BCA :: Volume #15

#1492: Left behind information (First Part)

Lu Kun sighed a sound said lightly: Human affairs is difficult to predict, without thinking not to have waited for body cultivator lineage to develop, Star Soul Clan started to our Human Clan, Lu does not have the opportunity and Fellow Daoist Xue they cannot meet......” 陆坤轻叹一声道:“世事难料,没想到还没等体修一脉发展起来,星魂族就对我们人族下手了,陆某都没有机会和薛道友他们见上一面……” Heard these words, Jian Chen remembered anything suddenly, stretched out the palm forward, section purple-gold sword tip float in palm, is sending out destruction aura that absorbed the person soul. 听到这句话,剑尘忽然想起了什么,向前伸出了手掌,一小节紫金色剑尖悬浮在掌心,散发着一股摄人心魂的毁灭气息 Lu Kun looks at this wisp of sword tip, he can feel to contain one clearly compared with a strength of will more fearful aura, lies in its head Little Jin, similarly to mystic image of this sword-shaped curiously. 陆坤看着这一缕剑尖,他能清晰感受到里面蕴含着一股比意志之力更加可怕的气息,趴在其头上的小金,同样对这个剑形的法相好奇不已。 They also once manifestation mystic image, but that is only powerful bloodline primordial soul condenses essence qi, moreover is the body shape, at present this mystic image is actually a magic treasure shape. 他们也曾显化法相,但那只是强大的血脉元神凝聚元气而成,而且是身体形状的,眼前这个法相却是一种法宝形态。 Jian Chen said respectfully: Senior Lu, after the younger generation inspires Spirit Extermination remnant sword sword spirit, discovered that in besides mystic image essence of master, his old personage residual wisp of remnant soul remembers.” 剑尘恭敬道:“陆前辈,晚辈引动灭灵残剑剑灵后,发现里面除了师父的法相精华外,还有他老人家残留的一缕残魂记忆。” „Does remnant soul remember?” 残魂记忆?” Lu Kun stares, later the facial expression said prudently: This ten years of Spirit Extermination remnant sword in the hand of Star Soul Clan Void Refining, these fellows is skilled in the say/way of divine soul, can inside news be fudged by them?” 陆坤一愣,随后神情慎重道:“这把灭灵残剑星魂族炼虚的手中十年,那些家伙精通神魂之道,里面的讯息会不会被他们动了手脚?” Jian Chen shakes the head saying: mystic image essence of this wisp of remnant soul memory and master links, if were eradicated forcefully, mystic image essence does not exist.” 剑尘摇头道:“这缕残魂记忆与师父的法相精华结合在一起,如果被强行破除,法相精华就不存在了。” Moreover perhaps the younger generation in inside sensation to Soul Sealing Bell restriction strength, Star Soul Clan that Old Monster, is unable to eradicate even forcefully.” “而且晚辈在里面感知到了定魂钟禁制之力,就算星魂族的那個老怪物,恐怕也无法强行破除。” During the speeches, the Jian Chen breaking by biting tip of tongue, compels drop of essence and blood, simultaneously in the hand mudra changes, makes several sword mudra, on this purple-gold Spirit Extermination remnant sword, gushes out one group of purple-gold small sword phantom gradually, a boundless will fills the air. 说话间,剑尘咬破舌尖,逼出一滴精血,同时手中法决变化,打出数道剑诀,这个紫金色灭灵残剑上,渐渐涌出一团紫金色的小剑虚影,一股苍茫的意志弥漫开来。 Jian Chen anticipated that looks at Lu Kun saying: Senior Lu, the master kept deciphering method in this wisp of remnant soul, but needs the senior to assist.” 剑尘略带期待地看着陆坤道:“陆前辈,师父在这一缕残魂中留了一个破解之法,不过需要前辈相助。” Lu Kun looks at this mini small sword phantom, said puzzled: My help?” 陆坤看着这个迷你的小剑虚影,不解道:“我的帮助?” Jian Chen un a sound said: This deciphering method needs with five writing as the foundation, again secret technique who coordinates Sword Sect to be in sole possession.” 剑尘嗯了一声道:“这个破解之法需要以五个文字作为基础,再配合剑宗独有的秘术施法。” Five writing?” “五个文字?” Jian Chen anticipated that looks at present this Human Clan senior, just prepared to say anything, suddenly saw Lu Kun to lift the palm. 剑尘期待地看着眼前这名人族前辈,刚准备说什么,忽然见到陆坤抬起了手掌。 Being related to Human Clan is secret, provides against contingencies, Fellow Daoist arranges for an interview under Lu inspection, these Void Refining Old Fogy had the possibility to get down traced magic technique.” “事关人族机密,以防万一,道友先容陆某检查下,那些炼虚老家伙有可能下了追踪法术。” Jian Chen then discovered oneself were somewhat rash, nods again and again: Invited Senior Lu.” 剑尘这才发现自己有些莽撞了,连连点头:“请陆前辈施法。” Lu Kun single-handedly waved, one group of golden blood fog emerge, simultaneously several bloodline clone mix, submerges Jian Chen within the body together. 陆坤单手一挥,一团金色血雾涌现而出,同时几道血脉分身混入其中,一同没入剑尘的体内。 Although his realm has not achieved Void Refining, but body cultivator blood is an extremely special energy, with the aid of blood and flesh child divine thought divine ability, Lu Kun can spread inside and outside Jian Chen fleshly body blood granules. 虽然他的境界还未达到炼虚,但体修血液是一种极其特殊的能量,借助血肉子神念神通,陆坤能将血液颗粒遍及剑尘肉身内外。 If there is the place of what difference, blood can definitely induce. 如果有什么异样之处,血液完全能感应出来。 After ten come the breath, Lu Kun expression moves suddenly, one group of golden blood small balls gushed out from the place of Jian Chen nape suddenly, changed to a thumb-sized golden bone ball. 十来息后,陆坤忽然神色一动,一团金色血液小球忽然从剑尘后颈的地方涌出,化作了一个拇指大的金色骨球。 Really has......” “果然有……” He puts out a hand, strength of the invisible extrusion packages this group of golden bone balls, later the bone ball shivers fiercely, inside spreads destruction aura, blasting open, inside visibles faintly one group of five colors light specks to flash loudly. 他伸出手中,一股无形的挤压之力包裹住这团金色骨球,随后骨球剧烈颤抖起来,里面传出一股毁灭气息,轰然炸裂,里面隐约可见一团五色光点在闪动。 Afterward the blue vein of Lu Kun both arms surface sticks out suddenly densely and numerously, the left fist imitates, if the meteor attacks fiercely forward, innumerable say/way illusory image dispersion polymerization, extremely fearful essence qi oppression in this tiny space manifestation. 随后陆坤双臂表面的青筋密密麻麻暴起,左拳仿若流星般向前猛击,无数道幻影分散聚合,一股极其可怕的元气威压在这渺小的空间显化 Under the innumerable fist shadow bombardments, that group of five colors light specks are rapid, after several breaths, vanishes does not see. 在无数拳影的轰击下,那团五色光点迅速黯淡,数息后就消失不见。 On the Lu Kun arm the fierce blue vein returns to normal, puts out a hand a move, the Jian Chen within the body golden color blood fog rewinds to return, he spat a foul air flue slowly: Should be the Li Yuanzong mark, had been eliminated by Lu.” 陆坤手臂上狰狞的青筋平复下去,伸手一招,剑尘体内金色血雾倒卷而回,他缓缓吐了一口浊气道:“应该是李元宗的印记,已经被陆某消除了。” Jian Chen felt immediately a body relaxedness, looks to the Lu Kun vision, respected. 剑尘顿时感到身子一阵轻松,看向陆坤的目光,更加崇敬了。 Returns to the proper topic, that five writing, whether is related with Lu?” Lu Kun said slowly. “言归正传,那五个文字,是否和陆某有关?”陆坤缓缓道。 Jian Chen nods, anticipates saying: Master said that these five characters, is Human Clan cultivates origin cultivation method of path brand-new.” 剑尘点点头,期待道:“师父说这五个字,是人族崭新修炼道路的起源功法。” Origins cultivation method?” “起源功法?” The Lu Kun silent moment, in the eye is flashing the color of recalling, muttered to whisper: Five characters, origin cultivation method, is Yuntong Body Refinement Mudra?” 陆坤沉默片刻,眼中闪动着追忆之色,喃喃低语道:“五个字,起源功法,难道是云通炼体决?” Yuntong Body Refinement Mudra?” Jian Chen curious say/way. 云通炼体决?”剑尘好奇道。 Lu Kun explained: Yuntong Body Refinement Mudra, is a Provenance Sect disciple creates, unusual energy that this cultivation of cultivation method comes out, is the body cultivator lineage key is, should be origin cultivation method that Fellow Daoist Mo refers.” 陆坤解释道:“云通炼体决,是一元宗的一位弟子所创,这门功法修炼出来的奇特能量,是体修一脉的关键所在,应该是莫道友所指的起源功法。” The Jian Chen spirit inspires saying: Senior Lu, accommodates younger generation.” 剑尘精神一振道:“陆前辈,容晚辈施法。” Afterward he then pinched sword mudra, spirit light poured into to mini sword-shaped mystic image, before long, in this gushed out one group of purple-gold light balls. 随后他便掐动起了剑诀,一道道灵光注入到迷你剑形法相中,不一会,这里面就涌出了一团紫金色光球。 Jian Chen pleasantly surprised inexplicable say/way: Success!” 剑尘惊喜莫名道:“成功了!” Sees only this light ball to rotate very nimble and resourceful same place, seems inducing anything. Afterward its spirit light flashed, submerged the Lu Kun forehead, vanished does not see , one group of purple-gold halos wrapped the body of Lu Kun. 只见这个光球十分灵动地在原地转动,似乎在感应着什么。随后它灵光一闪,没入了陆坤的眉心,消失不见,紧接着,一团紫金色光晕就将陆坤的身子包裹起来。 Lies in little monkey of Lu Kun top of the head felt immediately piercing sword intent transmits, the body quickly grasped the meaning of something, jumps the one side, it pounded the mouth saying: Jian Chen, your master remnant soul contains such strong sword intent, Void Refining sword cultivator, is really fierce.” 趴在陆坤头顶的小猴子立马就感到一股刺骨的剑意传来,身子一个激灵,跳到了一旁,它砸吧着嘴巴道:“剑尘,你师父这个残魂都蕴含这么强的剑意,炼虚剑修,果然厉害。” Eh...... this monkey senior......” Jian Chen looks at Little Jin, the facial expression has the color of similar awe, the body of ape Senior Lu changes, as if with this little, golden monkey some relations. “额……这位猴前辈……”剑尘看着小金,神情带着同样的敬畏之色,陆前辈变化的猿猴之身,似乎和这个金色小猴有些关系。 What monkey senior, asking me the gold/metal senior to be OK.” Little Jin delighted say/way. “什么猴前辈,叫我金前辈就可以了。”小金眉飞色舞道。 Eh, the younger generation has seen the gold/metal senior.” “额,晚辈见过金前辈。” Looks at clever Jian Chen, little monkey both hands is inserting the waist, raises the head saying: „Under Jian Chen, some senior my things must inquire with you.” 看着乖巧的剑尘,小猴子双手插着腰,昂着脑袋道:“剑尘,前辈我有些事情要和你打听下。” gold/metal Qianbeiqing said.” “金前辈请说。” „More than 700 years ago appears in Long Armed Demon Ape of Human Clan boundary territory, you have heard.” “七百多年前出现在人族境域的通臂魔猿,你有没有听说过。” Long Armed Demon Ape? The younger generation seems like some impressions......” 通臂魔猿?晚辈似乎有些印象……” ...... …… ...... …… Did not discuss that dialogue of Little Jin and Jian Chen, Lu Kun in the mind, saw a build skinny old man, this person wears a simple cotton garment, the waist is hanging purple-gold long sword, is turning away from him, cannot see clearly the facial features. 不谈小金剑尘的对话,陆坤在脑海中,见到了一名体型枯瘦的老者,此人身穿一件简单的布衣,腰间挂着一把紫金色长剑,背对着他,看不清面容。 The boundless sound spreads from this old man within the body together. 一道苍茫的声音从这个老者体内传出。 „If Human Clan Fellow Daoist sees remnant soul of old man, explained that our ethnic group is hopeful, that place is not a hopeless situation, many years ago path also finally success that suspects.” “如果是人族道友见到老夫的残魂,说明我们族群还有希望,那个地方并不是绝境,多年前猜想的道路也终于成功了。” Lu Kun one hear, understands immediately inside meaning, it seems like Old Ancestor Mo they have the inference, can fly upwards cultivator that from Lower Realm, decided however cultivated Body Refinement Technique. 陆坤一听,顿时明白里面的意思,看来莫老祖他们已有推断,能从下界飞升的修士,定然修炼了炼体之法 „After old man dies, this Spirit Extermination remnant sword has in a big way possibly falls in the Star Soul Clan Void Refining hand, if you can retrieve this remnant sword, and has the Sword Sect disciple in the side, that either is the person of big destiny, either has to endure to compare the Void Refining strength.” “老夫死后,这把灭灵残剑有很大的可能落在星魂族炼虚手中,如果你能找回这把残剑,并有剑宗弟子在侧,那要么是大气运之人,要么拥有堪比炼虚的实力。” The skinny old man is turning away from Lu Kun, the selfish words are saying: 枯瘦老者背对着陆坤,自顾自话的说着: This time disaster, the old men think that Human Clan will soon exterminate the clan, but the Provenance brother is unwilling, he offered sacrifices two Void Refining clone, uses Old Ancestor Ma instruction the technique of divining forcefully.” “这次的灾难,老夫都以为人族即将灭族,可一元兄并不甘心,他献祭了两道炼虚分身,强行施展马老祖传授的占卦之术。” Originally hope of this clan , in that more than 700 years do not have on news path of body refinement, the old man also therefore left behind this remnant soul.” “原来本族的希望,真的在那条七百余年都没有消息的炼体之路上,老夫也因此留下了这道残魂。” The old man tone suddenly becomes gratified: If successfully developed the body refining path, that Human Clan cultivator cultivation upper limit, will not stop in Void Refining Early Stage, Void Refining Middle Stage, late stage, Body Fusion Stage that even that keeps aloof, has the opportunity!” 老者语气忽然变得欣慰起来:“如果成功开拓了炼体道路,那人族修士的修炼上限,就不会止于炼虚初期,炼虚中期,后期,甚至那高高在上的合体期,都有机会!” Hears here, Lu Kun stares, is the Human Clan upper limit Void Refining Early Stage? May they say according to Chen Yang, Old Ancestor Ma that founds Human Clan path of cultivation, has Void Refining Late Stage cultivation base. 听到这里,陆坤一愣,人族的上限是炼虚初期?可据晨阳他们所言,那位开创人族修炼之路马老祖,已经有了炼虚后期修为啊。 The skinny old man as if knows that Lu Kun thinks, sighed lightly: Fellow Daoist should hear Old Ancestor Ma, except for me and Provenance brother, in Human Clan cultivator fears no one to know, Old Ancestor Ma is not my Human Clan cultivator.” 枯瘦老者似乎知道陆坤所想,轻叹道:“道友应该听说了马老祖,除了我和一元兄,人族修士中恐怕没有人知道,马老祖并非我人族修士。” „Isn't Old Ancestor Ma Human Clan?” 马老祖不是人族?” Lu Kun was shocked, shortly after because he flies upwards, information acquisition of Old Ancestor Ma results in not many, although at this time astonished, but instead untied many suspicions in heart. 陆坤愣住了,不过由于他飞升不久,马老祖的信息获取得不多,此时虽然惊异不已,但反而解开了心中的不少疑团。 Presently three Human Clan Void Refining, only have Void Refining Early Stage cultivation base, Old Ancestor Ma directly is Void Refining Late Stage, this proportion is extremely strange. 当前的三名人族炼虚,都只有炼虚初期修为,马老祖直接是炼虚后期,这种比例太过诡异。 Skinny old man said after a moment of silence: Although Star Soul Clan that old fogy also knows this secret, but Mo also hopes that Fellow Daoist can keep secret, after all in the heart of my Human Clan cultivator, needs a hope......” 枯瘦老者沉默片刻道:“虽然星魂族那个老家伙也知道这个秘密,但莫某还希望道友能够保密,毕竟我人族修士的心中,需要有一个希望……” Lu Kun nods silently, in Xing Wu Divine Country, Chen Yang they have several times, with the hope to Old Ancestor Ma this Human Clan most powerhouse, supports. 陆坤默默地点头,在星乌神国中,晨阳他们有几次,就是怀着对马老祖这位人族最强者的希望,才支撑下来的。 Although Old Ancestor Ma helped me and others infer Void Refining cultivation method, but after truly cultivation, discovered, this road can only arrive at Void Refining Early Stage.” “虽然马老祖帮助我等推导出了炼虚修炼之法,但真正修炼后才发现,这条路只能到炼虚初期。” In the skinny old man tone has several points, helpless color. 枯瘦老者语气中带着几分无奈之色。 After three generations of Void Refining, and study of Old Ancestor Ma, Human Clan wants to break through this shackles, only then two types means that means that want to manage the attribute outside magic cultivation five phases.” “经过三代炼虚,以及马老祖的钻研,人族想要突破这个桎梏,只有两种办法,其中一种办法,就是想办法修炼五行之外的属性。” „The attribute outside five phases?” 五行之外的属性?” Lu Kun listened with rapt attention. 陆坤不禁凝神听了起来。 World five phases is in the world the energy attribute of most foundation, in addition, various special variation attributes, Star Soul Clan cultivation soul attribute, Blood Shadow Clan blood relations, Demon Clan demon attribute wait/etc.” “天地五行是天地间最基础的能量属性,除此之外,还有各种特殊的异种属性,星魂族修炼的魂属性,血影族的血属性,还有魔族魔属性等等。” These energy attribute levels, are higher than world five phases , after only then five phases uniting as one , the pinnacle attribute, can in the same level with it contending.” “这些能量属性的层级,高于天地五行,也只有五行合一后产生的极致属性,才能在同层次与之抗衡。” Human Clan Void Refining Boundary, through five phases uniting as one , to promote a brand-new level own energy attribute, wants to continue to raise the energy level, must draw support from the variation attribute stimulation.” 人族炼虚之境,就是通过五行合一,将自身的能量属性提升一个崭新的层次,想要继续提升能量层级,就要借助异种属性的刺激。” The skinny old man, seemed giving the Lu Kun digestion information the time, after a while continues saying: 枯瘦老者顿了顿,仿佛在给陆坤消化信息的时间,过了一会才继续道: Star Soul Clan and Blood Shadow Clan calculate that the powerful race, may compare to differ with Demon Clan too, but demon attribute from some perspective, is the five phases attribute other aspect, as if one Yin one Yang.” 星魂族血影族都算强大的种族,可与魔族比起来相差太多,而魔属性从某种方面而言,是五行属性的另一面,就仿佛一阴一阳。” Therefore we want to start from Demon Clan cultivation method, if found to fuse demon attribute immortal cultivation cultivation method, should be able to make Human Clan Void Refining cultivation method go a step further.” “所以我们就想从魔族功法入手,如果找到融合魔属性修仙功法,应该能让人族炼虚功法更进一步。” Star Soul Clan soul attribute, Blood Shadow Clan blood relations, is the attribute outside five phases, but this two race neighbor Human Clan, is unable to catch the research secretly, Demon Clan that only then battles with us is most suitable.” 星魂族魂属性,血影族的血属性,也是五行之外的属性,不过这两个种族比邻人族,无法偷偷捕捉研究,只有与我们交战的魔族最适合。” Lu Kun looks concentrated, hears to be enthralled, Old Ancestor Mo as if separates to empty to him is transmitting the Human Clan older generation's exploration to the Void Refining path. 陆坤神情专注,听得十分入神,莫老祖似乎隔空向他传递着人族先辈对炼虚道路的探索。 After Spirit King Buddha successfully enters Soul Transformation Boundary, we know, fused the demon attribute path to succeed half, so long as he entered Void Refining, we can further infer.” “当灵王佛成功进入化神之境后,我们就知道,融合魔属性的道路已经成功了一半,只要等他进入炼虚,我们就可以进一步推导。” But who knew this time, the Demon Clan truce, Star Soul Clan started suddenly directly to my clan the war of extermination of the clan......” “可谁知这个时候,魔族忽然停战,星魂族直接发动了对我族的灭族之战……” Please remember this book first round domain name:. 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