AS :: Volume #67

#6601: Xia Tian regains consciousness

The possibility of not having won. 没有赢的可能。 Yeah! 哎! The lunatics sighed: If Tian brother because of were good, he definitely will have the means.” 疯子叹了一口气:“如果田兄在就好了,他肯定会有办法啊。” The lunatics compare to worship Xia Tian. 疯子还是比较崇拜夏天的。 He thinks that Xia Tian always has the means to deal with the following matter. 他认为夏天总有办法应付下面的事情。 Now how field brother does not know, before he for I can overcome that base industry, remains unconscious to the present, what a pity I actually cannot preserve that base industry.” Wang Yang mentioned Xia Tian time, his mood was also low. “田兄现在也不知道怎么样了,之前他为了我能打下那份基业,到现在还昏迷不醒,可惜我却没能保住那份基业啊。”王阳一提到夏天的时候,他的心情也就非常的低落了。 He does not know how should explain to Xia Tian. 他是不知道该怎么跟夏天解释。 Xia Tian for him, continuously stupor, even is not possibly able to regain consciousness, but he does not have the ability to protect good all these. 夏天为了他,一直昏迷,甚至可能会无法苏醒,可是他却没有能力守护好这一切。 Your three cannot rest too for a long time, we must while the time that the opposite party has not pursued a bit faster leaves, then thinks that means cope with them, after all on you have the mark of prince, that cannot erase.” Lunatic helpless saying. “你们三个不能休息太长时间了,我们要趁着对方还没有追上来的时候快点离开,然后想个办法对付他们,毕竟你们身上都有王家的印记在,那是抹不掉的。”疯子无奈的说道。 The mark of prince is since they were born inject into within the body, coexists with them. 王家的这个印记是从他们出生就注入体内的,和他们共同存在的。 To be worried about their sudden death or was missing to design. 原本是为了担心他们突然死亡或者失踪而设计的。 However now. 但是现在。 This actually became their traced shortcomings. 这却成为了他们被追踪的缺点。 Yes, we no matter how run away, he had the means to find our . Moreover the present fifth child is to build his authority obviously, therefore he will certainly not let off our.” Wang Yang's helpless saying. “是啊,我们不管怎么逃,他都有办法找到我们的,而且现在的老五显然是想要树立他的权威,所以他一定不会放过我们的。”王阳无奈的说道。 Become a fugitive! 逃亡! Regarding them. 对于他们来说。 The following day was to start to become a fugitive. 接下来的日子就是开始逃亡了。 Meanwhile another. 与此同时的另外一处。 ! 咳咳! Em?” Zhao phoenix heard the Xia Tian cough sound, she almost can hear the Xia Tian cough sound recently every day, but he has inspected, Xia Tian an appearance of consciousness does not have. “恩?”昭凤又听到了夏天的咳嗽声音,她最近几乎每天都能听到夏天的咳嗽声音,可是他检查过了,夏天一点苏醒的样子也没有。 Moreover recently he does not dare to find doctor to come, because they are ambushing now. 而且最近他不敢找医师过来,因为他们现在是在潜伏。 That person who delivered them to come subpoenaed to them recently, Wang Yang has had an accident, enabling them absolutely to come out. 那个送他们来的人最近给他们传讯,王阳出事了,让他们绝对不可以出来。 Hears the news that Wang Yang has an accident, Zhao phoenix almost directly flushed. 听到王阳出事的消息,昭凤差点直接冲了出去。 However what above writes, Wang Yang has not died, moreover she remembers Wang Yang, when gives her Xia Tian the words that spoke, making her help to look after Xia Tian, wants, when Xia Tian regains consciousness. 但是上面写的是,王阳还没有死,而且她记得王阳在将夏天交给她的时候说的话,让她帮忙一直照看夏天,一定要等到夏天苏醒。 How did not know him really now.” Zhao phoenix now and outside thorough lost the contact, the one who delivers them to come is Wang Yang's person ready dead, these matter people ready dead after Wang Yang have an accident, is doing the final matter for Wang Yang, if they expose, they will commit suicide immediately. “真不知道他现在怎么样了。”昭凤现在和外面彻底的失去了联系,送她们过来的是王阳的死士,那些事情死士在王阳出事以后,都在为王阳做最后的事情,如果他们暴露的话,他们会在第一时间自杀。 For does not expose Zhao phoenix and Xia Tian position, that the person who delivers them to come, definitely also has chosen dead. 为了不暴露昭凤和夏天的位置,那个送他们来的人,肯定也已经选择死亡了。 ! 咳咳! In the Xia Tian mouth has broadcast the sound of cough once more. 夏天的口中再次传来了咳嗽的声音。 „The number of times of today coughing are quite many.” The brow wrinkle of Zhao phoenix, has arrived at the Xia Tian side: „Did Mr. Tian, you awake?” “今天咳嗽的次数比较多啊。”昭凤的眉头一皱,走到了夏天的身边:“田先生,您醒了吗?” Without any sign of consciousness. 没有任何苏醒的迹象。 Yeah! 哎! Zhao Feng sighed, afterward wants, is at this moment, he suddenly discovered that the finger of Xia Tian resembled. 昭凤叹了一口气,随后想要走,可是就在这时,他突然发现,夏天的手指好像动了一下。 Mr. Tian, Mr. Tian.” Zhao phoenix goes forward hurriedly: Mr. Tian, if you can hear me, a bit faster wakes, I know that you are very fierce, you quickly wake, help the positively charged electron.” “田先生,田先生。”昭凤急忙上前:“田先生,如果您能听到我的话,就快点醒过来吧,我知道您很厉害,您就快醒过来,帮帮阳子吧。” Zhao phoenix very much has been worried about Wang Yang. 昭凤一直都很担心王阳。 She even harbors the lucky fantasy, thinking Xia Tian can help Wang Yang. 她甚至抱有侥幸的幻想,认为夏天可以帮助王阳。 Although she also knows this matter very uncertainly. 虽然她也知道这种事情非常的渺茫。 After all opposite party is the super talent of prince, King Luo. 毕竟对方是王家的超级天才,王洛。 But she hopes to have an opportunity of faint trace. 但她还是希望有一丝丝的机会。 Water!” Very weak sound appeared together. “水!”一道非常微弱的声音出现了。 Hears this sound time, the complexion of Zhao phoenix changes, afterward she carried the water hurriedly, ability that but Xia Tian has still not drunk: Has sorry, Mr. Tian.” 听到这个声音的时候,昭凤的脸色一变,随后她急忙将水端了过来,可夏天依然没有喝下去的能力:“对不起了,田先生。” Water element. 水元素。 She pounded one group of water elements directly on the face of Xia Tian. 她将一团水元素直接砸在了夏天的脸上。 Ah! 啊! Xia Tian sat instantaneously. 夏天瞬间坐了起来。 Awoke! 醒了! Finally woke.” Xia Tian big mouth is panting for breath, actually his spirit in the consciousness condition, is awakening of bad external force, if currently here has a doctor, that this doctor definitely will find the way to awaken him, but Zhao phoenix does not dare to find the doctor recently, therefore also missed has awakened Xia Tian your best opportunity. “终于醒过来了。”夏天大口的喘息着,其实他的精神一直都在苏醒状态,就是差一些外力的唤醒,如果现在这里有一个医师在的话,那这名医师肯定会想办法唤醒他,可是最近昭凤不敢找医师,所以也就错过了唤醒夏天你的最佳时机。 Mr. Tian, you woke finally.” Zhao phoenix very anxious looks at Xia Tian. “田先生,您终于醒过来了。”昭凤非常紧张的看着夏天 This time Xia Tian also shook own head, patches the weapon is really not the person does, although he now regained consciousness, but Divine Soul lost is really too big, in a short time is unable to restore. 此时的夏天也是晃了晃自己的脑袋,修补武器真的不是人干的啊,他现在虽然苏醒了,但神魂损耗真的是太大了,短时间内无法恢复。 Moreover knows the flower of sea to the sign that the present has not restored. 而且识海之花到现在也是一点都没有恢复的迹象。 He to repay Wang Yang gives him the monster pill's friendship, almost lost own life. 他为了报答王阳给他妖丹的情义,差点是将自己的命都搭上了啊。 However he is also the strength of first time such frequent and long-enduring use Divine Soul, will therefore have such big side effect. 不过他也是第一次这样频繁和持续性的使用神魂之力,所以才会有这么大的副作用。 Mr. Tian, what do you feel?” Zhao phoenix asked hurriedly. “田先生,您感觉怎么样?”昭凤急忙问道。 Divine Soul has not restored, but I will try to find the solution, so long as has revived, other is not the issue.” Xia Tian said, looked to Zhao phoenix: I listened to you to say a moment ago probably that the positively charged electron did have an accident?” 神魂还没有恢复,不过我会想办法的,只要苏醒过来了,其他的都不是问题。”夏天说完之后看向了昭凤:“我刚才好像听你说,阳子出事了?” Em!” Zhao phoenix nodded. “恩!”昭凤点了点头。 „It is not right, shouldn't he be very sight now? Even if has any danger, he is the people of aristocratic family, moreover he will be will not be short of money absolutely, in addition me, has disciplined his disposition, he should not because will be suddenly rich and is authorized becomes blind.” Xia Tian puzzled asking. “不对啊,他现在不是应该很风光吗?就算是有什么危难,他可是世家的人啊,而且他是绝对不会缺钱的,再加上我之前磨练了他的心性,他应该也不会因为突然有钱和有权而变得盲目吧。”夏天不解的问道。 He thinks that he has all given to spread Wang Yang all roads, can actually Wang Yang leave is what matter? 他认为自己已经将王阳所有的路全都给铺好了,那王阳究竟会出是什么事呢? Quick. 很快。 Zhao phoenix gave Xia Tian to speak the process of matter. 昭凤将事情的经过给夏天讲了一遍。 Greatly troublesome, if other matters, that is easy to do, but has the relations with the aristocratic family, that has troubled, especially the person of core aristocratic family, according, that five young masters who you said should be the place of prince core has mixed the person, therefore his status was also very majestic, wanted to meet the tough head-on with toughness with such person, lost, must die without doubt \; Has won, will encounter prince that inexhaustible chasing down.” Xia Tian is also a brow wrinkle. “大麻烦啊,如果是其他的事情,那还好办,但和世家扯上关系,那就麻烦了,特别是核心世家的人,按照你所说的,那个五公子应该是王家核心之处混过的人,所以他的身份也是非常崇高的,想要和这样的人硬碰硬,输了,必死无疑\;赢了,也会遭到王家那无穷无尽的追杀。”夏天也是眉头一皱。 When he goes to this mainland, he knows aristocratic family was fearful. 当他来到这片大陆的时候,他就已经知道世家的可怕了。 Hundred in this mainland, are irreplaceable existences. 这片大陆上的百家,是无可取代的存在。 Provoked, finally had one, that died. 招惹上了,结果就只有一个,那就是死亡。 Naturally, had another result theoretically, that is: Destroys completely the aristocratic family. 当然了,理论上还有另外一个结果,那就是:灭掉世家。 But this obviously is impossible. 但这显然是不可能的。 Princes! 王家! Ingrained aristocratic family. 根深蒂固的世家。 A formidable and fearful aristocratic family. 一个强大而又可怕的世家。 Moreover what is main, Wang Yang they are the people of prince, therefore they, only then accepts the sanction the destiny. 而且最主要的是,王阳他们本身就是王家的人,所以他们只有接受制裁的命运。 Mr. Tian, I knows you to be all-resourceful, only then you can save them.” After Zhao Feng said that knelt on the ground directly. “田先生,我知道您神通广大,只有您能救他们了。”昭凤说完之后,直接跪在了地上。 Is quick, I had not said that does not help.” Xia Tian held Zhao phoenix. “快起来,我没说不帮啊。”夏天将昭凤扶了起来。 Was right, Mr. Tian, before the positively charged electron, has wanted to repay you, therefore everywhere purchases monster pill, in this is monster pill who he gives you to purchase.” Zhao phoenix has given Xia Tian storage equipment. “对了,田先生,阳子之前一直想要报答你,所以就到处收购妖丹,这里面都是他给你收购的妖丹。”昭凤递给了夏天一个储物装备
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