AS :: Volume #62

#6168: Dragon Clan tomb

That is good!” Dragon Clan great elder said that brings Xia Tian to walk toward behind. “那就好!”龙族大长老说完带着夏天向后面走去。 Back side of the mountain! 后山! Here is a very high mountain, but the back side of the mountain actually more walks is deeper. 这里是一座非常高的高山,但是后山却越走越深。 Probably is to the underground direction unceasing extends to be the same. 就好像是在向地下的方向不断的延伸一样。 The Dragon Clan great elder speed is not fast, this walking gradually, moreover almost does not have any sound, seems was worried that disturbs the dead to be the same. 龙族大长老速度并不快,就这样一步一步的走,而且几乎是没有任何声音的,仿佛是担心打扰到死者一样。 Xia Tian walks does not have any sound and air current. 夏天走路也是没有任何声音与气流。 Gloomy. 阴暗。 Here fills the gloomy place, but a point does not have the humidity, is very dry. 这里是充满阴暗的地方,但是却一点也没有潮气,很干燥。 Moreover Xia Tian discovered that here unexpectedly grew everywhere the plant. 而且夏天发现,这里居然到处生长了植物。 Without the sunlight of any faint trace. 没有任何一丝丝的阳光。 Dragon Clan from top to bottom is the treasure, therefore buries the Dragon Clan place, the nutrient is also most foot.” Dragon Clan great elder passes on the tone channel. 龙族浑身上下都是宝物,所以埋葬龙族的地方,养分也是最足的。”龙族大长老传音道。 Here plant is not common.” Xia Tian looked. “这里的植物都不一般吧。”夏天看了一圈。 Em, here all plants regarding outside person, are the most precious objects.” “恩,这里所有的植物对于外面的人来说,都是至宝。” Right! 没错! The Dragon Clan goal, the casual grass, the casual fruit, can let outside person instantaneous sudden wealth. 龙族的目的,随随便便一株草,随随便便一个果实,都能让外面的人瞬间暴富。 Fierce.” Xia Tian says with emotion. “厉害啊。”夏天感慨道。 Has a liking for anything to take casually.” Dragon Clan great elder very refreshed saying. “看上什么随便拿。”龙族大长老非常爽快的说道。 Xia Tian looked, has not gone. 夏天看了一下,并没有去动。 Dragon Clan enough has been fastidious. 龙族已经够讲究了。 Dragon Huncao this type of thing, regarding Dragon Clan, but the significance is extraordinary, but others Dragon Clan also took, how he was again is brazen, embarrassed moved again, moreover here all plants condensed with the Dragon Clan flesh and blood, Xia Tian took, the feeling of guilty was not small. 龙魂草这种东西,对于龙族可是意义非凡的,可是人家龙族也拿出来了,他就算是再怎么脸大,也不好意思再动啊,而且这里的所有植物都是用龙族的血肉凝聚出来的,夏天拿了,罪恶感也不小啊。 They continue to walk downward. 他们继续向下走。 Finally, arrived at place of darkness. 最后,来到了一处黑暗之地。 Quite cold.” Xia Tian unexpectedly felt coldly. “好冷啊。”夏天居然感觉到了冷。 Em, here has buried 30 Dragon Clan, is the machine cloudy place.” The right hand of Dragon Clan great elder turns, in the hand presented a handle jade blade, afterward cut directly above a front giant fruit. “恩,这里埋葬了30多头龙族,属于机阴之地。”龙族大长老的右手一翻,手中出现了一柄玉刀,随后直接切在了面前的一个巨大果实之上。 ! 噗! Golden light color liquid flow. 金光色的液体流了出来。 Afterward Xia Tian saw a golden light color, the palm of the hand big small tender leaf: This is Dragon Huncao, must with the jade carving preservation, these liquids be the cultivation uses, collects in together.” 随后夏天看到了一株金光色,巴掌大的小嫩叶:“这就是龙魂草,必须用玉器保存,这些液体是培育用的,收集在一起吧。” Em! 恩! Xia Tian without demur, goes forward directly, collected Dragon Huncao and golden light color liquid. 夏天二话不说,直接上前,将龙魂草和金光色的液体收集了起来。 Succeeded in obtaining. 到手了。 The white mercury, does not have a water, Dragon Huncao. 白水银,无根之水,龙魂草。 Three types of things all succeeded in obtaining. 三样东西全都到手了。 Treated and cured the Swallowing Péng also means has. 救治吞鹏的办法也算是有了。 We walk.” Dragon Clan great elder turn around must leave, but Xia Tian actually stopped there. “我们走吧。”龙族大长老转身就要离开,可是夏天却停在了那里。 Em? 恩? Dragon Clan great elder puzzled looked to Xia Tian. 龙族大长老不解的看向了夏天 What sound haven't you heard?” Xia Tian asked. “你没有听到什么声音吗?”夏天问道。 What sound? I have not heard.” Dragon Clan great elder said. “什么声音?我没有听到啊。”龙族大长老说道。 Em, I misunderstood.” Xia Tian said that later direct turn around leaves. “恩,我听错了。”夏天说完之后直接转身离开。 Although on the mouth said misunderstood, but in fact, he has not misunderstood, he heard a few words. 虽然嘴上说听错了,但实际上,他并没有听错,他听到了一句话。 However he does not understand that is any meaning. 不过他并不明白是什么意思。 After walking, Xia Tian looked at Dragon Clan great elder: I give the thing, then comes back.” 走出去之后,夏天看了一眼龙族大长老:“我将东西送出去,然后就回来。” Em!” Dragon Clan great elder nodded. “恩!”龙族大长老点了点头。 Afterward Xia Tian went to dish five their there. 随后夏天去了菜五他们那里。 Boss, you came out.” The dish five are extremely worried about the Xia Tian security obviously. “老大,你出来了。”菜五显然是非常担心夏天的安全。 Thing has succeeded in obtaining, these three types of things you are taking, in the application method has, now brings to return to Northern Wildness Region, goes to my entrance, this is my faith token, they will allow to pass, then uses this thing to save my brother.” Xia Tian has put out one Storage Ring finger. “东西到手了,这三样东西你们拿着,使用方法里面有,现在就带着回北野区,去我的山门,这是我的信物,他们会放行的,然后利用这东西救我兄弟。”夏天拿出了一个储物戒指。 Boss, you?” Dish five puzzled asking. “老大,您呢?”菜五不解的问道。 I need to handle something here.” Xia Tian said. “我需要在这里做一些事情。”夏天说道。 Boss, we remain to help you.” The dish five said. “老大,我们留下来帮你。”菜五说道。 Goes, believes you to be big, you go back first, early a day helps me cure my brother, I early feel relieved for day, has in the wind the crane, your securities will not have the issue, I do not need to be worried about you, after my here matter processed, I looked for you.” Xia Tian has patted the dish five shoulders, he has not known that now Dragon Clan great elder must make him help. “去吧,相信你老大,你们先回去,早一天帮我治好我的兄弟,我就早放心一天,有风中鹤在,你们的安全不会有问题,我也不用担心你们,等我这边的事情处理完了之后,我就去找你们。”夏天拍了拍菜五的肩膀,他现在还不知道龙族大长老要让他帮什么忙。 However what we definitely know is that absolutely is very dangerous. 但是可以肯定的是,绝对是非常危险的。 Boss...” “老大。。。” Also called my Boss, that must listen my, relax, I could not die, I lived this for a long time, has encountered the danger was not two, but I am also living now.” Xia Tian said that looked to wind the crane: My these two brothers gave you.” “还叫我老大,那就要听我的,放心吧,我死不了,我活了这就么久,遇到过的危险不是一次两次,但我现在还活着。”夏天说完看向了风中鹤:“我这两个兄弟就交给你了。” Relax.” In the wind the crane now is also unusual admiring Xia Tian. “放心吧。”风中鹤现在也是非常的敬佩夏天 He does not know that before Xia Tian collects these things to do, he had not asked that now he knows, originally Xia Tian spends these many manpower and resources, to save his brothers. 他之前不知道夏天收集这些东西干什么,他也没问,现在他才知道,原来夏天花费这么多的人力物力,就是为了救他的兄弟。 Loyalty! 义气! This is the real loyalty. 这才是真义气啊。 In order to save own brothers, he has almost run through the entire tzeyun mountain range, has encountered that many dangers. 为了救自己的兄弟,他几乎跑遍了整个紫云山脉,遇到了那么多的危险。 Goes.” Xia Tian has arrived at small six sides: Helps me protect five slightly.” “去吧。”夏天走到了小六的身边:“帮我保护小五。” Boss, I, Fifth Brother.” Small six said. “老大,我在,五哥就在。”小六说道。 Em.” Xia Tian gazed after them to leave, after they left, Xia Tian turned back Dragon Clan great elder residence. “恩。”夏天目送了他们离开,在他们离开之后,夏天走回了龙族大长老住处 At this time Dragon Clan great elder sits there, the front has two jug liquor. 此时龙族大长老坐在那里,面前有两坛子酒。 This is Dragon Jiu.” Dragon Clan great elder lifted the hand: Gives a try, this thing can maintain life.” “这是龙酒。”龙族大长老抬了抬手:“试试看,这东西能保命。” Thump! 咕咚! Xia Tian not polite, has drunk directly. 夏天也没客气,直接喝了起来。 After the liquor water swallows, Xia Tian felt that own within the body all warm, the five main internal organs (entrails) was all wrapped, the comfortable feeling of top to bottom not being able to say. 当酒水入肚之后,夏天感觉自己的体内全都暖暖的,五脏六腑全都被包裹起来,浑身上下说不出来的舒服感觉。 Liquor is good.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. “酒不错。”夏天微微一笑。 All drank.” Dragon Clan great elder said. “全喝了吧。”龙族大长老说道。 Thump! Thump! 咕咚!咕咚! Xia Tian direct big mouth has drunk. 夏天直接大口的喝了起来。 This compounded drug eats, can preserve your Divine Soul.” Dragon Clan great elder has given Xia Tian compounded drug. “这枚丹药吃下去,可以保住你的神魂。”龙族大长老递给了夏天一枚丹药。 Under Xia Tian direct clothing/taking. 夏天直接服下。 „The present is the optimum condition?” Dragon Clan great elder asked. “现在是最佳状态吗?”龙族大长老问道。 Yes!” Xia Tian nodded. “是!”夏天点了点头。 The Dragon Clan great elder vision looked to Xia Tian: What wish also has?” 龙族大长老目光看向了夏天:“还有什么心愿吗?” Has any wish I also to meet to complete.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, on the face has shown the optional facial expression. “有什么心愿我也会自己去完成。”夏天微微一笑,脸上露出了随意的神情。 Although great elder arrangement of Dragon Clan is almost impossible living the words that the scene, spoke are also very moved, but Xia Tian still does not have slight fear, he never thinks that any road was the road of death. 虽然龙族大长老安排的几乎是不可能活着的场面,说的话也是非常伤感的,但夏天依然是没有丝毫的畏惧,他从不认为任何一条路是死亡之路。 Even if before , was the road of death, oneself went, will present the vitality. 哪怕以前是死亡之路,自己去了,也会出现生机。 Yeah!” Dragon Clan great elder sighed: Actually you are almost are impossible to live, you think again, has any wish to tell me, my anything can promise you.” “哎!”龙族大长老叹了一口气:“其实你几乎是不可能活着出来的,你再想想吧,有什么心愿就告诉我,我什么都可以答应你。” No, a dragon soul grass, enough I have handled any matter.” Xia Tian shook the head, on the face has shown a smiling face of faint trace. “不,一株龙魂草,就已经足够我做任何的事情了。”夏天摇了摇头,脸上露出了一丝丝的笑容。 Dragon Huncao, is he rescues the Swallowing Péng main thing. 龙魂草,是他救吞鹏最主要的东西。 If no this thing, Swallowing Péng impossible to be cured. 如果没这东西,吞鹏就不可能被治好。 Therefore Xia Tian for Swallowing Péng, can handle any matter. 所以夏天为了吞鹏,也可以做任何的事情。 Good, I said!!” “那好,我说了!!”
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