BF :: Volume #8

#33: Black crag energy cavern

The center of Northern Region general headquarters. 北区总指挥部的中心。 Initially when landing operation positive exchanging fire to thunder sacred Teacher was also only the small matter, but tore a Level 3 civilization the world will, letting the army must enter, energy that this consumed may absolutely unable to treat lightly, therefore after the landing operation ended, thunder sacred Teacher entered contemplates, cannot disturb easily. 当初登陆战时的正面交火对雷神圣导师来说还只是小事儿,但撕裂一个三级文明的世界意志,让大军得已进入,这所消耗的能量可就绝对不能等闲视之了,因此在登陆战结束后,雷神圣导师就已经进入冥想中了,轻易不能打扰。 This over half a month various partial strategic plans are completed by the 16 big Teacher cooperation based on division of labor of subordinate, big Teacher have become these days busiest person. 这大半个月来的各种局部战略部署都是由下属的16位大导师分工协作来完成的,大导师们也成了这段时间最忙碌的人。 The travel regimental head quarter of control center, Sophia is the minister of travel regimental head quarter, has the brigade duty of component to review through her hand, can issue, these days work load is also astonishing, Scarlet besides occasionally can go to Vagrant Brigade and Wang Zhong gathers, other time also accompany side Teacher are processing some trivial work for her. 指挥中心的旅团部,索菲亚是旅团部的部长,大多数有分量的旅团任务都是通过她的手批阅,才能发布出去的,这段时间的工作量也是惊人,斯嘉丽除了偶尔能去流浪旅团王重聚聚之外,其他时间也是陪在导师身边替她处理着一些琐碎的工作。 Only then in this time and altitude, can understand that Teacher to her good, must have the contrast, knows that the reality the brutality, Scarlet more and more clear this point, having made her follow in the side issue duty, views various issues through the vision of policy-maker, she can learn the lots, actually how to revolve as a captain this holy war. 只有在这种时刻和高度,才能明白导师对她有多好,真的是要有对比,才知道现实的残酷,斯嘉丽已经越来越明白这一点,让她跟在身边发布任务,通过决策者的眼光去看待各种问题,她可以学到很多东西,作为一个指挥者究竟是如何运转这次圣战的。 The level of contact is different, the vision and thought completely are also different, Teacher to her pains, may not only in helping her promotes in the individual effort. 接触的层次不同,眼光和思维也完全不同,导师对她的一片苦心,可不仅仅只是在帮助她提升个人力量上。 The black crag energy cavern duty is she looks that Teacher issues personally, the richness of reward, is considered as in many duties on heavyweight, is thinking at that time also perhaps this duty will fall to the head of Ten Great brigade, has not thought that finally unexpectedly gives a Level 4 brigade, and accidental has Vagrant Brigade one. 黑岩能量洞穴的任务是她看着导师亲手发布出去的,报酬之丰厚,在诸多任务中都算得上重量级,当时还想着这任务说不定会落到十大旅团的头上,可没想到最后居然只是交给一个四级旅团,并且意外的有流浪旅团的一份。 This definitely possibly is not because the Vagrant Brigade strength emerges from numerous competitors, has ability also to have the reason to help Vagrant Brigade attain this opportunity, only then a person, this point, sent Oscar that Skylink comes to express a moment ago in high spirits. 这肯定不可能是因为流浪旅团的实力才从众多竞争者中脱颖而出,有能力也有理由帮流浪旅团拿到这个机会的,只有一个人,这一点,刚才兴冲冲发天讯过来的奥斯卡已经表达过了。 Thanks Teacher.” “谢谢导师。” Teacher that Scarlet looks at bustle about, not being able to bear said one heartfeltly, although in this peaceful command post present, only then their priest and disciple, but braved such many to appear suddenly some suddenly blackmails, but she had to speak out. 斯嘉丽看着正在忙碌的导师,忍不住还是由衷的说了一声,虽然在这安静的指挥室里现在只有她们师徒二人,但突然冒出来这么一句多少还是显得有些突讹,但她不吐不快。 How is raising sets pen to paper is thinking to reply a duty document Sophia, at this time had also been interrupted the mentality by her, the meaning of but not having blamed. 正提着笔在思索如何批复一个任务文件的索菲亚,此时也是被她打断了思路,但却并没有责怪的意思。 You.” Sophia has smiled, simply puts down the pen: Some small matters do not compare to care, when can you jump out the pattern of that small group to come?” “你呀。”索菲亚笑了起来,干脆放下笔:“些许小事儿不比在意,什么时候你才能跳出那小圈子的格局来?” Although is the blame, but the expression is not heavy, instead makes people feel that is bringing some warm feelings. 虽然是责备,但语气并不重,反而让人感觉带着些许暖意。 Scarlet happy smiling, her in fact does not have Teacher to expect that big ambition and desire, if must make her choose, she thought that stays in the pattern of this small group in fact is also good. 斯嘉丽开心的笑了笑,她其实并没有导师期望中那么大的野心和欲望,如果要让她来选择,她觉得就呆在这小圈子的格局中其实也蛮不错的。 „The accounts of five areas have been inconsistent, you supervised the assignment execution of commodity for these days,” Sophia had not said that but beckoned with the hand to her: Many focuses on this aspect, the perfect system also will have the flaw, discovers these flaws, do not take advantage of loopholes to the person.” “五区的账目一直都对不上号,你这几天就去监督一下物资的分配执行吧,”索菲亚并没有多说,只是冲她摆了摆手:“多把心思放在这方面,再完善的制度也会有破绽,找出这些破绽,不要给人钻了空子。” Yes.” Scarlet the clever nod, has saying that immediately this holy war made her the impression to Teacher completely change for the six months, will feel for former own being small-minded ashamed, matter that Teacher told, she fully will certainly complete, but somewhat was a pity that this time cannot they go to the duty with Wang Zhong probably together. “是。”斯嘉丽立刻乖巧的点头,不得不说这次圣战让她半年来对导师的印象彻底改变了,甚至会为以前自己的小肚鸡肠而感到羞愧,导师吩咐的事儿,她一定会全力去完成,只是有些可惜,这次大概是不能跟着王重他们一起去任务了。 Shortly after Scarlet just left, out of the door resounds knocking gently. 斯嘉丽才刚刚离开不久,门外响起一阵轻轻的叩响。 Comes.” “进来。” The door was shoved open, carried the Greatsword man to walk respectfully: Master.” 房门被推开,一个身背大剑的男子恭恭敬敬的走了进来:“师傅。” Paukkaung, Sophia big disciple, is Scarlet big Senior Brother, the Holy Land brigade ranks tenth hanging upside down brigade Group Head, absolutely is the real power faction character. 博康,索菲亚的大弟子,也是斯嘉丽的大师兄,圣地旅团排名第十的倒吊者旅团团长,绝对是实力派人物。 Recent end of mission is good, this holy war to you and brigade is an opportunity, must hold.” “最近的任务完成度不错,这次圣战对你和旅团都是一次机会,一定要抓住了。” Please feel relieved that the disciple will certainly not disappoint your expectation, this holy war is promoted Heavenly Soul surely!” “请您放心,弟子一定不会辜负您的期望,这次圣战必定晋级天魂!” Sophia nods, on the face is still meticulous, the war is very smooth, but this type smooth a little crossed, Holy Land has appraised Misso proclamation compared with the world, does not have is so weak. 索菲亚点点头,脸上依然是一丝不苟,战局很顺利,可是这种顺利有点过了,圣地评估过米索布达比世界,没这么弱。 Master, is the black crag duty a little issue?” Paukkaung stands in the one side respectfully: First several mining area duties had many uncertainties, Misso proclamation should have a vigilance compared with the person, in fact can make my brigade get rid.” “师傅,黑岩任务是不是有点问题?”博康恭敬的站在一旁:“前几个矿区任务已经出现了诸多变数,米索布达比人应该会有所警觉,其实可以让我的旅团出手。” These explore the way.” Sophia has broken him directly, looked at a Kangbo, remembers, this holy war short time will not end, therefore opportunity some are.” “那些只是探路的。”索菲亚直接打断了他,看了一眼康博,“记住,这次圣战不会短时间结束,所以机会有的是。” Kangbo nods, no doubt thinks of the task difficulty, in fact also wants to fish one, attack this mining area has really gained, except for can complete the task, but can also fish many soul crystals, although this gadget has not known the usage, but implication energy, definitely will have the extremely high value after the war. 康博点点头,固然是想到任务难度,其实也是想捞一笔,攻击这种矿区实在太赚了,除了能完成任务,还可以捞不少的魂晶,这玩意虽然还不知道用法,但其中蕴含的能量,在战争之后绝对会有极高的价值。 The news that moreover one side, Oscar has let soon suppress sickness Vagrant Brigade to rouse maliciously. 另外一边,奥斯卡带回来的消息让已经快要憋出病的流浪旅团是狠狠的振奋了一把。 Black crag energy cavern! Renewed this energy cavern detection position after the day before yesterday Skylink map, this place became the focal point that entire travel regimental head quarter many brigades discussed. 黑岩能量洞穴啊!从前天天讯地图上更新了这个能量洞穴的侦查位置后,这地方就已经成为了整个旅团部诸多旅团议论的焦点。 Leaves the duty is the affirmation, as long as is the duty of energy mining area, full brigade everybody who before that several gaining saw, is jealous to give off heat peak, in the recent a series of duties, has not gained compared with the mining area duty! 出任务是肯定的,而但凡是能量矿区的任务,之前那几只赚的盆满钵满的旅团大家都看到了,眼红发热到极致,在最近的一系列任务中,就没有比矿区任务更赚的! Many brigades in secret were competing over the two days, want to fight , the small eye also sourly despised one that night, has a dream in any case continually has not thought such cushy job will fall to the head of Vagrant Brigade, has not thought that his mother space has the meat pie, happen to pound the matter on own head. 许多旅团这两天都在暗中较着劲,想要争抢,小眼睛那天晚上还酸溜溜的鄙视了一通,反正是连做梦都没想过这样的肥差会落到流浪旅团的头上,可没想到啊,这他妈天上真有掉馅饼、正好砸在自己脑袋上的事儿。 Did the heaven enlarge ones vision this is? dgb! 老天开眼了吗这是?dgb! The eye that small eye solid roar, two getting angry makes people feel that she wished one could to stand outside the black ore area simply now. 小眼睛结结实实的吼了一声,两只冒火的眼睛让人感觉她简直恨不得现在就已经站在黑岩矿区外面了。 This is Kevin Rand Group Head, this is vice- Group Head,” Oscar was introducing to everybody warmly, two brigades cooperated, among the members knew mutually first was inevitable, but he has not thought that side vice- Group Head came unexpectedly personally. “这为是凯文兰特团长,这位是奥沙副团长,”奥斯卡热情的给大家介绍着,两个旅团合作,成员间相互先认识一下是必然的,只是他没想到那边正副团长居然亲自过来。 He gives the two to introduce the member in brigade at the same time, Kevin Rand's look is somewhat arrogant, listens to a personal name is only light under 0.1. 他一边给那两人介绍着旅团中的成员,凯文兰特的神色有些倨傲,听个人名只是淡淡的0.1下头。.. Today this comes specially is proposes. 今天这趟专程过来是奥沙提议的。 This bread pounded, can listen to a sound is not? Was only a pity the time has not seen Exceed Grade newbie Scarlet in legend, even listened to the Oscar meaning, Scarlet seemingly will not participate in this duty to move. 这面包都砸出去了,总得听个响不是?只可惜过来的时候并没有见到传说中的超级新人斯嘉丽,甚至听奥斯卡刚才的意思,斯嘉丽貌似不会参加这次任务行动。 This lets Kevin Rand's suitable not being feeling well, is thinking, if can put on a friendship with Scarlet, although is not necessarily able some major functions, may finally also be the comfort prize, this is also proposed the key point of greeting was. 这让凯文兰特相当的不爽,原本想着如果能和斯嘉丽套上一点交情,虽然未必会有多大作用,可总算也是个安慰奖,这也是奥沙提议过来打个招呼的重点所在。 Has not thought that unexpectedly has not seen person, moreover others have not participated in the duty. 可没想到居然没见到人,而且人家还不参加任务。 This his mother makes Kevin Rand have the feeling that a money of throwing threw away carelessly directly, damn the end anything obnoxious airs, the good and evil is also our kd brigade brings your chartered car, to lead you to fly, did not go to the duty together, unexpectedly did not come out saying that several fine words, was supercilious simply. 这他妈直接就让凯文兰特有一种扔的钱打了水漂的感觉,他妈的端什么臭架子,好歹也是咱们kd旅团带你们包车、带你们飞,不一起去任务也就算了,居然也不出来说几句漂亮话,简直就是目中无人。 Looked down upon Vagrant Brigade this group of people, is thinking, was also worse to the sense of this group of people. But is Group Head of big brigade, this demeanor maintains, will bear temper and other Oscar to roll nine people to introduce, Kevin Rand lightly has indicated another purpose in coming: „The content of this duty you think that also knew, many I did not say that also did not count on that your Vagrant Brigade top for us in the forefront, I have a request, do not fall behind well.” 原本就看不起流浪旅团这帮人,这么想着,对这帮人的感官也就更差了。但到底是大旅团的团长,这点风度还是保持的,耐着性子等奥斯卡将全团九个人都介绍了一遍,凯文兰特才淡淡的表明了另一层来意:“这次任务的内容你们想必也已经知道了,多的我就不说了,也不指望你们流浪旅团替咱们顶在最前面,我只有一个要求,不要掉队就好。” the strength of kd brigade is not weak, Oscar is very clear, this duty, the kd brigade is the absolute main force, Vagrant Brigade is not worthwhile with the person strives for merit to snatch the work, the cake is very big, to present Vagrant Brigade, can digest the small part to be good. kd旅团的实力不弱,奥斯卡很清楚,这次任务,kd旅团才是绝对的主力,流浪旅团犯不着和人争功抢劳,蛋糕很大,对现在的流浪旅团来说,能消化小部分就不错了。 Does not make Vagrant Brigade go against in the forefront, although will attenuate the final merit assignment, but actually can also maximum limit safeguard the securities of other brigade members, this point in fact is both sides is glad to see. 不让流浪旅团顶在最前面,虽然会弱化最后的功劳分配,但却也能最大限度的保障旅团其他成员的安全性,这一点其实是双方都乐意看到的。 He nodded, side Wang Zhong asked: What Kevin does Group Head have to plan to this duty?” 他点了点头,旁边王重则是问道:“凯文团长对这次任务有什么计划吗?” Plan?” Kevin Rand has gawked staring, this gadget has not thought. “计划?”凯文兰特愣了愣,这玩意还真没想过。 Opposite party not on hundred people of squads? Attacks the mining area, dá dá dá clashes, killing off and dá dá dá of dá dá dá exploded cavern to clash again, then fished the equipment, to fish the spoils of war to leave natural, front several groups of brigades did, was smooth, wanted a nonsense to plan. 对方不就一个百人小队吗?突袭矿区而已,哒哒哒的冲进去、哒哒哒的杀光、哒哒哒的再炸了洞穴冲出来,然后捞装备、捞战利品潇洒走人,前面几拨旅团就是这么干的,顺利得很,要个狗屁计划。 Naturally, this words cannot say directly, appears very inferior. 当然,这种话是不能直接说出来的,会显得很次。 „Do you have?” Kevin Rand despised looked at his one eyes, did Level 3 brigade also students speak the plan? “你有?”凯文兰特轻蔑了看了他一眼,一个三级旅团也学人讲计划? Wang Zhong smiled, opens one to prepare the good map, formerly Oscar informed everybody time, he has downloaded from Skylink from the headquarters until the map of black crag energy cavern range, before waits for Oscar they to come time, Wang Zhong already and seals to discuss one round, these two absolutely are the top heads, preliminary plan architecture had actually. 王重笑了笑,翻开一副准备好的地图,先前奥斯卡通知大家的时候,他就已经从天讯上下载了从指挥部直到黑岩能量洞穴范围的地图了,之前等奥斯卡他们过来的时候,王重就已经和封商讨过一轮,这两个都绝对是顶尖的脑袋,初步的计划构架倒是已经有了。 „The energy mining area is Misso proclamation is at compared with the resources of person, is they hits the safeguard of protracted war, regarding as important is inevitable. Before the successes of several mining area duties also it can be said that hit opposite party one to be caught off guard, but the news travels now, the opposite party was impossible not to respond that increased the defense of nearby mining area to have the possibility very much, I thought we cannot with beforehand took the successful basis smoothly, but must attach great importance.” 能量矿区是米索布达比人的资源所在,也是他们打持久战的保障,看重是必然的。之前几个矿区任务的成功还可以说是打了对方一个措手不及,但现在消息传开,对方不可能对此一直毫无反应,加大附近矿区的防守是很有可能的,我觉得我们绝不能用之前的顺利来作为成功的依据,而必须重视。” We, if direct frontage breaks through, is not only easy to fall into does not have the escape route passively, and has in the possibility very much the ambush of opposite party, I thought that can detour.” Wang Zhong is pointing on the map the black crag energy cavern rear area: We can choose from the rear area attack, this piece approaches the rear mountain valley is quite good hideaway point, moreover occupies a commanding position, circles the team here, not only can better carries on an earlier period to investigate, and enters to attack to draw back may remove.” “我们如果直接正面突破,非但容易陷入被动而没有退路,且很有可能中对方的埋伏,我觉得可以绕行。”王重指着地图上黑岩能量洞穴的后方:“我们可以选择从后方出击,这片靠近后方的山地地形是相当不错的隐藏点,而且居高临下,将团队绕到这边,非但可以更好的进行一个前期侦查,且进可攻退可撤。” Said simply, this two sides are the steep mountain cliff mountain, Misso proclamation compared with the world now are the thorough airspace reservations, in the upper air belt will survey to have the thunder, the military headquarters will not provide the airship to us, will not have the airship, you think that you will be Heavenly Soul expert can fly?” Vice- Group Head disdains to say. “说得简单,这两边都是陡崖高山,米索布达比世界现在是彻底的禁飞区,高空带中探测出有雷兽,军部是不会给咱们发放飞艇的,没有飞艇,你以为你是天魂高手可以飞上去?”奥沙副团长不屑道。 Can detour from a farther place,” Wang Zhong is pointing at another side of map: Although will step onto for several days, but I thought that from the angle of team security, this time fully is worth delaying, duty itself also non- time limit not.” “可以从更远的地方绕行,”王重指着地图的另一侧:“虽然会多走上好几天,但我觉得从为团队安全的角度出发,这点时间是完全值得耽误的,任务本身也不限时的不是吗。” Vice- Group Head as if also wants to say anything, side Kevin Rand has broken him. 奥沙副团长似乎还想说点什么,旁边凯文兰特已经打断了他。 Ok.” Kevin Rand looks down upon the Vagrant Brigade person, but does not represent him is completely does not have the fellow of brain, just the opposite, in considers in this point for the member, he also absolutely is competent Group Head, each fool can become Group Head of Level 4 brigade. “可以。”凯文兰特只是看不起流浪旅团的人,但并不代表他就是个完全无脑的家伙,恰恰相反,在为团员考虑这一点上,他也绝对是一个称职的团长,每一个傻子可以成为四级旅团的团长 Wang Zhong said not necessarily is unreasonable, how many day of roads circles, what fears? The correct opinion must admit, it seems like Vagrant Brigade has no merit to speak of but actually not completely. 王重所说的未必没有道理,多绕几天路而已,怕什么?正确的意见就要接纳,看来流浪旅团倒也不完全是一无是处嘛。 Everybody recuperation one in the evening, this preparation prepares, the words that the choice detours by far incessantly were 300 li (0.5km) road, especially detoured direction also one piece looks like the big swampy ground, it is estimated that the light was hurries along to require 45 days of time, everybody also took the military tent that has been able to receive to build, especially sufficient food and fresh water, had the space link in any case, had these things to be actually convenient. 大家休整了一晚上,该准备的准备好,选择绕行的话就远远不止是300里路了,特别是绕行方向还有一片看起来蛮大的沼泽地,估计光是赶路都要45天时间,大家也是带上了可以收搭的军用帐篷,特别是充足的食物和淡水,反正有空间手环,装这些东西倒是方便。 Next morning, first and kd brigade in the quarter master office convergence, according to the duty condition, two brigades received six groups of Torrea warhorses, two dud, as well as six groups of first-aid kit. 第二天一早出发,先和kd旅团在军需处汇合,按照任务条件,两个旅团领到了六组托雷亚战马,两颗‘克苏恩的臭弹’,以及六组急救箱 Torrea warhorse is the transportation main force in present armed forces, the military headquarters put the airship not to hate to use actually, in building the base these days, the headquarters surveyed to have the living creature body of humongous energy from Misso proclamation compared with the upper air of world , the strength presses up to Heavenly Soul, the individual individual even surmounts, moreover quantity many and distribution ranges are extremely broad, these flight living creature attach great importance to the domain, any will fly into the object to be attacked by Fatal, at present the strength was unable to waste on them. 托雷亚战马是现在军中的运输主力,倒不是军部放着飞艇舍不得用,在建立基地这段时间,指挥部已经从米索布达比世界的高空中探测到了拥有巨大能量生物体,实力直逼天魂,个别的个体甚至超越,而且数量繁多、分布范围极广,这些飞行生物对于地盘非常重视,任何飞入物体都会遭到致命打击,目前战力还不能浪费在它们身上。 Therefore in banning spatial situation, facing various Chongshan towering forests and steep terrains, Torrea warhorse is hurries along the best choice, the performance compares the clumsy machinery transportation to be much more outstanding by far, for the Holy city Armed forces this holy war have also prepared, follows the transportation ship of fleet to ship, the light is the warhorse has enough 50,000, Torrea world is specially for holy city training military Dimension Creature, that world is very fertile, the warhorse, the attacking a city giant, the void beast and so on formidable rearing in a pen Dimension Creature strengths, are one of the Holy Land important strategic resources bases. 因此在禁空的情况下,面对各种崇山峻林和陡峭地形,托雷亚战马就是赶路最好的选择,表现远远比笨拙的机械运输要优秀得多,圣城军为了这次圣战也是准备了许多,跟随舰队的运输艇运送过来的,光是战马都有足足50000匹,托雷亚世界是专为圣城培养军用维度生物的,那个世界无比肥沃,战马、攻城巨人、虚空兽等等强大的圈养型维度生物战力,属于圣地重要战略物资基地之一。 Enough two meters high horse body, the four limbs are vigorous and healthy, outside throws over makes contact with a light grass color to lock armor, looks like the suitable god is handsome, what is rarer is the horseshoe of their sole is extremely thick, is similar to the spring meat pad, when runs the speed is already fast, and is almost silent, moreover these military Torrea warhorses have undergone the special training obviously, will not send out easily any neighs, the vigilance, was rushed slightly almost to by this warhorse behind perhaps had not detected. 足足两米高的马身,四肢健壮修长,外面披搭上一层薄薄的草色锁甲,看起来相当神俊,更难得的是它们脚底的马掌极厚,如同弹簧肉垫般,奔跑时速度既快、且还几乎无声无息,而且这些军用托雷亚战马显然都接受过专门的训练,轻易不会发出任何嘶鸣,警觉稍微差一点的,被这战马冲到身后恐怕都还没有发觉。 The Vagrant Brigade gangs are the initial contact the high-end gadget in these holy cities, Shermie, small eye and the others are excited, that side the kd brigade is but actually good, said honestly that they are also first time contact the Torrea warhorse of genuine goods at reasonable prices, but the person can calm down, stands up from failure to start that manner suitable nature, like each one all day rides Torrea warhorse to go out does grocery shopping, appearance that already became accustomed. For other, our Level 4 brigade is not concerned about face, saw casually a thing boasts, others also think that your country bumpkin, this is the disparity. 流浪旅团一伙人都是初次接触到这些圣城里的高端玩意,夏尔米、小眼睛等人都是兴奋不已,kd旅团那边倒还好,坦白说,他们也是第一次接触到货真价实的托雷亚战马,可人就是能沉住气,翻身上马那神态相当自然,就像个个都是整天骑着托雷亚战马出门买菜,早就习以为常的样子。不为别的,咱四级旅团要脸,随便看到点东西就咋咋呼呼,人家还以为你乡巴佬呢,这就是差距啊。 ( Partners, are happy in the weekend!) (伙伴们,周末愉快!)
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