BTFTLIAW :: Volume #143

#14206: undead ( 5 )

Chapter 14211 第14211章 undead ( 5 ) 不死(五) Blood Slaughter Sect disciple discover one became busy, they wanted comprehend oneself Cultivation Method, they must be familiar with spirit silk Formation Set, they also wanted nourishing oneself body, with Spiritual Qi nourishing, then must use Buddha Force nourishing, but must use spiritual force nourishing, what most important was, but must use Divine Fire tempered, these all completed, without two double-hour was is impossible, but these also all were levigation skill, your is impossible one achieved, this let Blood Slaughter Sect disciple discover, their time probably some were insufficient. 血杀宗弟子发现自己一下就变得忙了起来,他们要参悟自己的功法,他们还要熟悉灵丝阵组,他们还要温养自己的身体,用灵气温养,然后还要用佛力温养,还要用精神力温养,最主要的是,还要用神火淬炼,这些全都做完,没有两时辰是不可能的,而这些还全都是水磨功夫,你不可能一下就做到,这让血杀宗弟子发现,他们的时间好像有些不够用了。 Besides the fight, moment that they rest, probably fight time was busier , the matter that because they must handle were more, but regarding Blood Slaughter Sect disciple, busy is good to them a little, they always some one type of feel before, probably oneself strength has achieved a bottleneck, not only they, probably entire Sect develop(ment), had arrived at a new bottleneck, because of does not have any new thing, Sect had not found out a better way, enhanced their strengths, they think, Sect needs for a long time, to be able pass through, then in welcoming newly. A wave of high speed develop(ment) period. 除了战斗之外,他们休息的进候,好像比战斗的时候更忙了,因为他们要做的事情更多了,不过对于血杀宗弟子来说,忙一点儿对他们是有好处的,他们之前总是有一种感觉,好像自己的实力已经达到了一个瓶颈,不只是他们,好像整个宗门发展,都已经到了一个新的瓶颈了,因为没有什么新的东西了,宗门没有想出更好的办法,提升他们的实力了,他们以为,宗门需要很长时间,才能渡过这一关,然后在迎来新一波的高速发展时期。 But, as they and Shadow Clansman the number of times of fight becomes many, that as they benefit from Shadow Clansman there becomes many, their develop(ment) suddenly quick, this makes them feel that being startled, they have not really thought that unexpectedly will develop is so quick, this stemmed from their unexpected completely, but now their suddenly is so busy, is representing their strength, is increasing fast, did not say, even their several moves of trump card, may not use on Shadow Clansman by the present, has to use, but cannot now. With after must remain, well copes with Shadow Clansman to be good. 可是没有想到,随着他们与影族人的交手的次数变多,随着他们从影族人那里得到的好处变多,他们的发展突然就快了起来,这让他们都感到十分的吃惊,他们实在是没有想到,竟然会发展的这么快,这完全的出乎了他们的意料之外,而现在他们突然这么忙了,就代表着他们的实力,也正在飞快的增加着,不说别的,就算是他们那几招杀手锏,到现在可都还没有在影族人身上用过呢,不是没有用,而是现在不能用,要留到以后好好的对付影族人才行。 Now they had immortal body, their bodies can spirit silk, their body intensities be possible to compare favorably with Law Crystal, they can use Divine Fire, can use spirit silk Formation Set, can use Dao Avatar Formation Set, these to them, may all be killing strike, Shadow Clansman feared that is including one move unable to meet, do not say that Divine Fire and spirit silk Formation Set, even Dao Avatar Formation Set, Shadow Clansman cannot catch, therefore now Blood Slaughter Sect disciple although is very busy, but very excited, because of their very clear, their strengths were too more than before. 现在他们有了不死之身,他们的身体可以灵丝化,他们的身体强度可比得上法则水晶,他们可以用神火,可以用灵丝阵组,可以用法相阵组,这些对于他们来说,可全都算是杀招了,影族人怕是连一招都接不下来,不要说神火和灵丝阵组了,就算是法相阵组,影族人都接不住,所以现在血杀宗弟子虽然很忙,但是却很兴奋,因为他们十分的清楚,他们的实力比以前强太多了。 They also know, their these attack, do not prepare for present these Shadow Clansman, but faces the god of Shadow Clan for later time prepares, therefore they wish one could themselves to be able in busy a little, rapidness that like this their strengths can promote, later they facing Shadow Clansman time, opportunity even bigger that they maintain a livelihood, they will not always dare the god of underestimated Shadow Clan. 他们也知道,他们这些攻击,并不是为现在这些影族人准备的,而是为了以后面对影族之神的时候准备的,所以他们恨不得自己可以在忙一点儿,这样他们的实力就会提升的更快,以后他们面对影族人的时候,他们活命的机会就会更大,他们可是从来都不敢小看影族之神的。 Time 1 0.1 points passed, Blood Slaughter Sect also continuously in advancing with steady steps, but Shadow Clansman there, is using the void magnet, transform Imperial City, they in Void World there all Divine Beast, have all been arriving at Imperial City here now, moreover with the plan of void magnet transform Imperial City, had soon completed, can say, they have completed with the Blood Slaughter Sect person, conducted the preparation of final decisive battle in Imperial City here, but Shadow Sovereign has not made Shadow Clansman returned to Imperial City here come, he is still preparing another matter, that on was by Mao Xuanying they, used the void magnet, gave. These expert in Shadow Clansman, everyone builds War Armor. 时间一点一点的过去了,血杀宗也一直在稳步的前进,而影族人那里,正在用虚空磁石,不停的改造皇城,现在他们在虚界那里的所有神兽,全都已经到了皇城这里了,而且用虚空磁石改造皇城的计划,也已经快要完成了,可以说,他们已经做好了与血杀宗的人,在皇城这里进行最后决战的准备了,不过影皇却并没有让影族人回到皇城这里来,他还在准备另一件事情,那就是让茅玄应他们,用虚空磁石,给影族人中的那些高手,每个人都打造一副战甲 The void magnet strongest two points defend and internal space, internal space was needless saying that the void magnet manufactures the internal space Magical Artifact high grade material, this thing, actually in Immortal Realm here was very few , were more in Void World there, can say that their time was gives to move the Void World there family property, if their time is defeated, their losses may on be big, not only they, the loss of god of Shadow Clan can also very enormous, because Void World there thing, must say, actually all was the god of Shadow Clan, moreover in Void World there May all be good thing, if this Shadow Clansman were defeated, is all giving so many void magnets with, the god of Shadow Clan also meets the meat pain some time, after all these thing may all be rare good thing. 虚空磁石最强的两点就是防御和内空间,内空间不用说了,虚空磁石是制做内空间法器上等材料,这种东西,其实在仙界这里是十分少的,也只有在虚界那里才多一些,可以说他们这一次算是把虚界那里的家底都给搬出来了,如果他们这一次在失败,那他们的损失可就大了,不只是他们,影族之神的损失也会十分的巨大,因为虚界那里东西,要说起来,其实全都是影族之神的,而且在虚界那里的,可全都是好东西,如果这一次影族人失败了,在将那么多的虚空磁石全都给用了,影族之神也会肉痛一段时间的,毕竟这些东西可全都是难得的好东西 The void magnet is good thing, lies in his these two characteristics, the most important characteristics defend, the void magnet with conducts the defense with the magnetic field, thing that the magnet can change were too many, no matter he to physical attack, is energy energy, all has good defense strength, therefore Shadow Sovereign wants with the void magnet, to everyone, manufactures War Armor, was used to promote these Shadow Clansman expert fighting strength, Shadow Sovereign these also to study time intelligently, even if he had good thing, must remain, made the foot completely safe preparation, then in taking to come out, When the time comes must to Blood Slaughter Sect one ruthless, making Blood Slaughter Sect also know their fierce. 虚空磁石之所以是好东西,就在于他的这两点特性,其中最主要的特性就是防御,虚空磁石用是用磁场来进行防御的,磁石可以改变的东西太多了,他不管是对物理攻击,还是能量能量,全都有着很好的防御力,所以影皇才想要和虚空磁石,给每一个人,都制做一副战甲,用来提升那些影族人高手战斗力,影皇这一次也学聪明了,他就算是有好东西,也一定要留着,做足万全准备,然后在拿出来,到时候一定要给血杀宗一个狠的,让血杀宗也知道知道他们的厉害。 It is for this reason that therefore Shadow Sovereign has not let Shadow Clan army retreat, is still keeping off the attack of Blood Slaughter Sect in frontline, his very clear, if he lets frontline army retreat, that Blood Slaughter Sect will have is possible to attack very much later, will be speeds up attacking, when the time comes quick Blood Slaughter Sect army attacking army has reached the city, this to them, will not be the good matter, he will rather prepare some time, making their people formidable, then they will fight a decisive battle in the person with Blood Slaughter Sect, must know that their present cards in a hand are not many, besides void magnet, on, only then projection of god of Shadow Clan doppelganger, but this projection doppelganger, he needs, when most essential uses, best to use on Blood Slaughter Sect Sect Master Zhao Hai, uses on others' body, that may waste, but wants this projection doppelganger, uses on the body of Zhao Hai, must make Zhao Hai come is good, but to the present, they did not have the ability, compelling Zhao Hai to come, therefore Shadow Sovereign must find out means now, compelling to be good Zhao Hai. 正是因为如此,所以影皇并没有让影族的军队后退,依然是在前线挡着血杀宗的进攻,他十分的清楚,如果他让前线的军队后退,那血杀宗很有可能就会随后进攻,而且是加快进攻,到时候很快血杀宗大军就会兵临城下,这对于他们来说,可不是什么好事儿,他宁可多准备一段时间,让他们的人变得更加的强悍,然后他们在与血杀宗的人进行决战,要知道他们现在的底牌已经不多了,除了虚空磁石之外,就只有影族之神的投影分身了,但是这个投影分身,他必须要在最关键的时候使用,最好是用在血杀宗宗主赵海身上,用在别人的身上,那可就浪费了,但是想要将这个投影分身,用在赵海的身上,就必须要让赵海现身才行,而到现在,他们都还没有能力,逼赵海现身,所以影皇现在必须要想出一个办法,将赵海给逼出来才行。 Wants compelling Zhao Hai, the best way is, the strength stronger person, gives to kill Blood Slaughter Sect these expert, like this he does not believe that Zhao Hai has not come out, but this point, Shadow Clansman obviously cannot achieve now, because their strengths are placed in there, even Shadow Sovereign, now not necessarily is the Ding Chunming opponent, do not say that killed them, therefore their simply is impossible Zhao Hai will give to compel to come out with this method, as the matter stands, he on can only use in addition the one type of method. 想要将赵海给逼出来,最好的办法就是,有一个实力越强的人,将血杀宗的那些高手给杀死,这样他不相信赵海还不出来,但是这一点,现在影族人明显是做不到的,因为他们的实力在那里摆着呢,就算是影皇,现在都不一定是丁春明的对手,更不要说杀死他们了,所以他们根本就不可能用这种方法将赵海给逼出来,这样一来,他就只能用另一种方法了。 The second method, stalls the attack of Blood Slaughter Sect, making Blood Slaughter Sect not have the means with Imperial City, in this case, Zhao Hai will also certainly make an appearance, seems like in Shadow Sovereign, this point they to have is possible to achieve, but is not easy, the Blood Slaughter Sect attack strength, is very formidable, wants to block their attack, without is so simple, this is also why Shadow Sovereign must prepare such long time reason, because of his very clear, they, only then blocked Blood Slaughter Sect attack, Zhao Hai has is possible to be able appears , but he uses doppelganger projection of god of Shadow Clan, copes with Zhao Hai opportunity, on, only then such a time, if this. One time he failed, he is not having opportunity to cope with Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai to his second opportunity, all of them, will not all die when the time comes. 第二种方法,就是挡住血杀宗的进攻,让血杀宗皇城没有办法,在这种情况下,赵海也一定会露面,在影皇看起来,这一点他们到是有可能做到的,但是也并不容易,血杀宗攻击力,可是十分强悍的,想要挡住他们的攻击,没有那么简单的,这也是为什么影皇要准备这么长时间的原因,因为他十分的清楚,他们只有挡住了血杀宗攻击,赵海才有可能出现,而他用影族之神的分身投影,对付赵海机会,就只有这么一次,如果这一次他失败了,那他就在也没有机会对付赵海了,赵海也不会给他第二次的机会,到时候他们所有人,全都会死。 It is for this reason that Shadow Sovereign must be ready, all can prepare, all prepares, then stalls the attack of Blood Slaughter Sect, making the attack of Blood Slaughter Sect fly back without any results, such time grew, Zhao Hai meets appears , so long as Zhao Hai appears , he can use projection doppelganger of god of Shadow Clan, gives to annihilate on Zhao Hai directly, like Blood Slaughter Sect disciple, has the absolute confidence to be the same to Zhao Hai, he regarding the god of Shadow Clan, there is an absolute confidence, he believes that even his in hand, is only projection doppelganger of god of Shadow Clan, he can still eliminate Zhao Hai, this is god of Shadow Sovereign to the Shadow Clan. The confidence, he and projection doppelganger of god of don’t know Shadow Clan, has fought with Zhao Hai, that Zhao Hai was sent into exile, had not actually been killed, but this he prepares to kill Zhao Hai with projection doppelganger of god of Shadow Clan time, feared that is is also very difficult to achieve, but Shadow Sovereign and don’t know these, he only thinks, so long as doppelganger appears of god of Shadow Clan, Zhao Hai were finished, therefore he must reinforce Imperial City there, moreover is the reinforcement of going all out, to stall the attack of Blood Slaughter Sect. 正是因为如此,影皇必须要做好准备,将所有能准备的,全都准备好,然后挡住血杀宗的进攻,让血杀宗的进攻无功而返,这样时间长了,赵海一定会出现,只要赵海出现了,他就可以用影族之神的投影分身,直接就赵海给消灭掉,就像血杀宗弟子,对赵海有着绝对的信心一样,他对于影族之神,也有绝对的信心,他相信就算是他手里的,只是影族之神的一个投影分身,他依然可以消灭赵海,这是影皇影族之神的信心,他并不知道影族之神的投影分身,与赵海交过手,那一次赵海只是被放逐,却并没有被杀死,而这一次他准备用影族之神的投影分身杀死赵海,怕是也很难做到,只不过影皇不知道这些,他只以为只要影族之神的分身出现,赵海就完蛋了,所以他才要加固皇城那里,而且是拼命的加固,就是为了挡住血杀宗的进攻。 advancing that Blood Slaughter Sect disciple non-stop, they have been able proficiently to use spirit silk Formation Set now, spirit silk Formation Set strength real very formidable, wants formidable compared with their all attack, the spirit can be said as them compared with Formation Set so far, one of the strongest attack methods, if Divine Fire does not calculate that this 1 or 2 character can remove, this attack method, is they strongest attack method, if naturally they Divine Fire and spirit line Group Formation Set combined together, that attack like this, certain are the Blood Slaughter Sect disciple strongest attack methods, if just they really such. Done words, then only needs attack one time, their spiritual force will be consumed, their is impossible sent out second to strike, therefore this attack, they can only use one time, is impossible had second opportunity, therefore this method did not arrive at the final moment, they will not use, because one, but used, that must branch out the life and death, was not the enemy dies, was they dies, because enemy, if blocked their to strike, even finally was injured, that can still kill them, because they when the time comes, have sent out on does not have any strength. Two struck, naturally, they now are immortal body, wants to kill them is not easy, but they want to restore is not easy, after release that strikes, is they weakest strength, but can their be struck only injures the undead words, proved enemy who they face, is definitely competent, kills them completely. 血杀宗弟子不停的前进,现在他们已经可以熟练的使用灵丝阵组了,灵丝阵组的实力真的十分的强悍,比他们所有的攻击都要强悍,灵比阵组可以说是他们目前为止,最强的攻击手段之一,如果不将神火算在内的话,这个之一两个字都可以去掉,这种攻击手段,就是他们最强的攻击手段,当然如果他们将神火与灵线阵组合在一起的话,那么这样的攻击,一定是血杀宗弟子最强的攻击手段,只不过如果他们真的这么做的话,那么只需要攻击一次,他们的精神力就会被消耗一空,他们就不可能发出第二击了,所以这种攻击,他们只能用一次,不可能有第二次机会了,所以这种手段不到最后关头,他们是不会用的,因为一但用了,那就要分出生死了,不是敌人死,就是他们死,因为敌人要是挡住了他们这击,就算是最后受伤了,那也可以杀死他们,因为他们到时候,就已经没有任何的力量去发出第二击了,当然,他们现在是不死之身,想要杀死他们并不容易,但是他们想要恢复也并不容易,放出那一击之后,就是他们最虚弱的实力,而能被他们那一击只伤不死的话,证明他们面对的敌人,是绝对有实力,将他们完全杀死的。 immortal body is only the one type of view, cannot represent their real undead, nourishing own body that now they keep, is wish becomes formidable by own body, changes becoming true immortal body, but wants to achieve this point, is not easy. 不死之身只是一种说法,并不能代表他们真的不死,现在他们不停的温养自己的身体,就是想要让自己的身体变得更加的强悍,变成真正的不死之身,但是想要做到这一点,却并不容易。 In fact one, but had life form of immortal body such ability, their defense strength, in the general situation are not very high, because the heaven is fair, he made you have immortal body, your defense strength, reached the top on is impossible, this was also the one type of alternative balanced, but unfortunately, appears a Blood Slaughter Sect such loophole, immortal body, is not their inborn abilities, but was the ability that they stole, therefore their defense strength were very strong, but at the same time also had immortal body, can say that Blood Slaughter Sect on was in Law of the Heaven and Earth a biggest loophole, Law of the Heaven and Earth takes their not means that Because of Blood Slaughter Sect the situation, is, they who Law of the Heaven and Earth permits used the loophole in Law of the Heaven and Earth, therefore Law of the Heaven and Earth does not have the means with them. 事实上一但有了不死之身这样能力的生物,他们的防御力,一般的情况下都不是很高,因为老天是公平的,他让你有了不死之身,那你的防御力,就不可能达到顶级,这也算是一种另类的平衡的,但是可惜的是,出现血杀宗这么一个漏洞,不死之身,并不是他们天生的能力,而是他们偷来的能力,所以他们的防御力很强,但是同时还有不死之身,可以说血杀宗就是天地法则中最大的一个漏洞,天地法则都拿他们没有办法,因为血杀宗的这种情况,是天地法则所允许的,他们就是利用了天地法则之中的这一个漏洞,所以天地法则拿他们没有办法。
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