AT :: Volume #38

#3771: Shield

jade clear day environment as before tranquil gentle, but the people on the scene feel a faint trace chill in the air. 玉清天的环境依旧宁静平和,但在场的众人都感受到一丝丝寒意。 The people died the larger part not saying that they biggest supporter monkey spirit king also ran...... 人死了一大半不说,他们最大的支持者猴灵王还跑了…… This called anything...... 这叫什么事…… Now what to do? Without the help of monkey spirit gate, we are perhaps impossible to contend with the snake spirit gate,” altogether the labor said. “现在怎么办?若没有猴灵门的帮助,我们恐怕不可能抗衡蛇灵门,”共工说道。 First leaves the jade clear day?” Wish asked friendly. “先离开玉清天?”祝融问。 In their hearts has the plan of ceasing all activities. 他们心中已经有了偃旗息鼓的打算。 This does not blame them, after all the support of monkey spirit gate is almost the precondition of this action, the precondition does not have the following matter naturally not to exist, in advance retreated thinks before action again is also the best plan. 这不怪他们,毕竟猴灵门的支持几乎是这场行动的先决条件,先决条件都没了后面的事自然也不存在了,先行退走再谋定后动也是上策。 Space old Monarch said, „the exit|to speak of this channel in jade clear day another side, the snake spirit king has stared at now completely them, I did not think that it can the ignores we leave.” 天上老君说道,“这个通道的出口在玉清天的另外一边,现在蛇灵王已经将他们完全盯上了,我不觉得它会放任我们离开。” That can only a road walk,” the Fu Xi main body faces up to the front to say. “那只能一条路走下去了,”伏羲本尊正视着前方说道。 „Not clear monkey spirit king looks at arrived anything, why must dash to go, but the monkey spirit king build is huge, we can tag along after the trace that it stays behind to look for the past,” Nuwa is calm to start to seek solution. “不清楚猴灵王到底看到了什么,为什么要飞奔而去,但猴灵王体型巨大,我们可以尾随它留下的痕迹找过去,”女娲已镇定下来开始寻求解决的办法。 That monkey spirit king empty/sky has a skill, as before is so rash, looked that perhaps like this will soon die in the snake spirit king hand,” eastern sovereign somewhat helpless light sighed. “那猴灵王空有一身本事,依旧是如此莽撞,看这样子用不了多久恐怕会死在蛇灵王手上,”东皇有些无奈的轻叹道。 The matter cannot be delayed, we first sets off is,” Luo Zheng said. “事不宜迟,我们先出发便是,”罗征说道。 ......” “呼……” A wing leaf of wing king, has bent down gently in the Luo Zheng body side. 翼王的翅膀轻轻一扇,已伏在罗征身侧。 Luo Zheng, genesis Heavenly Venerable, the eastern sovereign and Nuwa and other people of jumping up wing queens carry, as the wing king wing flashes, has changed into a green azure shadow whirlwind to shoot. 罗征,元始天尊,东皇和女娲等七人纷纷跳上翼王后背,随着翼王翅膀一闪,已化为一道绿色的青影飚射出去。 Forward in several hundred li (0.5 km) range is low mountains , some locally born other shore lifeform, but their personality is docile, even if saw intention that Luo Zheng one group have not attacked. 一路向前数百里范围内都是一片低矮的山川,其中也有一些土生土长的彼岸生灵,但它们性情非常温顺,即便看到罗征一行人也没有丝毫攻击的意图。 If delivers to this place these Paramita Realm, perhaps no one believes, here unexpectedly is the jade clear day! 若将那些彼岸境送到此地,恐怕谁也不会相信,这里居然是玉清天! Has the footprint!” “有脚印!” Is the monkey spirit king footprint!” “是猴灵王脚印!” Follows the footprint to walk!” “跟着脚印走!” In the ground is distributing giant footprints, probably also only then monkey spirit king that and other colossi can step on, wing king then along these striking footprint terrain flights. 地面上分布着一个个巨大的脚印,大概也只有猴灵王那等庞然大物能踩出来,翼王便沿着这些醒目的脚印一路贴地飞行。 The speed of wing king the rapidness, the time has then pursued 500 li (0.5 km) distance before long. 翼王的速度已非常之快,不一会儿功夫便追出五百里路程。 The footprint is one after another, but the shadow of monkey spirit king has not seen. 脚印是一个接着一个,可猴灵王的影子都没看见。 Approximately pursues to 800 li (0.5 km) road strata time, the scenery started to have the change. 大约追到八百里路层时,景色开始有了变化。 The emerald-green tone becomes sparse, what replaces it is the iron grey, in the ground the large surface area exposes the grey stone. 原本翠绿色的色调变得稀稀疏疏,取而代之的是灰白色,地面上大面积裸露出灰色的石头。 The footprint has as before, as before clear incomparable. 脚印依旧有,也依旧清晰无比。 Footprint still, us should not find fault the direction,” genesis Heavenly Venerable somewhat puzzled asking. “脚印还在,我们应该没有找错方向,”元始天尊有些困惑的问道。 „Is the speed that monkey spirit king runs so fast?” The Nuwa delicate eyebrows tighten, she had felt not right. “猴灵王奔跑的速度这么快?”女娲秀眉紧锁,她已感觉到一丝不对劲。 The laozis said, guidance space stone can go out of many false appearances, that stone can cheat the monkey spirit king, perhaps can also make these footprints to deceive you......” 太上老君则说道,“引导空间石能走出很多假象,那石头能将猴灵王骗走,或许也能制造出这些脚印骗你们……” Has a look!” Luo Zheng to wanting to say. “下去看看!”罗征对希望说道。 The wing king understands the Luo Zheng's meaning, after departing a distance, forward stopped near a giant footprint. 翼王明白罗征的意思,向前飞出一段距离后停止了一个巨大的脚印边上。 Luo Zheng moves toward the footprint without consulting anybody the edge, this footprint compares the Luo Zheng's figure to look like a lake to be giant. 罗征径自走向脚印的边缘,这脚印相比罗征的身形就像是一个湖泊般巨大。 He searches the big hole from the edge the hand, immediately closes the eye, starts to analyze here energy constitution, so under analysis he has not detected any treacherous aura unexpectedly, instead strength of the residual space! 他将手从边缘探进大坑,随即闭上眼睛,开始解析这里的能量构成,这般解析之下他竟没有察觉到任何诡谲的气息,反而有一丝残留的空间之力! He opens the eyes suddenly, the look dignified say/way, perhaps these footprints are space divine ability build, is not the footprint of monkey spirit king......” 他豁然睁开双眼,神色凝重道,“这些脚印恐怕是空间神通营造出来的,不是猴灵王的脚印……” Guides us to take the wrong road intentionally?” Nuwa bites the lip to say. “故意引导我们走错误的路?”女娲咬唇说道。 This...... is the snake spirit king fudging?” Fu Xi looked at the surroundings. “这……还是蛇灵王在动手脚?”伏羲看了看周围。 The complexion of people becomes more intense. 众人的脸色变得更加紧张。 From stepping into the jade clear day they stared, moreover there are various methods to exert on them, this is certainly the bad news. 从踏入玉清天开始他们就被盯上,而且还有各种手段施加在他们身上,这是绝坏的消息。 Luo Zheng first comes up, I lead you to leave,” wing king said. 罗征先上来,我带你们离开,”翼王说道。 After Luo Zheng jumps to conducting the back of wing king, wing king Xiangxia dives, immediately passed over gently and swiftly a huge curve to speed along to go toward another side. 罗征跳到翼王的背上后,翼王向下俯冲一下,随即掠过一个巨大的弧度朝着另外一侧飞驰而去。 Now Luo Zheng has seen through these footprints the origins, wing king Ziran turns around to evade reverse. 现在罗征已识破这些脚印的来历,翼王自然掉转反向避着走。 May just plunder number ten miles of road, the complexion of people sinks suddenly, presented a giant footprint in their front...... 可刚刚掠出数十里路,众人的脸色又猛然一沉,在他们的前方又出现了一个巨大的脚印…… Intentional?” Nuwa clenches teeth to say. “故意的吗?”女娲咬牙说道。 Probably in teasing us plays......” wishes melts is the violent temper, in restless such eyes must spout the flame. “好像在逗我们玩……”祝融是火爆脾气,闹腾这么一圈双眼中都要喷出火焰。 The pair of wings of wing king shakes gently, fluctuated again the direction, but this direction speeds along less than more than ten li (0.5 km), the giant footprint appears again. 翼王的双翼轻轻一震,再一次变幻了方向,可这个方向飞驰不到十余里,巨大的脚印再度出现。 Do not pay attention to these footprints, the space old Monarch senior, you directs the direction, we set out toward jade clear Day center,” Luo Zheng said suddenly. “不要理会这些脚印了,天上老君前辈,你来指点方向,我们朝玉清天中央进发,”罗征忽然说道。 The foot printed book should not take the frame of reference, they rigid in avoiding footprint, instead is easy to lose the direction. 脚印本不该作为参照物,他们执着于避开脚印,反而容易迷失方向。 Didn't seek the monkey spirit king?” Wing king asked. “不去寻猴灵王了?”翼王问道。 Does not have the condition to seek, can only,” Luo Zheng reply. “没有条件去寻,只能如此,”罗征回答道。 Therefore the wing king not fluctuation direction, only speeds in a direction, whatever these footprints continuously present it also to stand one's ground steadfastly. 于是翼王再不变幻方向,只朝着一个方向驰行,任凭那些脚印不断出现它也岿然不动。 In Arabia city. 天方城内。 In the top of the head of monkey spirit king is reappearing two stones. 猴灵王的头顶上浮现着两枚石头。 One is the amber brown rhombus gem, that is limited all knows the stone. 一块是琥珀色的菱形宝石,那正是有限全知石。 Another is the pale blue triangle gem, that is thing of guidance space stone another Saint assistance. 另一块则是淡蓝色的三角形宝石,那是另一件圣佐之物引导空间石。 Through limited all knows stone Houling the king to be able in jade clear day to integrate in the eye, from a grain of splash, but the sand, to dashing about wildly the monkey spirit king incessantly, any secret, any detail it can spy on. 通过有限全知石猴灵王能将玉清天内的一切纳入眼中,小到一粒飞溅而出的沙粒,大到狂奔不止的猴灵王,任何秘密,任何细节它都能窥探。 But the guidance space stone can revise a space of region willfully. 而引导空间石则能任意修改一片区域的空间。 It can easily make a big space to sink, forms a giant footprint...... 它能轻易制造一大片空间下沉,形成一个巨大的脚印…… in Sheling the king, indeed plays jokes upon the mouse probably the cat. 于蛇灵王而言,的确像是戏耍老鼠的猫。 But previous bites the spatial technique is also the snake spirit king releases, it does not need too many mice, the mouse that the strength is insufficient naturally must be eliminated one wave. 而此前的噬空术也是蛇灵王释放出来,它并不需要太多的老鼠,实力不足的老鼠自然要被淘汰掉一波。 Buzz, buzz, buzz......” “嗡,嗡,嗡……” Guidance space stone Mei glitters, Luo Zheng one line of front presents a footprint, but they defer to the established direction to go forward as before. 引导空间石每闪烁一下,罗征一行人前方就出现一个脚印,可他们依旧按照既定的方向前进。 „No longer affected by the footprint? Without the meaning, that kills several again......” “不再被脚印影响了?没意思,那就再杀几个……” Blue ray twinkle on guidance space stone is fierce, a big piece of blue space awl forms baseless, goes toward wing king Fugai. 引导空间石上的蓝色光芒闪烁的剧烈起来,一大片蓝色的空间锥凭空形成,朝着翼王覆盖而去。 According to the idea of snake spirit king, this group of people by similar that he tosses about, finally can only live next. 按蛇灵王的想法,这群人都会被他折腾的差不多,最终只能活下一个。 „......” “咻咻……” These space awl might are enormous, is not the general immortal boundary can contend. 那些空间锥威力极大,绝不是一般不朽境能够抗衡的。 The wing king feels the space awl might that these head on, the wing fiercely wields, at inconceivable speed to forward flight, but cannot depart the range of this piece of space awl as before. 翼王感受到那些扑面而来的空间锥威力,翅膀猛的一挥,以不可思议的速度向前飞着,可依旧没能飞出这片空间锥的范围。 pū pū pū......” 噗噗噗……” Pulp that all that under these space awl straightly shoots, will cover hit. 这些空间锥直射之下,将笼罩的一切都打的稀烂。 After the space awl hits all, the snake spirit king through limited all knows the stone to inspect again, but it was shocked suddenly. Luo Zheng one group of unexpectedly in limited all did know in the stone to disappear? 等到空间锥尽数打下来后,蛇灵王通过有限全知石再度检视一番,但它忽然就愣住了。罗征一行人竟在有限全知石中消失了?
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