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#7882: Had the mistake

Chapter 7882 第7882章 Had the mistake 出差错了 Cut! 斩! This time ray looks like not big, but after his ray cuts, Xia Tian felt suddenly a destruction strength, this is the true destruction strength. 这一次的光芒看上去好像并没有多大,但当他的光芒斩出去之后,夏天突然感觉到了一股毁灭的力量,这是真正毁灭的力量。 In this moment. 在这一刻。 Xia Tian induced the terrifying strength. 夏天真的感应到了恐怖的力量。 In this strength does not have the strength of any immortal. 这股力量里面没有任何的仙之力。 But Xia Tian believes that even if there is person of strength of immortal, is impossible to shoulder. 夏天认为,就算是拥有仙之力的人,也不可能扛得住。 Bang! 轰! Half Dragon Clan person who several clash wants to receive this time cutting to strike. 几头冲上来的半龙族的人想要接下这一次的斩击。 Brings about own destruction!” Bright moon light saying. “自寻死路!”皓月淡淡的说道。 ! 噗! That several -and-a-half Dragon Clan person, the body was crushed instantaneously . Moreover the ray as if once more increases, many surrounding guards also flushed, but their results are finally same as that several front page Dragon Clan person. 那几头半龙族的人,身体瞬间被粉碎,而且光芒仿佛再次变大,很多周围的守卫也冲了上来,但他们的结果和那几头版龙族的人结果都是一样的。 All died. 全都死亡了。 This was also too good.” Although Xia Tian the method are many, but he also has to admire the opposite party the strikes. “这也太牛了啊。”夏天虽然手段很多,但他也不得不佩服对方的这一击。 Bright moon war-god the strikes, just started looks like not what kind, but along with the passage of time, his strikes the might is also bigger and bigger, especially bumps into the words that others defend, basic on the defense. 皓月战神的这一击,刚开始看上去好像并没有怎么样,但是伴随着时间的推移,他的这一击威力也是越来越大,特别是碰到别人防御的话,根本就防御不住。 Moreover instead to will let his strike, the might increases Freshman time. 而且反到是会让他的这一击,威力增大一倍。 Dodges.” Dillon shouts loudly. “闪躲。”狄龙大声喊道。 Saw that the attack of bright moon must swallow king heart, but king heart seems thinks oneself cannot escape, wants to use the strength of oneself immortal to defend. 眼看着皓月的攻击就已经要吞噬掉王心了,而王心仿佛是认为自己逃不掉,想要用自己的仙之力去防御。 Sound that but hears Dillon, king heart is also felt that the situation is not right. 可是听到狄龙的声音,王心也是感觉情况不对。 ! 噗! His dodging hesitant moment. 他的闪躲犹豫了片刻。 But his less than half body also instantaneously vanished. 而他的小半个身子也是瞬间消失了。 Smashing. 粉碎。 Very neat smashing wound. 非常整齐的粉碎伤口。 The strength of his immortal defends unexpectedly unable to resist the attack of bright moon war-god, must know, on his crushed arm, has covered entirely the defense of strength of immortal, may be this, he had not felt that completely oneself has the feeling of defense. 他的仙之力防御居然无法抵挡皓月战神的攻击,要知道,他被粉碎的手臂上,也是布满了仙之力的防御,可就算是这样,他也完全没有感觉到自己有防御的感觉。 If were not he had dodged a moment ago finally, his entire body must fall by thorough swallowing. 如果刚才不是他最后闪躲了一下,他整个身子就要被彻底的吞噬掉了。 Rumble! 轰隆隆! Splitting. 裂开。 Xia Tian saw, the ground this was struck has cut open directly, at this time here ground, was crushed completely was the same, moreover Xia Tian saw, the ground that splits is spreading unceasingly, in other words, his strikes the might not to stop. 夏天看到,地面被这一击直接切开了,此时这里的地面,完全被粉碎了一样,而且夏天看到,裂开的地面正在不断的蔓延着,也就是说,他的这一击威力还是没有停止。 This was also too terrifying, this is what attacked? Why the might can as big as this degree.” Red Phoenix (Hong Feng) is also incomparable surprised, he has been looking at the bright moon a moment ago the body, may be anything has still not seen. “这也太恐怖了吧,这到底是什么攻击啊?为什么威力可以大到这种程度。”红凤也是无比的惊讶,刚才他一直在看皓月的身体,可依然是什么都没有看出了。 At this time he also finally understands before the bright moon, so was why self-confident. 此时他也是终于明白皓月之前为什么那么自信了。 Originally his unexpectedly can launch such formidable attack. 原来他居然可以发动这么强大的攻击。 Almost cut to kill king heart. 真的是差点就斩杀了王心啊。 On the contrary is Xia Tian here. 反倒是夏天这里。 He does not know how oneself should attack, moreover now did not have the opportunity of attack. 他都不知道自己该怎么攻击了,而且现在已经没有了攻击的时机。 „Is the strength that he used a moment ago actually what strength?” Xia Tian at this time also very curious, he looks these half Dragon Clan Expert that front to/clashes are also the right hand wields. “刚才他使用的力量究竟是什么样的力量呢?”夏天此时也是非常的好奇,他看着面前冲过来的这些半龙族高手也是右手一挥。 Black Dragon! 黑龙! The feather kills! 羽杀! Innumerable Black Dragon rushed directly, several hundred Black Dragon charges into -and-a-half Dragon Clan. 无数的黑龙直接冲了上去,数百头黑龙冲向一个半龙族 Walks!” The bright moon said loudly. “走!”皓月大声说道。 Three people are to all start fast retreat, he also understands, the best attack opportunity did not have, before looking like Xia Tian, said that is living, has the opportunity to revenge. 三人全都是开始快速的后退,他也明白,最佳的攻击机会已经没有了,就像是夏天之前说的,只有活着,才有机会报仇。 He very clearly a moment ago own that strikes the might in a big way, that will strike also definitely directs Dajun and inside Expert of half Dragon Mountain. 他非常清楚刚才自己的那一击威力到底有多大,那一击也肯定会将半龙山的大军和里面的高手引出来。 When the time comes continuous Expert, they are impossible to shoulder. 到时候源源不断的高手,他们也不可能扛得住的。 Therefore now they can only retreat. 所以现在他们只能撤退。 Rumble! 轰隆隆! Xia Tian hears. 夏天听到。 Bright moon that struck finally to the end. 皓月的那一击终于到头了。 I understand finally the beforehand village head said that he used the meat stamina quantity to cut a mountain range is any meaning, although the stone of this half Dragon Mountain was hard, but he has broken out half Dragon Mountain, although does not have the entire half Dragon Mountain to break out, but this struck, has broken out half Dragon Mountain least 1/10 area.” Xia Tian says with emotion. “我终于明白之前村长说他用肉体力量斩开一座山脉是什么意思了,虽然这个半龙山的石头非常坚硬,但他还是将半龙山劈开了,虽然没有将整个半龙山劈开,但这一击,也是劈开了半龙山最少1的面积啊。”夏天感慨道。 This bright moon also was really makes him broaden the outlook today. 这个皓月今天也真的是让他大开眼界了。 He was also really sees the world. 他也算是真的见世面了。 Human, unexpectedly dares to get rid to our partly Dragon Mountain, you are really courting death.” The sound that drinks greatly conveys from the distant place, afterward the entire half Dragon Mountain vibrated. “人类,居然敢对我们半龙山出手,你们真的是找死啊。”一道大喝的声音从远处传来,随后整个半龙山都跟着震动起来了。 This time half Dragon Mountain. 此时的半龙山。 All half Dragon Clan as if all appeared. 所有的半龙族仿佛全都出现了。 Then troubled, he that truly was the might was very a moment ago big, but similarly, his also has brought to the attention of many person, half Dragon Clan of half Dragon Mountain wound that regarded provokes.” Red Phoenix (Hong Feng) helpless saying. “这下麻烦了啊,他刚才那一下确实是威力很大,但同样的,他那一下也引起了很多人的注意啊,半龙山伤的半龙族将那一下当成是挑衅了。”红凤无奈的说道。 Right. 没错。 Bright moon that strikes, might really very big, but similarly, how half Dragon Clan can tolerate own den to be deducted this, they now are also indignant. 皓月的那一击,威力真的是非常的大,但同样的,半龙族怎么能容忍自己的老巢被人劈成这样呢,他们现在也是气愤。 To tear into shreds the intruder directly. 想要将入侵者直接撕碎。 Walks!” Xia Tian looked at two people. “走!”夏天看了一眼两人。 They also all according to the plan, directly broke in the channel of escaping. 他们也全都是按照计划,直接冲入了逃生的通道。 Bang! 轰! Bad. 糟了。 Just flushed shortly, Xia Tian had discovered a serious issue, that was the bright moon a moment ago the struck the might to be too big, gave to break out their channels, in other words, their this channels have exposed. 刚冲下去没多久,夏天就发现了一个严重的问题,那就是刚才皓月的这一击威力太大了,将他们的通道也给劈开了,也就是说,他们这个通道已经暴露了。 Really. 果然。 As soon as they run, these half Dragon Clan people also all flushed. 他们一跑出去,那些半龙族的人也全都冲了上来。 é! 额! The bright moon and cold war have discovered obviously also this point, at this time the bright moon is also the feeling very awkward. 皓月和冷战显然也都发现了这一点,此时皓月也是感觉非常的尴尬。 Cannot say that is Xia Tian thinks insufficient perfect. 不能说是夏天想的不够完美。 But is Xia Tian does not know that the bright moon had such skill, unexpectedly all of a sudden a mountain breaking out. 而是夏天不知道皓月有这样的本事,居然一下子就将一座山给劈开了。 Such terrifying ability is he is unexpected. 这么恐怖的能力是他始料未及的。 Therefore. 所以。 Such variable also appeared. 这样的变数也就出现了。 „It is not good, their attacks hit.” The Red Phoenix (Hong Feng) reminder said. “不好,他们的攻击打过来了。”红凤提醒道。 The attack of half Dragon Clan followed cave to hit directly, at this time their attack was also pursuing stubbornly in Xia Tian their . Moreover the channel was not very big, their attacks did not need to think how to trace Xia Tian their three. 龙族的攻击直接顺着山洞打过来了,此时他们的攻击也都是死死的追在夏天他们的身后,而且通道并不是很大,他们的攻击根本就不用想着怎么追踪夏天他们三个。 Moreover behind them continuous attack, makes cave inside impulse bigger and bigger. 而且他们后面源源不断的攻击,也让山洞里面的冲击力越来越大。 Such big impulse, if were hit, that consequence will be dreadful. 这么大的冲击力,如果被击中的话,那后果将是不堪设想的。 Xia Tian held the body of bright moon and cold war directly: Do not revolt.” 夏天直接抓住了皓月和冷战的身体:“别反抗。” They also directly give up resisting. 两人也是直接放弃抵抗。 Their two know, Xia Tian is will not harm absolutely their, therefore they are also the flash comply. 他们两个知道,夏天是绝对不会害他们的,所以他们也都是一瞬间照做。 ! 唰! Xia Tian brings their bodies to move. 夏天带着他们的身体一动。 In flash. 在一瞬间。 Their bodies appear above ground directly. 他们的身体直接出现在地面之上。 A moment ago that situation, if has run, they surely did not have the attack of opposite party to be quick, moreover following half Dragon Clan Expert in the unceasing thrust augmentation, that attack also will be getting quicker and quicker. 刚才那种情况,如果一直跑下去的话,他们肯定是没有对方的攻击快的,而且后面的半龙族高手还在不断的加力,那攻击也就会越来越快。 Now. 现在。 They have also been out of the danger. 他们也算是脱离了危险。 Xia Tian, your courage were also too big, here is half Dragon Mountain, your unexpectedly dares to act unruly here.” Dillon noticed that Dajun came, now the energy is also the unusual foot. 夏天,你们的胆子也太大了,这里可是半龙山,你们居然敢在这里撒野。”狄龙看到大军已经来了,现在底气也是非常的足。 ( This chapter ends) (本章完)
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