BF :: Volume #8

#331: Refining up the sword

This falls in Old Wang, must know that now the earthman in the god territory, gathers these except for the heavenly treasure street, other completely are scattered about, by such condition in a state of disunity, wish makes the earthman rapidly rise is too difficult. Including Mu Zi and Aiolos, thinks that previous Grai from the boundary the price that comes up to pay, actually merely to see one side Wang Zhong, spoke freely about an evening with Wang Zhong...... But had this, these issues can directly be solved, ghostdom plan that especially related Grai previous and spoke, if they succeeded, later need made some coordination in the boundary, that had such immediate communication to really be too important. 这又是落在老王手里,要知道现在地球人在神域,除了天宝街聚集起来那些,其他完全是七零八落,靠这样一盘散沙的状态,想要让地球人迅速崛起实在太难。包括木子艾俄洛斯,想想上次格莱从地界上来所付出的代价,却仅仅只是为了见王重一面,和王重畅谈一晚……而有了这个,这些问题就都可以直接解决,特别是有关格莱上次和自己说到的冥界计划,如果他们成功,以后需要自己在地界做一些配合,那有这么个即时的通讯器可就真是太重要了。 The only shortcoming is consumes the spirit strength to be too many, almost attracted itself the adult to do a moment ago reluctantly starts, moreover these spirit strength also merely only suffice to maintain about one minute communication, removes to look for the person, connection again wait/etc., can leave you saying that the times of two words are quite not easy. 唯一的缺点就是消耗灵力太多,刚才差点把自己吸成人干才只是勉强启动,而且那些灵力也就仅仅只够维持一分钟左右的通讯,其中再刨除掉找人、连接等等,能留给你说两句话的功夫就已经是相当不容易了。 Old Wang has after all made the accurate determination, in looks at carefully to begin the bronze mirror, in fact wants to use at heart very much again twice, wants to give a try to look for Mu Zi, wants to give a try can cover entire Dimension, perhaps such can also relate on Earth and relation Scarlet...... But after whole body that spirit strength dried up the labor pain numb and aching feeling to make Old Wang cancel this thought. 老王终归还是做出了准确的判定,端详着手里的铜镜,心里其实很想再用两次,想试试看找一下木子,想试试看是不是真的能覆盖全维度,那样说不定还可以联系上地球、联系上斯嘉丽……可全身那灵力枯竭后的阵痛酸麻感还是让老王打消了这个念头。 The grade of this communication Buddhist musical instrument should four, oneself present use was too reluctant, looked up Fate Stone, perhaps this bronze mirror can only use here, might directly be attracted a dry corpse outside. 这通讯法器的品级应该是在四品,自己现在使用太勉强了,抬头看了看命运石,这铜镜恐怕只能在这里使用,在外面真有可能被直接吸成个干尸。 Can wait to be progressive, if can surmount the Void Core condensation to the Mid Phase even Void Core Peak condition, at that time used to be more relaxed again, the communication time can also be longer. 可以等自己再进步一些,如果能将虚丹凝聚跨越到中期甚至虚丹巅峰状态,那时候再来使用应该就会轻松很多,通讯时间也能更长。 First as soon as possible promotes oneself strength is basic. 还是先尽快提升自己实力才是根本。 Old Wang received the bronze mirror, as for that soul streamer and ancient seal, the idea of then directly continually trying does not have, the weakest bronze mirror almost attracted itself the dry corpse, must go to control that difference really forcefully, only feared oneself were really dies does not know how dead. 老王将铜镜收了起来,至于那阴魂幡和古印,则是直接连试试的想法都没有,最弱的铜镜都差点把自己吸成了干尸,真要去强行操控那两样,只怕自己才真是连死都不知道是怎么死掉。 .................. ……………… Returns to Tianmen 2-3 days, before after using the bronze mirror, the repercussions that the spirit strength dried up may be really fearful, was different from the ordinary normal consumption, that type will force to derive the certain extent will damage the Void Core source, Old Wang also restored for 2-3 days, addition pill, when the bean same ate, day and night controlled one's breathing. 回到天门才两三天,之前使用铜镜后,灵力枯竭的后遗症可着实可怕,不同于普通的正常消耗,那种强制汲取是会一定程度损伤虚丹本源的,老王也是足足恢复了两三天,补元丹当豆子一样吃,日夜调息。 Wei there has not passed temporarily, but refine the pill of immortality hall made the person send a letter actually first. 拉薇尔那里暂时还没有过去,不过炼丹堂倒是让人先送来了一封信件。 Refine the pill of immortality hall duty: Collects six product Suhun pill material certain, material name as follows......’ ‘炼丹堂任务:收集六品塑魂丹材料若干,材料名称如下……’ Completes has 50 integral rewards. 完成即有50积分奖励。 The first pill Hall duty that after this is enters refine the pill of immortality hall, receives, integral thing no doubt is the the more the better, more importantly, Old Wang smelled new formula flavor/smell. 这还是进入炼丹堂后接到的第一个丹堂任务,积分这东西固然是多多益善,更重要的,老王已经嗅到‘新配方’的味道了。 Models soul pill, sounds to be related with Soul, actually does not know that is used to treat other Soul injury use. But what without a doubt is, dares to press down six product pill reputation, that inevitably is the good thing. 塑魂丹,听起来和灵魂有关,却不知是用来治疗灵魂伤势还是别的用途。但毫无疑问的是,敢按上六品丹的名头,那就必然是好东西。 In addition, the messenger sends also the thick packages, Old Wang still in looking at that long string material name in duty list, Jonas pushed the door to enter, saw the package on table full of enthusiasm must disassemble. 除此之外,信使送来的还有一份厚厚的包裹,老王还在看任务单上的那一长串材料名字呢,乔纳斯就推门而入了,看到桌子上的包裹兴致勃勃的就要拆开。 Opens looks, inside is five volume of thick books «pill Says the Crossing the threshold» 15 book unexpectedly. 打开一瞧,里面居然是五册厚厚的书籍《丹道入门》@15册。 Simultaneously Old Wang also sees end of the duty list enclosed a few words: Presents Master Ming, presents as a gift Wang Zhong pill saying that crosses the threshold five volumes, looks at assiduous it, not defeated/carrying Master En.’ The inscription unexpectedly is face|color Moyu. 同时老王也看到任务单末尾附上的一段话:‘奉师命,赠王重丹道入门五卷,望勤勉之,勿负师恩。’落款竟然是颜陌玉。 Face and face|color Moyu?” Jonas has opened the mouth, stared in a big way the eye, stubbornly was staring at that inscription: Which face Mo jade?! Refine the pill of immortality hall that?!” “颜、颜陌玉?”乔纳斯张大了嘴巴,瞪大了眼睛,死死的盯着那个落款:“哪个颜陌玉?!炼丹堂那个?!” Old Wang person who knows in Tianmen are not really many, but face|color Moyu actually absolutely is one of them, does not have the means that is too famous! 老王在天门里知道的人真不多,可颜陌玉却绝对是其中之一,没办法,太有名! He is big Senior Brother of current refine the pill of immortality hall, the monster clan, is Elder Yi Mo in Tianmen few passes on one of the disciples, by in the status of Tianmen, probably and draws Wei Senior Sister quite, is in this Milky Way tide list one of the call highest several. Naturally, if so, face|color Moyu is also insufficient famously to this situation merely, the key is others people, if, in so-called Mo person such as jade and young master world unparalleled, the men of monster clan were very delicate and pretty, face|color Moyu is in the eminent, initially face|color Moyu before the fontanel, had the name of boundary first handsome man. 他是现任炼丹堂的大师兄,妖族,也是一莫长老在天门中为数极少的亲传弟子之一,论在天门的地位,大概和拉薇尔师姐相当,也是这次天河潮汐名单上呼声最高的几位之一。当然,如果仅仅只是如此,颜陌玉还不至于有名到这种地步,关键是人家人如其名,所谓陌上人如玉、公子世无双,妖族的男子本就十分俊美,颜陌玉更是个中翘楚,当初颜陌玉在进天门之前,就已经有地界第一美男子之称。 Also grows leads talent to be high, the darling and natural winner who ascending the sky said is this type. It is said was the man saw face|color Moyu, must not be oneself by his fan, being able not help wanted to flatter him, was not cruel enough to visit him to wrinkle the brow, surmounted the sex face value, even if the hearsay had the place of exaggeration, whom that really did not have. 长得帅还天赋高,上天的宠儿、天生赢家说的就是这种。据说就算是男人看到了颜陌玉,都会被他迷得神魂颠倒,情不自禁的想要讨好他,不忍心看他皱一下眉头,跨越性别的颜值,就算传闻有夸张之处,那也真是没谁了。 pill said that crosses the threshold five volumes, record is the refine the pill of immortality foundations, in the boundary is not considered as that the ancient book of any secret, although is also the books of Star Alliance control, but spreads widely in the upper formation, most refine the pill of immortality hall disciples only fear since childhood read skillfully. But does not have the ordinary disciple of background foundation regarding these, especially the novice, this set of books are actually quite precious. 丹道入门五卷,记载的都是炼丹基础,在地界并不算是什么隐秘的典籍,虽然也属于星盟管制的书籍,但在上层流传广泛,大多数炼丹堂门徒只怕从小就都已经读的滚瓜烂熟了。但对于那些没有背景根基的普通门徒,特别是新手而言,这套书籍却是相当珍贵。 Nearby Jonas also in excited chirp, this is one of the fontanel topest popularity Great God, even must be more famous than many directors and elders, taking advantage of the relations of Old Wang, Jonas such only feared that this whole life impossible and others have any occurring together. 旁边乔纳斯还在兴奋的叽叽喳喳,这可是天门最顶尖人气大神之一,甚至比很多督导、长老都还要更有名,要不是借着老王的关系,乔纳斯这样的只怕这辈子都不可能和人家有任何的交集。 Old Wang opens that pill saying that directly looked basically, is different in the imagination the new printed book, sees only this unexpectedly is one set of secondhand book, moreover has various types in the books densely and numerously highlighting that outlines, the key illustration and so on, these illustrations often are adding the finishing touch penetrating discussed that the handwriting quite puts in order, can be away from the paper to show delicate refined and calm atmosphere, actually and in hearsay refine the pill of immortality hall big Senior Brother face|color Moyu that mild-mannered and cultivated disposition quite. 老王直接翻开那丹道入门看了看,不同于想象中的新印本,只见这居然是一套旧书,而且在书籍上还有着各种密密麻麻的、勾画出来的圈圈点点,重点注解之类,这些注解每每都是画龙点睛的精辟之谈,字迹相当共整,能隔着纸张都透出一股清秀脱俗和沉稳大气,倒是和传闻中炼丹堂大师兄颜陌玉那温文尔雅的性格相当。 This is Mo jade Great God own handwriting! Absolutely is!” Jonas kills the pig same scream, eye a while dies the note that stares at to write books, a while transfers to stare at the inscription on letter paper...... This is Mo jade Great God genuine signature, Jonas now one type impulsion that snatched on running. “这是陌玉大神的亲笔!绝对是!”乔纳斯杀猪一样的尖叫,眼睛一会儿死盯着书上的笔记,一会儿又转过去盯着信笺上的落款……这可是陌玉大神的亲笔签名啊,乔纳斯现在都有一种抢了就跑的冲动。 Old Wang actually to pursuing star anything had not felt that face|color Moyu the given name early has hearing, in the heart definitely has a respect, but must say that is bad to Jonas such adoration, makes this pill who he is interested say the basic books itself very much. 老王倒是对追星没什么感觉,颜陌玉的大名早有耳闻,心中肯定是有一份敬仰的,但要说向乔纳斯那样崇拜还差得很远,更让他感兴趣的还是这丹道入门的书籍本身。 To the refine the pill of immortality already these Grandmaster characters who reaches highest knowledge truly, such five volumes of foundation books are the value are not obviously big, may to Old Wang that actually be as if one had found a treasure. After all he contacts the refine the pill of immortality the time is too short, although because of NiNi and reluctant to part help, in addition some talent, in this pill said that the basic earlier period walks exceptionally smoothly, but the foundations in various aspects are unreliable, will make some bewildered small mistakes frequently, fact that this actually has to acknowledge. Elder Yi Mo also saw this obviously, will make the foreign pocket lead five volume of pill who he once studied saying that delivers basically. 对炼丹已经真正登堂入室的那些大师人物来说,这样的五卷基础书籍显然是价值不大的,可对老王来说那却是如获至宝。毕竟他接触炼丹的时间还是太短,虽然因为妮妮和依依的帮助,再加上一些天赋,在这丹道入门的前期走得异常顺利,但各方面的基础都不牢固,甚至经常会犯一些莫名其妙的小错误,这却是不得不承认的事实。一莫长老显然也是看出了这点,才会让夷兜帥将他曾经学习的五册丹道入门送过来。 exist/existence like Elder Yi Mo, almost will usually not manage pill Hall business, previous time mentioned by name to make an exception to raise into refine the pill of immortality hall Wang Zhong personally, that in fact is the quite unprecedented matter, this time also specially made the person send the books unexpectedly, the Old Wang quiet innermost feelings has such one to be moved, said the fontanel to be heartless, but that was must look at various man-made. Oneself have no doubt run into Barlow, the fellows of careless Stee these a lot of dirty tricks in Tianmen, may also be able to run into Paoua, Shalisi, director Zager Simon and generations of Elder Yi Mo these intention charitable dispositions similarly, especially the director and elder, they are the props of fontanel, almost does not have what selfishness to the following disciple, in payout of keeping, regarding practicing expert of their such boundary, is willing own time flower in the guidance later generation, that to be possible really not to be coming to understand of common. 一莫长老这样的存在,平时几乎都不会管丹堂事务的,上次亲自点名将王重破格提入炼丹堂,那其实就已经是相当破天荒的事儿,这次竟然还专门让人送来书籍,老王平静的内心还是有那么一丝感动,都说天门无情,可那还是要看各人造化。自己在天门固然是遇到了巴洛、苟斯特那些一肚子坏水的家伙,可同样也能遇到帕瓦罗、莎莉丝特、扎格西蒙督导、一莫长老这些心怀善念之辈,特别是督导和长老,他们才是天门的支柱,对下面的门徒几乎没有什么私心,都是在不停的付出,对于修行到他们那样境界的强者来说,肯把自己的时间花在教导后辈上,那可真不是一般的觉悟。 Old Wang has sighed with emotion, received that books, takes that duty raw material for medicine detailed list conveniently time, one had actually been grasped by Jonas. 老王感慨了一番,将那书籍收了起来,顺手去拿那任务药材清单的时候,却被乔纳斯一把就抓了过去。 Boss!” Jonas is holding that detailed list stubbornly, is mainly holding in the above corner the signature inscription of face|color Moyu Great God: „Are we brothers? Is the brothers, this bill you gave me!” “老大!”乔纳斯死死的抱着那清单,主要是抱着上面角落里颜陌玉大神的签名落款:“咱俩是不是兄弟?是兄弟,这单子你就给我了!” ......... Old Wang a little does not know whether to laugh or cry: I must buy the duty material according to the bill, you give me first.” “………”老王有点哭笑不得:“我还要照着单子去买任务材料呢,你先给我。” Jonas refuses stubbornly to let go, like for fear that Wang Zhong after the past will not give him. 乔纳斯死不撒手,就像生怕王重拿过去之后就再也不会递给他了。 Not on a six product pill material? That calculates the trivial the matter! I buy for you!” Jonas is red the eye, waited for boast to say the eloquence to feel a little loves dearly, this was six pill materials, must collect one, he a half year of incidental expenses must build, therefore hurried to supplement one: „The Boss, I can only buy one for you, that material estimated that also assembles on common......” “不就一份儿六品丹的材料吗?那算屁大的事儿!我给你买!”乔纳斯红着眼睛,等大话说出了口才感觉有点心疼,这可是六品丹材料,真要凑齐一份儿,他半年的零花都得搭进去,于是赶紧又补充了一句:“不过老大,我只能给你买一份,还有,那材料估计也就一般凑合……” In this goods mouth common gathers together, that most is ensure the material did not have the necrosis. 这货口中的‘一般凑活’,那最多就是保证材料还没有坏死了。 Old Wang naturally is well aware, secret funny. 老王自然是心知肚明,暗暗好笑。 Ok.” Old Wang complies, while fishes out the 5000 Venus conveniently: Helps me buy one, your friend there substandard goods are in any case many, 5000 should suffice.” “行吧。”老王一边答应,一边顺手摸出五千金星:“多帮我买一份,反正你朋友那里次货多,五千应该够了。” Own present everywhere must spend money, can save saves, in any case Jonas is a wealthy and powerful family, several thousand Venus estimated that is also the standard of his spending money, waited later to have the opportunity his favor to be again good. 自己现在可是到处都要用钱,能节约就节约,反正乔纳斯是大户,几千金星估计也就是他零花钱的水准,等以后有机会再还他人情好了。 Settled with Jonas that this fellow this time has not cared about the losses of several thousand Venus unexpectedly slightly, instead in high spirits is holding that signature, looks like holds child runs speedily the wave. 和乔纳斯说定,这家伙这次居然丝毫没在意几千金星的损失,反而是兴冲冲的抱着那签名,就像是抱孩子似的一溜烟跑去浪了。 This face Mo jade is Senior Brother so popular? Can a signature value several thousand Venus? 这位颜陌玉师兄有这么受欢迎吗?一个签名就能值几千金星? Old Wang was also flexure scratching the head, indicated that was unreadable. 老王也是挠了挠头,表示难以理解。 Daily of fontanel is that relaxed leisure, so long as is not the fellow who these compel oneself self-torture, most people's fontanel life has is very much moistens very well. 天门的日常还是那么轻松闲暇,只要不是那些自己逼自己苦修的家伙,大多数人的天门生活过得都是很不错很滋润的。 Old Wang next day and draws Wei to make, before breaks through Void Core, went to the imaginary sea world to delay for one month, after coming back, tested to subpoena the spirit mirror to be restored several days by the suck dry spirit strength, should the continual forging preparation interrupt the quick two months, that side is already was impatient. 老王第二天和拉薇尔有约,之前突破虚丹,又去幻海世界就耽误了一个月,回来后实验传讯灵镜被吸干灵力又恢复了好几天,本该连续的锻造准备已经间断了快两个月,那边也是早就等不耐烦了。 Very early in the morning went to divine creative force star link, has Wei to issue his attached gate command, here non- opening to the outside world core region, now Old Wang actually momentarily round trip free. 一早就去了造物星环,有拉薇尔发给他的附属门令,这边并不对外开放的核心区域,现在老王倒是随时都来去自如。 Then less than two months...... Your strength promotion is quite quick.” Meets, Wang Zhong gave has drawn a Wei accident/surprise, stared at Old Wang to look at for quite a while, condensed Void Core, moreover like these common cultivators, Wang Zhong Void Core did not see the dim feeling, but quite stable congealing reality, drew Wei to fully realize he two months ago is Foundation Establishment, the light looks at his present Void Core words, absolutely thinks that this was one has congealed pill at least over ten years senior Void Core Expert. “这才不到两个月时间……你的力量提升好快。”一见面,王重就给了拉薇尔一个意外,盯着老王看了半天,已经凝聚了虚丹,而且不像那些一般的修行者,王重虚丹丝毫不见朦胧感,而是相当稳固凝实,要不是拉薇尔深知他两个月前还是个筑基,光看他现在的虚丹的话,都绝对会认为这是一个已经凝丹至少十年以上的资深虚丹强者了。 Even if draws Wei to be surprised, although already through the messenger knows that Wang Zhong condensed Void Core, but draws Wei not to think that was just promoted the Void Core little fellow, can go to such situation unexpectedly. How she has not closely examined Wang Zhong to progress is actually so quick, practices a way, most talents definitely have oneself spell of good or bad fortune and small secret, asked that the matter in others this aspect is the politeness is quite not quite weak the offensive behavior. 就算是拉薇尔都不得不惊讶,虽然早就通过信使知道王重已经凝聚了虚丹,但拉薇尔还是没想到一个刚刚晋级虚丹的小家伙,竟然就能达到这样的地步。她倒是没有追问王重如何进步这么快,修行一途,大多数天才们都肯定有着自己的际遇和小秘密,问别人这方面的事儿是相当不礼貌也相当幼稚唐突的行为。 Her slight bow: Good, it seems like these two months have not delayed white, your strength promotion, especially condensed Void Core, we can directly enter second stage now . Moreover the success ratio considerably increased compared with before.” 她微微点头:“不错,看来这两个月没有白耽误,你的力量提升,特别是已经凝聚虚丹,我们现在就可以直接进入第二阶段,而且成功率可是比之前大大增加了。” Didn't need Soul to match again?” The Soul match belongs to the rank 1 section in this forging planning, previous time walks, drew Wei to say at least must prepare for several months in the rank 1 section. “不用再灵魂匹配了吗?”灵魂匹配属于这次锻造计划中的第一阶段,上次走的时候,拉薇尔可说过至少还要在第一阶段准备好几个月。 „The Soul match only needed 2-3 times enough to allow us each other to understand.” Wei explained one freely spoken: Beforehand unceasing repetition, but to guide to promote your spirit strength as soon as possible......” 灵魂匹配只需要两三次就足够让我们彼此了解了。”拉薇尔顺口解释了一句:“之前的不断重复,只是为了尽快引导提升你的灵力……” She was saying at the same time, the wrist/skill turns, the silver steel ingot appeared in the hand together. 她一边说着,手腕一翻,一块银色的钢锭已经出现在手中。 This steel ingot looks like quite uncommon, obviously is only the dying thing, but the surface actually seems to be the ripple circulation, moreover does not have Rules, as if has consciousness Life common along with the nature. And above also has a Old Wang soul power wave band aura obviously, if uses NiNi, this is on Wang Zhong that nice-smelling smell. 这块钢锭看起来相当不凡,明明只是件死物,可表面却似有波纹流转,而且毫无规则,仿佛具有意识生命一般随性。且上面明显还带有一丝老王魂力波段气息,要是用妮妮的话来说,这就是王重身上那股好闻的‘气味’。 These days, draws Wei Senior Sister not to idle, before Old Wang, poured into the excessively spirit strength toward many materials, this soul steel was these material final end products. 这段时间,拉薇尔师姐可没闲着,老王之前也往许多材料中灌注过灵力了,这块魂钢就是那些材料最后的成品。 This has forged the good soul steel embryo, I build according to your change soul power wave band frequency, with beforehand is the same, pours into your thought Soul toward inside, carries on authenticates finally, is the conclusion of rank 1 section, in the meantime, I must understand your demand.” Wei said: This conclusion stage must spend least three days, for these days stayed here, must form a coherent whole, the midway cannot have the stop, you prepared to start directly.” “这是已经锻造好的魂钢胎,我按照你的变化型魂力波段频率来打造的,和之前一样,往里面灌注你的意念灵魂,进行最后认证,算是第一阶段的收尾,同时,我也要了解你的诉求。”拉薇尔说道:“这收尾阶段要花最少三天,这几天就呆在我这里吧,必须一气呵成,中途不能有停顿,你准备好了就可以直接开始。” Had the past Soul match and having a frank and sincere talk, Old Wang also gradually clearly draws Wei to seek own reason. Initially also thinks that is the space falls meat pie, huge small advantage, but in fact is not. 有前一段时间的灵魂匹配、开诚布公,老王也是渐渐明白拉薇尔找上自己的原因。当初还以为是天上掉馅饼,天大的便宜,但其实不是。 Four above higher Buddhist musical instruments have spirit consciousness, strong that forges the Grandmaster to be fabricated, makes depending on the hollow forging comes spirit, then does not have any request to the trustee, draws Wei after all is also not the true Grandmaster Level character, this time also attempts, soul power wave band that Wang Zhong can transform easily, that can make the Buddhist musical instrument of dying thing inborn have the considerable activeness and Life strength, again by drawing Wei will be guided, using method refinement like this spirit on to be much easier than the normal method. 四品以上的高等法器都是具有‘器灵意识’的,超强的那种锻造大师可以无中生有,凭空锻造出器灵来,那对委托人就没有任何要求,拉薇尔毕竟还不是真正的大师级人物,这次也是尝试,王重可以轻易变换的魂力波段,那就能让原本只是死物的法器天生具有相当的活性和生命力,再由拉薇尔来引导,用这样的方法炼制器灵就会比正常方法要容易得多。 But the failure probability of this means is also very high, but exist/existence refines the spirit possibility theoretically, in other words is very possible two people to be busy at work for several months, finally does not have to attain, seems like is draws Wei to waste money expends effort to help the Wang Zhong refiner free of charge, finally very much possibly greatly is Wang Zhong is actually taking the trouble free help/gang with every effort to draw Wei to work free...... This business you cannot take seriously, who is also does who knew. 只不过这种办法的失败几率也很高,只是理论上存在炼制出器灵的可能,也就是说很可能两人忙活几个月,最后却毫无所获,看似是拉薇尔耗财耗力无偿帮王重炼器,结果却很大可能是王重在费心尽力的无偿帮拉薇尔免费打工……这种生意你就不能当真,也是谁做谁知道了。
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