BTFTLIAW :: Volume #64

#6328: Big dragon

Rumbling rumbling, a bang, other severe Ruohai and Expert, they do not have attack of goal, they not to sky attack, but keeps carries on attack to all around forest, along with their entire, the entire world was rocking probably, people don’t know their attack how long, these days, they has plenty disciple, could not withstand the strong winds, was blown to fly directly, some directly were even added Cold Qi/cold air freezing to death by the strong winds, but along with their attack, this world soon could not withstand. E is small 轰轰轰轰轰,一阵的巨响,厉若海和其它高手,他们就是没有目标的攻击着,他们不在向天空攻击了,而是不停的向四周的树林进行攻击,随着他们的整个,整个世界好像都在晃动了,众人不知道他们攻击多长时间,在这一段时间里,他们又有很多弟子,顶不住狂风,直接就被吹飞了,有的甚至直接就被狂风加寒气给冻死了,但是随着他们的攻击,这个世界也快要顶不住了。E小 OMEGA 』Ω DELTA said WwΩW. Δ说WwΩW. 1 XIAOSHUO. COM 1XIAOSHUO.COM For a while attack about two double-hour, suddenly with a bang sound, the entire world one turned into fragment piece by piece, then these fragments all turned into Spiritual Qi of faint trace, directly on vanish from sight, but the people take a broad view to look, actually present oneself stands in void their under foot, is Blood Sea, this all around simply does not have what island, anything does not have. 一时攻击了两个时辰左右,突然轰的一声,整个世界一下就化成了片片的碎片,接着那些碎片全都化成了一丝丝的灵气,直接就消失不见了,而众人放眼望去,却现己不过就是站在虚空之中他们的脚下,就是血海,这四周根本就没有什么岛,什么也没有。 More surprisingly, before these broke disciple of foot, they when lower the head the examination, actually presently own foot, happen to good long on own body, their feet have not broken unexpectedly, this makes these disciple feel that the incomparable surprise, they tried to move their foot, actually presently their feet can move freely, not any issue. 更让人惊奇的是,之前那些断了脚的弟子,他们在低头查看的时候,却现自己的脚,正好好的长在自己的身上,他们的脚竟然没有断,这让那些弟子都感觉无比的惊奇,他们试着活动了一下自己的脚,却现他们的脚可以自由的活动,没有任何的问题。 This made these disciple all scold, although said that a cultivator has plenty method, can be continued by own cutting off limb, but wish let cut off limb is continuing, was not an easy matter, because can let cut off limb in the material of continuing, may all be very Advanced level, many disciple did not have the means to obtain, in other words, although had this cutting off limb in the method of continuing, however general disciple actually not opportunity use. 这让那些弟子全都吹呼了起来,虽然修士有很多种方法,可以让自己的断肢在续,但是想要让断肢在续,也并不是一件容易的事情,因为能让断肢在续的材料,可全都是十分高级的,很多的弟子是没有办法得到的,也就是说,虽然有这种断肢在续的方法,但是一般的弟子却没有机会使用。 Now they presently, own foot has not broken, this makes the people feel that incomparable happiness, but severe Ruohai they also noted this little, after present this little, their also very happy, but severe Ruohai or deep voice said : looked like we Illusion Formation of opposite party breaking, but we were careful, opposite party Technique of Formation was really very outstanding, we in unknowingly, unexpectedly on, moreover before , disciple that froze to death, feared that was also really died, the method of opposite party, was really virtually impossible to guard against, the blood killed of formation., Does not allow underestimated to regard.” 现在他们现,自己的脚并没有断,这让众人都感到无比的开心,而厉若海他们也注意到了这一点儿,在现了这一点儿之后,他们也十分的高兴,不过厉若海还是沉声道:“看来我们是把对方的这个幻阵给破去了,不过我们还是要小心,对方的法阵之术真的是十分的了得,我们在不知不觉之中,竟然就着了道,而且之前冻死的弟子,怕是也真的死了,对方的手段,真的是防不胜防,血杀宗的法阵之道。,真的是不容小看视啊。” The people nodded, this time they somewhat have been really afraid, the blood kills the method of sect, is really very formidable, they unknowingly, unexpectedly really [say / way], moreover this loss is not small, but also has good information, they broke opposite party Illusion Formation finally, otherwise their losses will be only bigger. 众人都点了点头,这一次他们真的是有些害怕了,血杀宗的手段,真的是十分的强悍,他们不知不觉之中,竟然真的就着了道,而且这一次的损失也不小,不过也有好消息,他们总算是打破了对方的幻阵,不然的话他们的损失只会更大。 severe Ruohai looked at all around one, deep voice said : looked like here should be the blood kills sea region of sect, they possibly ahead of time in the here arrangement Illusion Formation, that also in other words, they possibly know that our arrivals, we must be careful, the blood killed army of sect, may arrive anytime, this, the various Sect gate arranged oneself Sect disciple, entered rests to large-scale Magical Artifact, was divided into three batch all Island Lord level Expert, everyone/Great Clan standing sentry in turn, let these disciple restoration fighting strength as soon as possible, otherwise at the present their situation, if the blood killed the army arrival. The words, I feared that they will unable to block.” 厉若海看了四周一眼,沉声道:“看来这里应该是血杀宗的海域了,他们可能提前在这里布置下了幻阵,那也就是说,他们可能已经知道我们的到来了,我们必须要小心,血杀宗的大军,随时都有可能会到来,这样吧,各宗门安排自己宗门弟子,进入到大型法器里去休息一下,把所有岛主高手分为三批,大家轮流的放哨,让这些弟子尽快的恢复战斗力,不然的话以现在他们的情况,要是血杀宗的大军到来。的话,我怕他们会挡不住。” The people nodded, has had a mind to want with Luo Hou Sect Master that severe Ruohai compares not to say anything, his very clear, now not with severe Ruohai competes, words that if at this time he with severe Ruohai competed, then does not have what advantage to them. It can be said that they just arrived at here, the blood have killed the sect to use this Illusion Formation to give them demonstration of authority, they felt that the blood has killed fearful location of sect, if at this time, they in did not unite, feared that was their these time must lose, the attack that they received was too big. 众人都点了点头,就连一直有心想要跟厉若海比一比的罗睺宗主都没有说什么,他十分的清楚,现在不是跟厉若海较劲的时候,如果这个时候他跟厉若海较劲的话,那对他们都没有什么好处。可以说他们刚刚到了这里,血杀宗就用这个幻阵给了他们一个下马威,他们已经感觉到了血杀宗的可怕之处了,如果这个时候,他们在不团结起来的话,怕是他们这一次就要铩羽而归了,那他们所受的打击就太大了。 severe Ruohai look at people eyes, deep voice said : was good, everyone/Great Clan prepares, after waiting for all disciple strengths to restore, we attack, these time must kill the sect to give to take the blood, if cannot kill the words of sect with the hemorrhaging, what aspect several of us Sect must face, that did not say.” 厉若海看着众人一眼,沉声道:“好了,大家去准备吧,等所有弟子的实力恢复之后,我们就进攻,这一次一定要把血杀宗给拿下,要是不能拿下血杀宗的话,我们几个宗门要面对什么样的局面,那就不好说了。” The people understand severe Ruohai meaning, their this time must unable to kill the sect with the hemorrhaging, if Zhao Hai has not died, the blood kills the words that the sect still has, then their six Great Sect gates, must become , the prestige that their ten thousand years that the entire Blood Sea boundary everybody spurns accumulate, complete disappearance will fall, when the time comes they may become, the enemy of entire Blood Sea boundary. 众人都明白厉若海的意思,他们这一次要是不能拿下血杀宗,要是赵海还没有死,血杀宗还存在的话,那么他们六大宗门,就要成为整个血海境人人唾弃的对相了,他们万年积累下来的威望,就会完全的消失掉,到时候他们可能就会成为,整个血海境的敌人了。 although their six Great Sect gates strengths also, but if these attach to their medium grade Sect, all departs from them, then their strengths greatly will be affected, must know that these medium grade Sect gather, is a very formidable strength, this strength they can now control, when facing others, they can command this strength, but if some people cope with them with this strength, then they feared that was really cannot block. 虽然他们六大宗门的实力还在,但是如果那些依附他们的中等宗门,全都背离他们的话,那么他们的实力就会受到巨大的影响,要知道那些中等宗门集合起来,也是一股十分强大的力量,这股力量他们现在可以控制,在面对别人的时候,他们可以指挥这股力量,但是如果有人用这股力量来对付他们的话,那么他们怕是就真的挡不住了。 Sect Master of various Sect gate, release their large-scale Magical Artifact, then have made disciple go in the rest, leaves behind branch-island basic shell Expert stand guard, before that Illusion Formation really very fearful, severe Ruohai decisively lets all person make a move attack words, that consequence was really dreadful. 各宗门的宗主,都放出了他们的大型法器,然后让弟子进去休息,留下一部分岛主级高手警戒,之前那幻阵真的是十分的可怕,要不是厉若海果断的让所有人都出手攻击的话,那后果就真的是不堪设想了。 Therefore now they need to rest, needs to rest well, this has the energy to attack the blood to kill the sect, in fact now severe Ruohai their at heart, raised haze, because the blood kills sect formidable of formation, already complete left their imagination. 所以现在他们需要休息一下,需要好好的休息一下,这样才有精力在去进攻血杀宗,事实上现在厉若海他们这些人的心里,都升起了一丝的阴霾,因为血杀宗的法阵强悍,已经完全的出了他们的想像。 When all of them in rest, actually nobody presently, this piece of Space also in fresh change, that blood fog elevation slowly, but sky probably reduction slowly, but this very slow, therefore is these Island Lord level Expert does not have presently. 就在他们所有人都在休息的时候,却没有人现,这片空间也在生的变化,那血雾正在慢慢的升高,而天空好像正在慢慢的降低,只不过这个度十分的慢,所以就算是那些岛主高手也没有现。 When they just rested less than a double-hour, suddenly runs out of Giant Dragon that the innumerable strip blood fog has composed from Blood Sea, these Giant Dragon make threatening gestures threw to large-scale Magical Artifact of various Sect gate, but such sound, naturally also brings to the attention of Island Lord level Expert these stood sentry, their immediately present alarm sound, simultaneously immediately carries on attack to these blood fog Giant Dragon. 就在他们刚刚休息不足一个时辰的时候,突然血海里冲出了无数的条血雾组成的巨龙,这些巨龙张牙舞爪的向各宗门的大型法器扑了过去,而这样的动静,自然也引起了那些放哨的岛主高手的注意,他们马上就现了警报声,同时马上就向那些血雾巨龙进行攻击 These blood fog Giant Dragon strengths very fearful, even if some Island Lord level Expert , can only keeps off the attacks of these Giant Dragon, wants striking the powder these Giant Dragon, is actually impossible, but Expert of various Sect gate also responded now, their immediately flushed from large-scale Magical Artifact, direct these Giant Dragon have attacked. 那些血雾巨龙的力量十分的可怕,就算是地些岛主高手,也只能是挡下那些巨龙的进攻,想要把那些巨龙给击散,却是不可能的,不过各宗门的高手现在却也反应了过来,他们马上就从大型法器里冲了出来,也直接那些巨龙攻了过去。 But other severe Ruohai and several Expert, actually stand on large-scale Magical Artifact, complexion ugly look at these Giant Dragon, they have not thought really that the blood kills attack of sect, unexpectedly can come is so quick, is so fierce, but makes them be what is surprised, they to the present, had not noticed unexpectedly a blood kills disciple of sect, has not seen, this is their most headache place, is they feel the fear place. 而厉若海和其它几位高手,却是站在大型法器上,脸色难看的看着那些巨龙,他们真的是没有想到,血杀宗的攻击,竟然会来的这么快,这么猛,但是更让他们感到意外的是,他们竟然到现在,都没有看到一个血杀宗的弟子,一个都没有看到,这才是他们最为头痛的地方,也是他们感到害怕的地方。 Has not seen the blood has killed disciple \; first, the blood killed disciple of sect to hide, therefore they could not see, second was, the blood killed disciple simply of sect not to come, now attack their these blood fog Giant Dragon, but was opposite party formation makes, this possibility existed completely, after all beforehand Illusion Formation was placed in there. 没有看到血杀过的弟子,一是血杀宗的弟子全都隐藏了起来,所以他们看不到,第二就是,血杀宗的弟子根本就没有来,现在攻击他们的这些血雾巨龙,不过是对方的法阵弄出来的,这种可能是完全存在的,毕竟之前的幻阵那里摆着呢。 severe Ruohai turns the head to standing you thought in his Luo Hou Sect Master said : that this is opposite party formation is getting up to do to use, did the person who the blood kills the sect come? I heard that the blood kills disciple of sect, now can the survival of long time in Blood Sea, if they came, on conceal in Blood Sea, to has the possibility.” 厉若海转头对站在他身边的罗睺宗主道:“你觉得,这是对方的法阵在起做用,还是血杀宗的人已经来了?我听说血杀宗的弟子,现在都可以在血海长时间的生存,要是他们来了,就藏在血海里的话,到是有可能的。” Romanian hou Sect Master look at these blood fog Giant Dragon, deep voice said : had a look not to know.” Said that his personal appearance moves, jumped from large-scale Magical Artifact directly, overran toward Blood Sea, severe Ruohai sees his movement, to felt that accident, he afterward immediately understand, truly like, wants to know that opposite party army that Luo Hou Sect Master said came, had a look not to know, therefore his also personal appearance moved, plunged into Blood Sea directly, several other people were also same. 罗睺宗主看着那些血雾巨龙,沉声道:“看看不就知道了吗。”说完他身形一动,直接就从大型法器上跳了下去,直往血海里冲了过去,厉若海一看到他的动作,到是感到十分的意外,他随后马上就明白了,确实就像罗睺宗主所说的,想要知道对方的大军是不是来了,看看不就知道了吗,所以他也身形一动,直接就跳入到了血海之中,其它几个人也是一样。 Among in the blink of an eye they entered in Blood Sea, but they just entered to Blood Sea, has met attack on immediately/on horseback, several blade light, have cut toward them, severe Ruohai they may all be Expert, how possibly by such blade light in cutting, they all were the personal appearance move, have let that several blade light, but they also followed that blade light to look, presently the person's shadow person dodges, vanished in the blood fog, this by they were hanging the heart, has put. 转眼之间他们就进入到了血海里,不过他们刚一进入到血海里,就马上遇到了攻击,几道刀光,直往他们斩了过来,厉若海他们可全都是高手,怎么可能会被这样的刀光给斩中呢,他们全都是身形一动,让过了那几道刀光,不过他们同时也顺着那刀光望了过去,现人影人闪,就消失在了血雾之中,这让他们高悬着的心,也放了下来。 They can affirm now that the blood killed army of sect certainly , because their army arrived, therefore some people can make that blood fog Giant Dragon to come attack they, this in other words, these blood fog Giant Dragon were not by the formation auto-building, they also met rest assured a little, they did not fear that ripped to kill with the person, but faced formation that they fully did not understand, they were actually some headaches. 他们现在可以肯定,血杀宗的大军一定是到了,而正是因为他们的大军到了,所以才会有人能弄出来那血雾巨龙攻击他们,这就是说,那些血雾巨龙并不是由法阵自动生成的,那他们也会放心一点儿,他们不怕与人撕杀,但是面对他们完全不了解的法阵,他们却是有些头痛。 However severe Ruohai or immediately said : empties a place, has a look at the situation!” Several other people also all nodded, afterward they directly carry on attack to all around, all gave to push these blood fog has been far away from own body, in their several artificial centers, some blood fog rapid has emptied, in this process, they heard several stuffy hum, but has not actually seen the opposite party the person, but this was enough. 不过厉若海还是马上就道:“清空一片地方,看看情况!”其它几人也全都点了点头,随后他们直接就向四周进行攻击,把那些血雾全都给推得远离了自己的身体,在他们几人为中心,一些血雾被迅的清空了,在这个过程中,他们听到了几声闷哼声,但是却没有看到对方的人,但是这就已经足够了。 severe Ruohai looked at all around one, he knows that the blood kills disciple of sect, certainly hides in Blood Sea, his immediately said loudly: Blood kills disciple of sect in Blood Sea to fight, this is their superiority, but here regarding our spiritual force, suppression extremely in fierce, we in here with they many entanglements, do not come up to say first that they came in any case, we are trying to find other solution.” Several other people have complied with one, afterward is the same with severe Ruohai, the personal appearance moves, ran out of Blood Sea directly, fell on their large-scale Magical Artifact. 厉若海看了四周一眼,他知道血杀宗的弟子,一定隐藏在血海之中,他马上就大声道:“血杀宗的弟子可以在血海里战斗,这是他们的优势,而这里对于我们的精神力,压制的太过于厉害,我们不要在这里跟他们过多的纠缠,先上去在说,反正他们已经来了,我们在想别的办法。”其它几人都应了一声,随后跟厉若海一样,身形一动,直接就冲出了血海,落到了他们的大型法器上。 Falls to their large-scale Magical Artifact on, severe Ruohai immediately said loudly: All large-scale Magical Artifact, immediately/on horseback enhancement altitude, quick!” severe Ruohai very clear, these blood fog Giant Dragon, what method although don’t know is the opposite party with makes, so long as is the person makes, he cannot leave Blood Sea to be too far, otherwise this blood fog Giant Dragon will certainly disperse, so long as their large-scale Magical Artifact, improve the altitude, they did not use in being worried about these blood fog Giant Dragon, the person who when the time comes the blood killed the sect, can only drill attack from Blood Sea they, so long as can see the blood to kill disciple of sect, they did not have what good worry.( To be continued.) 一落到他们的大型法器上,厉若海马上就大声道:“所有大型法器,马上提高高度,快!”厉若海十分的清楚,这些血雾巨龙,虽然不知道是对方用什么样的方法弄出来的,但是只要是人弄出来的,他就不能离血海太远,不然的话这血雾巨龙一定会散掉,只要他们的大型法器,提高一下高度,他们就不用在担心那些血雾巨龙了,到时候血杀宗的人,就只能从血海里钻出来攻击他们了,只要能看到血杀宗的弟子,他们就没有什么好担心的了。(未完待续。)
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