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#7566: The weather night has an accident

Chapter 7566 第7566章 The weather night has an accident 天候夜出事 Right, is the average person, temporarily, the average person was does not dare to move us absolutely, even if were general Expert, does not dare to provoke us absolutely, but we already by some careerists staring.” Day said. “没错,就是普通人,暂时来说,普通人是绝对不敢动我们了,就算是一般的高手,也绝对不敢招惹我们,不过我们恐怕早就被一些野心家给盯上了。”天阵说道。 What meaning?” Xia Tian asked. “什么意思?”夏天问道。 Simple point, if I want to ruin hostile forces, that best means are to pretend the enemy cut to kill our these people, or the person of Xia Family armed forces, in this case, I only need to see a play, you my hostile forces destruction.” Day answered. “简单点来说,如果我想要毁掉一个敌对势力,那最好的办法就是装作敌人去斩杀一个我们这些人,或者夏家军的人,这样的话,我只需要看戏,你们就会将我的敌对势力毁灭了。”天阵解释道。 He used the language to simulate that specific situation. 他用语言模拟了一下那种特定的情况。 „Are that other people very dangerous?” Xia Tian surprised saying. “那其他的人岂不是很危险?”夏天惊讶的说道。 Relax, the Xia Family armed forces should be No problem, they move hiding, moreover almost hides in the Xia Family city majority, others are impossible to discover that moreover these people, since wants to make the big noise, they certainly will aim at our hundred star crime, because they are clear, cuts to kill the words of hundred star crime, the effect will be better.” Day answered. “放心吧,夏家军应该是没问题的,他们行动隐蔽,而且几乎大部分都藏在夏家城里面,别人是不可能发现的,而且那些人既然想要闹出大动静,他们就一定会对准我们百星罪者的,因为他们非常清楚,斩杀百星罪者的话,效果会更好的。”天阵解释道。 That contracts the team!!” Saying that Xia Tian worries about. “那还是收缩队伍吧!!”夏天担忧的说道。 He does not want to make hundred star crime have an accident. 他可不想让百星罪者出事啊。 Relax, a moment ago what I said is only the ideas of some careerists, Heavenly Formation Continent so is temporarily chaotic, is not these careerists get rid truly, therefore we temporarily are safe.” Day also knows that Xia Tian is worried about them. “放心,我刚才说的是只是一些野心家的想法,暂时天阵大陆这么乱,还不是那些野心家们真正出手的时候,所以我们暂时还是安全的。”天阵也知道夏天担心他们。 We are not the fools, if they want to frame others, that the flawlessness that if certainly wants the means to make, wants with us, when the blade uses, absolutely safe that must make, if by us were discovered had the issue, we will not let off the opposite party absolutely.” Wu with saying. “我们也不是傻子,他们如果想要陷害别人的话,那就一定要想办法做的天衣无缝,想要拿我们当刀用,那就要做的万无一失,万一被我们发现有问题了,那我们也绝对不会放过对方的。”吴用说道。 Right. 没错。 Xia Tian and these hundred star crime are not the fools. 夏天和这些百星罪者都不是傻子。 The opposite party wants to begin, that must plan. 对方想要动手,那就一定要谋划好了。 Hundred star crime were not good to kill. 百星罪者原本就不是那么好杀的。 To kill hundred star crime, they must pay many prices, once hundred star crime escaped, they will pay the deeply grieved price, wastes all previous efforts. 想要杀死一个百星罪者,他们也要付出多少代价,而且一旦百星罪者逃跑了,那他们就将会付出惨痛的代价,前功尽弃。 Day said that has possibility. 天阵说的是有可能的。 But others want to do , must think the consequence. 而别人真的想要那么做,也就必须想好了后果。 Because of Xia Tian they, are not affable. 因为夏天他们这些人,可不是好惹的。 Xia Family armed forces. 夏家军。 Mysterious. 神秘。 Hundred star crime strength formidable. 百星罪者实力强悍 Xia Tian, strong, young, has the impulse, even/including Baijia Patriarch dares to scold. 夏天,强势,年轻,有冲劲,连百家家主都敢骂。 It can be said. 可以说。 With them for enemy, that if wants good by their endless retaliations. 和他们为敌,那就要想好被他们无尽的报复。 Since Xia Tian, in the Heavenly Formation Continent reputation has been very resounding, moreover is famous for the powerful, person like him, if others provoke on him, that is the meaning of breaknecking. 夏天一直以来,在天阵大陆的名声都是非常响亮的,而且是以强势著称的,像他这样的人,如果别人招惹上他,那就是玩命的意思。 This point, the average person on Heavenly Formation Continent does not know, but these top influences know that absolutely, therefore, the general influence is will not make the piffle absolutely, provokes Xia Tian they. 这一点,天阵大陆上的普通人不知道,但那些顶尖势力是绝对知道的,所以,一般的势力是绝对不会去做傻事,去招惹夏天他们的。 We go to and weather convergence first.” Wu with saying. “我们先去和天候汇合吧。”吴用说道。 Em, his side should investigate was similar, the purchase should be also similar, after we converge, my cultivation speed should also be able to increase, according to this velocity calculation the words, a half year cannot achieve, should be also similar.” Day regarding this cultivation speed, is very satisfactory. “恩,他那边应该调查的差不多了,采购应该也差不多了,我们汇合之后,我的修炼速度应该还能增加,按照这个速度计算下去的话,半年就算是达不到,应该也差不多了。”天阵对于这个修炼速度,还是非常满意的。 Even it can be said that shocked. 甚至可以说是震惊了。 Such quick cultivation speed, that radically is not other people conceivable. 这么快的修炼速度,那根本就不是其他人可以想象的。 Even if day is experienced, he sees such cultivation speed, is very shocking, before he to himself is thorough lost the confidence, is now, he as if regained the confidence. 就算天阵是见多识广,他看到这样的修炼速度,也是非常震惊的,之前他对自己已经是彻底的失去了信心,可是现在,他仿佛又恢复了信心。 Cannot achieve good, if it seems like wants the means.” Xia Tian brow tight wrinkle. “达不到不行啊,看来还是要想办法啊。”夏天的眉头紧皱。 His request is. 他的要求是。 Must make day of reach the emperor level 20 peak in six months, such day of talent will not pass away, otherwise, even if cultivation to the emperor level ten nine chief ministers of state, perhaps must die without doubt, cultivation to the emperor level 20, most can also increase some lives, but also determined that is many, only then cultivation to the emperor level 20 peak, can not pass away in the true sense. 必须让天阵半年内达到帝级20品巅峰,这样天阵才不会老死,否则的话,就算是修炼到帝级十九品,恐怕也必死无疑,修炼到帝级20品,最多也就是能够增加一些寿命,但也确定到底是多少,只有修炼到帝级20品的巅峰,才能真正意义上不会老死了。 Although about two years, the day day tribulation will also arrive, but Xia Tian they certainly will also try to find the solution, helping day cross the tribulation, is really not good, goes to school Northern God Monarch. 虽然两年左右的时间,天阵的天劫也会降临了,不过夏天他们也一定会想办法,帮助天阵渡劫的,实在不行,就学北国神王 Divine Soul hides in the Xia Tian knowledge sea. 神魂藏到夏天的识海里面。 This most at least does not use. 这样最起码不用死。 However if passes away, Divine Soul is unable to enter the Xia Tian knowledge sea. 不过要是老死的话,神魂也就无法进入夏天的识海了。 I said the possibility, I felt that should have the opportunity.” Day sees the Xia Tian intense appearance, is answers hurriedly. “我只是说可能,我感觉,应该还是有机会的。”天阵看到夏天紧张的样子,也是急忙解释道。 He was looks. 他是看出来了。 If he said again cannot succeed, perhaps that Xia Tian must move to give him Heavenly Formation Continent. 如果他再说不能成功的话,那夏天恐怕就要将天阵大陆都搬出来给他了。 „It is not good, cannot handle the matter that has not grasped, so long as we have the ample force, that showed that does not have 100% assurances, this matter, we cannot have 100% assurances absolutely, this time, we cannot lose absolutely.” Xia Tian very serious saying. “不行,不能做没有把握的事情,只要我们还有余力,那就证明,还是没有100的把握,这种事情绝对不可以,我们必须有100的把握,这一次,我们是绝对不可以输的。”夏天非常严肃的说道。 Other matters, he can not care about the victory and loss. 其他的事情,他可以不在乎输赢。 But regarding day life aspect. 但对于天阵死活这方面。 He cannot lose absolutely. 他绝对不能输。 Since he knows day, day helped his to be too many, if did not have day, he will have many regrets, moreover he already died in this mainland. 自从他认识天阵之后,天阵帮他的太多了,如果没有天阵的话,他会有很多的遗憾,而且他早就死在这片大陆上了。 Therefore. 所以。 He cannot look at a day of death absolutely, no matter spends the big price, Xia Tian must rescue day. 他绝对不能看着天阵死亡,不管花费多大的代价,夏天都要救天阵。 Was good, was good, the brat, do not make is so nervous, my just conservative point said.” Day helpless saying. “好了,好了,臭小子,你别弄的那么紧张兮兮的,我只不过是保守点说而已。”天阵无奈的说道。 Conservative is not good, must be 100%.” Xia Tian is this manner. “保守也不行,必须是100。”夏天就是这个态度。 Good, I try hard, no matter you make many to me resources, that is the external force, I will also try hard, after all in the past I was existences of emperor level 20 peak, therefore present I, should the issue not be big.” Day said, hurried said again: Should not, not should.” “好,我努力,不管你们给我弄多少的资源,那都是外力,我自己本身也会努力的,毕竟当年我就是帝级20品巅峰的存在,所以现在的我,应该问题不大。”天阵说完之后急忙再次说道:“没有应该,没有应该。” If he said again perhaps should, Xia Tian also fly into a rage. 他如果再说应该的话,夏天恐怕还会急眼啊。 Hahahaha! 哈哈哈哈! Wu used in one side smiles to blossom quickly. 吴用在一旁快笑开花了。 He is first time noticed that day was governed by whom such takes. 他是第一次看到天阵被谁治的这么服啊。 Must know. 要知道。 On Heavenly Formation Continent, even if were once day 18 kings, was non- casual cloth day, is now, day obviously was to Xia Tian thorough has been convinced, was not at all the Xia Tian surface to say matter that absolutely cannot succeed. 天阵大陆上,哪怕是曾经的天阵18王,都是非常服天阵的,可是现在,天阵显然是对夏天彻底的服气了,绝对不敢当着夏天的面说不能成功的事情了。 You also smile.” Day shook the head. “你还笑。”天阵摇了摇头。 ! 咻! When they chatted was very happy, subpoenaed the symbol to fly in a day hand together. 就在他们聊的很开心的时候,一道传讯符飞到了天阵的手中。 Had an accident.” Looks at inside content, day is also the complexion changes. “出事了。”看完里面的内容,天阵也是脸色一变。 How?” Xia Tian asked hurriedly. “怎么了?”夏天急忙问道。 Weather they investigate Ding time, a little depth of investigation, finally had been discovered by Ding Jia, Ding thought them now after the shame dies Ding He, now has confronted.” Day said. “天候他们调查丁家的时候,有点调查的深了,结果被人家丁家发现了,丁家现在觉得他们是在羞辱死后的丁鹤,现在已经对峙起来了。”天阵说道。 That a bit faster.” Xia Tian was also worried that can have peculiar circumstance. “那就快点吧。”夏天也担心会出现特殊情况。 ( This chapter ends) (本章完)
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