APS :: Volume #14

#1394: Cried to fall the ancestor witch( second)

Accompanied Chaos Perception Dragon to chat a while, Su Ping said goodbye to leave with it, perhaps was some intuition, Su Ping felt next time will meet when again, can be another scene. 陪着混沌谛龙兽畅聊了一会儿,苏平跟它道别离开了,也许是某种直觉,苏平觉得下次再相遇时,会是另一番光景。 Achieves the Ancestral God boundary, the premonition of Su Ping is not the pure misconception, this makes in the Su Ping heart somewhat accidental/surprised, but he knows, had a premonition is connected with the destiny, is unable to violate, he can only allow nature to take its course. 达到祖神境,苏平的预感并非单纯的错觉,这让苏平心中有些意外,但他知道,预感跟命运相连,是无法违背的,他只能顺其自然。 Just before leaving before, Su Ping carried off Chaos young beast. 临走前,苏平带走了混沌小兽 Su Ping brings Battle Pet of other customers with Ergou they, arrives at Divine World the places of some side desolate, exercises their at the same time, Su Ping also searches high and low Divine Beast of a state of mind and Ancestral God boundary, plunders its body Great Dao strength. 苏平带着其余顾客的战宠二狗他们,来到神界的一些边荒之地,锻炼他们的同时,苏平也四处寻找道心境和祖神境的神兽,掠夺其身上大道力量。 Meanwhile, the previous town/subdues kills the skill in Daoist cultivation that seven big God Race obtain, as well as cuts to extinguish the strength that Lin ancestor obtains, making Su Ping connect condensed to have six universes, compared with previously, the strength rose dramatically again a big truncation. 与此同时,先前镇杀七大神族所得到的道力,以及斩灭霖祖得到的力量,让苏平接连凝炼出六颗宇宙,比起先前来说,战力再次暴增了一大截。 However, Su Ping not, therefore lax, perhaps compared with the ancestor witch, he needs structure universe myriad things 3000 core Great Dao, all condensed to become the universe, may force before the ancestor witch to have the strength of resisting. 不过,苏平没有因此松懈,跟祖巫相比,他也许需要将构造宇宙万物的三千核心大道,全都凝炼成宇宙,才有可能勉强在祖巫面前有招架的力量。 Travelled for pleasure for a half year in Divine World, Su Ping cuts to kill Divine Beast of three Ancestral God boundaries, condensed three universes, but under this ep, Ergou also stepped into to the Ancestral God boundary smoothly, changed to silver-white Chaos dragon Lang, its body like the mountain range, the sharp claws resembles held up a day of great column, looked very fierce. 神界游历半年,苏平斩杀了三头祖神境的神兽,又凝炼了三颗宇宙,而在这种极压之下,二狗也顺利踏入到祖神境,化作一头银白色的混沌龙狼,其身躯如山脉般,利爪像擎天巨柱,看上去十分凶恶。 However, its conformity unified Great Dao, is actually beginning of the universe Great Dao, although the lethality is good, but more is actually partial in the defense, can download the strength of myriad things, be only some limits aggressive do not extinguish Great Dao, can injure to its some. 不过,其整合统一的大道,却是混元大道,虽然杀伤力不错,但更多却是偏向于防守,能将万物的力量卸掉,只有一些极限攻击型的不灭大道,才能伤到它些许。 Even Su Ping, still needs during the reassignment primitive Chaos universe, transfers three universes again the strengths, can cut to kill it, maintaining life ability that obviously this boy strong. 即便是苏平,也需要在调动原始混沌宇宙的同时,再调用三颗宇宙的力量,才能将其斩杀,可见这厮的保命能力有多强。 From maintaining life, it is estimated that in 12 ancestor witches, is first-class.” “从保命来说,估计在12祖巫里,都算是一流的。” How Su Ping cannot comprehend Ergou to conform with condensed to have this ancestor witch level top Great Dao, is it possible that primitive Chaos Great Dao that teaches from oneself uses for reference and comprehends to obtain? 苏平也搞不懂二狗是怎么整合凝炼出这种祖巫级的顶尖大道,莫非是从自己传授的原始混沌大道中借鉴和参悟得到? What a pity, no matter what this Great Dao is strong, achieving this degree already was the limit. 可惜,任这大道再强,达到这种程度已经是极限了。 Su Ping also teaches own multiple universe cultivation to them, as raising their future potential upper limits, but currently speaking, they want the second third universe with Su Ping same condensed, was too difficult, simply does not have so many time, as well as corresponding cultivation resources...... 苏平也将自己的多重宇宙修炼传授给它们,作为提高它们今后的潜力上限,但就目前来说,它们想要跟苏平一样凝炼出第二颗第三颗宇宙,太难了,根本没有这么多的时间,以及相应的修炼资源…… Summoned Purgatory Candle Dragon, Su Ping discovered when the Joanna mood with previous distinguished compares, was obviously lower and deeper, seemed to be hiding what concern. 呼唤来炼狱烛龙兽,苏平发现乔安娜的情绪跟先前分别时相比,明显低沉了许多,似乎藏着什么心事。 What's wrong?” Su Ping inquired: „Do some people bully you?” “怎么了?”苏平询问道:“有人欺负你?” He also feels not possible. 他自己也觉得不可能。 After all but Purgatory Candle Dragon Ancestral God, is sheltering her. 毕竟炼狱烛龙兽可是祖神,庇护着她。 No.” “没。” Joanna shook the head slightly, raised the head deeply stared at Su Ping one, some as if words must say, but has not said anything finally, only said: If, we are not one day, you will still remember us?” 乔安娜微微摇头,抬头深深凝视了苏平一眼,似乎有话要说,但最终还是没说什么,只道:“若有一天,我们不在,你还会记得我们吗?” Su Ping stares, wants not to be typical: Naturally remembers, how can you not in?” 苏平一愣,想也不想地道:“当然会记得,你们怎么会不在呢?” Joanna hears the reply of Su Ping, as if relaxes, such as on the snowy mountain blue lotus beautiful god face, bloomed to wipe the moving smile, said: I will also remember you forever.” 乔安娜听到苏平的回答,似乎松了口气般,如雪山青莲般的绝美神颜上,绽放出了一抹动人的微笑,道:“我也会永远记住伱的。” „Did you have a fever?” Su Ping feels her forehead. “你发烧了?”苏平摸着她的额头。 Joanna pats the palm of Su Ping ill-humoredly, you must go back, hurries!” 乔安娜没好气拍开苏平的手掌,“你是要回去吗,赶紧吧!” Bewildered.” Su Ping said to Purgatory Candle Dragon: Which this period of time you led her to go.” “莫名其妙。”苏平炼狱烛龙兽道:“这段时间你带她去哪了。” Strolls everywhere, hurries.” Joanna replied for Purgatory Candle Dragon, urges ill-humoredly, face Su Ping your very bothersome ei expression. “就到处逛了逛,赶紧回去吧。”乔安娜炼狱烛龙兽回答道,没好气地催促起来,一脸苏平“你很烦欸”的表情。 Su Ping is somewhat speechless, has to communicate System, returns to Store. 苏平有些无语,只好沟通系统,返回店铺 Returns to Store, the Su Ping thought communicates above Ina, inquired that arrives in the time of place of Ancestral God, knew that also many idle, Su Ping not polite , to continue to enter in other Cultivation Land to cultivate. 回归到久违的店铺,苏平意念沟通上方的伊娜,询问抵达祖神之地的时间,得知还有不少空余,苏平也没客气,继续进入别的培育地中修炼。 The time flies. 时间飞逝。 Su Ping goes through many places in higher Cultivation Land everywhere, these middle-grade Cultivation Land to him, already have nothing to challenge now newly, most middle-grade Cultivation Land highest strengths, is only a state of mind. 苏平在一处处高等培育地中辗转,那些中等培育地对他现在来说,已经没什么挑战新,绝大多数中等培育地的最高战力,也只是道心境。 Minority apex middle-grade Cultivation Land highest strengths, can achieve the Ancestral God boundary, but this type is only extremely few cases. 少数顶尖中等培育地的最高战力,能达到祖神境,但这种只是极少例。 Grasps Great Dao in these higher Cultivation Land, does not extinguish the universe that Su Ping condensed leaves to be getting more and more, the suppression of primitive Chaos universe had been overthrown, does not affect his condensed new universe. 在这些高等培育地中掠取大道,苏平凝炼出的不灭宇宙越来越多,原始混沌宇宙的压制早就被推翻,丝毫不影响他凝炼新的宇宙。 But Purple Python they also follow Su Ping, in times slaughter, the strength of precipitation is getting stronger and stronger. 紫青牯蟒它们也跟随苏平,在一次次厮杀中,沉淀的力量越来越强。 Vast Space Thunder Dragon becomes third Battle Pet that steps into the Ancestral God boundary, its conformity unified Great Dao named eternally, release strength eternally, even exceeded the heavenly tribulation lethality. 瀚空雷龙兽成为第三个踏入祖神境的战宠,其整合统一的大道名为永劫,释放出的永劫之力,甚至超越了天劫的杀伤力。 Su Ping after the examination, discovered that this is one type can with ancestor witch bloodlines contest Great Dao. 苏平经过测验,发现这又是一种能跟祖巫血脉较量的大道 This result made Su Ping somewhat accidental/surprised, making them return to original state the condensed Great Dao process to find, originally was brings them to travel All Heavens and Myriad Realms, various experience kind of races, in addition Su Ping once were concise multiple small world, and gave them the multiple small world inheritance, finally made them all these passing, smelts for present Great Dao. 这结果让苏平有些意外,让它们还原凝炼大道的过程才发现,原来是带它们游历诸天万界,见识各类种族,加上苏平自身曾经凝练出多重小世界,并且将多重小世界传承给它们,最终才让它们将这一切过往,都熔炼为如今的大道 What this Great Dao carrying/sustaining is their short actually pinnacle magnificent life, inside contains their experiences and sensibility. 大道承载的是它们短暂却极致辉煌的一生,里面包含它们的经历和感悟。 In, follows throughout in Su Ping Ergou they, almost Cultivation Land participates each time, common Battle Pet cultivates 1-2 times, already can become the same boundary eminent, but they cultivated were innumerable, although the effect of late stage cultivation, will drop each time gradually, but accumulation, enhanced the pinnacle their potential. 早在不知不觉间,始终跟随在苏平身边的二狗它们,几乎每次培育地都参与进去,寻常战宠培育1-2,已经能成为同境翘楚,而它们培育了无数次,虽然后期每次培育的效果,会逐步下降,但一次次的累积,都将它们的潜力提升到了极致。 The potential of life is limited. 生命的潜力是有限的。 Potential decision upper limit, like bloodlines. 潜力决定上限,就像血脉。 However, the potential can actually be increased, as Trainer, Su Ping successfully accomplished this. 然而,潜力却是能够提升的,作为一个培育师,苏平成功办到了这点。 A very outstanding teacher, will train the test perfect score the child who does not pass an examination, this compelled its original potential merely, but to divine child and talent, testing the perfect score is only the foundation, skips a grade significantly is the conventional display, this is divine child with the upper limit disparity of average person. 一个非常优秀的教师,会将不及格的孩子培养到考试满分,这仅仅是将其原有的潜力都逼了出来,但对一些神童和天才来说,考满分只是基础,大幅度跳级才是常规发挥,这便是神童跟普通人的上限差距。 The gap in intelligence basis. 智力根本上的鸿沟。 But outstanding teacher, is unable the upper limit of average person, to promote to the divine child level, only if, is the god! 而再优秀的教师,也无法将普通人的上限,提升到神童级,除非,是神! Urges the round of bloodlines evolution, changed his bloodlines, Su Ping they promotes the level of Chaos lifeform Ergou fundamentally, remoulded his bloodlines by Chaos Qi, making them Chaos god demon that condensed the world's most essence strength. 催发血脉进化,改变其血脉,苏平从根本上将二狗它们提升到了混沌生物的层面,以混沌之气重塑其血脉,使它们都成为凝聚天地间最精华力量的混沌神魔。 ...... …… The time flies. 时间飞逝。 Su Ping once in a while, will return from Cultivation Land, asked about Ina outside situation. 苏平每隔一段时间,就会从培育地回归,询问伊娜外面的情况。 Those who make Su Ping gratified is, the navigation is quite smooth, has not encountered a stop of Heavenly Dao clan on the way. 苏平欣慰的是,航行较为顺利,途中并没有遭遇到天道一族的阻拦。 On one day. 在某一日。 Su Ping is counting on the fingers the time, returns from Cultivation Land, later arrives in front of Ina, said: Drew near.” 苏平掐算着时间,从培育地中归来,随后来到伊娜面前,道:“快到了吧。” Right, by your here time algorithms, in a week arrives.” Ina said. “没错,以你们这里的时间算法,一周内抵达。”伊娜说道。 The Su Ping slight nod, this time, he does not need to cultivate the time again, after all when soon meets, if meets anything to rub, he can also react promptly. 苏平微微点头,这点时间,他没必要再去培育时间了,毕竟在快要相遇的时候,万一遇到什么摩擦,他也能及时做出反应。 What ancestor witch now can inform me is?” Su Ping inquired. “现在能告知我是什么祖巫么?”苏平询问道。 He only hopes that should not be a protorosaurus ancestor witch clan on the line, after all just had the contradiction with that protorosaurus first ancestor, Su Ping is not willing to see the opposite party again, his present strength, but also needs to draw support from the asylum of System to be good. 他只希望不要是原龙祖巫一族就行,毕竟跟那原龙始祖刚闹出矛盾,苏平不愿再见到对方,他现在的力量,还需要借助系统的庇护才行。 Told you also to might as well, was cries to fall the ancestor witch......” Ina to release the Great Dao strength all around, weakened innumerable times own sound, if not Su Ping with were Ancestral God, was almost impossible to hear clearly. “告诉你也无妨,是啼落祖巫……”伊娜在周遭释放出大道力量,将自己的声音削弱无数倍,若非苏平同为祖神,几乎无法听清。 She does that is not willing to blaspheme, avoids crying to fall the ancestor witch to detect that some people read aloud read its. 她之所以这么做,是不愿亵渎,避免啼落祖巫察觉到有人诵念其名。 Cried to fall......” in the Su Ping heart to talk to oneself, relaxes secretly, was not a protorosaurus clan is good. “啼落……”苏平心中自语,暗松了口气,不是原龙一族就好。 There, I can introduce with you actually, but here not discuss to well.” Ina said. “等去了那里,我倒是能跟你介绍介绍,但在这里还是不要议论为好。”伊娜说道。 Su Ping nods. 苏平点点头。 A week of time is quick. 一周的时间很快。 Su Ping has not gone to Cultivation World, but accompanies Joanna they to do business in Store. 苏平没去培育世界,而是在店铺里陪乔安娜他们营业。 His waving the arms about storekeeper, treats in the shop, Su Ping realized once when just obtained System, the joy of operation shop. 他这个甩手掌柜,久违地待在店里,苏平又体会到曾经刚得到系统时,经营小店的快乐。 Only pitifully, at that time the customer who came in his Store to visit, many already not. 只可惜,当时来他店铺里光顾的顾客,有不少已经不在了。 For example the Thunder Rat first master, that lovable girl named Su Yanying. 比如雷光鼠的第一任主人,那个叫苏晏颖的可爱女孩。 At the Su Ping present strength, although can resurrect it, but calculated according to the causes and effects that girl all sorts of passing, will calculate again the memory duplication that remoulds. 苏平现在的力量,虽然能够将其复活出来,但只是根据因果推算出那女孩的种种过往,再将推算出的记忆复制,重塑出来。 In other words, the person who although makes is exactly the same, is the same including the memory and character, but eventually...... was not once that person. 换而言之,虽然造出来的人一模一样,包括记忆和性格都一样,但终究……不是曾经那个人了。 This is also he not the reason that they rebuild, felt more like blasphemes. 这也是他没有将他们重造出来的原因,感觉更像是亵渎。 This point, Thunder Rat knows similarly, therefore Thunder Rat has not done that it wants to wait for and wait, was that once the actual master. 这一点,雷光鼠同样知晓,所以雷光鼠也没有这么做,它想守候和等待的,是那个曾经真正的主人。 Rather than that oneself fabricate puppet. 而非自己捏造出的一个“玩偶”。 Un?” “嗯?” Su Ping has induced, the form disappears from Store, arrives in the upper air. 苏平有所感应,身影从店铺里消失,来到高空中。 Arrived.” “到了。” Ina said to Su Ping, is somewhat pleasantly surprised and excited, like drifting in sea, is isolated and cuts off from help, finally sees that feeling of land, bursts out the hope. 伊娜对苏平说道,有些惊喜和兴奋,就像飘浮在大海上,孤立无援,终于看到陆地的那种感觉,迸发出希望。 Ina's form disappears, changes to wisp of light smoke, infiltrates from a green glass crystal, arrives at outside. 伊娜的身影消失,化作一缕轻烟般,从绿璃道晶渗透而出,来到外面。 The Su Ping form in a flash, goes out of the green glass world similarly, then sees in the vast and silent darkness, in front one, has a radiant and vast mainland unexpectedly. 苏平身影一晃,同样走出绿璃世界,便看到浩瀚而寂静的黑暗中,在前方一处,竟有一颗璀璨而辽阔的大陆。 The innumerable light shadow graze in the mainland, the ancient primitive world, can see extremely palatial giant beast form likely, the volumes of these giant beasts, have the star size. 无数的光影在大陆上飞掠,像古老原始的世界,能看到极其巍峨的巨兽身影,那些巨兽的体积,都有星球大小。 Such big......” the Su Ping vision concentrates, said: Won't be detected by the day clan?” “这么大……”苏平目光微凝,道:“不会被天族察觉吧?” „, We will not shuttle back and forth through the special coordinates.” Ina said that „, moreover three days ago, I induced to first ancestor's summon, it detected us, distinguishing us was not a day of clan, allowed us to approach, otherwise we are unable to arrive here forever......” “不会,我们是通过特殊坐标穿梭进来的。”伊娜说道,“而且在三天前,我就感应到始祖的呼唤了,它察觉到我们,辨别出我们不是天族,才允许我们靠近,否则我们永远无法抵达这里……” That is good.” Su Ping nods. “那就好。”苏平点头。 Quick, two green glass crystals in tandem graze to go. 很快,两枚绿璃道晶一前一后飞掠而去。 Before going to this vast mainland . 来到了这片辽阔的大陆前。 At this time, boiled the aura appeared in the front suddenly, impressively was giant incomparable ancient beast, its form was fierce, there are innumerable touching bodies, each touched before the body to have the thing of oval fresh-faced resembles sucker, it spread the ancient sound: You are what race, why comes to here?” 这时,一股沸腾般的气息蓦然出现在前方,赫然是一头巨大无比的古兽,其身影狰狞,有无数的触体,每个触体前端都有椭圆粉嫩的像吸盘的东西,它传出古老的声音:“你们是何种族,来这里为何?” This is Su Ping through the will of opposite party, translates language that he understands. 这是苏平通过对方的意志,翻译成他理解的语言。 Has not waited for Ina to answer, departs Ancestral God of four mechanical clans from a rear crystal, one of them Su Ping had seen previously leader, his whole face is joyful, excited and respectful said/tunnel: We are the mechanical clans that a silicon original god demon clan inherits, our universes suffer a Heavenly Dao clan to attack, hopes that can come to here to seek harbour and opportunity!” 没等伊娜回话,从后方道晶中飞出四位机械族的祖神,其中一人正是苏平先前见过的领头者,他满脸欣喜,激动而恭敬地道:“我们是硅原神魔一族传承下来的机械族,我们的宇宙遭受天道一族攻击,希望能来这里寻求庇护和机会!” He spoke frankly to consider directly, obviously knew from the ancient history of mechanical clan, before that day breeding initial 12 ancestor witches, any scheme was the futile efforts. 他直接坦言相告,显然从机械族的古老历史中知晓,在那天地孕育最初的12祖巫面前,任何计谋都是徒劳。 Here also has other races aura......” “这里还有其他种族的气息……” That cried to fall Ancestral God to rotate dozens gigantic eye pupils, is staring at Su Ping. 那啼落祖神转动数十只硕大的眼眸,凝视着苏平 Compares the mechanical clan, it most cares on the contrary is this common form. 相比起机械族,它最在意的反倒是这个不起眼的身影。 We are Human Race, similarly is attacked by day of clan, coming to here to seek harbour and forming an alliance.” Su Ping said. “我们是人族,同样遭到天族的攻击,来这里寻求庇护和结盟。”苏平说道。 Forms an alliance......” “结盟……” Ina and the others were frightened by these two characters jump, quickly looks to Su Ping. 伊娜等人都被这两个字吓得一跳,急忙看向苏平 Crying to fall Ancestral God is also the form moves slightly, probably provoked laughter by the Su Ping words, but the touching body fluttering moment of its whole body, it is said: Has the Primordial Chaos Clan flavor from your body, you are lying.” 啼落祖神也是身影微动,像是被苏平的话逗笑,但它浑身的触体飘荡片刻,它却说道:“从你身上原始混沌族的味道,你在撒谎。” I have not lain, I obtain the Primordial Chaos Clan strength, but my once family background was Human Race.” The Su Ping look said calmly. “我没撒谎,我只是得到原始混沌族的力量而已,但我曾经的出身是人族。”苏平神色平静地说道。 Cried to fall Ancestral God to stare at him, after the moment, said: No matter you are Human Race are also good, Primordial Chaos Clan is also good, we welcome you, the Primordial Chaos Clan first ancestor, once was the Heavenly Dao fighting left behind the merit and significant score, came in!” 啼落祖神凝视着他,片刻后,才道:“不管你是人族也好,原始混沌族也好,我们都欢迎你们,况且原始混沌族的始祖,曾为天道抗战留下功劳和重大战绩,都进来吧!” It spoke this saying, the body vanishes in the ripple slowly. 它说这话,身体缓缓在波纹中消失。 Mechanical clan several Ancestral God relax, looked at Su Ping one, in the eye has the startled color, their history retain is quite complete, knows Primordial Chaos Clan to exist, that also once was Chaos time one of the 12 ancestor witches! 机械族几位祖神都松了口气,看了苏平一眼,眼中带着惊色,他们的历史保留极为完整,知晓原始混沌族是何等存在,那也曾是混沌时代的12祖巫之一啊! Su Ping looked at several mechanical clan Ancestral God one, obviously they previously concealed the Ancestral God quantity, making him think that only has three Ancestral God. 苏平看了几位机械族祖神一眼,显然他们先前隐瞒了祖神数量,让他以为只有三位祖神 However, to his present strength, even again many zero, still no difference. 不过,对他现在的力量而言,即便再多个零,也没什么差别。 In that cried to fall under leading the way of Ancestral God, the people followed after that flew into to the ripple, also shuttled back and forth to that truly is seemingly close at hand, actually the mainland of great distance endless space and time and in distance. 在那啼落祖神的引路下,众人跟随其后,飞入到波纹中,也真正穿梭到那看似近在眼前,实则相隔无尽时空和距离的大陆中。 ( This chapter ends) (本章完) Please remember this book first round domain name:. Cell phone version reading website: wap. 请记住本书首发域名:。手机版阅读网址:wap.
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