BTFTLIAW :: Volume #70

#7000: Wu Wu

Zhao Hai one hear of Yao Jianhao said that cannot help but slightly stares, suddenly has laughed afterward actually, then does he turn the head everyone/Great Clan to see to other person of said :? How thinks the proposition of Martial Uncle Yao?” To be honest, that Yao Jianhao said that he has not thought, he wants by the skillful emulsion breakdown generally, most does not like spelling with the enemy hardly, however the Yao Jianhao words, were let Zhao Hai one on understand, actually matter sometimes very simple, did not need extremely in complex thing, only needed to come toward was OK. 赵海一听姚建豪这么说,不由得微微一愣,随后却是突的哈哈大笑了起来,接着他转头对其它人道:大家怎么看?觉得姚师叔的提议如何?”说实话,姚建豪所说的这个,他还真的是没有想过,他一般都是想要以巧破力,最不喜欢与敌人硬拼,但是姚建豪的话,却是让赵海一下就明白了,其实事情有的时候十分的简单,不需要太过于复杂的东西,只需要直来直往的就可以了。 …… …… Their Blood Slaughter Sect has innumerable disciple, 60 billion, this is not a small number, innumerable giant beast, in this case, do they hold true by fearing the rattan shield soldier of opposite party? Before and these rattan shield soldiers to the war, he saw, fighting strength although of these rattan shield soldiers were not weak, but also not necessarily went to there on, Blood Slaughter Sect no matter weapon equipment, was in the training of disciple, was not worse than these fellows, in this case, did they also hold true by must go to the broken opposite party with the art? Directly to fighting wasn't good with the opposite party? 他们血杀宗有无数的弟子,60000000000啊,这可不是一个小数目,还有无数的巨兽,在这种情况下,他们有什么理由怕对方的藤牌兵呢?之前与那些藤牌兵的对战,他已经看到了,那些藤牌兵的战斗力虽然不弱,但是也不见得就强到那里去,血杀宗不管是武器装备,还是弟子的训练上,都不比那些家伙差,在这种情况下,他们还有什么理由一定要用巧劲去破对方呢?直接跟对方对战不就好了吗? Wen Wenhai their also understand the meaning of Yao Jianhao, several people mutually looked at one, afterward Wen Wenhai laughs good that said : Martial Uncle Yao said that we truly do not need to think that many, honest exhibits solemn, fought one to be good with the opposite party, I to was want to take a look, was the opposite party our matches.” 温文海他们也明白姚建豪的意思,几人互望了一眼,随后温文海哈哈大笑道:姚师叔说的不错,我们确实是没有必要想那么多,直正就摆开堂堂之阵,跟对方斗上一场就好了,我到是想要看看,对方是不是我们的对手。” Other people all have also laughed, Zhao Hai nodded, afterward open the mouth and said: Wenhai, currently outside us had 1 billion people, you are ready in transferred some people, prepares to support at any time, I will make some giant beast clans come to help, Old Wen, immediately most primitive, the machinery Ballista blueprint to everyone/Great Clan distribute, Catapult, was right, I remember that copes with the rattan shield soldier, has probably the fire attack to be quite good, in preparing some Fireball, is not Magic Fireball, after the grass tree ignites Fireball, is used for the attack enemy, will look be the effect will be better a little.” 其它人也全都哈哈大笑了起来,赵海点了点头,随后开口道:“文海,现在我们外面已经有1000000000人了,你在调一些人做好准备,随时准备支援,我会让一些巨兽一族前来帮助的,老闻,马上就把最为原始的,机械床驽的图纸给大家发下去,还有投石机的,对了,我记得对付藤牌兵,好像是有火攻比较好,在准备一些火球,不是术法火球,就是把草树点着之后的火球,用来攻击敌人,看看是不是效果会更好一点儿。” People immediately has complied with one, afterward prepared directly, Zhao Hai was standing, Laura suddenly to Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, you wait / etc., I had the matter to you tell.” Zhao Hai one hear of Laura said that immediately stopped, afterward somewhat puzzled look at Laura, don’t know she called him to do. 众人马上就应了一声,随后直接就去准备去了,赵海正在站起来,劳拉突然赵海道:海哥,你等等,我有事情要跟你说。”赵海一听劳拉这么说,马上就停了下来,随后有些不解的看着劳拉,不知道她叫他干什么。 Laura look at Zhao Hai, open the mouth and said: Elder Brother Hai, I almost know the method that this enemy uses, this time we cannot the underestimated enemy, otherwise Is impossible suffer a loss absolutely.” Laura complexion appears very strict austere, this arrives is makes Zhao Hai stare, can let the matter that Laura so seriously treats, will not be absolutely simple, Zhao Hai to was more curious. 劳拉看着赵海,开口道:“海哥,我差不多知道这一次敌人用的手段了,这一次我们绝对不能小看敌人,不然的话可能会吃大亏的。”劳拉脸色显得十分的严肃,这到是让赵海一愣,能让劳拉如此严肃对待的事情,绝对不会简单,赵海到是更加的好奇了。 The Laura look at Zhao Hai appearance, then deep voice said : Elder Brother Hai, you may hear, in the Huaxia ancient times, almost does not divide family property with the dance happily, but dances is divided into writing Wu and Wu Wu, writing Wu is the dance that literati looks, generally by feminine give priority to, movement long-drawn-out beautiful, the music is also very long-drawn-out beautiful, but Wu Wu is different, Wu Wu is one type of shows off the martial arts dance, has plenty is the man jumps, the movement is vigorous, the music is also by spirited great give priority to, this Wu Wu inheritance, actually remote, moreover has plenty classic. Enemy, this time we face, by sound wave attack give priority to, but before , that two people who we see, is tight Nara, they is a man and a woman, moreover they are Le Shen, can sing and dance well, therefore I suspected that what their this using is Wu Wulai copes with us, because before , attack that we meet, almost all the music and writing Wu, the secondary rainbow clothes feather clothes tune is writing Wu the representative, but now we meet, has Is impossible is Wu Wu, otherwise, not Is impossible on the appears army, but before me, looked up an ancient melody of under Huaxia, Also discover some Wu Wu classics, including the one type of famous military to dance the known as rattan shield dance, with rattan shield soldier who the present we face, what connection can have?” 劳拉看着赵海的样子,接着沉声道:海哥,你可听说过,在华夏古时,乐与舞几乎是不分家的,而舞又分为文舞与武舞,文舞就是那种文人看的舞,一般都是以女性为主,动作悠美,乐声也是十分悠美,而武舞却不一样,武舞是一种夸耀武功的舞,有很多都是男人跳的,动作刚劲有力,乐声也是以激昂宏大为主,这种武舞的传承,其实十分的久远,而且有很多的名曲。,这一次我们面对的敌人,是以声波攻击为主,但是之前我们看到的那两个人,也就是紧那罗,他们可是一男一女,而且他们是乐神,能歌善舞,所以我怀疑,他们这一次用的是武舞来对付我们,因为之前我们遇到的攻击,几乎全都乐曲和文舞,霓衣羽裳曲就是文舞的代表,而现在我们遇到的,很有可能是武舞,不然的话,也不可能上来就出现军队,而我之前查了一下华夏的古曲,从中也发现了一些武舞的名曲,其中有一种有名的武舞名为藤牌舞,与现在我们所面对的藤牌兵,会不会有什么连系?” Zhao Hai one hear of Laura said that cannot help but stares, afterward his complexion cannot help but changes, then nodded said : to have Is impossible, has Is impossible very much, has the article to have the military, the Guangling powder could be said as the article tune, but Wu Wu just appears , that also in other words, this rattan shield dance, very much had Is impossible is in the military dance is weakest, later slowly also met appears stronger and stronger Wu Wu?” 赵海一听劳拉这么说,不由得一愣,随后他的脸色不由得一变,接着点了点头道:“有可能,很有可能,有文就有武,广陵散可以说是文曲之最了,而武舞却才刚刚出现,那也就是说,这藤牌舞,很有可能是武舞之中最弱的,以后慢慢的还会出现越来越强的武舞?” Laura nodded, afterward she smiles bitterly said : I also almost to analyze now, why before us, cannot use a Cultivation World method attack enemy, likely is energy weapon, is large-scale Magical Artifact is likely unusable, only to use Infantry or the Cavalry attack enemy, because of these music, is the ordinary music, with the deity said that does not have no relationship, therefore we cannot cope with them with the Cultivation World method, but Elder Brother Hai, behind this weapon several, feared that was wants to cope is difficult.” 劳拉点了点头,随后她苦笑着道:“我现在也差不多分析出来,为什么我们之前不能使用修真界的一方法攻击敌人了,像是能量武器,像是大型法器都不能用,只能用步兵或是骑兵攻击敌人,因为这些乐曲,全都是普通的乐曲,与神仙之说没有什么关系,所以我们不能用修真界的方法来对付他们,但是海哥,这武器后面的几种,怕是想要对付就难了。” At the same time was saying Laura side with putting out a piece jade slip has given Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai looked at several names in that jade slip, cannot help but was startled, afterward his deep voice said : really also really has with god demon concerned Wu Wu, so looks like, did the enemy who later we run into, the strength meet extremely powerful absolutely?” 一边说着劳拉一边拿拿出了一块玉简给了赵海,赵海看了那玉简里的几个名字,也不由得吃了一惊,随后他沉声道:“竟然还真的有与神魔有关的武舞,如此看来,以后我们遇到的敌人,实力绝对会强悍无比了?” Laura nodded, then deep voice said : „, therefore after us, must add carefully, even if this time, must add carefully, before we can break the enemy, is the music that because the enemy uses is writing Qu, writing Qu the lethality will not be certainly big, but Wu Wu is different, and because of that Wenquli, many are some can music, and god dance irrelevant most minimum appears these, and god dance irrelevant, therefore we used Cavalry and Infantry on can broken these music, but now the appears this rattan shield dance, is. Same, so long as we have defeated this rattan shield armed forces, should be able broken to go to the opposite party, that also in other words, wants to break this curse, actually method very simple, only then one type of, that was defeats the opposite party to be OK.” 劳拉点了点头,接着沉声道:“所以我们以后一定要多加小心,就算是这一次,也一定要多加小心,之前我们能破掉敌人,就是因为敌人用的乐曲都是文曲,文曲的杀伤力一定不会很大,但是武舞就不一样了,而且因为那文曲里,也多是一些普能的乐曲,与神舞无关最起码出现的这几首,与神舞无关,所以我们用骑兵步兵就能破了那些乐曲,而现在出现的这种藤牌舞,也是。一样,我们只要打败了这只藤牌军,应该就可以破去对方,那也就是说,想要破掉这种诅咒,其实方法十分的简单,只有一种,那就是打败对方就可以了。” Zhao Hai nodded, he also thought that should be this, but Laura at this time actually then open the mouth and said: Elder Brother Hai, you must pay attention a little, was unable to use the Cultivation World method to cope with these rattan shield soldiers the present, before I listened to Zhu Yong to report, the grandson did not meet they used energy weapon attack these rattan shield soldiers the time, immediately was cursed to attack, we changed good the Yin Yang Thunder Pond words, feared that was they cursed now.” 赵海点了点头,他也觉得应该是这样,而劳拉这时却接着开口道:“不过海哥,你也要注意一点儿,在现在还不能使用修真界的方法对付那些藤牌兵,之前我听朱勇报告过了,孙不遇他们用能量武器攻击那些藤牌兵的时候,马上就被诅咒给攻击了,要不是我们改变良了阴阳雷池的话,怕是他们现在已经中了诅咒了。” Zhao Hai stares, afterward nodded said : well, I knew, really has not thought that really also has this matter, your rest assured, I know how should do.” Laura nodded, afterward then did not say anything, but Zhao Hai directly on leave Great Hall, he must have a look to outside. 赵海一愣,随后点了点头道:“好,我知道了,真是没有想到,竟然还有这件事情,你就放心好了,我知道该怎么做。”劳拉点了点头,随后这才不说什么了,而赵海也直接就离开大殿,他要到外面去看看。 After Laura this reminder is very useful most at least him, when sees the enemy, almost can know that what the enemy uses was any ancient melody, like this he can guess correctly probably, can deal with the enemy with the Cultivator method, this was very important. 劳拉这一次的提醒还是十分有用的最起码他以后在看到敌人的时候,就差不多能知道,敌人用的是什么古曲了,这样他大概就能猜出,到底能不能用修真的方法来对付敌人了,这可是十分重要的。 Zhao Hai to carrying on the back of Black Tortoise Island, Wen Wenhai they really arrived at there, sees Zhao Hai, Wen Wenhai their immediately salutes to Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai beckoned with the hand, deep voice said : situation how? Enemies also far?” He very much attaches great importance to these enemies actually. 赵海到了玄武岛的背上,温文海他们果然已经到了那里了,一看到赵海,温文海他们马上就冲着赵海行礼,赵海摆了摆手,沉声道:“情况如何了?敌人还有多远?”他对于这些敌人其实还是很重视的。 Wen Wenhai deep voice: Enemy also has about 50 li(25km) to us, we have prepared, now Old Wen they prepared Ballista and stone car(riage) went, the hot ball, these thing regarding present us, manufacture very easily, believes that it will not take long can manufacture, boss your rest assured.” 温文海沉声:“敌人离我们还有五十里左右,我们已经准备好了,现在老闻他们去准备床驽和投石车去了,还有火弹,这些东西对于现在的我们来说,制做起来十分的容易,相信用不了多长时间就能制做出来了,头儿你就放心好了。” Zhao Hai nodded, then deep voice said : good, you add carefully and that's the end, making all people prepare, absolutely do not use energy weapon or the Magic attack enemy, before the grandson did not meet them to try, they use the energy weapon attack enemy time, immediately by Strength of Curse attack, we had been improved the Yin Yang Thunder Pond words, they fear now are cursed, I was worried about us, if together uses the energy weapon attack enemy, counter-attack of that curse will be fiercer.” 赵海点了点头,接着沉声道:“好,你们多加小心就是了,让所有人都准备好,绝对不要用能量武器或是术法攻击敌人,之前孙不遇他们试过了,他们用能量武器攻击敌人的时候,马上就诅咒之力攻击了,要不是我们改良了阴阳雷池的话,他们现在怕是已经中了诅咒了,我担心我们要是一起能量武器攻击敌人的话,那诅咒的反扑会更厉害。” Wen Wenhai one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but stares, afterward complexion changes, coldly snorted said : these fellows suffice the toxin, if their enemies are not we, but is ten thousand Mountain Realm there people, ten thousand Mountain Realm there people will come up certainly directly to use various Cultivation Method or Magic come attack they, such one, ten thousand Mountain Realm people, but direct cursed, when the curse will send to do, they ended.” 温文海一听赵海这么说,不由得一愣,随后脸色一变,冷哼道:“这些家伙可是够毒的,如果他们的敌人不是我们,而是万山界那里的人,万山界那里的人上来一定会直接就用各种功法或是术法攻击他们,那样一来,万山界的人,可就直接中了诅咒了,等到诅咒发做起来,那他们就完了。” Zhao Hai nodded, then deep voice said : good, is so, if their enemies are not we, that was really dangerous, was a pity that they run into us now, we were their nemesis, this time we must give to take sound wave Interface, moreover I, if has not guessed wrong, like Interface, several.” 赵海点了点头,接着沉声道:“不错,正是如此,如果他们的敌人不是我们的话,那就真的危险了,不过可惜啊,现在他们遇到了我们,我们可是他们的克星,这一次我们一定要把声波界面给拿下,而且我要是没有猜错的话,像这样的界面,还有好几个呢。” Reason that Zhao Hai said that because of him and Laura their guesses, black and white battlefield there dry reaches the woman, here is tight Nara, this is two in Heavenly Dragon eight, but Heavenly Dragon eight eight, eight audiences, in other words, if the opposite party refines according to Heavenly Dragon eight, moreover soon succeeds, their minimum also six such Interface must rush. 赵海之所以这么说,就是因为他与劳拉她们的猜测,黑白战场那里是乾达婆,这里是紧那罗,这是天龙八部中的两部,而天龙八部可是有八部啊,八部众啊,也就是说,如果对方真的是按天龙八部来炼制的,而且快要成功的话,那他们最少还有六个这样的界面要闯。 Wen Wenhai actually does not know these, as soon as he listened to Zhao Hai saying that cannot help but gawked, then deep voice said : boss, what you said was real? Your such does Interface have several really?” He is really very curious, what if Zhao Hai said is real, like Interface also several, they in these Interface, must use up, may be many. 温文海却不知这些,他一听赵海这么说,不由得一愣,接着沉声道:“头儿,你说的是真的?你这样的界面真的还有好几个?”他真的是十分的好奇,如果赵海说的是真的,像这样的界面真的还有好几个的话,那他们在这些界面里,所要用掉的时候,就可很多了。 Zhao Hai nodded said : to have Is impossible very much real, although said as the matter stands, we must in these Interface, with a lot of time, but can we also to several Interface not? When we all give to take these Interface, at that time we can appears in ten thousand Mountain Realm there, when our appears in ten thousand Mountain Realm there, will certainly make ten thousand Mountain Realm all people be startled, I believe this little.” 赵海点了点头道:“很有可能是真的,虽然说这样一来,我们就要在这些界面里,用去很多的时间,但是我们也能是到好几个界面不是吗?等到我们把这些界面全都给拿下,到那个时候我们就可以出现在万山界那里了,等到我们出现在万山界那里,一定会让万山界所有人大吃一惊的,我相信这一点儿。” On the Wen Wenhai face has also shown smiling face, he smiles said : I to believe that the boss you can certainly achieve this little, the boss your rest assured, our Blood Slaughter Sect all people, certainly has followed in the boss, has supported you, we can certainly project on the shade clansman den, and gives complete destroying completely them, can pass through the gate of that Eternal Life, achievement Immortal Grand Dao, the boss, we continuously with you, because we believe you.” 温文海脸上也露出了笑容,他微笑着道:“我一直都相信,头儿你一定可以做到这一点儿的,头儿你就放心好了,我们血杀宗所有人,一定会一直跟在头儿的身后,一直支持你,我们一定可以打到影族人的老巢,并且把他们给完全的灭掉,同时也可以走过那永生之门,成就长生大道,头儿,我们会一直跟着你,因为我们相信你。”
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