CLS :: Volume #24

#2332: Investigation

Yi Tianyun does not join Wu Family, naturally has own idea, that does not want to restrain. Extremely in the restraint words, a lot has not dealt with according to law, this is why he does not want to join the Wu Family reason. 易天云不加入巫家,当然有自己的想法,那就是不想过于约束。太过于约束的话,很多事情都没法办,这就是为何他不想加入巫家的原因。 Once joins a family, the opposite party gives him many resources, he must pay many. Actually pays not anything, freely has been used, is not in the situation of having no recourse, he really has not wanted to join in these families, any family, he does not want to join. 一旦加入一个家族,对方给他多少资源,那他就得付出多少。其实付出并没有什么,就是自由惯了,不是迫不得已的情况下,他还真是不想加入这些家族中,无论是哪个家族,他都不想加入。 Especially some families request to be quite strict, even can say that the harsh situation, makes their pit die sufficiently. Therefore Yi Tianyun generally speaking, will not choose to join the family, rather here open sect Lipai, will not join in these families. 特别是有些家族要求极为严格,甚至可以说苛刻的地步,足以让他们坑死。因此易天云一般来说,都不会选择加入家族,宁愿自己在这里开宗立派,都不会加入这些家族之中。 Joins in a family, means that will tie up with them. Once ties up, following issue that brings, that became quite serious. 加入一个家族之中,就意味着会跟他们捆绑了。一旦捆绑,带来的后续问题,那就变得相当严重了。 Meiqing Divine Star Venerable they after hearing the Yi Tianyun rejection, similarly felt that is very surprised, they also think that Yi Tianyun will choose to join Wu Family, this is a Desolate Dragon Star big backer, how to let off? 眉青神星尊他们在听到易天云拒绝之后,同样感到很是惊讶,他们还以为易天云会选择加入巫家,这可是荒龙星一大靠山,怎么会放过呢? no one knows, the Yi Tianyun's ultimate goal does not hide dragon Xing, hid dragon Xing is just passed by. When he breaks through to Heavenly Star Supreme, should be leaves to hide dragon Xing the time. 殊不知,易天云的终极目的并非藏龙星,藏龙星只不过是路过的罢了。等他突破到天星至尊时,应该就是离开藏龙星的时候了。 Means so long as found three Divine Medicine, he does not need to continue to treat here. Such being the case, why can he also join Wu Family? Isn't this equal to by oneself many troublesome? When the time comes wants to walk, has no way, was fettered here. Is always impossible to receive their advantage, such leaves? 意味着只要找到三种神药,那他就不需要继续在这里多待了。既然如此,他为何还要加入巫家呢?这不就是等于让自己多个麻烦么?到时候想走,又没法走,被束缚在这里。总不可能拿到他们的好处,就这么离开吧? Yi Tianyun does not know that others are so, at least he cannot like this. 易天云不知道别人是不是如此,至少他不会这样。 After Yi Tianyun rejects, witch Yuanan has not said anything, is only corresponding before not, was so warm. Is gathered Yi Tianyun's, now Yi Tianyun has rejected, what does he have to say? 易天云拒绝之后,巫元安并没有多说些什么,只是相应的没有之前那么热情了。本来就是来招揽易天云的,现在易天云都拒绝了,那他还有什么好说的? The grand feast had ended quickly, Meiqing Divine Star Venerable they are that type of joining in the fun, in nearby calmly drinks, nobody asked them radically. This is the disparity of strength, does not have the formidable strength, nobody pays attention to them radically. 盛宴很快就结束了,眉青神星尊他们就是凑热闹的那一种,在边上静静地喝酒,根本没人问起他们。这就是实力的差距,没有强大的实力,根本没有谁来理会他们。 After the conclusion, then has dispersed, witch Yuanan they left, has not continued to treat here. As Heavenly Star Supreme, can so come to entertain Yi Tianyun, gives him very much the face, not only stemming from rescuing in oneself son's share, in share that also stemming from inviting Yi Tianyun joined. 结束之后,便是散开了,巫元安他们都离开了,没有继续待在这里。本来身为天星至尊,能这般过来招待易天云,算是很给他面子了,不光是出于救自己儿子的份上,也是出于邀请易天云加入的份上。 Naturally before departure, witch Yuanan also to Yi Tianyun said that treats some time much here, the through indifference, had not said to Yi Tianyun a few words. The manner is quite good, mainly Yi Tianyun said that will not join any family, this matter makes him be pleased. 当然在离开之前,巫元安还跟易天云说多多在这里待一段时间,并没有彻头彻尾的冷漠,更没有对易天云一句话不说。态度还是相当不错的,主要还是易天云说不会加入任何家族,这件事情让他感到很满意。 If joins other families, is coarsest, to be equal to looking down upon Wu Family? 要是加入其他家族,才是最难听的话,岂不是等于看不起巫家了? Little Brother Yi, has not thought that you will choose the rejection, I also think that you will join.” Wu Yang said at this time with a smile. 易兄弟,没想到你会选择拒绝,我还以为你会加入的。”巫阳这时候笑着说道。 Does not have the means that I have been used to freely, does not like being fettered by the family.” Yi Tianyun said actually straightforwardly, covers up, is not quite on the contrary good. “没办法,我这个人自由惯了,不太喜欢被家族所束缚。”易天云说得倒是直白,遮遮掩掩的,反倒不太好。 Said is also, joins the words of family, has very big fetter, regardless of which family is also so......” Wu Yang sighs, this was the choice question, if joined our Wu Family, you can obtain our full power to be auxiliary, collected three Divine Medicine is not the big difficult problem.” “说的也是,加入家族的话,会有着很大的束缚,无论哪个家族亦是如此……”巫阳叹了口气,“这个就是选择问题了,要是加入我们巫家,你就能得到我们全力辅助,收集三种神药不是什么大难题。” I know, has a respected family to look upon as one's support, the situation is definitely different. However, currently speaking forget about it, when which day my idea changed then said.” Yi Tianyun smiles, cultivates the behavior or keeps one. “我知道,有个大家族作为靠山,情况肯定不一样。不过,就目前而言还是算了,等哪天我想法变了再说吧。”易天云一笑,做人还是留一线的。 That becomes, I wait for joining of Little Brother Yi.” Wu Yang put out a hand to pat his shoulder, said with a smile: I have closed up, temporarily has not entertained you spatially. In this period you can walk in Wu Family, so long as is not the special place, you can take a walk at will. Especially you just arrived here, can understand that here hides dragon Xing the situation, will make you hide dragon Xing to go into action the convenience in this to be many.” “那成,我等待易兄弟的加入。”巫阳伸手拍了拍他的肩膀,笑道:“那我就去闭关了,暂时是没有空招待你了。期间你可以在巫家走一走,只要不是特殊的地方,你都能随意走动。尤其是你们刚刚来到这里,可以在这里了解藏龙星的情况,会让你在这藏龙星行动起来便利不少。” „The Wu Yang brother, can you break through?” Yi Tianyun at present one bright, Wu Yang collects all Divine Medicine, naturally must break through one, after waiting to promote the Stars Dharma Idol level, then can start to attack cultivation base. 巫阳兄,你这是要去突破了?”易天云眼前一亮,巫阳收集到所有的神药,自然是要去突破一番了,等提升星辰法相层级之后,便是可以开始冲击修为了。 Yes, collects Divine Medicine, immediately can't try?” Wu Yang smiled, after saying several, was goes to close up cultivation. “是的,收集到神药,不就马上得试一试了?”巫阳笑了笑,说几句之后,便是前往闭关修炼了。 After they leave, Yi Tianyun returns to the residence, Meiqing Divine Star Venerable they profited at someone's expense, similarly lives in into this VIP room together. 在他们离开之后,易天云回到住所之中,眉青神星尊他们沾了光,同样一块住入这贵宾房之中。 Sir, you do not choose to join Wu Family, where does that receive round trip?” The Meiqing Divine Star Venerable inquiry said. “大人,你不选择加入巫家,那接下来去哪里呢?”眉青神星尊询问道。 Looks for the supreme grass......” Yi Tianyun to say the explicit goal. “去找至尊草……”易天云说出明确的目的来。 Supreme grass......” Meiqing Divine Star Venerable they look at each other in blank dismay, they do not have the qualifications to join Wu Family, now can only follow Yi Tianyun to move together, but hears Yi Tianyun to look for the supreme grass, somewhat was shocked, how does that look?” “至尊草……”眉青神星尊他们面面相觑,他们没资格加入巫家,现在只能跟随易天云一块行动了,只是听到易天云去找至尊草,有些愣住了,“那怎么找?” To other people, difficulty has, for me not too many difficulties.” Yi Tianyun gives a calm smile, this saying really has not spoken incorrectly. “对其他人来讲,难度是有,对我来讲没有太多难度。”易天云淡然一笑,这话还真是没有说错。 Don't forget, he has Investigating Eye! After Investigating Eye Level Up, not only can find the person, but can also look for the thing! So long as sent out the name, with ease situation that can find the relevant position, and knows how the route walked. 别忘了,他可是有探查之眼探查之眼升级之后,不光能找人,还能找物!只要报出名字,就能轻松找到相应位置的情况,并且知道路线如何走。 As for other two Divine Medicine, he does not need to be worried similarly, does not need to look basically! Because he in Corning's Storage Ring , the discovery has another two Divine Medicine! 至于其他两种神药,他同样不用担心,基本都不用找!因为他在萨科宁的储物戒指中,就发现有另外两种神药 In this case, he only needed to find the supreme grass. Original Corning so boldly blocks Wu Yang, for supreme grass. Assuming that other two Divine Medicine, have not believed that Saccoh rather not boldly will block Wu Yang, after all only attains Divine Medicine, a significance does not have. 在这种情况下,他就只需要找到至尊草。本来萨科宁如此大胆拦住巫阳,就是为了至尊草。假设没有其他两种神药,相信萨科宁不会那么大胆拦住巫阳,毕竟只拿到一种神药,一点意义都没有。 When collected three Divine Medicine to be different, immediately closed up the breakthrough, after waiting to break through to Heavenly Star Supreme, even if Wu Family does not fear. It is not Wu Family he, but is under this grade of cultivation base, the relaxedness can escape! 等凑齐三种神药就不同了,立即闭关突破,等突破到天星至尊之后,就算是巫家都不怕了。并非巫家的强不过他,而是这等修为下,轻松就能逃跑! Where starts under the search the supreme grass, hopes that should not be away from too far......” the Yi Tianyun vision to dodge, after decides as the supreme grass the goal, quick has many luminous spots to choose, means the supreme grass really many. “开始查找下至尊草在哪里吧,希望不要距离太远了……”易天云目光一闪,在把目标定为至尊草之后,很快就有着不少光点可以选择,意味着至尊草真的不少。 Takes a broad view to sweep, there are falls in some families much, he also sees Wu Yang to walk into the cultivation room, the preparation broke through. 放眼一扫过去,有不少落在一些家族里面,他还看到巫阳走入修炼室之中,准备突破了。 These supreme grass in family, definitely had no way with, can have the family of supreme grass to be simple? Therefore he can only the vision, shift to the remote open country seeks. 这些在家族里面的至尊草,肯定是没法拿了,能有至尊草的家族能简单么?因此他只能把目光,转移到偏僻的野外寻找。 After seeking, finally was given to find by him. 在寻找一番之后,终于被他给找到了。 „Is this region, very probably special?” Yi Tianyun has gawked, all around piece of amethyst, this supreme grass wrapping solid. “这片区域,好像很特殊?”易天云愣了下,四周一片紫晶,把这至尊草给包裹得严严实实的。 Because can only see a flake region situation, other situations do not see clearly, route how but to go, knows. 由于只能看到一小片区域情况,其余的情况都看不清楚,不过如何去的路线,还是知道的。 ( This chapter ends) (本章完)
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