BCA :: Volume #11

#1066: Demon Burdening Ring and Demon Restraining Great Formation (First Part)

The Monster Demon Island center is place surrounding area dozens li (0.5 km) small-scale mountain range, gathered thick spirit qi and monster qi, these two energies were divided into two regions mountain range, its, is the destination of people. 妖魔岛中央是座方圆数十里的小型山脉,汇聚了浓稠的灵气妖气,这两种能量将山脉分成了两块区域,其中间,就是众人的目的地。 Lu Kun and the others escape light fell on the spirit qi mountain range deep place, what stood and waited for a long time before them was piece of white restriction that went nonstop to the horizon, restriction spirit light gushed out from mountain range, with covering Monster Demon Island large-scale restriction was connected. 陆坤等人的遁光落在了灵气山脉深处,伫立在他们面前的是一片直通天际的白色禁制,禁制灵光山脉底部涌出,和笼罩妖魔岛的大型禁制相连。 These white restriction circle an oval-shape along monster spirit qi mountain range, like a canyon. 这些白色禁制沿着妖灵气山脉绕成一个椭圆形,像一个峡谷。 Solitary Dao True Person looks at this white restriction, divine consciousness passes the body, investigates its intensity, after the thinking moment, in the hand presented Ice Cloud Fan, vigorous magical power surges, together cold ice cloud fog band terrifying power and influence, forward hit in the past. 道一真人看着这道白色禁制,神识透体而出,探查其强度,思索片刻后,手中出现了冰云扇,浑厚的法力涌动,一道寒冰云雾带着恐怖的威势,向前撞击过去。 Bang......” “砰……” The inexplicable fluctuation gushes out together, the cold ice mist that this contains Heaven and Earth Origin Qi, dissolves rapidly, first is Heaven and Earth Origin Qi is defeated and dispersed, the strength of inside ice cloud, changed to pure spirit qi, dissipates to the air. 一道莫名的波动涌出,这道蕴含着天地元气的寒冰雾气,迅速溶解开来,先是天地元气溃散,紧接着里面的冰云之力,化作了精纯的灵气,消散到空气中。 The people see this, reveals the color of changing countenance, Solitary Dao True Person Nascent Soul late stage peak cultivation base, magical power is very vigorous, even this, has not shaken this restriction slightest, obviously its defensive power is astonishing. 众人见到这一幕,都露出动容之色,道一真人实打实的元婴后期巅峰修为,法力无比浑厚,就算这样,也没有撼动这个禁制分毫,可见其防御力惊人。 Lu Kun remembered initially only then Foundation Establishment Stage Tian Renjie, this fellow as if obtained Black Fiend Demon Soul some utensil, unexpectedly breaks open this restriction, finally makes Black Fiend Demon Soul escape, thinks somewhat to be inconceivable. 陆坤则想起了当初只有筑基期田仁杰,这家伙似乎得到了黑煞魔魂的某件器物,居然破开这道禁制,最后让黑煞魔魂逃出,想想都有些不可思议。 Chen Mingzhu opens the mouth saying: This restriction has rich monster qi and spirit qi nourishes, even Deity Transformation Stage cultivator, is hard to break open, but its characteristics and outside formation are similar, exhausted several form formation with Chen together, breaks through the formation by.” 陈明珠开口道:“这层禁制有浓郁妖气灵气滋养,就算是化神期修士,都难以破开,不过其特点和外面的法阵相似,劳烦几位和陈某一同结成法阵,以阵破阵。” During the speeches, he took out four restriction magic plate, above is densely covered the complex spirit mark, the middle is also mounting together Monster Demon Token. 说话间,他取出了四个禁制法盘,上面密布着复杂的灵纹,中间同样镶嵌着一块妖魔令 Lu Kun knits the brows: Lu's magical power is somewhat special, high-level magic plate is almost hard to stimulate to movement, perhaps does not have the means to stimulate to movement formation board.” 陆坤皱眉道:“陆某的法力有些特殊,高级的法盘几乎难以催动,恐怕没办法催动阵盘。” Chen Mingzhu stares: Pavilion Lord Lu divine ability...... good...... words such being the case......” 陈明珠一愣:“陆阁主神通……好吧……既然如此的话……” His facial expression somewhat seems to be depressed, the finger pinches rapidly, simultaneously in the eye is flashing a black white ray, is gazing at present white restriction, before long, he shows a smile reluctantly: Good restriction here, 300 years ago weakened much.” 他神情似乎有些苦闷,手指迅速掐动起来,同时眼中闪动着一黑一白的光芒,注视着眼前的白色禁制,不一会,他勉强露出一丝笑容道:“好在这里的禁制,比三百年前削弱了不少。” Three people of lineups are also feasible, but this restriction will not be eradicated directly, but was weakened most, needs Pavilion Lord Lu to stand in breaking through the formation the node, waits for the time to attack forcefully.” “三人布阵同样可行,不过这道禁制不会被直接破除,而是被削弱大半,需要陆阁主站在破阵节点上,等待时机强行攻击。” Lu Kun nods: This does not have the issue.” 陆坤点点头:“这没问题。” Afterward Chen Mingzhu to several people of main point that told this formation, Lu Kun is listening carefully, although he was skilled in Great Five Elements Technique, but this Dao of Formations was different, especially this involved Heaven and Earth Origin Qi formation. 随后陈明珠向几人讲述这个法阵的要点,陆坤仔细听着,虽然他精通大五行之术,但这阵法之道有所不同,尤其这等涉及到天地元气阵法 He only could hear this to borrow the strength of the world Five Elements, other mysteries on not very clear, actually nearby Solitary Dao True Person and Black Flame Dao Monarch nodded once for a while, a face had the color of bright becoming aware. 他只听得出此阵借用了天地五行之力,其他奥妙就不太清楚了,倒是一旁的道一真人黑炎道君时不时点头,一脸有所明悟之色。 Regarding Nascent Soul Stage cultivator, Dao of Formations can be said as the compulsory law, these two not only aptitude is extremely high, is a school of lord, naturally is also skilled in Dao of Formations. 对于元婴期修士而言,阵法之道可以说是必修之法,这两人不但资质极高,还是一派之主,自然也精通阵法之道 Passed half double-hour, they understand respective duty, four people have a triangle square formation. 过了半个时辰,他们都明白了各自的任务,四个人成一个三角形方阵。 Lu Kun situated in the center, is sticking to white restriction, but Solitary Dao True Person and Black Flame Dao Monarch from his ten zhang (3.33 m) away, situated in the left and right, stick to restriction respectively similarly, but Chen Mingzhu situated in three people behind, in the hand is actually Eight Trigrams (gossip) magic plate. 陆坤位于中央,紧贴着白色禁制,而道一真人黑炎道君距离他十来丈远,分别位于左右两侧,同样紧贴禁制,而陈明珠位于三人后方,手中却是一件八卦法盘 Other three people sat cross-legged to sit, calculated under the position, before magic plate laying aside body, portrays marks in all around, with the improvement of its formation, the mysterious fluctuation, to proliferated together in all directions. 其他三人盘膝而坐,计算了下方位,将法盘放置身前,在四周刻画着一道道阵纹,随着其法阵的完善,一道玄奥的波动,向四面八方扩散开来。 Four people of front white restriction, under the influence of this fluctuation, spirit light flash slightly. 四人前面的白色禁制,在这股波动的影响下,灵光微微闪动起来。 Thick thick spirit qi in mountain range, seemed attracted, starts to gather to come to here, the people were wrapped quickly by the spirit qi fog, imitates, if places the fairyland. 山脉中的浓稠灵气,仿佛受到了吸引,开始向这里汇聚而来,众人很快就被灵气云雾包裹起来,仿若身处仙境。 Pavilion Lord Lu, pays attention to dead ahead restriction, feeble is only the flash, prepares to attack at any time.” 陆阁主,注意正前方的禁制,衰弱只是一瞬间,随时准备攻击。” Lu Kun nods gently, looks with rapt attention to the front, in the eye is flashing light gold/metal, what a pity by his present Golden Eyes divine ability, is unable to completely understand that this carried Heaven and Earth Origin Qi terrifying restriction. 陆坤轻轻点头,凝神看向前方,眼中闪动着淡淡金芒,可惜以他现在的金目神通,无法看透这等携带天地元气的恐怖禁制 A little can believe firmly actually, spirit light on this restriction, gradually is weakening. 倒是有一点可以确信,这层禁制上的灵光,在逐渐减弱着。 Therefore he pinches the fist single-handed, the blood perfusion to muscles of right hand arm , the right arm starts to inflate, under several people of gazes, Lu Kun plans to hide some strengths, pretends to display the Long Armed Divine Ability appearance. 于是他单手捏拳,血液灌注到右手臂的肌肉中,右臂开始膨胀起来,在几人的注视下,陆坤还是打算隐藏一些实力,假装施展出通臂神通的模样。 Over time, that mysterious fluctuation is getting more and more rich, the front white restriction ray is even more dim, as if inside spirit power took away generally. 随着时间的流逝,那股玄奥的波动越来越浓郁,前方白色禁制的光芒越发黯淡,仿佛里面的灵力被抽掉了一般。 Pavilion Lord Lu, preparation!” 陆阁主,准备!” Heard the Chen Mingzhu sound, the Lu Kun vision concentrates, was ready, he even can penetrate the dim restriction light screen, saw following rich incomparable demon qi. 听到陈明珠的声音,陆坤目光一凝,做好了准备,他甚至能透过黯淡的禁制光幕,看到后面浓郁无比的魔气 Begins!” “动手!” Lu Kun responded is extremely quick, the right fist has condensed a light halo, surroundings spirit qi was exceptionally abundant, implication Heaven and Earth Origin Qi was also very rich, he made Interception Fist with ease, rumbled directly. 陆坤反应极快,右拳已然凝聚出了一层淡淡的光晕,周围灵气异常充沛,蕴含的天地元气也十分浓郁,他轻松打出了一记截拳,直接轰了上去。 “Boom!” “轰!” The terrifying air wave seethes fiercely, this dim restriction spirit light, breaks like the mirror, the Lu Kun body also staggered, in his eye flashes through a being astonished color, has not thought that this restriction, has the strength of rebound. 恐怖的气浪剧烈翻腾起来,这层黯淡的禁制灵光,如同镜子般破碎开来,陆坤身子也踉跄了下,他眼中闪过一丝讶色,没想到这道禁制,拥有反弹之力。 But in this moment, the Lu Kun complexion fiercely changes. 可就在这一刻,陆坤的脸色猛地一变。 „It is not right, the strength of surrounding formation.” “不对,周围的法阵之力。” He felt suddenly the mysterious fluctuation that Chen Mingzhu several people control, covers fiercely to him, these are carrying Heaven and Earth Origin Qi restriction strength, as if shackles, are layer upon layer in-situ its imprisonment. 他忽然感觉到陈明珠几人操控的玄奥波动,猛地向他笼罩过来,这些携带着天地元气禁制之力,仿佛一层层枷锁,将其禁锢在原地。 Meanwhile, in that shatter white restriction, fiercely shoots, but together quiet purple-colored light shadow. 与此同时,那破碎的白色禁制中,激射而出一道幽紫色的光影。 Lu Kun simply has not expected, after this Monster Demon Island restriction, will present the magic treasure attack, restriction strength of whole body, does not know that is what divine ability, by its 1 million jin (0.5 kg) power of fleshly body, is unable to work loose at once. 陆坤根本没有料到,在这妖魔岛禁制后,会出现法宝攻击,周身的禁制之力,不知道是什么神通,以其一百万斤的肉身之力,一时之间无法挣脱。 That say/way quiet purple-colored shadow, is magic treasure of jade ring appearance, it has not attacked Lu Kun fleshly body, but is float in its top of the head, the jade ring center emerged out of thin air one group of purple black liquids, is lending the pure incomparable demon power aura, meanwhile follows Brutal Thought. 那道幽紫色的影子,是一个玉环模样的法宝,它并没有攻击陆坤肉身,而是悬浮在其头顶,玉环中央凭空出现了一团紫黑色的液体,散发着精纯无比的魔力气息,同时还伴随着一股残暴意念 True Demon Water? It is not right, is a little different.” 真魔之水?不对,有点不同。” The Lu Kun entire body, directly by this doubtful True Demon Water liquid pouring, these liquids was been viscous, spirituality is full, wants to drill into its within the body. 陆坤的整个身躯,直接被这个疑似真魔之水的液体浇上,这些液体粘稠无比,又灵性十足,想要钻入其体内。 Although Lu Kun is unable to move, but is how accurate to the control of fleshly body, pore completely closed, muscles all ties tight, prevents these strange True Demon Water outside. 陆坤虽然无法动弹,但对肉身的操控何其精准,毛孔全部闭合,肌肉全都紧绷起来,将这些古怪的真魔水阻挡在外。 However that turbulent True Demon Intent is actually not able to isolate, the cruel thought that wells up to within the body, but in this jade ring magic treasure gushes out six black halo, has a vigorous halo, as if the rope, ties up the Lu Kun both arms both legs. 不过那汹涌的真魔之意却无法隔离,残暴至极的意念,向体内涌去,而这个玉环法宝中紧接着涌出六道黑色光环,带着一层浑厚的光晕,仿佛绳索般,将陆坤的双臂双腿捆住。 This time Lu Kun, turned into the purple black form that was fettered, is lending the rich demon power aura. 这时候的陆坤,变成了一个被束缚住的紫黑色身影,散发着浓郁至极的魔力气息。 White restriction that surroundings these break, as if discovered anything, exudes an angry howling sound, milky white restriction strength, well up one after another to Lu Kun, the strength of formation melts with Chen Mingzhu and the others for a body. 周围那些破碎掉的白色禁制,似乎发现了什么,发出一声愤怒的呼啸声,一道道乳白色禁制之力,接连向陆坤涌来,和陈明珠等人的法阵之力融为了一体。 Was bigger than on several times the strength of imprisonment before, affected on the body of Lu Kun, the rock of his under foot in this terrifying prestige can, loudly blasting open. 一股比之前大上数倍的禁锢之力,作用在陆坤的身上,其脚下的山石在这股恐怖的威能下,轰然炸裂。 A white spirit light ball, float in midair, Lu Kun that purple black form situated, cannot move, surrounding rich spirit qi, comes to here gathering crazily, monster qi of distant place, as if has induced, changes to together yellow cloud Qi, flies to shoot. 一个白色灵光球,悬浮在半空中,陆坤那紫黑色的身影位于其中,动弹不得,周围的浓郁灵气,疯狂向此处汇聚而来,就连远处的妖气,都仿佛有所感应,化作一道黄色云气,飞射而来。 The Lu Kun body squeak squeak makes noise, he felt that inexhaustible Heaven and Earth Origin Qi, pressed to its body continuously, he was been as if common by the trim world suppression. 陆坤的身躯吱吱作响,他感到无穷无尽的天地元气,源源不断向其身躯压了下来,他仿佛被整片天地镇压一般。 muscles received the enormous oppression, sends out unique rays, entire fleshly body seems like a treasure, stands one's ground steadfastly. 一根根肌肉受到了极大的压迫,散发出一道道独特的光芒,整个肉身像是一件瑰宝,岿然不动。 At this time, in the rear demon qi fog, spread a voice of man suddenly. 这时候,后方的魔气云雾中,忽然传出一名男子的声音。 Worthily is Lord of the Body Refining Pavilion, this fleshly body powerful degree, even is more terrifying than Ancient Demon Clan, if not this sect the Demon Restraining Great Formation coordination of Demon Burdening Ring and Monster Demon Island, perhaps was unable to fetter your excellency.” “不愧是炼体阁之主,这肉身的强悍程度,甚至比上古魔族还要恐怖,如果不是本宗坠魔环妖魔岛锢魔大阵配合,恐怕还无法束缚住阁下。” If personally does not see, Xue is unable to believe, this world also has so mysterious Body Refining cultivation technique unexpectedly.” “如果不是亲眼所见,薛某无法相信,这世间居然还有如此神奇的炼体功法。” During speeches, a middle-aged man who wears purple-colored magical robe, came from demon qi after white restriction, its demon power aura is deep, unexpectedly is demon cultivator of great cultivator rank. 说话间,一名身穿紫色法袍的中年男子,从白色禁制后的魔气中现身,其魔力气息深厚无比,竟是大修士级别的魔修 But in its side, a hair half white, wears the cyan-colored magical robe old man, outside this human body has a thick magical power guard/shield, is isolating demon qi, the imposing manner is not weak in the middle-aged man, unexpectedly is also a Nascent Soul late stage powerhouse...... 而在其身边,还有一名头发半白,身穿青色法袍的老者,此人体外有着一层厚实的法力护罩,隔绝着魔气,气势不弱于中年男子,居然也是一名元婴后期强者……
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