BTFTLIAW :: Volume #75

#7455: Fights

look at Gu Yuanzheng of shade unparalleled forced smile, deep voice said : ancient elder, this does not blame us, these Monster Beast after fusing Life Source Runes, probably had own consciousness to be the same among suddenly, they ran up to forest to go, moreover they also tie combined together with these Buddha Force plants now, therefore we could not feel their aura, but it doesn't really matter, if to fight time, I ordered them, they will fight, will not have any influence, most important was, we can also now in the release energy beast, because not Life Source Runes, therefore our time. energy beast that release comes , can only be the ordinary Buddha Force energy beast, but I to have thought a little, some of our whether multi- release Buddha Force energy beasts can come, these Buddha Force energy beasts, can tie combined together with Buddha Force plants, like this our equal to stores up in the everyone/Great Clan energy beast, these energy beasts can stay in forest, so long as these Roc dare to come, they can fly directly from forest, copes with these Roc, when the time comes we avoid being beast in release energy.” 影无双苦笑的看着古远征,沉声道:“古长老,这真的是不怪我们啊,那些妖兽在融合了本命符文之后,好像就突然之间就有了自己的意识一样,他们自己就跑到树林里去了,而且他们现在也与那些佛力植物合在一起了,所以我们感觉不到他们的气息,不过这没有什么关系,如果是到战斗的时候,我命令他们,他们还是会战斗的,不会有任何的影响,最重要的是,我们现在还可以在放出能量兽,不过因为没有了本命符文,所以我们这一次。放出来的能量兽,也只能是普通的佛力能量兽,不过我到是想到了一点儿,我们是不是可以多放出一些佛力能量兽来,这些佛力能量兽,都可以与佛力植物合在一起,这样我们就等于是储存在大家能量兽,这些能量兽可以一直呆在树林里,只要那些大鹏敢来,他们就可以直接从树林里飞出去,对付那些大鹏,到时候我们就省得在放出能量兽了。” Gu Yuanzheng one hear of shades unparalleled said that cannot help but one ashamed, afterward his look at shade unparalleled said : like this? If the release energy beast are too many, they can also receive our control?” Actually Gu Yuanzheng most is worried early this, the energy beast that if their release comes were too many, finally their control does not come, that will go finally possibly wrong, if these energy beasts have made in the Blood Slaughter Sect domain, or some energy beasts do not listen to the order, that consequence was dreadful. 古远征一听影无双这么说,不由得一惭,随后他看着影无双道:“这样可以吗?如果放出能量兽太多,他们还能受我们的控制吗?”古远征其实最为担心的就早这个,如果他们放出来的能量兽太多了,最后他们控制不过来,那最后可能会出乱子,要是那些能量兽在血杀宗的地盘上闹了起来,或是有的能量兽不听命令,那后果就不堪设想了。 Shade unparalleled deep voice said : should not have the issue, even if these does not have the Life Source Runes energy beast, they have certain Spiritual Wisdom to be the same probably, otherwise they will not find Buddha Force plants, carries on the practice on Buddha Force plants, we had felt that they on Buddha Force plants, are the one type of practices.” 影无双沉声道:“应该是没有问题的,就算是那些没有本命符文能量兽,他们好像也有一定的灵智一样,不然的话他们也不会找到佛力植物,在佛力植物上进行修练,我们一直都感觉,他们在佛力植物上,就是一种修练。” Supercilious look deep voice said : I to think feasible, can try, these energy beasts, do not have join Buddha Force actually time, probably also very obedient, moreover is at that time, they have certain Spiritual Wisdom to be the same probably, therefore I to thought that this method is very feasible.” 白眼沉声道:“我到是觉得可行,可以试一下,这些能量兽,其实就算是没有加入佛力的时候,好像也十分的听话,而且就算是在那个时候,他们好像是也有一定的灵智一样,所以我到是觉得,这种方法是十分可行的。” Gu Yuanzheng thinks that finally nodded said : well, you do, but must wait a minute, I ask Hu Hall Master first first, they in our Blood Slaughter Sect base, plant many to plant Buddha Force plants now, energy beast quantity that your release comes, but cannot exceed the Buddha Force plants quantity, otherwise these energy beasts, enter without the means to Buddha Force plants in practice, they will unable to stay how long to disappear outside, that was also the one type of waste.” 古远征想了想,最后点了点头道:“好,那你们就去做吧,不过要先等一下,我先去问问胡堂主,他们现在在我们血杀宗的基地里,种了多少植佛力植物了,你们放出来的能量兽数量,可是不能超过佛力植物的数量的,不然的话那些能量兽,没有办法进入到佛力植物里修练,那他们在外面呆不了多长时间就会消失,那也是一种浪费。” The shade unparalleled has complied with one, afterward direct turn around returned to in own squad, Gu Yuanzheng turned the head to look at supercilious look one, the supercilious look has smiled said : to go back, said to Old Wen this situation that must ask Hu Hall Master, they planted many to plant Buddha Force plants, walked.” Gu Yuanzheng nodded, with supercilious look together returned to in frontline command(er) unit. 影无双应了一声,随后直接转身回到了自己的小队里,古远征转头看了白眼一眼,白眼笑着道:“回去吧,把这种情况跟老温说说,同时也要问问胡堂主,他们种了多少植佛力植物了,走吧。”古远征点了点头,跟着白眼一起回到前线指挥部里。 When their returned to in the frontline command(er) unit, immediately said to Wen Wenhai the here situation, Wen Wenhai listened to also being startled, but he also agreed that Gu Yuanzheng their procedure, Gu Yuanzheng directly sends the letter to Hu Wei afterward, asks Hu Wei, has planted many Buddha Force plants in frontline here. 等到两人回到前线指挥部里,马上就这里的情况跟温文海说了,温文海听了也十分的吃惊,不过他也同意古远征他们的做法,随后古远征就直接给胡微去信,问了问胡微,在前线这里种了多少棵佛力植物了。 This asked that Gu Yuanzheng knew, originally Hu Wei they in the Blood Slaughter Sect base, have planted innumerable Buddha Force plants, many plants, his don’t know, in any case is many, Gu Yuanzheng hears such reply, very helpless, finally he also can only order to shade unparalleled them, first release 100 million energy beasts as standing-by, when later fights time, was looking that the situation decides. 这一问古远征才知道了,原来胡微他们已经在血杀宗的基地里,种了无数的佛力植物了,到底有多少植,他自己都不知道,反正就是很多,古远征听到这样的回答,也是十分的无奈,最后他也只能是给影无双他们下令,先放出100000000只能量兽做为常备,以后等到战斗的时候,在看情况而定。 100 million energy beasts sound probably are many, but comes regarding Blood Slaughter Sect, is not considered as really many, now in Blood Slaughter Sect base here disciple, quantity already over 1 billion, but these ten hundred million disciple, even if divided into the ten thousand people squad, that also has the hundred thousand only squad, but this hundred thousand only squad, so long as each team, the release 1000 energy beasts, that can achieve 100 million energy to be beastly. 100000000只能量兽听起来好像是很多,但是对于血杀宗来,真的不算是很多,现在在血杀宗基地这里弟子,数量就已经超过1000000000了,而这十亿弟子,就算是分成一万人的小队,那也有十万只小队,而这十万只小队,只要每一队,都放出1000只个能量兽,那就可以达到100000000只能量兽了。 But Blood Slaughter Sect here, trades is actually Thousand-Man Squad, ten thousand population are not many, therefore as the matter stands, speed of release energy beast was quicker, has only used less than five double-hour, 100 million energy beasts have prepared, but these 100 million energy beasts, suddenly all in the Blood Slaughter Sect base, found have been able for Buddha Force plants that they rest, it can be imagined Hu Wei they have planted many Buddha Force plants. 血杀宗这里,更多换却是千人小队,万人数并不是很多,所以这样一来,放出能量兽的速度就更快了,只用了不到五个时辰,100000000只能量兽就已经准备好了,而这100000000只能量兽,竟然全都在血杀宗的基地里,找到了可以供他们休息的佛力植物,可想而知胡微他们种了多少佛力植物 After having completed these, Gu Yuanzheng made Blood Slaughter Sect disciple rest, in having less than ten time of double-hour, they must carry on to expand, this time was one must expand 10,000 li (0.5km), enemy quantity that they met, is a very fearful quantity, they must rest to be good well. 做好了这些之后,古远征就让血杀宗弟子去休息去了,在有不到十个时辰的时间,他们就要进行扩张了,这一次可是一下要扩张10000里,那他们遇到的敌人数量,将会是一个十分可怕的数量,他们必须要好好休息一下才行。 After recuperation a night, next morning, Gu Yuanzheng they will directly order, Blood Slaughter Sect disciple attacks fully, this time attack target is 10,000 li (0.5km), obtains this order Blood Slaughter Sect disciple, is the spirit inspires, they also feel, oneself when attack five thousand li(500 km), there is an ample force, now one has attacked 10,000 li (0.5km), how this lets him not happy, the meaning that simply has not been worried about. 休整了一夜之后,第二天一早,古远征他们就直接下令,血杀宗弟子全力进攻,这一次的进攻目标是10000里,得到这个命令的血杀宗弟子,全都是精神一振,他们也感觉到,自己在进攻五千里的时候,还是有余力的,现在一下就进攻了10000里,这让他如何能不高兴,根本就没有一点儿担心的意思。 Receives the order Blood Slaughter Sect disciple, starts full prompting forward, then surface disciple also plants various wars to plant, Buddha Force plants, arranges formation in following disciple, entire Blood Slaughter Sect army moving all the way forward, place visited, in sky on appears piece of vast forest. 接到命令的血杀宗弟子,开始全力的向前推进,而后面的弟子也跟着种上各种战植,佛力植物,在后面的弟子就跟着安排法阵,整血杀宗大军一路的前行,所过之处,天空中就出现了一片一望无际的树林 This time they are full is advancing, advancement speed very fast, has used five double-hour, this advanced 10,000 li (0.5km), but at this time, following forest and formation team has not arrived, all frontline army immediately started to deploy troops for defense, prepared to greet attack of enemy at any time. 这一次他们可是全力的在推进,推进的速度十分的快,足足用了五个时辰,这才推进了10000里,而这个时候,后面的树林法阵队伍还没有到来,所有前线大军马上就开始布防了,随时准备迎接敌人的攻击 In they deploy troops for defense about a double-hour, following planter army followed to come up, completes along with the planter that the war planted, Blood Slaughter Sect disciple also all loosely tone, but they fully were guarding against the enemy, because of according to the past experience, the enemy soon arrived. 就在他们布防一个时辰左右,后面的种植大军就跟了上来了,随着战植的种植完成,血杀宗弟子也全都松地口气,不过他们还是在全力的防备着敌人,因为跟据以往的经验,敌人快要到了。 Really, half double-hour, on the Gu Yuanzheng radar on discover the shadow of enemy, look at that has probably been the inexhaustible same enemy, Gu Yuanzheng is actually a little not flurried, immediately ordered, all Skyful Fire started attack, simultaneously all energy beasts, started standing by. 果然,又过了半个时辰,古远征的雷达上就发现了敌人的影子,看着那好像是无穷无尽一样的敌人,古远征却是一点儿也没有慌乱,马上就下令,所有满天火开始攻击,同时所有的能量兽,也开始准备战斗。 When Blood Slaughter Sect disciple prompts forward, these energy beasts are also advancing, therefore they also arrived at frontline here now, at this time these energy beasts had also been ready, but these energy beasts take the lead, is that more than 1 million head, looks like does not have what the energy beast of difference with true wild beast. 就在血杀宗弟子向前推进的时候,那些能量兽也在跟着推进,所以现在他们也已经到了前线这里了,这个时候这些能量兽也做好了准备,而这些能量兽领头的,就是那一百多万头,看起来跟真正的野兽没有什么区别的能量兽。 Along with innumerable Skyful Fire attack, war formally starts, but these Roc have not actually managed these Skyful Fire, they full to the forward flight, these Roc quantities are many, Gu Yuanzheng has planned, the Roc quantity that these time comes, feared that over 500 million, this has imagined compared with him must little. 随着无数的满天火攻击,大战正式开始,但是那些大鹏却没有管那些满天火,他们正在全力的向前飞,那些大鹏的数量很多,古远征计划了一下,这一次来的大鹏数量,怕是在500000000以上,这已经比他想像的要少多了。 When last enemy appears , Gu Yuanzheng looked at a radar screen, afterward let out a long breath said : 1 billion, only then 1 billion, this was compared with little, had an odd change that we imagined.” Gu Yuanzheng originally thinks enemy who over 10 billion, has not actually thought that comes has 1 billion, this has been short of ten times. 当最后一个敌人出现的时候,古远征看了一眼雷达屏幕,随后长出了口气道:“1000000000,只有1000000000,这可是要比我们想像的少多了,只有一个零头。”古远征原本以为来的敌人会在10000000000以上,却没有想到,来的只有1000000000,这可是足足少了十倍啊。 Supercilious look on radar screen a little, the screen of that radar, immediately was enlarged, afterward on the screen appears innumerable Roc, saw these Roc, supercilious look two eyes is slightly shrinks, afterward open the mouth and said: All is black jade Roc, does not have ordinary Roc.” 白眼手在雷达屏幕上一点儿,那雷达的屏幕,马上就被放大了,随后屏幕上出现了无数的大鹏,一看到这些大鹏,白眼的两眼就是微微的一缩,随后开口道:“全都是黑玉大鹏,没有一只普通的大鹏。” Gu Yuanzheng also saw clearly these Roc, afterward his open the mouth and said: We already had prepared fortunately, making all disciple be ready, after the front energy beast and enemy engagement, their immediately release energy beast, simultaneously at any time prepares to use Sword Qi, the use maneuver sword, nine are the elders, you are also ready.” 古远征也看清了那些大鹏,随后他开口道:“还好我们早就有所准备,让所有弟子做好准备,在前面的能量兽与敌人接战之后,他们马上就放出能量兽,同时随时准备使用剑气,使用回旋剑,九算长老,你也做好准备。” Nine calculate that the elder also arrived at frontline command(er) unit here now, because here with helping the person battles, he must with according to the here situation, good adjust, therefore he also arrived at frontline here now, now one hear of Gu Yuanzheng said that his immediately has complied with one, afterward prepared. 九算长老现在也到了前线指挥这里,因为这里是与帮人交战的时候,他必须要跟据这里的情况,好进行调整,所以他现在也到了前线这里,现在一听古远征这么说,他马上就应了一声,随后就去做准备去了。 Some Gu Yuanzheng worried, he turns the head to relate Elder Ding to staff officer said :, making them be ready.” Staff officer immediately has complied with one, afterward immediately gave Ding Chunming to believe. Gu Yuanzheng at this time, was actually stared at the radar that two eyes shone, on the face is bringing said : of smiling face HaHaHa, finally waited till these Roc army, come, making me come to see, these Roc strengths how.” 古远征还是有些不放心,他转头对参谋道:“联系丁长老,让他们做好准备。”参谋马上就应了一声,随后马上就去给丁春明去信去了。古远征这个时候,却是两眼放光的盯着雷达,脸上带着一丝笑容的道:哈哈哈,终于等到那些大鹏大军了,来吧,让我来看看,这些大鹏的实力到底如何。” The supercilious look also shows a faint smile, afterward open the mouth and said: I thought that later we need to change our advancing way, special person these plant disciple and these arrange formation disciple, I thought that can their two teams, changes the position, the stationery arranges formation disciple before, planter disciple follows in finally, arranges formation in the open area, arranges formation to be quicker than in forest?” 白眼也是微微一笑,随后开口道:“我觉得,以后我们需要改变一下我们前进的方式了,特别人那些种植弟子和那些布置法阵弟子,我觉得可以让他们两队人,换一下位置,文具布置法阵弟子在前,种植的弟子跟在最后,在空地上布置法阵,怎么也比在树林里布置法阵要快吧?” Gu Yuanzheng nodded said : well, before has not thought this matter, these time is long attack distance pull, this issue on appears , has truly needed to carry on changed, otherwise their speed really somewhat cannot follow, moreover your discover does not have, these Skyful Fire regarding the black jade Roc lethality, probably were somewhat insufficient, this matter must to Old Wen say that was good.” 古远征点了点头道:“不错,之前一直没有多想这件事情,这一次把进攻距离这一拉长,这个问题就出现了,确实是需要进行一些改变了,不然的话他们的速度实在是有些跟不上,而且你发现没有,那些满天火对于黑玉大鹏的杀伤力,好像是有些不足了,这件事情必须要跟老闻说一下才行。” The supercilious look smiles said : I to think that Old Wen already knew, do not look at Old Wen daily hiding in Divine Machine Hall, he also very attaches great importance to the frontline situation, how otherwise he possibly puts out that many good thing to come, now he possibly already at research this matter, therefore you to do not need to be worried about anything.” 白眼笑着道:“我想老闻早就知道了,你别看老闻天天的躲在神机堂里,他对于前线的情况也是十分重视的,不然的话他怎么可能拿出那么多好东西来,现在他可能就已经在研究这件事情,所以你到是不用担心什么。” Gu Yuanzheng nodded, look at soon rushed to these Roc in Blood Slaughter Sect base two thousand li(500 km), deep voice said : then must have a look at these to have the Life Source Runes energy beast, fighting strength how, this Life Source Runes, I felt that is very useful, but I think don't understand now, this matter gives Old Wen them to be tired.” 古远征点了点头,看着已经快要冲到血杀宗基地两千里之内的那些大鹏,沉声道:“接下来就要看看那些有本命符文能量兽,到底战斗力如何了,这种本命符文,我感觉还是很有用的,不过我现在可是想不明白,这件事情还是交给老闻他们去烦去吧。” The supercilious look smiles said : I to believe mistakenly, if the strength is not really good, that Old Wen will not take, Old Wen that fellow you returns don’t know, every time before putting out equally new thing, they must carry on experiment repeatedly are good.” 白眼笑着道:“我相信错不了的,要是实力真的不行,那老闻是不会拿出来的,老闻那家伙你还不知道,每拿出一样新东西之前,他们都要进行多次试验才行。”
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