AGM :: Volume #15

#1433: Seizes a day of old demon

The Divine Mountain ancient road, experts as common as the clouds, the immortal Monster Emperor imperial capital has many, however the man of the hour at this moment, is actually Qin Wentian. 神山古道,强者如云,仙帝妖帝都有不少,然而此刻的风云人物,却是秦问天 He steps into shortly after middle rank Immortal King, challenges four big top rank influences unexpectedly four Transcendent middle rank peak boundary Immortal King exist(ence), with his Monster Beast partner together, exterminates four influential figure completely, does not remain, that war, had made the extremely profound impression on the person a moment ago, technique or natural law domain his bloodline strength and divine ability, tyrannical incomparable, the might is infinite, such fighting strength, peerless unparalleled. 他踏入中阶仙王不久,竟然挑战四大顶级势力的四位超凡中阶巅峰仙王存在,和他的妖兽伙伴一起,将四大人物全部诛灭,一个不留,刚才那一战,给人留下了极为深刻的印象,无论是他的血脉力量神通之术还是规则领域,都强横无比,威力无穷,这样的战斗力,绝世无双。 That Heaven Swallowing King Beast, was too fearful, the strength is astonishing, has the unsurpassed potential, when if in the future he will grow up, does not know that fearful, will grow to Monster Emperor realm, feared that will be Desolate Hundred Thousand Great Mountains various Great Saint Beast King clans must shrink back at the sight, is unable to contend. 还有那吞天王兽,太可怕了,实力惊人,拥有无上潜力,将来若是等到他成年,不知道会有多可怕,成长到妖帝境界,怕是蛮荒十万大山的各大圣兽王族都要望而却步,无法抗衡。 Is good is quite rare because of Heaven Swallowing Beast the scarce, inadequate race, protects this Heaven Swallowing King Beast, only then Heaven Swallowing Beast Monster Emperor, but also is extremely terrifying, the huge body, nine skull, looks to make one feel fearful. 好在吞天兽极为罕见稀少,不成种族,保护这头吞天王兽的只有一尊吞天兽妖帝,但也是极为恐怖,庞大的身躯,九颗头颅,一眼望去就令人感到可怕。 Interesting.” Steps into some expert of summit of Divine Mountain to look the smiling face with Qin Wentian, can step into the person in summit of palace Divine Mountain worthily, the strength is out of the ordinary, the same boundary sweeps away sufficiently. “有意思。”和秦问天一起踏入过神山之巅的一些强者面露笑容,不愧是能够踏入神山之巅宫殿中的人,战力就是非比寻常,同境足以横扫。 Ziyu, you have not misread this child actually, he is really fierce, now has exceeded you to be many.” The Jiang Lineage expert gathering place, Jiang Zihua was saying to Jiang Ziyu. 子煜,你倒是没有看错此子,他果然厉害,如今已经超越你不少。”姜氏一脉强者聚集之地,姜子崋对着姜子煜说道。 Em.” Jiang Ziyu nods, his talent Transcendent, but cast off by Qin Wentian as before gradually, but he is not discouraged, he believes that own talent is formidable, so long as the stable vanguard, Immortal Territory will certainly have his small space in the future. “恩。”姜子煜点头,他天赋超凡,但依旧被秦问天渐渐甩开,不过他也并不气馁,他相信自身天赋非常强大,只要稳固前行,将来仙域必将有他的一席之地。 The Nine Emperors Immortal Country direction, various are angry, Huang Shatian stands in the crowd, looks at that extraordinary form, in heart speechless, not to mention Qin Wentian, the Qin Wentian's Monster Beast partner, has exceeded him, this makes him be attacked enormously, wants to complete to surmount to Qin Wentian again, feared that was impossible to achieve. 九皇仙国方向,诸强愤怒,皇杀天站在人群之中,看着那非凡身影,心中无言,且不说秦问天,就连秦问天的妖兽伙伴,都已超越了他,这让他受到极大的打击,再想要对秦问天完成超越,怕是不可能做到了。 His Immortal Emperor looked at Huang Shatian one, the complexion is unattractive, he saw Huang Shatian to be discouraged before, therefore makes one person put to death Qin Wentian, hopes that can make Huang Shatian restore the firm, continuously explores the immortal saying that climbs peak. 他身旁的仙帝看了皇杀天一眼,脸色不好看,他之前见皇杀天气馁,因此让一人去诛杀秦问天,希望能够让皇杀天恢复坚定信念,去不断探索仙道,攀登巅峰 However is contrary to what expects, not only cannot put to death Qin Wentian, instead became the Qin Wentian's stage, he is brilliant, crushes major influence Heaven's Chosen, in the Divine Mountain ancient road vanguard, just like the unparalleled character, the world is rare. 然而事与愿违,不但没有能够诛杀秦问天,反而成为了秦问天的舞台,他一人光彩夺目,压倒各大势力天骄,于神山古道前行,宛若无双人物,人间罕见。 Qin Wentian and Little Rascal proceed line, has Southern Phoenix Empress as well as Great Emperor Changqing and other expert, does not have Immortal Emperor to dare to begin to kill people easily, otherwise, Empress and Great Emperor Changqing , if angry, similarly can sweep them, the major influences came many people, once provokes the flames of war, will be very miserable, let alone, threat of Desolate Great Monster. 秦问天小混蛋一路往前而行,有南凰女帝以及长青大帝强者在,也无仙帝敢轻易动手杀人,否则,女帝长青大帝若是愤怒,同样可以扫荡他们,各大势力可是都来了不少人,一旦挑起战火,都会很惨,更何况,还有蛮荒大妖的威胁在。 During the Divine Mountain appear(ance) ten years, do not know that many Great Monster evolve, threatens Immortal Territory, if invades Immortal Territory wildly, initiates the flames of war inevitably. 神山出现的十年间,不知多少大妖进化,威胁到仙域,若是蛮荒入侵仙域,必然引发战火。 looks at Qin Wentian proceeds, Empress as well as Great Emperor Changqing and other expert also take a step, Immortal Territory many expert preparations return, now Divine Mountain God's Vestige vanishes, should return to Immortal Territory, these Desolate Great Monster stand erect above Divine Mountain, eyes is sharp, stares at Immortal Territory various expert, in the pupil is beating the excited ray faintly, before being very long, they want to take a look at Immortal Territory to be lively, now, leaves the mountain wildly, irresistible. 看着秦问天一路往前,女帝以及长青大帝强者也迈步而出,仙域诸多强者准备回归,如今神山神迹消失,该返回仙域了,那些蛮荒大妖矗立神山之上,眼眸锋利,凝视仙域强者,眸子中隐隐跳动着兴奋的光芒,很久以前,他们就想要看看仙域繁华,如今,蛮荒出山,势不可挡。 In this time, stands Qin Wentian that in Heaven Swallowing King Beast Little Rascal carries on the back is broadminded to feel that meaning of the wisp of threat, his vision is broadminded raise one's head to look to void, the next quarter, a suffocating pressure as if crossed void to come, then, he noticed that the fist glow penetrated space together, opened from the space channel, direct fist bang has approached his Qin Wentian. 就在此时,站在吞天王兽小混蛋背上的秦问天豁然间感觉到了一缕威胁之意,他目光豁然间抬头看向虚空,下一刻,一股令人窒息的威压仿佛横穿了虚空而来,接着,他看到一道拳芒穿透了空间,从空间通道中开辟而出,直接一拳轰向了他秦问天 That fist as if came from the nihility, the fist glow actually sweeps sway the heaven and earth, pressure heaven-shaking, must crush that day, surroundings various expert completely all feel the whole body to shiver, many expert will draw back in the future, the Qin Wentian complexion is ugly, is who is getting rid to him? 那一拳仿佛来自虚无,拳芒却扫荡天地,威压惊天,要将那片天都击碎来,周围诸强者尽皆感觉浑身颤动,许多强者往后退,秦问天脸色难看,是谁在对他出手? The attack of this fist locks his body, passes through the world to come, to collapse by pressure all, he is hard to contend with this type radically to strong strength, this is the emperor prestige. 这一拳的攻击锁定他的身体,贯穿天地而来,压塌一切,他根本难以抗衡这种至强力量,这是帝威。 Has the Immortal Emperor character, gets rid to Qin Wentian, must exterminate him. 仙帝人物,对秦问天出手,要将他诛灭。 Dissolute.” Great Emperor Changqing coldly snorted, his palm stretches out toward front, in an instant Qin Wentian whole body appear(ance) Changqing ancient vine, has wrapped in which his body instantaneously, the rising typhoon on, changes to the huge boundless Changqing cane, the fist glow kills from out of the blue, the bang above, fearful strength penetrates the Changqing cane directly, tearing, but this attacks together, kept off. “放肆。”长青大帝冷哼一声,他手掌朝着前方伸出,刹那间秦问天周身出现了一长青古藤,瞬间将他的身体包裹其中,扶摇而上,化作巨大无边的长青藤,拳芒破空杀来,轰在其上,可怕的力量直接穿透长青藤,将之撕裂,但这一道攻击,也被挡了下来。 Dongsheng.” The Great Emperor Changqing indifferent start to talk, his voice falls, knows how things stand the [say / way] to attack shuttle void to come, to perform all the fist glow, everywhere fist prestige, covers in which the Divine Mountain ancient road, many Immortal Emperor characters release formidable strength, protects own younger generation expert, avoids the complementary waves destruction. 东圣。”长青大帝冷漠开口,他话音落下,有数道攻击穿梭虚空而来,尽皆拳芒,漫天拳威,将神山古道都笼罩其中,许多仙帝人物纷纷释放强大的力量,护住自己的后辈强者,免遭余波毁灭。 Sees only Monster Emperor Heaven Swallowing Beast to proceed to tread one step, pupil strange monster is incomparable, he roars, nine skull also open mouth, swallowed toward void, as if must swallow that day, the fist glow that only the flash, in the world appear(ance) fearful black hole vortex, that destruction comes attacks is involved in the black hole completely, immediately a Heaven Swallowing Monster Emperor inspiration within the body, fearfully to the extreme. 只见妖帝吞天兽往前踏出一步,眸子妖异无比,他怒吼一声,九颗头颅同时张开嘴,朝着虚空吞了过去,仿佛要吞食那片天,只一刹那,天地间出现一个可怕的黑洞旋涡,那毁灭而来的拳芒攻击全部被卷入黑洞之中,随即吞天妖帝一口吸入体内,可怕到了极点。 Dongsheng?” Qin Wentian eyes flash, Dongsheng really kills his heart to be intense, but, why Immortal Emperor Dongsheng he dares to get rid at this time, is it possible that can he puts to death himself self-confidently in Great Emperor Changqing as well as the Southern Phoenix Empress front inadequately? 东圣?”秦问天目光一闪,东圣果然杀他之心强烈,只是,东圣仙帝他凭什么敢在这时候出手,莫非他自信能够在长青大帝以及南凰女帝的面前诛杀自己不成? Moreover, this attacks in the middle of strength to have the strength of fearful space, Immortal Emperor Dongsheng, his not practice space attribute strength. 而且,这攻击力量当中拥有可怕的空间之力,东圣仙帝,他并未修行空间属性力量 Then when only then a possibility, Immortal Emperor Dongsheng, he attacks has drawn support from emperor weapon magic weapon. 那么只有一种可能,东圣仙帝,他攻击之时借助了帝兵法宝 At this moment, everywhere fist glow is inexhaustible, covers in Divine Mountain ancient road the place of sky, the world changes color, destroys the strength shop to sprinkle infinitely , the bang kills to come, Great Emperor Changqing takes a step, proceeds Heaven Swallowing Monster Emperor the line, sends out the attack, blocks this everywhere fist prestige. 就在这时,漫天拳芒无穷无尽,笼罩在神山古道的上空之地,天地变色,无穷毁灭力量铺洒而下,轰杀而来,长青大帝迈步而出,将吞天妖帝也往前而行,纷纷发出攻击,挡住这漫天拳威。 Bang.” At this moment, the purple ray crosses world to come, to grind all together. “轰。”就在这时,一道紫色光芒横穿天地而来,碾碎一切。 Emperor Zi.” 紫帝。” The Qin Wentian complexion is ugly, in void faint appear(ance) Emperor Zi form, his long gown flutters, sends out the shocking attack, Empress faces forward one step to take, has the unsurpassed graceful bearing, her clothing flutters, the slender palm stretches out, the palm proceeds to press, immediately scarlet red big palm print just likes the Phoenix (Feng Huang) shape, collides with that to strong purple palm print, in the world is born two to strong brilliance, changes to the destruction strength toward eight proliferation, that complementary waves strength arrives at the Divine Mountain ancient road, tears this piece of mountain range instantaneously, the appear(ance) innumerable cracks. 秦问天脸色难看,虚空中隐隐出现紫帝的身影,他长袍飘动,发出惊世攻击,女帝朝前一步迈出,有无上风姿,她衣衫飘动,纤细的手掌伸出,手掌往前一按,顿时一赤红色的大掌印犹如凤凰形态,和那至强的紫色掌印碰撞,天地间诞生两道至强的光华,化作毁灭的力量朝着八面扩散,那余波力量降临神山古道,瞬间撕裂这片山脉,出现无数裂缝。 The attack of Emperor Zi arrives once again, Southern Phoenix Empress coldly snorted, waves to block, but at this moment, a ray of light bunch directly penetrated all, hit directly on Qin Wentian's, this flash, Qin Wentian's whole body space seemed stripped. 紫帝的攻击再度降临,南凰女帝冷哼一声,挥手挡住,但就在此刻,一道光束直接穿透了一切,直接打在了秦问天的身上,这一刹那,秦问天的周身空间仿佛都被剥离了般。 Is Heaven Seizing Bowl, magic weapon of Duotian Great Emperor.” Some people send out the sound of calling out in alarm, the Qin Wentian's body are taken away by that ray of light bunch directly, goes toward space of distant place, disregards any attacks strength. “是夺天钵,夺天大帝的法宝。”有人发出惊呼之声,秦问天的身体直接被那道光束收走,朝着远处的空间而去,无视任何攻击力量 Stays behind.” Great Emperor Changqing roars, sends out the terrifying attack, but Heaven Seizing Bowl started, the space channel lived, the world is confused, crossed the world to the strong space light beam, the wind and cloud color deterioration. “留下。”长青大帝怒吼一声,发出恐怖攻击,但夺天钵已经发动,空间通道已生,天地错乱,一股至强的空间光束横穿了天地,风云变色。 Young Master.” Battle Saint Clan expert has a big shock. 少主。”斗战圣族强者大惊失色。 Little Rascal sends out to roar, Inferno looks deathly pale, that attack locks Qin Wentian directly, carries off directly, is extremely overbearing. 小混蛋发出怒吼,炼狱脸色惨白,那攻击直接锁定秦问天,直接带走,太过霸道。 Southern Phoenix Empress expression is indifferent, on her long gown has as if burnt down, the body emerges unsurpassed divine shine, in an instant, place of as if Ignition vast endless Divine Mountain, changed to the flame world, her eyes looks to that Duotian channel, the flash, the distant place on that day the channel, suddenly had only burnt down, ancient Phoenix (Feng Huang) spans above Vault of Heaven, makes the sound of angry eating delicacies, must burn the space channel. 南凰女帝神色冷漠,她身上那件长袍仿佛都焚烧了起来,身上涌现无上神华,刹那之间,浩瀚无尽的神山之地都仿佛燃烧了起来,化作了火焰世界,她双眸望向那夺天通道,只一刹那,远处那天地通道,遽然间焚烧了起来,一尊古老的凤凰横亘于天穹之上,发出怒啸之音,要将空间通道都焚断来。 Good fearful strength.” Countless person raise one's head look at the day, this fight has Immortal Emperor to get rid unexpectedly directly, even, the back has the shadow of Duotian Great Emperor, but Southern Phoenix Empress, erupted her prestige of peerless. “好可怕的力量。”无数人抬头看天,这场战斗竟有仙帝直接出手,甚至,背后有夺天大帝的影子在,而南凰女帝,也爆发出了她的绝世之威。 The Duotian channel lived, had actually been disrupted natural law by the terrifying flame, is the Duotian brilliance shoots together, Southern Phoenix Empress complexion ice-cold, her hand pinches the law to decide, the Phoenix (Feng Huang) wing blocked the sky, has blocked the Duotian light beam. 夺天通道已生,却被恐怖的火焰打乱了规则,又是一道夺天光华射来,南凰女帝脸色冰冷,她手捏法决,凤凰羽翼遮天蔽日,挡住了夺天光束。 „The words that is unable to stress exactly, then directly killed.” “无法活抓的话,便直接杀了。” The faint sound conveys together, immediately that covers Qin Wentian's Space Power to tear into shreds all, became wild, Qin Wentian exuded the sound of pitiful yell, the whole body body is torn, the blood bloomed, was quite pitiful, his took out treasure cauldron, drilled into immediately, only listened to lightly well the sound to spread together. 一道淡漠的声音传来,随即那笼罩秦问天的空间力量撕碎一切,变得更加的狂暴了起来,秦问天发出惨叫之声,浑身身躯都被撕裂,鲜血绽放,极为凄惨,他祭出宝鼎,随即钻入其中,只听一道轻咦声传出。 Gives me to be chaotic.” Cold shouted, the Duotian light beam distortion, not having the explicit direction, treasure cauldron that Qin Wentian hid into as if to be in the precarious situation in the space channel, immediately space channel of endless distortion present, treasure cauldron flew away in somewhere the direction. “给我乱。”一声冷喝道,夺天光束扭曲,没有了明确的方向,秦问天躲入的宝鼎仿佛在空间通道中处于风雨飘摇的地步,随即无尽扭曲的空间通道现,宝鼎朝着某处方向飞走。 In the Southern Phoenix Empress hand a appear(ance) Phoenix (Feng Huang) plume feather, sways directly, only flash, treasure cauldron as if enclosed fearful wings, vanishes directly does not see, that Space Power was also disrupted, then, treasure cauldron vanished in this piece of space, where did not know. 南凰女帝手中出现一根凤凰翎羽,直接挥洒而出,只一瞬间,宝鼎仿佛附上了可怕的双翼,直接消失不见,那股空间力量也被打乱来,接着,宝鼎消失在了这片空间,不知去了何方。 Empress this has sent off Qin Wentian with the strength of space . Moreover, she has broken space directly, where such opposite party is unable to lock Qin Wentian to go.” Has the Immortal Emperor character to see this secretly said in heart, Empress is really fierce, and method is resolute. 女帝这是借空间之力将秦问天送走了,而且,她直接打断了空间,这样对方也无法锁定秦问天去了哪里。”有仙帝人物看到这一幕心中暗道,女帝果然厉害,而且手段果决。 Southern Phoenix Empress, really lives up to reputation.” The sound penetrates void to come together. 南凰女帝,果然名不虚传。”一道声音穿透虚空而来。 „Does the Duotian Great Emperor, your what kind status, start to a younger generation unexpectedly?” Empress ice-cold start to talk. 夺天大帝,你何等身份,竟对一位晚辈下手?”女帝冰冷开口。 Ha Ha, the person of Immortal Territory, who does not know that my Duotian is, how by well-mannered moral restraint, I will handle affairs the day unable to block, Duotian line.” That sound is overbearing: Who made Dongsheng he ask on me, I naturally must satisfy him.” “哈哈,仙域之人,谁不知我夺天是什么人,岂会被规矩道德束缚,我行事天不能阻,夺天而行。”那声音霸道无边:“谁让东圣他求到了我身上了,我自然要满足他。” Dongsheng, you to kill Qin Wentian, didn't hesitate to betray itself unexpectedly?” Great Emperor Changqing said the sound, who the Duotian Great Emperor was, the Immortal Territory people were indeed clear, this person was the person of big terrifying, was always lawless, the conduct random unseemly behavior, was called the Duotian Great Emperor, some people called Heaven Seizing Old Demon. 东圣,你为了杀秦问天,竟然不惜出卖了自己吗?”长青大帝开口说了声,夺天大帝是什么人,的确仙域的人都清楚,此人乃是大恐怖之人,向来无法无天,行事任意妄为,人称夺天大帝,也有人称夺天老魔 Dongsheng requests him to handle matters, must pay the terrifying price. 东圣要求他办事,必然要付出恐怖的代价。 Your other Hu do not speak nonsense words, Dongsheng already pay respects to join this Seat disciple.” The Duotian Great Emperor light start to talk, making the all people heart tremble all, thought that Dongsheng this was insane, solemn Immortal Emperor, one generation of Overlord, submitted to Heaven Seizing Old Demon unexpectedly! “你们别胡乱说话,东圣已经拜入本座门下了。”夺天大帝淡淡开口,使得诸人无不心颤,心想东圣这是疯了,堂堂仙帝,一代霸主,竟然臣服于夺天老魔
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