇了摇头:“不在黑龙世界,而是在另一个更辽阔,更庞大的世界。是离开了黑龙世界后的其它世界。” Scarlet Pupil stared in a big way the eye. 赤瞳瞪大了眼睛。 Also does not know whether he can understand the meaning in Song Shuhang words. 也不知道他是否能理解宋书航话中的意思。 I have skill of one set of hammering, its named «Steel Hand».” Song Shuhang suddenly said out loud: This set of skill, crosses the threshold is not complex. Then, you only need every day repeated practice, may have an achievement. Do you want to study are trying?” “我有一套打铁的技能,其名为《钢手》。”宋书航突然又出声道:“这套技能,入门并不复杂。然后,你只需要每天反复的修炼,或许会有所成就。你要学着试试吗?” I want to become battlemage.” Scarlet Pupil earnestly said. “我想成为战斗法师。”赤瞳认真道 Song Shuhang: „......” 宋书航:“......” This fellow is not only stupid, but also is very stubborn. 这家伙不仅笨,还很认死理啊。 But, if can make me stronger, I want to study.” Scarlet Pupil adds: What price do I need to pay?” “但是,如果能让我变的更强,我想学。”赤瞳又补充道:“我需要付出什么代价吗?”
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