AS :: Volume #84

#8305: Small insect opens the mouth

Chapter 8305 第8305章 Small insect opens the mouth 小虫子开口 Xia Tianlong! 夏天龙 Hears this name time, that real immortal silent moment: „Do you actually want to do?” 听到这个名字的时候,那个真仙沉默了片刻:“你到底想干什么?” Since must cooperate, naturally cannot I alone say, if you decided that I sent people to lead you to leave, along with my character army went on an expedition the world, if you did not work with me, I kept here you, I will not harm you, but you wanted to be delivered from oppression, must depend on own skill.” An eyebrow Daoist said, stands up: I walk to outside now, when I arrived at cave entrance you not saying that agreement words, I will assign the person to seal cave entrance, will not come back, you should understand, I sealed up cave entrance to protect you.” “既然要合作,当然不能我一个人说了,如果你决定好了,我就派人带你离开,随我一字军去征战天下,如果你不跟我合作的话,那我就将你留在这里,我不会伤害你,但你想要重见天日,就要靠自己的本事了。”一眉道人说完之后站起身来:“我现在就向外面走,等我走到洞口你还没有说同意的话,我就会命人封了洞口,再也不会回来,你应该明白,我封住洞口是为了保护你。” Tread! 踏! An eyebrow Daoist walks toward outside directly. 一眉道人直接向外面走去。 The speed that he walks is not so fast but so slow neither, but most 30 seconds, he can walk. 他走的速度不快不慢,但最多三十秒的时间,他就能走出去。 Tread! 踏! An eyebrow Daoist turns toward outside to walk like this. 一眉道人就这样向着外面走。 When his foot must tread cave entrance. 在他的脚已经要踏出洞口的时候。 The sound passed from inside together: I agreed.” 一道声音从里面传了出来:“我同意。” On a face of eyebrow Daoist showed the smiling face: Comes the person, gives me to come out Senior.” 一眉道人的脸上露出了笑容:“来人,将前辈给我请出来。” The place of Xia Tian living in seclusion. 夏天隐居之地。 Small insect. 小虫子。 Such long, Xia Tian induces to the small insect for the first time hovers in his body on own initiative. 这么久了,夏天第一次感应到小虫子主动在他的身体内游动。 Small insect, do you want to help me?” Xia Tian quickly asked. “小虫子,你是要帮我吗?”夏天急忙问道。 Always. 一直以来。 The small insect is very passive, although hides in Xia Tian within the body, but he actually never makes anything on own initiative, is Xia Tian, when most dangerous, rescues Xia Tian in the water and fire. 小虫子都是非常被动的,虽然藏在夏天体内,但他却从不主动做什么,都是夏天在最危险的时候,救夏天于水火之中。 This time. 这一次。 Also was the Xia Tian most critical time. 也算是夏天最危急的时刻了。 The small insect was also driving moving. 小虫子也算是主动的动了。 Only then you can help your Ah! the voice of small insect appear in the Xia Tian knowledge sea. “只有你自己才能帮你自己啊!”小虫子的声音出现在夏天的识海之中。 Aperture. 开口了。 The small insect opened the mouth. 小虫子开口了。 This is the first time that Xia Tian heard the small insect opens the mouth. 这还是夏天第一次听到小虫子开口。 Xia Tian a little does not dare believe. 夏天有点不敢相信。 „Is small insect, you are speaking with me?” Xia Tian quickly asked. “小虫子,是你在和我说话吗?”夏天急忙问道。 Sound that but the small insect also has no again. 可小虫子再也没有任何的声音了。 He only spoke a few words with Xia Tian. 他只和夏天说了一句话。 Only then I can help me.” Saying that Xia Tian thought aloud. “只有我自己才能帮我自己。”夏天自言自语的说道。 This is the small insect gives his advice. 这是小虫子给他的忠告。 The matter that that these words represent the small insect on own initiative with the Xia Tian opens the mouth, such a few words, absolutely is not simple. 小虫子主动和夏天开口,就这么一句话,那这句话所代表的的事情就绝对不简单。 Tread! 踏! Xia Tian standing up slowly, his vision also looked at this time to own front. 夏天缓缓的站起身来,此时他的目光也是看向了自己的前方。 Day, you must do, your both feet now is not convenient.” Lin Bingbing quickly goes forward. “天,你要干什么,你的双脚现在不方便的。”林冰冰急忙上前。 All right, I think that a person walks.” Xia Tian forwarded several steps. “没事,我想一个人走走。”夏天向前走了几步。 Several females all worry looks at Xia Tian. 几女全都担忧的看着夏天 Relax, I am summer Heavens!.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, recently with own wives lived together, he is very happy, passed close to two years of time, beforehand he, immerses between cultivation and life and death every day, in order to lives, in order to better tomorrow, he also paid. “放心吧,我可是夏天啊。”夏天微微一笑,最近和自己的妻子们生活在一起,他很开心,接近两年的时光就这么过去了,以前的他,每天都沉浸在修炼和生与死之间,为了能够活下来,为了能够更好的明天,他也是付出了很多啊。 That days, he is very tired every day, the pressure is very big. 那段日子,他每天都很累,压力很大。 Races against the time. 与时间赛跑。 He believes that after oneself solved all, can with own lover live together, but this heaven does not let off him. 他原本认为,自己解决了一切之后,就可以和自己的爱人生活在一起了,可这个老天就是不放过他啊。 „Everyone has the selfish time, the ability is bigger, the responsibility is bigger, this words only then in the movie will have, in the reality, I have only thought myself, is so difficult.” Xia Tian step by step walks forward. “每个人都有自私的时候,能力越大,责任越大,这种话只有电影里面才会有,现实之中,我只想过好自己,也这么难啊。”夏天一步一步的向前走。 The night falls. 夜幕降临。 He looks at the heavenly star. 他看着天上的星星。 Vast starry sky. 浩瀚的星空。 Vast boundless, Xia Tian as far as eyes can reach, day ghost Lone Star is that obvious, although has changed small, but ray as before. 辽阔无边,夏天一眼望去,天煞孤星还是那么明显啊,虽然已经变小了很多,但光芒依旧。 ! 呼! Xia Tian long expiration of: Perhaps, this is I should the destiny of withstanding.” 夏天长长的吐了一口气:“也许,这就是我该承受的命运吧。” In Ancient vestige. 上古遗迹之中。 Found, finally found, all was all connected including the above.” Two wooden exciting shouting. “找到了,终于找到了,所有的一切全都连上了。”二木兴奋的喊道。 Can determine?” The remnant soul also stares. “可以确定了?”残魂也是一愣。 Em, from the past war, to your rise and death, the complete history, I almost could be connected including the above.” Two wood nod. “恩,从当年的大战,到你的崛起和死亡,全部的历史,我几乎已经可以连上了。”二木点了点头。 Said to look quickly, what's the matter?” The remnant soul quickly asked. “快说说看,怎么回事?”残魂急忙问道。 Person clan has existed actually, then person clan was just small and weak, you tasted all various grassy plants, by person clan to seal/confer is king, was you helps the person clan solve the disease pain, but human was too small and weak, but you were person race's first stand, dares to go with the person who three clans negotiated, you did not have the opportunity, when the wars of three clan ends, you stood to rescue dying three clan Chief finally, was that time, you obtained the true lines of three clans, in the meantime, three clans started by consecrating the form existed., And to the following person by the true line, since then, you becomes the person clan true king, the core of true right, although everyone also respected you before, seals you as the king, but does not have the absolute strength, is impossible to make each tribe submit.” Two wooden are explaining patiently. “人族其实一直都存在,只不过当时的人族非常弱小,你尝遍百草,被人族封为王,也是你帮人族解决了疾病的痛苦,但人类还是太弱小了,而你则是人族第一个站出来,敢去和三族谈判的人,原本你是没有机会的,可是在三族终结之战的时候,你最后站出来救了垂死的三族首领,也是那一次,你获得了三族的真传,同时,三族开始以供奉的形式存在,并给下面的人以真传,从那时开始,你成为了人族真正的王,真正权利的核心,虽然以前大家也尊重你,封你为王,但没有绝对的实力,是不可能让各个部落屈服的。”二木耐心的讲解着。 He to find the history, made countless efforts. 他为了找到历史,付出了无数的心血。 Now finally unties all. 现在终于解开了一切。 Behind?” The remnant soul asked. “后面呢?”残魂问道。 Behind is each tribe is steady temporarily, has your balance, everyone is also relatively calm and steady, but there is a strength, everyone will have the hope to the right, the difference of each clan cultivation, the acquired resources are also different, they become greedy, this also appears on the causing following war, but your strength dominates above everyone completely, therefore had behind your death, because, this is the popular sentiment, everyone hopes that you die.” Two wood looked to the remnant soul. “后面就是各个部落暂时平稳,有你的制衡,大家也算是相对安稳,但有了力量,大家就会对权利产生渴望,每个氏族修炼的不一样,获得的资源也是不一样,他们变得更加的贪婪,这也就导致后面的战争出现,可你的实力完全凌驾于所有人之上,所以就有了后面你的死亡,因为,这是民心,所有人都希望你死。”二木看向了残魂。 I changed the world, changed them, gives opportunity that they survived, gave them a better environment and ability, do they actually want me dead?” Remnant soul puzzled asking. “我改变了世界,改变了他们,给了他们生存的机会,给了他们更好的环境和能力,他们却都想要我死?”残魂不解的问道。 You have a look at Mr. Xia, now after the spirit world spread the Mr. Xia death the news, what also several people went to say for Mr. Xia, what has made?” Two wood shake the head. “你看看夏先生,现在灵界传出夏先生死亡的消息后,又有几个人去替夏先生说过什么,做过什么?”二木摇了摇头。 This is the reality. 这就是现实。 In other words, is everyone kills together my right?” The remnant soul asked. “也就是说,是所有人一起害死我的对吗?”残魂问道。 Is the popular sentiment, the person but who begins is actually you most own two people.” Two wood said. “是民心,但动手的人却是你最亲的两个人。”二木说道。 Who is?” The remnant soul asked again. “是谁?”残魂再次问道。 Finally found you two.” The sound interrupted two wooden words together. “终于找到你们两个了。”一道声音打断了二木的话。 dragon God. 龙神。 Shang Jieao. 商桀骜 Their 12 Protector, all appear here. 还有他们的十二护法,全都出现在这里。 Two wood, I have the words to ask you, the honest reply, I give you means of livelihood.” dragon God as if worries to inquire is the same. “二木,我有话问你,老老实实回答,我给你一条活路。”龙神仿佛是非常着急询问一样。 Em? 恩? Two wooden brow wrinkles: „Do you want to do?” 二木的眉头一皱:“你们到底要干什么?” He can look, the opposite party comes prepared. 他看得出来,对方是有备而来的。 The remnant soul also kept off two wood in own behind. 残魂也是将二木挡在了自己的身后。 Two wood, I know that you study the history, moreover I also know, you research to the ancient immortal have, you definitely know Zulong Secret Art, I heard, you had found Zulong Secret Art the clue, right!!” Asking that dragon God comes straight to the point. “二木,我知道你是研究历史的,而且我也知道,你对古仙的研究有很多,那你就一定知道祖龙诀,我听说,你已经找到祖龙诀的线索了,对吧!!”龙神开门见山的问道。 That rebel!!” Two wood know is who high-density. “那个叛徒!!”二木知道是谁高密的了。 ( This chapter ends) (本章完)
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