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#8303: Status of demon

Chapter 8303 第8303章 Status of demon 魔器的地位 Yun Miao?” Xia Tian puzzled sees several females. 云淼呢?”夏天不解的看着几女。 His face last this time is the facial expression of doubts, Yun Miao unexpectedly disappears, moreover several female unexpectedly have not told him. 他的脸上此时全都是疑惑的神情,云淼居然不见了,而且几女居然没有告诉他。 Day, do not ask that they will not say.” Ye Qingxue shakes the head. “天,别问了,她们不会说的。”叶清雪摇了摇头。 You cannot do that I have my life, although you are my wife, but you have your life, you should not build your life on my body.” The Xia Tian vision looks at Ye Qingxue like this: Told me, which she went, how now, to call her.” “你们不能这么做,我有我自己的人生,虽然你们是我的妻子,但你们也有自己的人生,你们不该将自己的人生搭在我的身上的。”夏天目光就这样看着叶清雪:“告诉我,她去哪了,现在怎么样,把她叫回来。” Day, for you, making us die, Miao Miao is mother time longest person, mother thinks that her aptitude is very good, therefore Miao Miao also studied more skill things, perhaps she has the means.” Ye Qingxue answered. “天,为了你,让我们去死都可以的,淼淼是和母亲时间最长的人,母亲认为她资质很好,所以淼淼也学了更多的本事东西,说不定她有办法的。”叶清雪解释道。 Without is so easy, you also know that the might of day of ghost Lone Star, wants to resist day ghost Lone Star, is not then easy.” Xia Tian anxious saying. “没那么容易的,你们也知道天煞孤星的威力,想要对抗天煞孤星,并不是那么容易的。”夏天焦急的说道。 He really does not hope that anyone has the matter. 他真的不希望任何一个人有事。 Ye Qingxue lowers the head. 叶清雪低下了头。 You and Miao Miao are living together for a long time, you hope that Miao Miao does have an accident? You also know, if Miao Miao has an accident, I for a lifetime, will definitely be no better than death guilty.” Xia Tian held the arm of Ye Qingxue. “你们和淼淼在一起生活这么长时间了,难道你们希望淼淼出事吗?你们也知道,如果淼淼出事,我肯定会内疚一辈子,生不如死的。”夏天抓住了叶清雪的手臂。 This time Ye Qingxue also vacillated. 此时的叶清雪也动摇了。 Each of them is thinking can die for Xia Tian, but same, Xia Tian is also so. 她们每个人都想着可以替夏天去死,可同样的,夏天也是如此啊。 She changed the starlike image.” Ye Qingxue said finally. “她去改变星象了。”叶清雪最终还是说了出来。 Nonsense, leads me to pass quickly, world myriad things, starry sky livelihood, this is impossible to change, I felt the myriad things before the strength already very formidable, but I am still not able to feel the starlike image, not to mention changes the starlike image, this will be will die.” Xia Tian anxious saying. “胡闹,快带我过去,天地万物,星空日月,这是根本就不可能改变的,我之前感受万物的力量已经非常强悍了,但我依然无法感受到星象,更不用说是改变星象了,这是会死的。”夏天焦急的说道。 Do not worry, our led her to come back in the past.” Ye Qingxue leaves with Bing Xin, his her several females are remain to look after Xia Tian. “你别着急,我们这就过去带她回来。”叶清雪带着冰心离开,其她几女则是留下来照顾夏天 This time Xia Tian sits above the wheelchair. 此时的夏天坐在轮椅之上。 In this moment. 在这一刻。 He felt suddenly, oneself turned into the burden probably. 他突然感觉,自己好像变成了累赘。 My this whole life selfish such, I do not want to become an immortal, what overlord I do not want to go to work as, I only want to accompany my wife, isn't this good?” In the Xia Tian innermost feelings is shouting. “我这辈子就自私这么一回,我不想成仙,我也不想去当什么霸主,我只想陪着我的妻子们,难道这都不行吗?”夏天内心之中呼喊着。 His vision looks to the sky. 他的目光看向天空。 He discovered. 他发现。 The happiness that oneself fantasize, has not realized. 自己幻想的美好,并没有实现。 He wanted to bring the wives to return to Earth before to come up, may return to Earth is very difficult matter, he believes that so long as crush the dantian, on that day ghost Lone Star will definitely not have any effect on him. 他之前想要带着妻子们回到地球上去,可回到地球是非常困难的事情,他认为,自己只要将丹田粉碎,那天煞孤星就绝对不会对他有任何的影响了。 But in fact. 可事实上。 Thump thump the death of clan also because of him. 咚咚族的死也是因为他。 This is day of ghost Lone Star. 这就是天煞孤星。 With his concerned person, will meet with a disaster, his wife? 和他有关的人,都会遭殃,那他的妻子们呢? Their Tiantian and live together, whether will also be affected? 她们天天和自己生活在一起,是否也会遭受到影响? Clever heaven, how do you want me?” In Xia Tian innermost feelings angry is shouting. “贼老天,你到底想要我怎么样?”夏天内心之中愤怒的喊着。 bo! 啵! At this moment. 就在这时。 Has hidden in the small insect of his within the body as if had the induction, has the induction of gearing with his body. 一直隐藏在他体内的小虫子仿佛有了感应,和他的身体产生连动的感应。 Takaya. 鹰谷。 Here is only then eagle clan, moreover here usually human does not dare to visit, but now, Takaya here corpse are innumerable. 原本这里是只有鹰族的,而且这里平时人类根本就不敢踏足,可现在,鹰谷这里死尸无数。 „An eyebrow, how do you actually want?” Hundred wing gods angry looks at an eyebrow Daoist. “一眉,你到底想怎么样?”百翅神主愤怒的看着一眉道人。 I have said that you recognize me for the Lord, after hundred wing god clans, does not exist, you follow me to mix, wins this world together.” An eyebrow Daoist said directly. “我说过了,你认我为主,百翅神族以后不存在了,你们都跟着我混,一起打下这个天下。”一眉道人直接说道。 I have lived in seclusion this place, you should understand, I cultivate virtue in order to become an immortal wholeheartedly, does not want to step in the struggle of your right again.” Hundred wing gods have completely understood the issue of right. “我都已经隐居到这种地方了,你应该明白,我一心修仙,不想再涉足你们权利的斗争了。”百翅神主早就看透了权利的问题。 In his opinion. 在他看来。 Everyone competes and fight, to become an immortal. 大家争来争去,都只是为了成仙罢了。 Since he now has the opportunity of becoming an immortal, why he also wants to fight over these. 那他现在既然有成仙的机会,他为什么还要去争那些呢。 Not with the words that I mix, the qualifications and opportunity that you have not become an immortal, mix with me, helping me win the world, I to the opportunity that you become an immortal.” Saying of eyebrow Daoist coldly. “不跟我混的话,你就没有成仙的资格和机会,跟着我混,帮我打下天下,我就给你成仙的机会。”一眉道人冷冷的说道。 His attitude was also clear. 他的态度也是非常的明确了。 Your hundred wing gods want to become an immortal, that must undergo my agreement, you are willing to work oneself to death for me, I let your cultivation, you are not willing, I now to kill you. 你百翅神主想要成仙,那得经过我的同意,你肯为我卖命,我就让你修炼,你不肯,那我现在就杀了你。 An eyebrow Daoist is a very cloudy hero is deceitful, moreover is good at using existence of will of the people. 一眉道人是一个非常阴侠狡诈,而且善于利用人心的存在。 He naturally understands, hundred wing gods more cultivate virtue in order to become an immortal wholeheartedly, his flaw are also more. 他自然明白,百翅神主越是一心修仙,那他的破绽也就越多。 „An eyebrow, our hundred wing god clans are not good to bully, moreover I have the real immortal support behind.” Hundred wing gods also know, a present eyebrow Daoist does not cope easily. “一眉,我们百翅神族也不是好欺负,而且我身后可是有真仙支持的。”百翅神主也知道,现在的一眉道人不容易对付。 Therefore he said the matter of real immortal. 所以他将真仙的事情说了出来。 I knew certainly, when you my so many years are white mixed? Hundred wings, I give you an opportunity, you went the real immortal to say with you behind, said in my eyebrow hand had demon, asked whether he is willing to cooperate with me, I believe, you should listen to his words.” An eyebrow Daoist said directly. “我当然知道了,你当我这么多年是白混的吗?百翅,我给你一个机会,你去跟你后面的真仙说,就说我一眉手中有魔器,问他是否愿意和我合作,我相信,你应该会听他的话。”一眉道人直接说道。 Demon. 魔器。 This is energy of eyebrow Daoist. 这就是一眉道人的底气。 Hundred wing gods looked at their subordinate, later vanished in same place. 百翅神主看了一眼自己的手下,随后消失在了原地。 Sir, I should not disturb your, but has some conditions now.” Hundred wing gods face the coffin saying that he also all said all matter that had a moment ago. “大人,原本我不该来打扰您的,但现在出现了一些状况。”百翅神主面对着棺材说道,他也是将刚才发生的所有事情全都说了一遍。 Including demon. 包括魔器。 Demon, spirit world unexpectedly presented demon.” That person surprised saying of coffin. “魔器,没想到,灵界居然出现了魔器。”棺材之中的那个人惊讶的说道。 Sir, what existence demon is?” Hundred wing god puzzled asking. “大人,魔器到底是什么样的存在?”百翅神主不解的问道。 Demon coordinated immortal, but immortal is is not so easy to obtain in the paradise, the paradise is very big, what we do not know other place, that region that but we live, immortal almost by several big influence monopolies, the powder was repaired with some small influences does not have immortal, even if their luck is good, bumped into immortal, still by inexhaustibly chasing down, therefore the immortal even paradise, is still the good thing, demon is the demon thing, the might and immortal almost, as for might...” That person in coffin pondered , to continue later: „The most common immortal, takes immortal, can challenge surpassing level, as for spanning several ranks, I draws an analogy, is equivalent to the spirit world emperor level 20 people to cut to kill to fly upwards Expert is a concept.” “魔器对等仙器,而仙器在仙界也并不是那么容易得到的,仙界很大,我们不知道其他的地方什么样,但我们生活的那片区域,仙器几乎是被几个大势力垄断的,散修和一些小势力是没有仙器的,就算是他们运气好,碰到了仙器,也会遭受到无穷无尽的追杀,所以仙器就算是仙界,也是好东西,魔器是魔界的东西,威力和仙器差不多的,至于威力...”棺材之中的那个人思考了一下,随后继续说道:“最普通的仙人,拿着仙器,也可以越级挑战,至于跨越几个等级,我打个比方吧,就相当于灵界帝级二十品的人可以斩杀飞升高手是一个概念。” What? 什么? Hears here time, on the faces of hundred wing gods is the shocking facial expression. 听到这里的时候,百翅神主的脸上全都是震惊的神情。 The emperor level 20, cut to kill to fly upwards Expert. 帝级二十品,斩杀飞升高手 Among some how many Realm? 这中间有多少境界 Crosses the tribulation, after first, great accomplishment, after first. 渡劫,前中后,大成,前中后。 It can be said. 可以说。 Disparity between each ranks is also very big, Xia Tian is so famous , because he by has not crossed the ability of tribulation, has to cut to kill to cross tribulation and Expert of great accomplishment level, but even Xia Tian, impossible at then time cuts to kill existence of flying upwards level. 每一个等级之间的差距也都是非常大的,夏天之所以那么出名,就是因为他以没有渡劫的能力,就拥有斩杀渡劫和大成级别的高手,但就算是夏天,也不可能以当时的时候斩杀飞升级别的存在。 Therefore. 所以。 Can see from this point, actually the might of demon had is big. 从这一点就可以看出,魔器的威力究竟有多么的大了。 Moreover that is regarding the immortal. 而且那还是对于仙人来说。 Then in spirit world? 那在灵界呢? In the spirit world, this is almost invincible existence. 在灵界,这就几乎是无敌的存在啊。 ( This chapter ends) (本章完)
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