AS :: Volume #79

#7877: Again with cold war

It seems like before him, guesses right, king heart and Dillon also really rushed to this place to come. 看来他之前猜的没错啊,王心和狄龙还真的跑到这种地方来了。 Your enemy really here?” The village head noticed that the Xia Tian appearance also stares. “你的敌人真的在这里?”村长看到夏天的样子也是一愣。 Before Xia Tian, had said arrived here goal. 夏天之前就说过自己来到这里的目的了。 That is chases down the person. 那就是来追杀人的。 Now the opposite party really goes to half Dragon Mountain, that troubled. 现在对方真的跑到了半龙山,那就麻烦了。 Em!” Xia Tian slight nod. “恩!”夏天微微点头。 In this case, that troubled.” The brow tight wrinkle of village head, his vision looked in the surroundings: We find a safe place to try to find the solution again.” “这样的话,那就麻烦了啊。”村长的眉头紧皱,他的目光在周围看了一圈:“我们找一个安全的地方再想想办法。” He clearly had the words to Xia Tian to say. 他显然是有话想要对夏天说。 But has not known how should say. 但还不知道该怎么说。 It seems like he really has the hard thing to bring up, rather than conceals you intentionally.” Red Phoenix (Hong Feng) saw the meaning of village head yes what's the matter. “看来他是真的有难言之隐,而不是故意隐瞒你啊。”红凤看到村长的意思就明白是怎么回事了。 Em, everyone has own hard thing to bring up, I am no exception, I have the matter that oneself do not want to say that moreover I am not too familiar with this village head, he did not need anything to say with me.” Xia Tian looked to that village head, he also understands that now this village head, definitely had the words that he does not want to speak. “恩,每个人都有自己的难言之隐,我也不例外,我也有自己不想说的事情,而且我和这个村长并不是太熟悉,他没必要什么事情都和我说的。”夏天看向了那个村长,他现在也明白这个村长,肯定有他不想说的话。 Tread! 踏! That village head looked in the surroundings. 那个村长在周围找了一圈。 „That side goes, that side security.” The village head walks is also very careful, here was the range of half Dragon Mountain, the surroundings possibly presented half Dragon Clan at any time. “去那边吧,那边安全一点。”村长走的也是非常小心,这里是半龙山的范围了,周围随时都可能出现半龙族 Xia Tian followed that village head, is a quite covert small cavern. 夏天跟那个村长走了过去,是一个比较隐蔽的小洞穴。 „Do you know here situation?” Xia Tian asked. “你知道这里的情况吗?”夏天问道。 How to tell you.” Village head hesitant, later the vision looked to Xia Tian: Actually I in more than half Dragon Mountain, I lived before here, to enhance strength not completely, moreover some special things, therefore I go to above of more than half Dragon Mountain, that inside half Dragon Clan Expert are many, but these half Dragon Clan person vigilances are not very high, so long as we hide the aura, moreover not words that goes to their residence to wander about aimlessly, that issue is not big.” “怎么跟你说呢。”村长犹豫了一下,随后目光看向了夏天:“其实我以前上过半龙山,我在这里生活,也不完全是为了提升实力,而且还有一些特殊的事情,所以我去过半龙山的上面,那里面半龙族高手非常多,不过那些半龙族的人警觉性都不是很高,只要我们隐藏气息,而且不去他们住处乱走的话,那问题就不大。” „Does above have Formation?” Xia Tian asked. “上面有阵法吗?”夏天问道。 No, Dragon Clan inside Formation are many, but in half Dragon Mountain does not have Formation, but after all is the place that half Dragon Clan lives year to year, no matter there surroundings the plant, is stone wall, will receive the aura changes of some half Dragon Clan, if not bump into carefully, the average people could die directly, only then our physical body formidable person, will be good, but is careful.” The village head did not plan the belt/bring summer heavenly half Dragon Mountain, he thought in half Dragon Mountain is too dangerous, even the slightest misstep harmed Xia Tian. “没有,龙族里面阵法非常多,但是半龙山上并没有阵法,不过毕竟是半龙族常年生活的地方,那里的周围不管是植物,还是石壁,都会受到一些半龙族的气息变化,如果不小心碰到,普通人都可能会直接死掉的,只有我们肉体强悍的人,才会好一点,但还是要小心。”村长原本是不打算带夏天上半龙山的,他认为半龙山上太危险了,稍有不慎就是害了夏天 But he can look. 但他看得出来。 If he does not bring summer heavenly to go, that Xia Tian will also find the way to come up, when the time comes, danger. 如果他不带夏天上去的话,那夏天自己也会想办法上去的,到时候,就更加的危险了。 Has him to guide, but can also good. 有他带路,还能好一点。 The Xia Tian use fights the military and he fights, his very grateful Xia Tian, this also completed his wish, even if he lost, in his heart still same thanked Xia Tian, moreover Xia Tian such physical body cultivation, was the peak in his eye, he naturally does not hope that such person had an accident. 夏天使用战武和他战斗,他还是非常感激夏天的,这也算是完成了他的一个心愿,即使他输了,他的心里面也一样感谢夏天,而且夏天这样的肉体修炼者,也是他眼中的巅峰,他自然是不希望这样的人出事。 Without the Formation words, that was easier to do, above probably was what situation, you told me, the matter that then came up I tried to find the solution.” The Xia Tian strongest skill digs a hole, without Formation, he can dig a hole. “没有阵法的话,那就好办多了,上面大概是什么情况,你跟我说一下,然后上去的事情我想办法。”夏天最强的本事可是挖洞,只要没有阵法,那他就可以挖洞进去。 Walks outside. 在外面走。 How to be again safe, might as well go from the interior. 再怎么安全,也不如从内部进去。 Moreover now here is very dangerous. 而且现在这里还是非常危险的。 Although the village head said that the careful point is all right, who can guarantee that inside half Dragon Clan will not suddenly discover or stroll. 虽然村长说小心一点就没事,但谁能保证里面的半龙族不会突然发现或者闲逛的。 What is main is. 最主要的是。 king heart and Dillon also, if bumped into directly, that troubled. 王心和狄龙也都在,如果正面碰到了,那就麻烦了。 Their bystanders go, half Dragon Clan on half Dragon Mountain affirmed that will all join up to cope their. 他们两个外人进去,半龙山上的半龙族肯定全都会联合起来对付他们两个的。 You?” The village head looked puzzled to Xia Tian, he does not understand that Xia Tian was what meaning. “你?”村长不解的看向了夏天,他不明白夏天是什么意思。 „Above you tell me probably are what situation, where has powerful half Dragon Clan, where is probably safe, had better be able give me a general map.” Xia Tian wants to avoid these dangerous the places, then found king Xinhe Dillon quietly. “你跟我讲讲上面大概是什么情况,哪里有强大的半龙族,哪里大概是安全的,最好能够给我一个大概的地图。”夏天想要避开那些危险的地方,然后悄悄的找到王心和狄龙。 His fog movie fan trace now or condition of tracing. 他的雾影迷踪现在还是追踪的状态。 Therefore he can also locate the position of that two person. 所以他还能确定那两个人的位置。 Good!” Although the village head does not understand that Xia Tian is what meaning, but acted accordingly, he drew up a map to Xia Tian fast, sees this map time, Xia Tian also understood, this village head, is not absolutely simple with here relations. “好吧!”村长虽然不明白夏天是什么意思,但还是照办了,他快速的给夏天绘制了一张地图,看到这个地图的时候,夏天也明白了,这个村长,和这里的关系绝对不简单。 Half Dragon Mountain is so big. 半龙山这么大。 His unexpectedly can also draw 2/3 maps. 居然还能画出三分之二的地图。 This showed. 这就证明。 He went certainly all over many places above. 他一定是在上面走遍了很多的地方。 Only by doing so. 只有这样。 He can know so many places. 他才能知道这么多的地方。 He also wants the first half Dragon Mountain probably, but he also knows that above is very dangerous, this time he worried that you will come up to have the danger, therefore he will also be wants to try one's luck, will come up with you, he will think two people, can be many some safeguards.” The Red Phoenix (Hong Feng) analysis said. “他好像也想要上半龙山,不过他也知道上面很危险,这次他担心你自己上去会有危险,所以他也是想要碰碰运气,和你一起上去,他认为两个人,能多一些保障。”红凤分析道。 Em!” Xia Tian also understood the meaning of village head probably. “恩!”夏天大概也明白村长的意思了。 After the recent contact, he knows that the village head is not an unprincipled person, but the village head also has certainly own secret. 经过最近的接触,他知道村长并不是一个坏人,但村长也一定有自己的秘密。 Excavate! 开挖! Xia Tian excavated directly. 夏天直接开挖了。 Sees Xia Tian to dig a hole, moreover speed also such quick time, the village head does not know simply should say what was good: Your this was also too abnormal, rock on half Dragon Mountain, wanted hard over a thousand times compared with the normal rock, your unexpectedly can also cut open here rock . Moreover the speed was so fast.” 看到夏天挖洞,而且速度还这么快的时候,村长简直就是不知道该说什么好了:“你这也太变态了吧,半龙山上的岩石,比正常的岩石要坚硬上千倍的,你居然还能切开这里的岩石,而且速度还这么快。” The village head suddenly discovered. 村长突然发现。 Oneself dig a hole this matter not to think continually. 自己连挖洞这件事情都没想过。 Even can say, he cannot think. 甚至可以说,他根本就不敢去想。 Therefore. 所以。 Now he sees the Xia Tian action, was shocked completely. 现在他看到夏天的举动,也是完全被震惊了。 „Is this safer?” Xia Tian asked. “这样是不是更安全?”夏天问道。 Security, was certainly safe, so long as we do not expose the aura, they are impossible to discover.” Nod of the village head makes an effort, he now by the Xia Tian method thorough conquered, he was also walked with Xia Tian, he discovered, the time that oneself and Xia Tian were together was longer, more can discover the secret. “安全,当然安全了,只要我们不暴露气息的话,他们是不可能发现的。”村长用力的点了点头,他现在是被夏天的手段给彻底的征服了,他跟夏天也算是走了一路了,他发现,自己和夏天相处的时间越长,就越能发现秘密。 The Xia Tian method many are unable to imagine to him. 夏天的手段多到他无法想象啊。 He thinks each time oneself have seen the Xia Tian complete method time, Xia Tian can cause some new patterns. 每次他认为自己已经看到夏天全部手段的时候,夏天就能弄出一些新花样来。 Rumble! 轰隆隆! When digging a hole that in Xia Tian non-stop there, outside he heard suddenly heard the giant explosive sound. 就在夏天在那里不停的挖洞时,他突然听到外面传来了巨大的爆炸声。 Outside dozen, should be the aura of human, was human and half Dragon Clan hits.” The village head is also the earliest possible time knows that outside what happened. “外面打起来了,应该是人类的气息,是人类和半龙族打起来了。”村长也是第一时间知道外面发生什么事情了。 Is an acquaintance.” Xia Tian stopped digging a hole. “是个熟人。”夏天停止了挖洞。 Acquaintance?” The village head also stares. “熟人?”村长也是一愣。 ! 唰! The body of Xia Tian moves, arrived at outside with the village head directly. 夏天的身体一动,直接和村长来到了外面。 Xia Tian!” The opposite party also saw Xia Tian obviously. 夏天!”对方显然也是看到了夏天 Cold war.” Xia Tian light saying, he saw, side the cold war also has a person: „Did you do?” “冷战。”夏天淡淡的说道,他看到,冷战身边还有一个人:“你来干什么来了?” I and big brother gave the Third Brother to revenge!!” “我和大哥来给三弟报仇来了!!” ------- ------- ps: Yesterday missed one, this made up yesterday. ps:昨天差一个,这个补昨天的。
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