AS :: Volume #55

#5441: The ultimate shape of red phoenix

I was dissolute, how can you?” Xia Tian asked directly. “我就放肆了,你们又能如何?”夏天直接问道。 Tread! 踏! Formidable Fire of Devouring has formed eight tornado, killed directly to front eight people. 强大的吞噬之火形成了八条龙卷风,直接杀向了面前的八个人。 Dissolute!!” That eight body of person draws back backward, eight big saint artifact have blocked the attack of Xia Tian directly. “放肆!!”那八个人的身体向后一退,八大圣器直接挡住了夏天的攻击。 Bang! 轰隆隆! Good, I must have a look actually, actually you can defend many times.” The attack of Xia Tian also once more kills. “好啊,我倒是要看看,你们究竟能防御住多少次。”夏天的攻击也是再次杀出。 bo! 啵! However he is the right hand wields, that about hundred people were received in all things by Xia Tian directly. 不过他还是右手一挥,那近百人直接被夏天收到了森罗万象之中。 Do not revolt!” “不要反抗!” Present all things have been able to install live person. 现在的森罗万象已经可以装活人了。 However are most can only hold for a half hour. 不过最多只能容纳半个小时。 Whiz! 嗖! The right hand of Xia Tian flings, afterward kills to go forward directly, speed very quick. 夏天的右手一甩,随后直接杀上前去,速度非常的快。 However the speed of owlet is faster. 不过枭的速度更快。 The owlet has seized the opportunity, direct sneak attack. 枭看准了时机,直接偷袭。 Bang! 砰! A foot kicked on the body of Xia Tian. 一脚踢在了夏天的身上。 However the body of Xia Tian is entirely still. 不过夏天的身体纹丝不动。 What's the matter?” The complexion of owlet changes, he has hit, but on the body of Xia Tian a tremors has not passed on, resembles own strikes flexure is itchy same to others. “怎么回事?”枭的脸色一变,他已经击中了,可是夏天的身体上一点震感都没有传回来,就好像自己的这一击在给人家挠痒痒一样。 Xia Tian has not gone to pay attention to the owlet. 夏天没有去理会枭。 The speed of owlet he cannot follow, therefore he could not profit in the speed. 枭的速度他跟不上,所以在速度上他已经占不了便宜了。 Bang. 轰隆隆。 Xia Tian attack unusual powerful. 夏天的攻击非常的强势。 ! 咻! Saint wheel! 圣轮! The Saint round was also the direct attack. 圣轮也是直接攻击了出去。 Attack! 攻击! saint artifact of that eight person directly has also hit. 那八个人的圣器也是直接打了过来。 Speed is insufficient.” Xia Tian brow tight wrinkle, afterward his body fast clashes forward. “速度不够用啊。”夏天的眉头紧皱,随后他的身体快速的向前一冲。 Defense! 防御! Bang! 轰隆隆! These eight people want to fetter Xia Tian, present Xia Tian does not give them any opportunity, moreover now Xia Tian heart demon by him controlling, opposite party these eight people want to use the heart demon again are also impossible. 这八个人还是想要束缚住夏天,不过现在的夏天可不给他们任何的机会,而且现在夏天的心魔都已经被他给控制住了,对方这八个人再想利用心魔也是不可能的了。 Both sides fight dozens rounds. 双方交手几十个回合。 Xia Tian wound not. 夏天的身上一点伤都没受。 bo! 啵! Above the body of Xia Tian has emitted a red ray. 夏天的身体之上冒出了一层红色的光芒。 What's the matter? His mortal body unexpectedly to become Sheng, how was this possible?” Eight people very surprised, they attacked Xia Tian a moment ago time has discovered that Xia Tian mortal body unexpectedly to become Sheng, the Xia Tian mortal body defensive power also wants on strong some compared with the scale of Dragon Clan now. “怎么回事?他的肉身居然成圣了,这怎么可能?”八人都是非常的惊讶,刚才他们攻击夏天的时候就发现了,夏天的肉身居然成圣了,现在夏天的肉身防御力比龙族的鳞片还要强上一些。 Walks!!” Eight people have looked at each other one, afterward starts retreat completely. “走!!”八人对视了一眼,随后全部开始后退 Mortal body to become Sheng. 肉身成圣。 Does not refuse stubbornly to extinguish! 不死不灭! Person who their present methods are also not enough to kill mortal body to become Sheng, therefore they want to run away first, from now on will try to find the solution. 他们现在的手段还不足以杀死一个肉身成圣的人,所以他们想要先逃,过后想办法。 „To run away?” “想逃?” The body of Xia Tian flushes away directly forward. 夏天的身体直接向前冲去。 But the owlet also blocked in his front. 可是枭也是拦在了他的前面。 All people obey orders, all withdraws Hall of Immortal to me, the dispersion runs away, waits to summon, starting today, you, so long as is living, only mission deals with Xia Tian person to me, does not remain.” That immortal emperor shouts loudly, although he very unwilling, but he also knows that he lost. “所有人听令,全都给我撤出仙之殿,分散逃,等待召唤,从今天起,你们只要活着,唯一的任务就是给我对付夏天身边的人,一个不留。”那名仙帝大声喊道,他虽然非常的不甘,但他也知道,自己已经输了。 Mortal body to become Sheng! 肉身成圣! This on behalf of the meaning is, the Xia Tian human body arrived at the human body of Saint level. 这代表的含义就是,夏天的肉体已经到达了圣级的肉体。 This is very abnormal, in addition his Fire of Life. 这可是非常变态的,再加上他的生命之火 Words that continues to fight, that does not have any use for him. 继续战斗下去的话,那对他来说也是没有任何用处的。 Their eight are the smart people, therefore the they eight first idea runs away. 他们八个都是聪明人,所以他们八个的第一想法就是逃。 No matter how is not willingly, they must run away. 不管多么的不甘心,他们都要逃。 Bang! 轰! A Xia Tian fist pounds, person in a straight line was hit to fly directly, above his fist not with any Fire of Devouring, but is a such ordinary fist, opposite these people of strength of cultivation immortal will crush directly directly. 夏天一拳砸出,一条直线上的人直接被打飞了出去,他的拳头之上没有用任何的吞噬之火,但就是这么普普通通的一拳,直接将对面那些修炼仙之力的人直接粉碎。 Before although Xia Tian can also cut to kill the cultivation Strenght of Saint person, but that is because he used Fire of Devouring to attract opposite party Strenght of Saint, then cut to kill the opposite party. 以前夏天虽然也可以斩杀修炼圣之力的人,可那是因为他使用吞噬之火将对方的圣之力吸过来,然后斩杀对方。 But now Xia Tian does not need to use Strenght of Saint. 可是现在夏天根本就不需要使用圣之力 The direct fist can destroy the cultivation Strenght of Saint person. 直接一拳就可以毁灭修炼圣之力的人。 This is the mortal body to become Sheng person. 这就是肉身成圣的人。 Only needs the meat stamina quantity to kill the opposite party. 只需要肉体力量就可以杀死对方。 Do not want to run away!” Xia Tian does not want to leave behind the future trouble, if these people ran, he really slept on pins and needles. “一个都别想逃!”夏天可不想留下后患,如果这些人跑了的话,那他就真的是寝食难安了。 However now the biggest problem is. 不过现在最大的问题就是。 The speeds of these people are quick, a oneself single Zhui immortal emperor time also easy, but eight people disperse run, oneself did not have the opportunity, that owlet was depends own speed to be quick, unceasing stop Xia Tian, to the eight immortal emperor striving time of as far as possible. 这些人的速度都很快,自己单追一个仙帝的时候还容易,可是八个人分散跑,自己就没有机会了,那个枭更是仗着自己的速度快,就不断的阻拦夏天,给八大仙帝尽量的争取时间。 Speed!” Xia Tian clenched teeth, if he speed is enough, he has the confidence to leave behind these people. “速度!”夏天咬了咬牙,他如果速度足够的话,他有信心留下这些人。 However now is not the complaint time. 不过现在也不是抱怨的时候。 These strength low people, he cannot let off. 那些实力低一些的人,他还是不能放过。 Extinguishes the immortal swordsmanship! 灭仙剑法! Xia Tian started instantaneously extinguished immortal swordsmanship, afterward the formidable explosive force has killed instantaneously. 夏天瞬间发动了灭仙剑法,随后强大的爆发力瞬间杀了出去。 Fire of Devouring! 吞噬之火 The endless violent wind filled with dust is also the unceasing attack. 无尽的黑风也是不断的袭击。 Destruction! 破坏! Present Xia Tian must ruin entire Hall of Immortal, destroys completely Hall of Immortal all people. 现在的夏天就是要毁掉整个仙之殿,灭掉仙之殿所有的人。 Being defeated and dispersed. 溃散。 The enemies scatter in all directions to go, they all are do not return, present Xia Tian is the invincible symbol, keeps here person only to be able by Xia Tian to be killed. 敌人四散而去,他们这些人全都是头也不回,现在的夏天已经是无敌的象征,留在这里的人只能被夏天干掉。 Violent wind filled with dust unceasing sweeps across entire Hall of Immortal. 黑风不断的席卷整个仙之殿 Everybody understands. 大家都明白。 Hall of Immortal ended. 仙之殿完了。 However the Xia Tian goal solely do not ruin Hall of Immortal, he must kill here all people, thorough smashing Hall of Immortal, making this aloof existence vanish from Heavenly Spirit Continent thoroughly, making these threaten the person of his family member and friend also all destroys. 不过夏天的目的不单单是要毁掉仙之殿,他还要干掉这里所有的人,彻底的粉碎仙之殿,让这个超然的存在从天灵大陆上彻底消失,让这些威胁到他家人和朋友的人也全都毁灭。 The violent wind filled with dust area is getting bigger and bigger! 黑风的面积越来越大! Although Xia Tian in ruining Hall of Immortal, but his all things also in unceasing periphery all will take away. 夏天虽然在毁掉仙之殿,但他的森罗万象也是在不断的将周围的一切全都收走。 Hall of Immortal many things are treasures. 仙之殿很多的东西都是宝物。 Xia Tian naturally will not let off. 夏天自然也不会放过。 No one want to run.” The body of Xia Tian is going forward incessantly, he goes round the owlet, starts to attack other people. “谁也别想跑。”夏天的身体不断的前进着,他绕开枭,开始攻击其他的人。 A large area of striking kills. 大面积的击杀。 He knows that eight immortal emperors are not good to kill, therefore he chooses kills these to be good to kill first, although these people in his eyes are also very weak, possibly is only ant same existence, is they are clear, the ant little can also ruin the dam again. 他知道八大仙帝不好杀,所以他选择先杀那些好杀的,虽然这些人在他的眼中也都是非常弱的,可能只是蚂蚁一样的存在,可是他们都非常清楚,蚂蚁再少也能毁掉大坝。 Bang! 轰隆隆! Extinguishes kills! 灭杀! Ah! Ah! 啊!啊! The pitiful yell sound rises from all directions. 惨叫声四起。 Although the Xia Tian speed does not have the owlet to be fast, but his speed actually compares other people on quickly many, especially after the mortal body becomes the Saint, the Xia Tian speed was also quick. 虽然夏天的速度没有枭快,可是他的速度却比其他的人快上很多,特别是肉身成圣之后,夏天的速度也是快了一些。 His present striking power on strong had not known many ranks compared with before. 还有他现在的攻击力比之前也强上了不知道多少个级别。 Destruction! 毁灭! Several million Hall of Immortal people, all by the Xia Tian 11 destructions. 数百万仙之殿的人,全都被夏天11的毁灭。 They absolutely do not have the opportunity to flee Hall of Immortal. 他们根本就没有机会逃离仙之殿 Walks quickly!” That several immortal emperors are also very frightened, present Xia Tian completely are not they can contend, therefore they must run away. “快走!”那几名仙帝也是非常恐惧,现在的夏天完全不是他们可以抗衡的了,所以他们要逃。 So long as ran away, that has the opportunity! 只要逃走了,那就有机会! Whiz! 嗖! The owlet also feels the Xia Tian terror, opened directly runs away. 枭也是感受到了夏天的恐怖,直接开逃。 Person who looks at front these escape, Xia Tian clenched teeth: Hateful, the speed is insufficient.” 看着面前这些正在逃跑的人,夏天咬了咬牙:“可恶,速度不够啊。” ! 咻! At this moment. 就在这时。 A pair of wing fell on Xia Tian directly, was the red wing, blood red wing. 一双翅膀直接落在了夏天的身后,是红色的翅膀,血红色的翅膀。
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