CCG :: Volume #16

#1550: Such big Celestial, how vanished suddenly

Fifth Stage loose cultivator has shocked thoroughly. 五品散修已经彻底震惊了。 He definitely is unable to think that dog fellow daoist casual telephone called, unexpectedly was ‘Thousand Years’ First Sage’ Profound Sage Tyrant Song! 他完全无法想到,身边的狗道友随便一个电话叫过来的,竟然是‘千年第一圣’霸宋玄圣 He cannot think that this dog fellow daoist’s personal connection is so broad. 他怎么也想不到,这位狗道友的人脉这么广。 Mainly was a moment ago, this dog fellow daoist with the expression that Profound Sage Tyrant Song exchanges, seems the person of the same generation exchanges to be the same. Can listen from their expressions, sentimental very good between Profound Sage Tyrant Song and this dog fellow daoist. 主要是刚才,这位狗道友霸宋玄圣之间交流的语气,就仿佛是平辈交流一样。从两人的语气中可以听出来,霸宋玄圣和这位狗道友间的感情非常不错 Therefore, he has not thought from the beginning completely dog fellow daoist’s reinforcements, can be Profound Sage. 所以,他一开始完全没想到狗道友的援军,会是玄圣 Is seeing Profound Sage Tyrant Song double Sage Seal’s instantaneous, he summon cannot help but Tyrant Song's Sage Name. 在看到霸宋玄圣圣印的瞬间,他就不由自主的呼唤出霸宋的圣名 immediately afterwards, he feels his lower abdomen slightly some rising pains. Profound Sage Tyrant Song that a sentence: What is filial piety and What is love, as if in his ear bank reverberation. 紧接着,他感觉自己的小腹微微有些涨痛起来。霸宋玄圣一句:何为孝何为爱,仿佛在他耳畔回荡。 He shrank the body, a little from heart. 他不由缩了缩身子,有点从心。 Just instigated, he induced to Doudou that King of Contempt small look. 刚一怂,他就感应到豆豆那‘王之蔑视’的小眼神。 Sees the Doudou's expression, he remembers the Doudou beforehand words immediately, he beckons with the hand to say hastily: „, It is not right. I was was not calling father a moment ago, I was am calling Profound Sage Baba (Tyrant, Tyrant)...... It is not Profound Sage Tyrant Song.” 一看到豆豆的表情,他马上就想起豆豆之前的话,他连忙摆手道:“啊,不对。我刚才不是在叫爸爸,我是在叫霸霸玄圣......啊不,是霸宋玄圣。” Doudou: hē hē hē.” 豆豆:“呵呵呵。” gold core loose cultivator worried hugging head. 金丹散修苦恼的抱头。 Doudou raise head, looks at the in the sky foot to step on the black lotus, shoulders double Sage Seal, aggressive imposing Song Shuhang. 豆豆抬头,望着天空中脚踩黑莲,背负双圣印,霸气凛然的宋书航 When its mind actually recalls met at first, hides in Little Sixteen behind small Shuhang...... That time Song Shuhang, facing the Demon Monarch Anzhi’s attack, did not have the strength of resistance, one scratched the head by the opposite party, takes to Moon Sabre Sect. 它脑海中却不由回忆起了最初见面时,躲在小十六身后的小书航......那时候的宋书航,面对安知魔君的来袭,却毫无抵抗之力,被对方一把抓头,带往月刀宗 The time flies, past Song Shuhang unknowingly grew into the powerhouse of assuming sole responsibility for an important task. 时间飞逝,当年的宋书航不知不觉已经成长为独挡一面的强者了。 “Woof!” Doudou called one suddenly. “汪!”豆豆突然叫了一声。 It does not know oneself must call for wool, but did not call in any case, it was very at heart uncomfortable. 它也不知道自己为毛要叫,但反正不叫,它心里就很不舒服。 ...... ...... ...... ...... in the sky. 虚空中 Profound Sage Tyrant Song?】 霸宋玄圣?】 Profound Demon Tyrant Ru?】 霸儒玄魔?】 In seven Fifth Stage Celestials hearts the big feeling is not wonderful, obviously is variation quad-core’s human cultivator, changes to change into Thousand Years' First Sage? 七个五品天人们心中大感不妙,明明是变异四核的人类修士,怎么摇身一变化为千年第一圣 However, Sage Seal will not deceive people. On two Sage Seal, that oppression pressure, making their both legs cannot help but shivers. 但是,圣印是不会骗人的。两个圣印上,那种压迫般的威压,让他们的双腿都不由自主的颤抖起来。 At present is really this man, Profound Sage Tyrant Song? 眼前这男子,真是霸宋玄圣 Thinks that significance of ‘Profound Sage Tyrant Song’ representative, their lower abdomens also shiver. 想到‘霸宋玄圣’代表的意义,他们的小腹也不由颤抖起来。 illusion art, the person definitely is illusion technique. Attack! If he is really Profound Sage, we can’t escape. If not, our full strength strike must make him attractive surely.】 Fifth Stage Celestial uses the Celestial’s language access road. 幻术,人肯定是幻法。攻击!如果他真是玄圣,我们跑不了。如果不是,我们的全力一击定要让他好看。】五品天人天人的语言交流道。 Seven Fifth Stage Celestials, launch the attack. 七只五品天人们,率先发动进攻。 Gets rid uses the full attack. 一出手就是倾尽全力的攻击。 Was strengthened, to cut the hill sabre qi and cutting to revolve to the extreme god bow and god lance and magnificent thunder technique of thunder twinkle sufficiently **, punctures thoroughly light spear of city wall, to have huge battle-ax sufficiently...... 被强化到极致的神弓、雷霆闪烁的神矛、辉煌的雷法、足以斩开小山的刀气、切割旋转的**、足以刺透城墙的光枪、还有庞大的战斧...... Obviously when only then seven people, they get rid fully, actually erupts the mighty force the imposing manner. 明明只有七人,它们全力出手时,却爆发出千军万马的气势。 in the sky, Song Shuhang moved. 虚空中,宋书航动了起来。 Start of his Eye Acupoint talent bullet time automatically. 他的眼窍天赋子弹时间自然而然的启动。 Has flash that god bow, Thunder Spear and thunder and lightning magecraft and sabre qi, **, light spear and battle-ax as if have stopped in his eyes generally. 有那么一刹那,神弓、雷矛、雷电法术刀气、**、光枪战斧在他眼中都仿佛停顿了一般。 Today is the effect of Eye Acupoint talent, specially as if good? 今天眼窍天赋的效果,似乎特别好? Right...... Eye of the Ruism Holy Man of own left eye has not traded. Because before , by the Fat Ball resentment a wave, after he had been installed Eye of the Holy Man, temporarily has not traded again. 对了......自己左眼的儒家圣人之眼还没有换出来。因为之前被胖球怼了一波,他将圣人之眼装回去后,暂时没有再换回来。 Evidently, the effect of Eye Acupoint talent, because of Eye of the Holy Man’s buff. 看样子,眼窍天赋的效果,是因为圣人之眼的加持 Moreover this time uses the Eye Acupoint talent time, he feels his body, as if can with on eye. 而且这次使用眼窍天赋的时候,他感觉到自己的身体,似乎能跟的上‘眼睛’。 From the left eye, there is Righteous Qi to transmit. Ruism scripture in behind Song Shuhang’s body 21 Holy Ape hands, sends the light greatly. 从左眼中,有正气传递出来。宋书航身后21只圣猿手中的儒家经文,大发光明。 The Song Shuhang’s physique, obtained the enormous strengthening instantaneously. 宋书航的体质,瞬间得到了极大的强化。 His body moved, treadons the black lotus, the personal appearance one step steps to the divine arrow front. 他的身体动了起来,脚踏黑莲,身形一步跨到神箭的面前。 divine arrow, in his eyes almost static, is moving ahead at very slow speed little. 神箭,在他眼中几乎是静止的,以很缓慢的速度在一点点前移。 After obtaining Eye of the Holy Man Righteous Qi strengthens, Song Shuhang wields Cuttlefish Despot Double Sabres lightly to keep off, cuts to fall divine arrow. 得到圣人之眼正气强化后,宋书航挥动乌贼暴君双刀轻轻一挡,就将神箭斩落。 He moves and brandishes a sword unceasingly. 他不断的移动、挥刀。 Thunder Spear, magecraft, sabre qi and light spear, **, battle-ax, was cut to extinguish and strike to fly by him completely. 雷矛法术刀气光枪、**、战斧,全部被他斩灭、击飞。 This feeling, so cool. 这种感觉,很爽 It looks like halted in time plug-in is the same. 就像是开时间停顿外挂一样。 While Eye of the Holy Man’s buff still not ended, Song Shuhang approaches that to fling in front of battle-ax Fifth Stage Celestial. 趁着圣人之眼的加持还没有结束,宋书航靠近那个甩出战斧五品天人面前。 This fellow strength is strongest, theoretically threatens to Song Shuhang’s is also biggest. 这家伙实力最强,理论上对宋书航的威胁也最大。 Song Shuhang according to his shoulder. 宋书航一手按在他的肩膀上。 the next moment, the effect conclusion of Eye Acupoint talent, Eye of the Holy Man’s buff also finished. 下一刻,眼窍天赋的效果结束,圣人之眼的加持同时结束。 It looks like in seven Fifth Stage Celestials’ eyes, in they send out the attack in an instant, Profound Sage Tyrant Song wields both hands, not sluggish and not slow cuts to fall all attacks. 在七尊五品天人们的眼中看来,在他们发出攻击的刹那间,霸宋玄圣挥动双手,不缓不慢的将所有的攻击斩落。 Then his withdraw a treasured sabre, puts out a hand according to the battle-ax Celestial’s shoulder. 然后他收起一柄宝刀,伸手按在战斧天人的肩膀上。 This is the make people despair speed. 这是让人绝望的速度。 ...... ...... ...... ...... Seized.” Song Shuhang hehe smiles, puts out a hand to fling. “捉到了。”宋书航呵呵一笑,伸手一甩。 Bang! 砰! This Celestial was flung to fly. 这位天人被甩飞起来。 After it flew upwardly about one meter,...... Suddenly vanished. 它向上飞了一米左右后......突然消失了。 Such vanishes to disappear, obviously before , still from the sky is flying, then big Celestial, such suddenly does disappear? 就这么消失不见了,明明之前还在空中飞着,那么大的一个天人,就这么突然不见了? Other six Celestials as if were frightened, they turn around to evade in six different directions. 余下的六只天人们似乎被吓到了,它们转身就往六个不同的方向逃避。 However they have not escaped several steps, was blocked. 但是他们还没逃出几步,就被拦了下来。 Celestial that Wall of King that Karmic Virtue Snake Beauty and a blurred face’s top rank spirit ghost, as well as four emerging out of thin air, will escape separately keeps off completely. 功德蛇美人一尊面目模糊的上阶灵鬼、以及四堵凭空出现的王者之墙,将分头逃跑的天人全部挡下。 Huge Wall of Four Great Kings, more than 200 meters high, spacious make people despair, keeps off in front of Celestial’s. 巨大的四大王者之墙,200多米高,宽大的让人绝望,挡在天人的面前。 At this time, Karmic Virtue Snake Beauty grabbed Fifth Stage Celestial, flung the opposite party to Song Shuhang. 这时,功德蛇美人抓起一尊五品天人,将对方甩向宋书航 Song Shuhang catches Celestial, lifts high, lightly throws. 宋书航接住天人,举高高,轻轻一抛。 Aaah~ a Celestial pitiful yell. 啊啊啊~天人一声惨叫。 Like its companion, the instance that it was thrown, vanishes to disappear. 和它的同伴一样,它被抛起的瞬间,就消失不见了。 Big change live person, disappears without a trace. 大变活人,凭空消失 Is similar it not to have in the world to be ordinary. 就仿佛它本来就不存在于世一般。 That facial features fuzzy spirit ghost is studying the Karmic Virtue Snake Beauty’s appearance, puts out a hand to grab a Celestial, throws to Song Shuhang. 那尊面容模糊的灵鬼学着功德蛇美人的模样,伸手抓着一只天人,扔向宋书航 Celestial that was thrown, in eye is full of the color of fear. 被扔过来的天人,眼中充满着恐惧之色。 Song Shuhang catches, lightly throws. 宋书航接住,轻轻一抛。 Another Celestial vanishes to disappear. 又一位天人消失不见了。 This method, was too strange. 这种手段,太诡异了。 Celestials has not seen such magic same attack mode. 天人们从来没有见过这样变魔术一样的攻击方式 Not is only Celestial, below Fifth Stage loose cultivator cannot understand. 不仅是天人,下边的五品散修也看不懂。 What magecraft is Profound Sage Tyrant Song this? 霸宋玄圣这是什么法术 Is direct in one breath, was reduced to ashes Celestial? Also or is lightly throws, Celestials is thrown cannot be seen with naked eye was the speed, thrown to the outer space? 是直接一口气,将天人化为了灰烬?又或者是那么轻轻一抛的时候,天人们被扔出了‘肉眼无法看到’的速度,被扔向太空了? Aaaah.” Other four Celestials by near Wall of King, exude the panic-stricken cry. 啊啊啊啊。”余下的四个天人们靠在王者之墙边上,发出惊恐的叫声。 When they call out in alarm loudly, QR code on their forehead, simultaneously sends out a ray. 在他们大声惊叫的时候,他们额头上的二维码,齐齐发出一道光芒。 That ray, has formed light screens in in the sky. 那道光芒,在虚空中形成了一片光幕。 In the light screen, the big and attractive Celestial’s projection appears. 光幕中,有一个高大、漂亮的天人的投影浮现。 This Celestial’s style, is different from ordinary Celestial. 这个天人的画风,就和普通的天人不同。 Fourth, Fifth Stage’s Celestials, looks like in the assembly line mass production comes out, when Song Shuhang looks at Fourth, Fifth Stage’s Celestials, has the face blind feeling. 四、五品的天人们,就像是流水线上量产出来的,宋书航看着四、五品的天人们时,都有种脸盲的感觉。 But Celestial in projection, style is fine, enters the stage on the bringing light effect, the whole person is shining. 而投影中的天人,画风纯美,出场就自带光效,整个人都在发亮。 This attractive Celestial cannot see sex, after it appears, is away from the light screen to stare at Song Shuhang: jī lī guā lā ~~ 这尊漂亮的天人看不出性别,它出现后,隔着光幕盯着宋书航:“叽哩呱啦~~” Song Shuhang corner of the mouth rises, tongue flexible rolling up and pushing along, has delivered opposite party a sentence Ancient language: × &\;&\; 宋书航嘴角上扬,舌头灵活的卷动,送了对方一句远古语言:“×&\;&\;” This Ancient language, is he learns very much laboriously. 这句远古语言,是他很辛苦学到的。 The meaning is similar to fool ~ and so on meaning. 意思是类似于‘傻瓜~’之类的意思。 In the picture that attractive Celestial stares, then its tongue similar one volume, started to speak a Datong with Ancient language to Song Shuhang: # @! %# @......” 画面中那漂亮的天人一愣,然后它舌头同样一卷,开始用远古语言对着宋书航讲了一大通:“#!%#......” What a pity, Song Shuhang all cannot understand. 可惜,宋书航全听不懂。 Karmic Virtue Snake Beauty and appearance fuzzy spirit ghost moves once more, throws that four Celestials one by one to Song Shuhang. 功德蛇美人和面目模糊的灵鬼再次行动,将那四个天人们一一抛向宋书航 Song Shuhang catches these Celestials, throws their lightly. 宋书航接住这几只天人们,将它们轻轻一抛。 Four Celestials, sent in Core World’s Hall of Winter by Song Shuhang completely, has closed. 四个天人们,全部被宋书航送入到核心世界的冬之殿中,关了起来。 Hall of Winter is really a good thing. 冬之殿真是个好东西。 Since develops Hall of Winter customs employee after the effect, Song Shuhang has the feeling that plants unable to stop. This type throws conveniently, enemy disappears does not see...... Was closed into Hall of Winter’s to feel that is specially good. 自从开发出冬之殿‘关人’的效果后,宋书航就有种停不下来的感觉。这种随手一抛,敌人消失不见......被关入冬之殿的感觉,特别棒。 Altogether seven Celestials, live completely. 一共七只天人们,全部是活的。 by that time, can take away to trade many spending money. 到时候,可以拿去换很多零花钱。 Naturally, before taking them changes money, must first their body’s treasure taking down. Each only Fifth Stage Celestial body has the similar size reducing pouch small jar, many spirit stone and equipment. Even will also possibly have monster core and gold core that they hunt. 当然,在拿它们换钱前,要先将它们身上的宝物给取下来。每只五品天人身上都有类似一寸缩小袋的小瓶子,还有不少的灵石、装备。甚至还可能会有它们狩猎到的妖丹金丹 Four Celestials were grasped, in that light screen attractive Celestial loses maintenance of energy, similarly starts to dissipate. 四个天人们被抓,那光幕中漂亮的天人失去能量的维持,同样开始消散起来。 Before the dissipation, it was staring one to Song Shuhang maliciously, as if must keep firmly in mind Song Shuhang firmly. 在消散前,它对着宋书航狠狠瞪了一眼,似乎是要将宋书航牢牢记在心中。 Senior Scarlet Firmament Sword, do you know this fellow? It looks like status in the Celestial clan is not as if low.” Song Shuhang asked. 赤霄剑前辈,你认识这家伙吗?看起来似乎在天人族中地位不低。”宋书航问道。 Scarlet Firmament Sword: I have not studied to the Celestial clan...... However from the imposing manner, at least is also Celestial of a Venerable level?” 赤霄剑:“我对天人族又没研究......不过从气势上来看,至少也是一位尊者级的天人吧?” Venerable level.” Song Shuhang is pinching the chin: A while I come out its vivid picture, send to Nine Provinces (1) Group to ask look. Early knows that I should photograph to it a moment ago am right.” 尊者级啊。”宋书航捏着下巴:“一会儿我将它的形象画出来,发到九洲一号群里去问问看。早知道刚才我应该给它拍张照片才对。” Then, Song Shuhang treads to fall from in the sky. 说罢,宋书航虚空中踏落。 a step a black lotus. 一步一黑莲 He descends to Doudou's near, lightly hugs -- Doudou to Doudou one at this time is the great monster dog shape. 他降落到豆豆的边上,轻轻豆豆一个拥抱——豆豆此时是大妖犬形态。 Has not reached an agreement five days later comes to look for me again, I actually also really believed you.” Song Shuhang said with a smile. “不是说好了五天后再过来找我嘛,我竟然还真的相信你了。”宋书航笑道。 Doudou showed the whites of the eyes: Five days of time is too long, our generation practitioner, makes good use of one's time. You do not welcome my words , do I turn around to walk?” 豆豆翻了个白眼:“五天时间太长,我辈修炼者,只争朝夕。你真不欢迎我的话,我转身就走?” Song Shuhang said with a smile: You have come then come, can I also catch up with you to be inadequate? However I was resting recently, prepares peacefully spent the following four days of time, well study. You follow side me, will not have any amusing matter.” 宋书航笑道:“你来都来了,我还能赶你不成?不过我最近在休息,准备安静的渡过接下来的四天时间,好好学习。你就算跟在我身边,也不会有什么好玩的事。” no problem, I also prepare have a good rest several days.” Doudou said with a laugh. 没问题,我也准备好好休息几天。”豆豆笑呵呵道。 Song Shuhang turns around to look to Fifth Stage loose cultivator: This fellow daoist, hello.” 宋书航又转身望向五品散修:“这位道友,你好。” Thanks Senior Tyrant Song graciousness of life-saving.” The Fifth Stage loose cultivator gratitude said. “谢谢霸宋前辈救命之恩。”五品散修感激道。 Then, he careful asking: Senior Tyrant Song, may I ask, these Celestials vanished, which went?” 接着,他又小心的问道:“霸宋前辈,我能问一下,那些天人们是消失了,还是去哪了吗?” In these Celestials’ hands, there is a mortal body of his companion. if possible, he hopes that can bring back to the mortal body of companion, proper burial...... 那些天人们的手中,有他同伴的肉身。如果可以的话,他希望能将同伴的肉身带回去,好好安葬......
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