BTFTLIAW :: Volume #64

#6326: Imaginary

Attack, front was blood kills the domain of sect, has killed, killed sect all people the blood to me the slaughter!” severe Ruohai face killing aura said loudly. ┡ E small DELTA said that Ww * W. 1 XIAOSHUO. COM all corpse Demon Sect disciple have complied with one, afterward proceeded to throw, their large-scale Magical Artifact, sped up. “进攻,前面就是血杀宗的地盘了,冲进去,一路杀过把,把血杀宗所有人都给我屠了!”厉若海一脸杀气大声道。┡E小Δ说Ww*W.ん1XIAOSHUO.COM所有尸魔宗弟子都应了一声,随后直往前扑了过去,他们的大型法器,度也加快了起来。 They arrived at the blood to kill in sect sea region now, first is the blood kills small island of sect, is the first blood that they meet kills small island of sect, therefore they want to give to destroy completely that small island, in all people small island, all gives to destroy completely, to give the blood to kill sect demonstration of authority. 他们现在已经到了血杀宗海域里了,前在就是血杀宗的一座小岛,也是他们遇到的第一座血杀宗的小岛,所以他们想要把那座小岛给灭掉,把小岛里所有人,全都给灭掉,以给血杀宗一个下马威。 In fact before severe Ruohai, truly wants to kill the sect to give the entire blood to destroy completely, but currently he to had idea in addition, the blood of Zhao Hai kills the sect to be able the Yin-Yang sect Heyin ghost sect to give to swallow, moreover can in a short time, these two Sect assimilating, turned into the blood to kill the sect, then he why not? He can also these two Sect assimilating, him has also been able to swallow these two Sect, turns into corpse Demon Sect, like this their corpse Demon Sect strength will be stronger. 事实上厉若海以前确实是想要把整个血杀宗给灭掉,但是现在他到是有了另的想法,赵海的血杀宗能把阴阳宗和阴鬼宗给吞掉,而且还能在短时间内,就把这两个宗门给同化了,变成血杀宗,那么他为什么不可以?他也可以把这两个宗门给同化了,他也可以把这两个宗门吞掉,变成尸魔宗,这样他们尸魔宗的实力就会更强了。 However wants to swallow these two Sect, is not an easy matter, defended them to the blood kill the sect extinguishing first, was the blood kills these backbones of sect, so long as these fellows extinguishing, then they can slowly was tidying up the remaining people, he does not believe that matter that Zhao Hai can achieve, he will unable to achieve. 但是想要吞下这两个宗门,并不是一件容易的事情,守先他们要把血杀宗给灭了,就是血杀宗的那些骨干,只要把那些家伙给灭了,那么他们就可以慢慢的在收拾剩下的人了,他不相信,赵海能做到的事情,他会做不到。 Therefore his although preparation destroys completely an island, actually wants to kill person demonstration of authority of sect to the blood, making the person who the blood kills the sect be scared, later he killed the backbone of sect tidying up the blood, other people, because of being afraid to surrender, like this they recruited these people in the digestion, will become will be easier. 所以这一次他虽然准备灭掉一个岛,却只是想给血杀宗的人一个下马威,让血杀宗的人感到害怕,以后他把血杀宗的骨干给收拾了,其它的人,就会因为害怕而投降,这样他们在消化吸收那些人,就会变得更加的容易了。 However is very obvious, has such idea, not only severe Ruohai a person, several other Sect people, has such idea similarly, especially Luo Houzong person, their is not quicker than corpse Demon Sect person, before the corpse Demon Sect person adds clashes, they also in in addition, instead to are the other Sect gate people, their degrees slow a point. 但是很显然,有这样想法的,并不只厉若海一个人,其它几个宗门的人,也同样有这样的想法,特别是罗睺宗的人,他们的度一点儿也不比尸魔宗的人度快,就在尸魔宗的人加前冲的时候,他们也在加,反到是其它宗门的人,他们的度慢了一点。 Corpse Demon Sect with Luo Houzong person, looks like two pointed knives is the same, is not on very big small island throws to that distant they saw in that island a piece of flurried person, protective shield on island also completely opened, the warning on island has also sounded, even Transmission Formation on that island, piece of chaos. 魔宗和罗睺宗的人,就像是两把尖刀一样,直向那座并不是很大的小岛上扑去,远远的他们就已经看到那岛上一片慌乱的人,岛上的护罩也完全的打开了,岛上的警报也响了起来,甚至那岛上的传送阵,还是一片的大乱。 On severe Ruohai the face, actually revealed grinning fiendishly, the opposite party such procedure, simply is the futile effort, by their present strengths, if also took does not hemorrhage to kill the island of sect, they , after direct went back, washed to rest, so long as the person who waited for the blood to kill the sect when kills them to be OK, simply did not use rebel. 厉若海的脸上,却是露出了一丝的狞笑,对方这样的做法,根本就是徒劳的,以他们现在的实力,要是还拿不下血杀宗的一座岛,那他们这些人,也就直接回去之后,洗洗睡吧,只要等着血杀宗的人什么时候来杀他们就可以了,根本就不用反抗了。 However he has been ready, prepares to awaken the corpse ancestor at any time, if they cannot break defense on this island, that must invite corpse ancestor make a move, but severe Ruohai actually wants to try, therefore he now the Yin-Yang dead light microscope attaining in hand, he to is to have a look, the blood kills defensive formation of sect, strong. 不过他还是做好了准备,随时准备唤醒尸祖,如果他们破不开这岛上的防御的话,那就要请尸祖出手了,不过厉若海却还是想要试试,所以他现在已经把阴阳死光镜给拿到手里了,他到是想要看看,血杀宗的防御法阵,到底有多强。 Near, was nearer, they kill that island of sect to the blood now, be only about ten li (0.5km), at his eyesight, have been able to see clearly the people on island, the flurried present on island has subsided slowly, in the island the blood of these wear red clothes kill sect disciple, all has extracted their weapon stubbornly, two eyes is staring at them, he even can see clearly the expressions on these faces, has panic-stricken, has angry, has a silk completely. 近了,更近了,他们现在离血杀宗的那座岛,只有十里左右了,以他的眼力,可以看清岛上的人了,岛上的慌乱现在已经慢慢的平息了,岛上那些穿着红色衣服的血杀宗弟子,全都抽出了他们的武器,两眼死死的盯着他们,他甚至可以看清那些人脸上的表情,有惊恐,有愤怒,还有一丝绝然。 To be honest, severe Ruohai somewhat admires the blood to kill the sect, admired Zhao Hai, because he could look, these blood killed disciple of sect, their in hand Magical Artifact, before was not , the blood killed sect disciple commonly used Blood Blade, their Magical Artifact what had, some Magical Artifact, were disciple of cloudy ghost sect uses obviously, some Magical Artifact, obviously were Yin-Yang disciple, Magical Artifact that only then few part disciple used was the blood kills that Magical Artifact. 说实话,厉若海真的是有些佩服血杀宗,佩服赵海了,因为他看得出来,那些血杀宗的弟子,他们手里法器,并不是以前血杀宗弟子常用的血刀,他们的法器什么样的都有,有一些法器,明显就是阴鬼宗的弟子用的,还有一些法器,明显就是阴阳宗的弟子,只有少部分弟子用的法器是血杀宗的那种法器 Also in other words, these disciple, they are not the people who the original blood kills the sect, but has the person of cloudy ghost sect, there is a person of Yin-Yang sect, these person of originally are not the blood kills disciple of sect, but currently these people have the guts to stand in there, prepares to go all out with them, he from beginning to end, has not seen, has any person, wants to run out of the island to escape, they have prepared going all out, courage and uprightness like this, but only then the blood kills disciple to have. But the blood kills the sect, Zhao Hai, can within such short time, let disciple of Yin-Yang sect Heyin ghost sect, has such courage, may really very extraordinary, told the sentence truth, even if he, does not have such ability, can within such short time, let this two Sects disciple, forgot that their originally Sect, regards itself a blood to kill disciple, the approval blood kills, even also had the blood to kill the blood of disciple to be brave, but this very extraordinary matter, he was some admires Zhao Hai. 就是说,这些弟子,他们并不是原血杀宗的人,而是有阴鬼宗的人,也有阴阳宗的人,这些人原本并不是血杀宗的弟子,但是现在这些人却有胆量站在那里,准备跟他们拼命,他从头到尾,都没有看到过,有任何一个人,想要冲出岛逃跑的,他们都做好了拼命的准备,这样的血性,可是只有血杀宗的弟子才有的。而血杀宗,赵海,能在这么短的时间之内,就让阴阳宗和阴鬼宗的弟子,有这样的勇气,可真的是十分的了不得,说句实话,就算是他,也没有这样的能力,能在这么短的时间之内,让这两宗弟子,忘记他们原本宗门,把自己当成一个血杀宗的弟子,认同血杀宗,甚至还有了血杀宗弟子的血勇,这可是一件十分了不得的事情,他真的是有些佩服赵海了。 However admires to turn over to admire, now they are the enemies, is the enemy, must eliminate, therefore severe Ruohai the tenderhearted meaning, he do not attack fully, must this island to the slaughter, probably tell the person who the blood kills the sect, our corpse Demon Sect person came, we eliminated you! We can eliminate your one time, can eliminate your one time! 但是佩服归佩服,现在他们是敌人,是敌人,就必须要消灭,所以厉若海没有一点儿心软的意思,他就是要全力的进攻,就是要把这座岛给屠了,就是要告诉血杀宗的人,我们尸魔宗的人来了,我们来消灭你们了!我们能消灭你们一次,就能在消灭你们一次! Prepares make a move in severe Ruohai, breaks the blood to kill in sect that island the situation in protective shield, suddenly sees that protective shield rocking, afterward was broken directly, in severe Ruohai don’t know lived any matter time, his suddenly heard cheers, hears this sound, severe Ruohai complexion cannot help but gloomy, because he listens, this sound conveys from Romanian hou there, in other words, was just Luo Houzong person make a move, was they use the invisible needle broken the blood to kill. Island Guardian Great Formation of this island. 就在厉若海准备出手,破去血杀宗那个岛的护罩的情况下,突然就见那护罩一阵的晃动,随后直接就被破去了,正在厉若海不知道生了什么事情的时候,他突然听到了一阵的欢呼声,一听到这个声音,厉若海的脸色不由得一阵的阴沉,因为他听出来的,这个声音是从罗睺宗那里传来的,也就是说,刚刚是罗睺宗的人出手了,是他们用无形针破去了血杀宗。这个岛的护岛大阵 severe Ruohai cannot help but turned the head to look at Luo Houzong person one eyes, presently Luo Houzong person, has actually crashed in that island, in person exchange hands with island, severe Ruohai had not said anything, led corpse Demon Sect disciple to rush to the island directly, in the blood with island killed sect disciple to fight. 厉若海不由得转头看了罗睺宗的人一眼,却现罗睺宗的人,已经冲进了那座岛上,已经跟岛上的人交上手了,厉若海也没有说什么,直接就领着尸魔宗弟子冲上了岛,跟岛上的血杀宗弟子斗了起来。 severe Ruohai stands on that island, the look at following war, like the situation, did not certainly use his make a move, got down veil hou sect Heshi Demon Sect disciple, can this island extinguishing, but on severe Ruohai the face, did not have the happy facial expression, conversely, his expression was somewhat dignified, frowns under the look at war. 厉若海站在那岛上,看着下面的大战,像这样的场合,当然不用他出手了,下面罗睺宗和尸魔宗弟子,就可以把这座岛给灭了,但是厉若海的脸上,却是没有一点儿高兴的神情,相反的,他的表情有些凝重,皱着眉头看着下面的大战。 Severe alliance leader, how our immediately must win, do you look like actually probably are not very happy?” Sound suddenly transmits, severe Ruohai hears this sound, complexion actually slightly changes, but quick restored calm, he turns the head to look, person Luo Houzong Sect Master that presently comes, his cannot help but deep voice said : my naturally happy, but was somewhat surprised that the blood kills sect Ke is not good to cope, will be this their rebel unexpectedly so slight, this lets my some accidents.” “厉盟主,怎么我们马上就要大胜了,你看起来却好像并不是很高兴啊?”一个声音突然传来,厉若海一听到这个声音,脸色却是微微一变,不过很快就恢复了平静,他转头一看,现来的人正是罗睺宗的宗主,他不由得沉声道:“我当然高兴,只是感觉有点意外罢了,血杀宗可不是什么好对付的,可是这一次他们的反抗竟然会如此的轻微,这真的是让我有些意外啊。” Romanian hou Sect Master look at severe Ruohai, was looking at a following fight, some said : of thinking otherwise blood kills the sect is not good to cope, but these time is actually our several Sect together dispatches troops, moreover we also brought Sect Guardian Magical Artifact, they were certainly impossible to block, what did this have to be quite strange?” Very obviously, Luo Hou Sect Master regarding severe Ruohai the words, does not have the worry, perhaps in his opinion, severe Ruohai was killed the sect frightening by the blood, because extremely in dreading the blood killed the sect, can therefore like this. 罗睺宗主看着厉若海,在看了一眼下面的战斗,有些不以为然的道:“血杀宗是不好对付,但是这一次却是我们几宗一起出兵,而且我们还都带了镇宗法器,他们当然不可能挡得住了,这有什么好奇怪的?”很显然,罗睺宗主对于厉若海的话,是没有一点儿的担心,也许在他看来,厉若海是被血杀宗给吓到了,或是因为太过于忌惮血杀宗了,所以才会这样。 severe Ruohai has not spoken, is only a look at following fight of face calm, some little time his two eyes actually fierce opens the eyes, afterward his immediately said loudly: „It is not good, all corpse Demon Sect disciple are listening, immediately/on horseback calls a halt, draws back, draws back quickly, withdraws from this island, quick.” Said that he has turned the hand, has put out the Yin-Yang dead light microscope, has illuminated toward below. 厉若海却是没有说话,只是一脸平静看着下面的战斗,好一会儿他的两眼却猛的一睁,随后他马上就大声道:“不好,所有尸魔宗弟子听着,马上停手,退,快退,退出这岛,快。”说完他已经一翻手,拿出了阴阳死光镜,直往下面照了下去。 The appearance that Romanian hou Sect Master looks at severe Ruohai, cannot help but stares, he presently severe Ruohai probably is not being mysterious, probably present anything, this has made him somewhat puzzled, he also cannot help but looks toward below that does not have presently anything, but at this time severe Ruohai the Yin-Yang dead light microscope make a move, the black radiance perpendicular incidence arrived in the island together, is killed sect disciple by the blood that this radiance issues a license, all called out pitifully a sound, then personal appearance slowly on vanishing. 罗睺宗主一看厉若海的样子,不由得一愣,他现厉若海好像并不是在故弄玄虚,好像是真的现了什么,这让他有些不解,他也不由得往下面看去,却没有现什么,而这时厉若海的阴阳死光镜已经出手了,一道黑色的光芒直射到岛上,所有被这光芒给照到的血杀宗弟子,全都惨叫了一声,接着身形慢慢的就消失了。 Did wait / etc., vanish? It is not right, this Yin-Yang dead light microscope although very formidable, but only life force in person body to the absorption light, making people turn into the dry corpse, will turn into the powder finally, but actually not complete disappearance, but now these blood kill disciple of sect, their bodies actually vanished, isn't this right? 等等,消失了?不对,这阴阳死光镜虽然十分的强悍,但是却只会把人身体里的生机给吸收光,让人变成干尸,甚至最后会变成粉末,但是却不会完全的消失,而现在那些血杀宗的弟子,他们的身体却消失了,这不对啊? Romanian hou Sect Master now is presently the incorrect place, these blood kill disciple of sect, their body unexpectedly desalinations slowly, then vanish from sight, this absolutely is not normal, he in looks afterward toward the island in that in his present island the has plenty blood kills the body of sect disciple, is vanishing, naturally, these blood kill sect disciple, before is, is killed the ancestor by these blood that they kill, he had not paid attention to these corpses before, but actually presently, these blood kill the sect disciple corpse now, has plenty already vanish from sight. 罗睺宗主现在算是现不对的地方了,那些血杀宗的弟子,他们的身体竟然慢慢的淡化,然后消失不见了,这绝对是不正常的,他随后在往岛上看去,他现岛上有很多血杀宗弟子的身体,也在消失,当然,这些血杀宗弟子,都是之前被他们所杀的那些血杀宗子,他以前还真的没有注意过那些尸体,但是现在却现,那些血杀宗弟子的尸体,有很多已经消失不见了。 Romanian hou Sect Master is not a fool, the blood that his immediately understand what's all this about, Illusion Formation, they have now attacked kills the island of sect, is not the genuine blood kills the island of sect, this is Illusion Formation, in this island is false, is their illusions. 罗睺宗主并不是一个笨蛋,他马上就明白这是怎么回事儿了,幻阵,他们现在攻打的这个血杀宗的岛,并不是真正的血杀宗的岛,这不过就是一个幻阵罢了,这岛上所有的一切都是假的,全都是他们的幻觉。 Thinks of here, his cannot help but heart one startled, complexion also changes, his too clear this on behalf of anything, this on behalf, them in unknowingly, was entering in opposite party Illusion Formation . Moreover the attainments of opposite party on Illusion Formation is really the difficult imagination, can duplicate an island unexpectedly perfectly, making them think in this island to have the person, even also in the person battle with island, this is really was too scary. 一想到这里,他不由得心头一惊,脸色也是大变,他太清楚这代表着什么了,这代表着,他们在不知不觉之中,就已经进入到了对方的幻阵之中了,而且对方在幻阵上的造诣真的是难以想像的,竟然可以完美的复制出一座岛,让他们以为这岛上有人,甚至还跟岛上的人交战,这真的是太可怕了 But at this time two Sects disciple also responded, their immediately retreats toward the island outside, behind with, the person of other Sect gate, actually returns don’t know what's the matter, is upwelling toward the island, this enters, instead to lets their team confusion, this Luo Hou Sect Master was also anxious, his very clear, opposite party arrangement such Illusion Formation, absolutely possibly was not plays tricks on them to be so simple, certainly also had the subsequent party, had killing strike, they such mix now, feared that has been just right for the regard of opposite party. 而这时两宗弟子也反应了过来,他们马上就往岛外退去,后面跟上来的,其它宗门的人,却还不知道怎么回事儿,正在往岛上涌,这一出一进,反到是让他们的队伍一片的混乱,这一下罗睺宗主也是急了,他十分的清楚,对方布置这么一个幻阵,绝对不可能是戏弄他们那么简单,一定还有后手,还有杀招,他们现在这么混,怕是正合了对方的心意了。 When Romanian hou Sect Master wants to take an action, hears a sound to drink said : all people to listen greatly, here is the blood kills the sect arrangement Illusion Formation, withdraws from the island, quick.” This sound severe Ruohai, at this time, severe Ruohai finally sound reminded all people.( To be continued.) 就在罗睺宗主想要有所行动的时候,就听到一个声音大喝道:“所有人听着,这里是血杀宗布置的一个幻阵,退出岛去,快。”这个声音正是厉若海,在这个时候,厉若海终于声提醒了所有人。(未完待续。)
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