BTFTLIAW :: Volume #126

#12501: depart

Brings Farm to mix different realm 【】 【带着农场异界】【】 Sinks clear splendor they all dull look at that person, he thought that person in talk nonsense, what Undead Race are that some people willing to become? Wasn't that the person? Who wants, but they do not dare to refute the opposite party now, can only the look at opposite party. 沉清辉他们全都呆呆的看着那个人,他觉得那个人在胡说八道,那有人愿意成为什么死灵一族的?那不就不是人了吗?谁愿意啊,但是他们现在也不敢反驳对方,只能看着对方。 That person looked sank clear splendor their eyes, then open the mouth and said: I know that your is possible has not believed that if you have paid attention to your memory carefully, you should on understand my meaning, but said no matter how, you have arrived at here, we lead you to visit Blood Slaughter Sect well, when the time comes you knew what's the matter, everyone walked.” 那人看了沉清辉他们一眼,接着开口道:“我知道你们可能还不相信,不过如果你们仔细的注意过你们的记忆,你们应该就明白我的意思了,不过不管怎么说,你们都已经到这里了,那我们就带你们好好的参观一下血杀宗,到时候你们就知道是怎么回事儿了,大家走吧。” Sinking clear splendor they are also clear, now they had arrived at here, moreover turned into Undead Race, they in want to make anything also late, that has a look with him, therefore the people followed that team of Blood Slaughter Sect disciple to visit Black Tortoise Space. 沉清辉他们也清楚,现在他们已经到了这里了,而且还变成了死灵一族,那他们在想做什么也晚了,那就跟着他去看看吧,所以众人都跟着那队血杀宗弟子去参观了玄武空间 In visiting the Black Tortoise Space process, sank clear splendor they to change own idea slowly, their discover, Blood Slaughter Sect probably really very unusual, but Blood Slaughter Sect can their benefits, was good that they could not imagine, the most important thing is, Blood Slaughter Sect Undead Race was really not who can become, has plenty Blood Slaughter Sect disciple really envied them very much. 在参观玄武空间的过程中,沉清辉他们慢慢的改变了自己的想法,他们发现,血杀宗好像真的很强非常的强,而血杀宗可以给他们的福利,也是他们所想像不到的好,最重要的是,血杀宗死灵一族真的不是什么人都能当上的,有很多血杀宗弟子真的很羡慕他们。 Sank clear splendor they to stay for three days in Black Tortoise Space, these three days, they used day of time to visit, used one day to lead Magical Artifact, what kind of use these Magical Artifact learned/studied, last day they chose Cultivation Method unexpectedly, moreover was most suitable their Cultivation Method, naturally their Divine Beast, was all hatched, all of them had Divine Beast. 沉清辉他们在玄武空间里呆了三天,这三天的时间,他们用了一天时间去参观,又用了一天的时间去领法器,学习如何的使用那些法器,最后一天他们竟然去选功法,而且还是最适合他们的功法,当然他们所有人的神兽,也全都被孵化了出来,他们所有人都有了神兽了。 But sinks clear splendor and a scenery side is two very lucky people, said them to be lucky , because their person suits practices the golden person of great strength secret art, but another person, suits practices Bi Xi to move mountain Jue, these two sets of Cultivation Method all are Body Cultivator Cultivation Method, sinks clear splendor very suitable to practice the golden person of great strength secret art, but scenery side very suitable practices Bi Xi to move mountain Jue, therefore their two people were granted these two sets of Cultivation Method. 而沉清辉和景一方是两个很幸运的人,说他们幸运,是因为他们一个人适合修练黄金力士诀,而另一个人,适合修练霸下搬山诀,这两套功法全都是体修功法,沉清辉十分的适合修练黄金力士诀,而景一方十分的适合修练霸下搬山诀,所以他们两个人就被赐与了这两套功法 After they start the seat of honor to practice these two sets of Cultivation Method, their time also arrived, later they all came out from Black Tortoise Space, returned to wind chimes island there, to wind chimes island there, they in seeing these disciple on wind chimes island, a person facial expression changed, their immediately to these person of gave a salute, these people to they also enthusiasm. 他们开始上手修练这两套功法之后,他们的时间也到了,随后他们就全都从玄武空间里出来了,回到了风铃岛那里,到了风铃岛那里,他们在看到风铃岛上的那些弟子,一个人神情都变了,他们马上就冲着那些人行了一礼,那些人对他们也更加的热情了。 although they went to to settle down to be good oneself Divine Beast, they also know, this Divine Beast was not their true Divine Beast, after their Divine Beast, certainly will have, but is not now, they now most important practiced, what kind of use Magical Artifact must learn/study. 虽然他们就把自己的神兽安顿好了,他们也知道,这种神兽并不是他们真正的神兽,他们的神兽以后一定会有,但不是现在,他们现在最重要的就是修练,同时也要学习如何的使用法器 Was seven days passed among such in the blink of an eye, in these seven days, sank clear splendor their practice very assiduously, especially sank clear splendor, he was almost in the practice hidden, because of his discover, own strength progressive very quick, he was very suitable to practice the golden person of great strength secret art, although he only practiced for about a week, but he Spiritual Qi of oneself within the body, has all turned into Spiritual Qi of golden person of great strength secret art now, his strength, again achieves now gathered a boundary, but his present strength, before, was actually. On strong several times continued, is similar to his situation, a scenery side, a scenery side present strength also achieved again about the boundary, but the strength is also very strong, although can't compare with sinks clear splendor, actually could not miss many. 就这样转眼之间又是七天过去了,在这七天的时间里,沉清辉他们的修练都十分的刻苦,特别是沉清辉,他几乎是修练上隐了,因为他发现,自己的实力进步的十分快,他真的很适合修练黄金力士诀,虽然他只修练了一个星期左右,但是他现在已经把自己体内的灵气,全都化成了黄金力士诀的灵气了,他的实力,现在也重新的达到了合道境,但是他现在的实力,比起之前来,却是强上了数倍不止,跟他情况差不多的,还有景一方,景一方现在的实力也重新的达到了合道境,而实力也很强,虽然比不上沉清辉,却也差不了多少。 This chapter has not ended, click[ next page] continues to read- gt ; gt ; 本章未完,点击[下一页]继续阅读--gt;gt; Brings Farm to mix different realm 【】 【带着农场异界】【】 Besides them, other person situations are also similar, everyone's strength obtained the huge promotion, Zhao Hai also knows, they should be prepare, therefore he in all called the people one time. 除了他们两个人之外,其它的人情况也差不多,所有人的实力都得到了巨大的提升,赵海也知道,他们应该是准备好了,所以他就在一次将众人全都召集了起来。 This as second-rate as these people, when sees Zhao Hai, everyone's facial expression all changed, 这一次等到那些人在见到赵海的时候,所有人的神情全都变了, They all respectful is saluting to Zhao Hai, they have known that Zhao Hai status, to be honest to the person of Zhao Hai such status, being beyond control they are not respectable, do not say that Zhao Hai is their Master, therefore each of them looks in the Zhao Hai look, has the meaning of respect. Zhao Hai looked at people one eyes, then open the mouth and said: everyone now also all was a person on one's own side, I was not wasting breath, these called time everyone, was because we wanted depart, we must conduct attack to Shadow Clansman, I think that this little everyone has also thought that previous Shadow Clansman came attack we, although said that we had no loss, moreover one killed so many Shadow Clansman, but this matter, others actually don’t know, I, for in something far away from Fire Phoenix sect, must hide in going out, therefore this we must attack Shadow Clansman time, everyone many of strength nearest/recent improvement, just right, we. Also practices acquiring a skill with these Shadow Clansman, everyone do not forget, our Blood Slaughter Sect biggest enemy is Shadow Clansman, therefore after everyone goes back, prepares, tomorrow our depart, attacks Shadow Clansman, the time that this we go to time will be very long, the fight of experience will be many, I hope that everyone can some people through these fights, became Law Expert by oneself, goes.” The people all complied with one, later to Zhao Hai gave a salute, then turn around leave, Zhao Hai look at their carried their backs, slightly smiled, these people have not cannot help but been familiar with the Blood Slaughter Sect disciple status now, but it doesn't matter, their slowly can be familiar with, happen to uses this opportunity, making them cope with Shadow Clansman well, lets their true awareness, Shadow Clansman no big deal, lets in them some people, becomes Law Expert, moreover these Law Expert, but can be placed in outwardly on Law Expert, this point very heavy must. 他们全都恭恭敬敬的对着赵海行礼,他们已经知道赵海的身份了,说实话向赵海这样身份的人,由不得他们不尊敬,更不要说赵海还是他们的主人,所以他们每个人看赵海的眼神之中,都带着崇敬之意。赵海看了众人一眼,接着开口道:“大家现在也全都是自己人了,我也就不在费话了,这一次把大家叫过来,就是因为我们要出发了,我们要对影族人进行攻击,我想这一点儿大家也早就想到了,上一次影族人攻击我们,虽然说我们没有什么损失,而且一下就杀了那么多的影族人,但是这件事情,别人却不知道,我为了远离火凤宗里的一些事情,也必须要躲在出去,所以这一次我们必须要进攻影族人,大家的实力最近提升的都很多,正好,我们也拿那些影族人练练手,大家不要忘了,我们血杀宗最大的敌人就是影族人,所以大家回去之后,都准备一下,明天我们就出发,去进攻影族人,这一次我们去的时间会很长,经历的战斗会很多,我希望大家能有人通过这些战斗,让自己成为一个法则高手,去吧。”众人全都应了一声,随后冲着赵海行了一礼,接着转身离开了,赵海看着他们的背他们的背影,不由得微微一笑,这些人现在还没有习惯自己血杀宗弟子的身份,不过没有关系,他们慢慢的会习惯的,正好利用这个机会,让他们好好的对付一下影族人,让他们真正的知道,影族人没有什么了不起的,同时也让他们之中的一些人,成为法则高手,而且这些法则高手,可是能摆在明面上的法则高手,这一点十分的重要。 Zhao Hai wants to have a higher position in the Fire Phoenix sect, what depended is what? Is his strength? Naturally this is the main reason, but the only depends on strength is also not enough, he must have oneself influence, he currently in Fire Phoenix sect inside, although has the influence, but these influences cannot attain outwardly, cannot to know that therefore Zhao Hai on does not have own influence in the Fire Phoenix sect now outwardly, his all influences, the come from strong gale, his Core Disciple, still no one will all care about him like this even, he still cannot obtain the position that Core Disciple earns, this little from Fire Phoenix people to his attitude on knowing. 赵海想要在火凤宗里有更高的地位,靠的是什么?是他的实力吗?当然这是主要的原因,但是光靠实力还不是够的,他还必须要有自己的势力,他现在在火凤宗里,虽然有势力,但是那些势力是不能拿到明面上来说的,是不能让人知道的,所以赵海现在明面上在火凤宗里是没有自己的势力的,他所有的势力,全都来自于烈风,这样他就算是一个核心弟子,依然没有人会在意他,他依然得不到核心弟子应得的地位,这一点儿从火凤宗众人对他的态度就知道。 The Fire Phoenix sect people to any Core Disciple, are very polite, his enemy, no one dares to be unreasonable to Core Disciple whether or not, because of Core Disciple, representative may, not only a status, is an influence, each Core Disciple, his influence is big, because the Zhao Hai situation is quite special, he is the Rogue Cultivator family background, does not have own Clan support in the Fire Phoenix sect, some ordinary disciple of Fire Phoenix sect, somewhat cannot have a liking for Zhao Hai this Core Disciple, is adding on his continuously following strong gale relationship, therefore his although becomes Core Disciple, but he actually continuously not own influence, he. The strength, is the strength of strong gale influence, it is for this reason that therefore his present although is going against a Core Disciple name, but he has not obtained the corresponding position. 火凤宗众人对任何一个核心弟子,都是十分客气的,不管是不是他的敌人,没有人敢对核主弟子无理,因为一个核心弟子,代表的可不只是一个身份,更是一股势力,每一个核心弟子,他的势力都不小,但是因为赵海的情况比较特殊,他是散修出身,在火凤宗里没有自己的家族支持,火凤宗的一些普通弟子,也有些看不上赵海这个核心弟子,在加上他一直都跟着烈风的关系,所以他虽然成为了核心弟子,但是他却一直都没有自己的势力,他所用的力量,全都是烈风势力的力量,正是因为如此,所以他现在虽然顶着一个核心弟子的名,但是他却并没有得到相应的地位。 This chapter has not ended, click[ next page] continues to read- gt ; gt ; 本章未完,点击[下一页]继续阅读--gt;gt; Brings Farm to mix different realm 【】 【带着农场异界】【】 But after Zhao Hai , to have even bigger develop(ment) in the Fire Phoenix sect, no matter the strong gale can have the matter, Zhao Hai must have own influence, moreover this influence was unable to be weak, if the strong gale has the matter, he can struggle the Fire Phoenix sect Sect Master imperial throne, if a strong gale matter, he has not had oneself influence, he can also obtain a higher position, when the time comes will not have the person, because he obtains position, but refuses to accept, will not have the person to say this and that because his influence is placed in there, therefore Zhao Hai must train own influence, no matter. From that perspective, he must train one to belong his own, can suspend the influence on floor, this little to his future develop(ment), is very important. 赵海以后要是想要在火凤宗有更大发展,不管烈风会不会出事儿,赵海都必须要有自己的势力,而且这股势力还不能弱,要是烈风出事儿,那他就可以去争一争火凤宗主的大位了,要是烈风没有出事儿,那他有自己的势力,他也可以得到更高的地位,到时候也不会有人因为他得到更的地位而不服,更不会有人说三道四,因为他的势力在那里摆着呢,所以赵海必须要培养自己的势力了,不管是从那方面来讲,他都必须要培养一只属于他自己的,可以摆到台面上来的势力,这一点儿对他今后的发展,也是十分重要的。 However these disciple in Sect, they all had oneself status, they are that influence, has divided, if Zhao Hai wants to snatch, that simply is is impossible, snatches in secret, but snatches visibly, that is incorrect, will cause counter-attack of opposite party, therefore Zhao Hai cannot do that cannot snatch the person from Sect, can only recruit the manpower, they give to train the sinking clear splendor, became Law Expert by them, like this their nature also on becoming his influence, his in hand Law Expert quantity are more, His later position is higher, more is no one dares underestimated he, therefore Zhao Hai must let sink clear splendor they to grow as soon as possible, only then sinks clear splendor they to grow, they, can become Zhao Hai to be placed in outwardly on influence. 但是宗门里的那些弟子,他们全都有了自己的身份,他们是属于那个势力的,边个早就划分好了,赵海要是想去抢,那根本就不可能的,暗中抢可以,但是明着抢,那是不行的,会引起对方的反扑,所以赵海不能这么做,那不能从宗门里抢人,就只能自己招收人手了,把沉清辉他们给培养起来,让他们成为法则高手,这样他们自然也就成了他的势力了,他手里法则高手数量越多,他以后的地位就越高,就越是没有人敢小看他,所以赵海必须要让沉清辉他们尽快的成长起来,只有沉清辉他们成长起来,他们这些人,才能成为赵海摆在明面上的势力。 Sinks clear splendor their family background is nothing issue, they were sea here old person, even also matter, Divine Beast taking away, these things, so long as the person of Fire Phoenix sect is willing to check, can check, issue that their status had no, as the matter stands they after becoming Law Expert, will not have the person to suspect them, when the time comes they are willing to support Zhao Hai, that no one could manage, therefore Zhao Hai on puts the sinking clear splendor the training focus on now them, but these attacked Shadow Clansman time on is opportunity, they hid to go out. ; First, can avoid Fire Phoenix sect is possible be have the wind and rain that two can exercise and trains sink clear splendor they, it can be said that answers multiple purpose, therefore Zhao Hai regarding this matter so careful. 沉清辉他们这些人的出身是没有任何问题的,他们都是界海这里老人儿了,甚至还出过事儿,被人把神兽给收走过,这些事情只要火凤宗的人愿意去查,还是能查出来的,那他们的身份就没有任何的问题,这样一来他们在成为了法则高手之后,也不会有人怀疑他们,到时候他们愿意支持赵海,那谁都管不着,所以赵海现在就把培养的重心放到了沉清辉他们身上,而这一次进攻影族人就是一个机会,他们躲出去,一是可以躲开火凤可能会有的风雨,二就是可以锻炼和培养沉清辉他们,可以说是一举多得,所以赵海对于这件事情才会如此的上心。 When are not many everyone returned to square here, they had all prepared, Zhao Hai looked at people one eyes, then open the mouth and said: Your Divine Beast, to controlling in Beast Bag? Completed, our depart.” People simultaneously should be, Zhao Hai then waves, led the people to fly directly, this he has not brought Zhen Lao time, Zhen Lao must remain to assume personal command, he cannot bring, besides Zhen Lao, sank the person who clear splendor their these received newly, Zhao Hai all brings, several Blood Slaughter Sect disciple, they now are also Law Expert, but they followed in the Zhao Hai side, but to give Zhao Hai hit to overcome hand. 不多时所有人全都回到了广场这里,他们都已经准备好了,赵海看了众人一眼,接着开口道:“你们的神兽,都已经准到驭兽袋里了吧?做好了,那我们就出发了。”众人齐齐应是,赵海这才一挥手,直接就带着众人飞了起来,这一次他并没有带阵老,阵老必须要留下来坐镇,他不能带着,除了阵老之外,沉清辉他们这些新收的人,赵海全都带着了,还有几个血杀宗弟子,他们现在也已经是法则高手了,不过他们跟在赵海的身边,只是为了给赵海打打下手儿罢了。 Quick Zhao Hai their leave the wind chimes island, Zhao Hai directly on release the black electricity, then the people directly entered in black electricity Divine Beast Space later, after black electricity Divine Beast Space, Zhao Hai everyone relieved the rest to people said:, we also has no fight now, moreover our these comes out time, the main goal is not to fight, rest of everyone feel relieved.” The people will not certainly say anything, all complied with one, later they all found the place to rest. 很快的赵海他们就离开了风铃岛,随后赵海直接就放出了黑电,接着众人直接就进入到了黑电的神兽空间里,到了黑电的神兽空间里之后,赵海就对众人道:大家安心的休息吧,现在我们还没有什么战斗,而且我们这一次出来,主要的目地也并不是为了战斗,大家放心的休息吧。”众人当然是不会说什么,全都应了一声,随后他们全都自己找地方去休息去了。
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