AHBC :: Volume #11

#1050: The ghost ancestor plans witch ancestor to open eyes

This time Qin Feng is contending with besieging of several eternal sorcerers early, where also has the ample force to stop the air/Qi of Innate source to flood into witch Zu's body. 此时的秦风早正在抗衡数尊永恒巫师的围攻,哪里还有余力阻拦先天本源之气涌入巫祖的尸体。 In fact in ghost ancestor and the others have not arrived at the heart of the world in the space, because he resists besieging of sorcerer powerhouse full power, has to take back the Yin-Yang big grinding pan. 事实上早在鬼祖等人还没有来到世界之心所在空间的时候,他就因为全力抵抗众巫师强者的围攻,不得不收回了阴阳大磨盘。 This grade of dangerous fight, is not really suitable diverts attention multipurpose, let alone he, even if also wants to cover the Yin-Yang big grinding pan on witch ancestor, will still be scattered by other sorcerers! 这等危险的战斗,实在不宜分心多用,何况他就算还想将阴阳大磨盘覆盖在巫祖身上,也会被其他巫师打散! The time all parties powerhouses from the beginning are greedy regarding witch ancestor this to the corpses of powerhouse, various blue sky school of powerhouses, hell these powerful devils are so. 一开始的时候各方强者对于巫祖这尊至强者的尸身都非常眼馋,无论是碧落各派强者,还是地狱那些强大的魔鬼都是如此。 Various blue sky factions can with be the same greatly, if brings back to the blue sky witch ancestor corpse who Qin Feng Li Miaozhen previously thought that often observes and emulates, can definitely from witch ancestor this comprehend to refine the interesting part of body to the mortal body of powerhouse on. 碧落各派大能跟秦风李妙真先前想的一样,若是将巫祖尸身带回碧落,时常观摩,肯定能从巫祖这等至强者的肉身上领悟出许多炼体的妙处。 Even these can greatly and few cultivated mortal body existence, but refining up the body is only actually limited by the principle, will not affect their Great Dao principle the cultivation method. 即便这些大能中并没有几个修炼了肉身道的存在,但是炼体却是唯一一个不受法则限制,不会影响他们本身大道法则的修炼法门。 It can be said that refining up the body method is almost the wild-card minoring in merit law, besides few leaning family merit law, most followers can cultivate/repair it. 可以说炼体法门几乎是百搭的兼修功法,除了极少数偏门功法外,绝大多数修炼者都可以兼而修之。 But so will not have built up the body method to fall like Qin Feng, could have followed he cultivates for is actually very few, but this does not hinder these to be able in having the opportunity situation greatly wants to attempt! 只不过如同秦风这般始终没有将炼体法门落下,一直跟得上他自身修为的却是少之又少,但这并不妨碍这些大能在有机会的情况下想要尝试一番! Really is not good, but can also train in the gate younger generation cultivation to refine the body method! 实在不行,还可以培养门中晚辈修行炼体法门嘛! As for these devils, compared with various blue sky factions can simple many, these fellows of hell family background only want to swallow greatly sorcerer's ancestor's mortal body! 至于那些魔鬼,就比碧落各派大能干脆的多,这些地狱出身的家伙只想将巫师之祖的肉身吞噬掉! To them, the mortal body of this grade of powerhouse, once were eaten by them, their strengths definitely will have very big progress. 对于他们来说,这等强者的肉身一旦被他们吃了,他们的实力肯定会有很大的进步。 The hell's seventh monarchy laughs: „ Originally witch ancestor has died, no wonder your sorcerer these years has covered up to conceal witch Zu's whereabout. 地狱第七君主更是哈哈大笑:“原来巫祖已死,难怪你们巫师界这么多年来一直遮掩隐瞒巫祖的下落。 Hehe, relax, after this time goes back, I ensure can help you publicize well the news that witch ancestor died and ensure makes powerhouses from all walks of life know this matter, believes that these will be hostile toward your powerhouses certainly to be interested in this news! 嘿嘿,放心,这次回去后我保证会帮你们将巫祖死亡的消息好好宣扬宣扬,保证让各界强者都知晓这件事情,相信那些仇视你们的强者一定会对这个消息非常感兴趣! Un, how also does not know witch Zu's pulp, but I have induced the great strength of witch ancestor mortal body, if swallows, can definitely make my strength stronger big section...... the roar roar, makes way to me, I want to eat food! ” 嗯,也不知道巫祖的肉质怎么样,不过我已经感应到了巫祖肉身的强大,若是吞噬下去,肯定能让我的实力更强一大截……吼吼,都给我让开,我想进食了!” It can be imagined, these words besides he himself refreshed, will only trigger the anger of sorcerers. 可想而知,这番话除了他自己爽快以外,就只会引起巫师们的愤怒。 Therefore the seventh monarchy welcomed besieging of more sorcerer powerhouse quickly, when particularly his heart raises greedily, not only wants to swallow witch ancestor mortal body, but also revealed after the thoughts that wants to rob the truth law stick, was regarded as thorn in the side by a sorcerer powerhouse, many sorcerer powerhouses are all staring at him, as soon as passes the storm. 所以第七君主很快就迎来了更多的巫师强者的围攻,尤其是当他心底贪婪升起,不仅想要吞噬巫祖肉身,还露出了想要抢夺真理法杖的心思后,更是被一众巫师强者视为眼中钉肉中刺,很多巫师强者全都盯着他一通强攻。 However this act made a blue sky side situation fairly good actually some. 不过此举倒是让碧落一方形势稍好了些许。 Observation entire war that especially the ghost ancestor, has kept silent. 尤其是鬼祖,一直默不作声的观察整个战局。 In fact regarding is he who witch ancestor corpse most moves. 事实上对于巫祖尸身最为动心的就是他了。 Said the big energy as the ghost, what ratio had can a corpse that made the stage of perfection to the powerhouse attract his attention? 作为鬼道大能,有什么比一尊造化境至强者的尸体更能吸引他的注意力? If he can claim witch Zu's corpse, refining up the zombie its sacrifice, refining up to turn into clone, that was equivalent to the blue sky to have a strength tyrannical making stage of perfection since then to the powerhouse, resisted various boundary/world the energy to rise suddenly instantaneously! 倘若他能将巫祖的尸身夺走,将其祭炼成僵尸,炼化成分身,那就相当于碧落从此多出了一尊战力强横的造化境至强者,对抗诸界的底气瞬间暴涨! But ghost ancestor not like the hell's seventh monarchy rampant, but is the quiet layout in secret. 只不过鬼祖并没有像地狱第七君主那样嚣张,而是悄无声息的暗中布局。 His sends out the endless gloom, changes to the gloomy ghost fog to cover the four directions, even if were protected witch king and other sorcerers scatters, but the sorcerer powerhouses including protection witch king had not actually discovered, the gloom of small part mixed in the air/Qi of these Innate sources, coerced the air/Qi of Innate source to enter witch Zu's corpse together. 他身上散发出无尽阴气,化作阴森鬼雾笼罩四方,即便被守护巫王和其他巫师打散,但是包括守护巫王在内的巫师强者们却没有发现,有一小部分的阴气混入了那些先天本源之气中,裹挟着先天本源之气一起进入了巫祖的尸身。 But witch ancestor corpse absorbs the air/Qi of Innate source to recover, but ghost ancestor these methods actually to control corpse. 只不过巫祖尸身吸收先天本源之气是为了复苏,而鬼祖那些手段却是为了控尸。 Briefly the restriction method under witch ancestor within the body arrange/cloth, manipulates witch ancestor corpse by this! 简单地说就是在巫祖体内布下禁制手段,以此操纵巫祖尸身! But witch Zu's corpse is extremely huge and tyrannical, ghost ancestor cannot cause to protect witch king the attention, 只不过巫祖的尸身太过庞大与强横,鬼祖又不能引起守护巫王的注意, Therefore the progress is somewhat slow. When witch Zu's mortal body restored some vigor, after having some signs of recovery, is to make the ghost ancestor brow deeply wrinkle! 所以进展有些缓慢。而等到巫祖的肉身恢复了一些活力,出现了一些复苏的迹象后,更是让鬼祖眉头深深皱起! In his heart somewhat is surprised uncertain, can this witch ancestor also really resurrecting be thoroughly inadequate? 他心中有些惊疑不定,难道这巫祖还真要彻底复活不成? Really must resurrect thoroughly successfully, not only their these will fly back without any results, will also make sorcerer many to the powerhouse, to one's own side may disadvantageous! 真要彻底复活成功,不仅他们这一趟会无功而返,而且还会让巫师界多出一尊至强者,对己方可大为不利啊! In the ghost ancestor heart the thought hundred revolutions, think shortly many possibilities, how calculate in the heart should then fight are good. 鬼祖心中念头百转,顷刻间就想到了多种可能,在心底盘算着接下来应该如何战斗才行。 But in any event, cannot fight like this, otherwise regardless of various blue sky factions can a powerhouse of hell devil clan, kill unable greatly to care about witch ancestor in encirclement of a large number of sorcerer powerhouse. 但无论如何,都不能在这样战斗下去,否则无论碧落各派大能还是地狱魔鬼一族的强者,在数量众多的巫师强者的围杀下根本就无法顾及巫祖。 Although the ghost ancestor is arranging the subsequent hand in secret, but he, for does not cause to protect witch king the attention, controls the corpse to ban the law the speed in witch ancestor within the body arrangement to be extremely slow, only feared that did not wait for him the magic art prepare, witch ancestor to recover thoroughly. 鬼祖虽然在暗中布置后手,但是他为了不引起守护巫王的注意,在巫祖体内布置控尸禁法的速度太过缓慢,只怕不等他将法术布置好,巫祖就已经彻底复苏了。 By that time, only feared that witch ancestor easily can refine the restriction pursuit that he leaves behind, trivial controls corpse restriction may be unable to control living witch ancestor. 到了那时,只怕巫祖轻易就能将他留下的禁制驱逐炼化,区区控尸禁制可控制不住活着的巫祖。 Luckily witch Zu's heart one step had first been won by Qin Feng, otherwise the air/Qi of so many Innate sources enter within the body, even witch ancestor is unable to resurrect, actually can still follow the residual will to set out to fight, drives away the foreign enemy! 幸亏巫祖的心脏已经被秦风先一步夺走,否则这么多先天本源之气进入体内,即便巫祖无法复活,却也能遵循生前残留的意志起身战斗,驱离外敌! After being short of the important heart, did not have the source of vitality, obviously delays the speed that witch ancestor recovered greatly, made witch Zu's body restore some activeness to the present. 少了至关重要的心脏以后,没有了气血之源,明显大大的拖延了巫祖复苏的速度,以至于到现在也只是让巫祖的身体恢复了些许的活性。 This is also a sorcerer side knew that after witch ancestor heart Qin Feng seizes, why will send out so many eternal boundary powerhouses specially to stare at the Qin Feng attack. 这也是巫师一方得知巫祖心脏被秦风夺走后,为何会派出这么多永恒境强者专门盯着秦风进攻。 They want to recapture witch Zu's heart from Qin Feng. 他们想要从秦风身上夺回巫祖之心。 So long as puts the heart, the speed that witch ancestor recovers will exceed now hundred times! 只要将心脏放回去,巫祖复苏的速度将会胜过现在百倍! However, this time Qin Feng is not weak in the once blue sky eternal boundary's first Gongsun is wrong, in he refining up in the situation of air/Qi of Innate source unceasingly, under pressure that in several eternal sorcerers besiege, his strength unceasingly is still progressing, the principle sensibility continually promotes, the strength is getting stronger and stronger. 不过,此时的秦风已经不弱于曾经的碧落永恒境第一的公孙错,而且在他不断炼化先天本源之气的情况下,在数尊永恒巫师围攻的压力下,他的实力还在不断进步,法则感悟不断提升,战力越来越强。 That several eternal sorcerer discovered them gradually, not only cannot suppress Qin Feng, instead also showed weakness to tempt the enemy then to cause heavy losses to an eternal sorcerer by Qin Feng! 渐渐地那几尊永恒巫师发现他们非但没能压制住秦风,反而还被秦风示弱诱敌然后重创了一尊永恒巫师! The say/way body of this moment Qin Feng is transforming toward the Innate god body, the pressure is stronger, the transformed speed is faster, therefore he, not only does not have to show weakness, instead exposed the strong strength, forcing a sorcerer Fang-school to come more powerhouses to launch to besiege to him, brought many pressures by this to oneself, stimulated a oneself stronger potential! 此刻秦风的道体正在朝着先天神体转化,压力越强,转化速度就越快,所以他非但没有一直示弱下去,反而展露出了强大的实力,逼迫巫师一方派来更多的强者对他展开围攻,以此给自己带来更多的压力,激发自身更强的潜力! Under the so powerful oppression, his body is gradually changing, nine Great Dao principles under his unceasing displaying, had/left more and more changes. 在这般强大的压迫下,他的身体逐渐发生着转变,九条大道法则在他不断的施展下,也多出了越来越多的变化。 Gradually, Qin Feng strength gradually toward the direction progress of half-step good fortune, although his magical skill also has big shortage, but has transformed completes the strength of most Innate god bodies and nine Great Dao principles, as well as «World Junction Drafts strength in addition that Yin-Yang Greatly Sad Tax» brings to hold, makes him powerhouse who sufficiently is a worthy opponent the half-step good fortune. 渐渐地,秦风的战力逐渐朝着半步造化的方向进步,虽然他的道行还有很大的欠缺,但已经转变完成大半的先天神体和九条大道法则之力,以及《天地交征阴阳大悲赋》带来的战力加持,却是足以让他成为匹敌半步造化的强者。 In fact has the progress far more than is he, regardless of various blue sky factions can greatly a powerhouse of hell devil clan, even including these truth sorcerers and eternal sorcerers, is in the middle of the air/Qi of Innate source at this moment, how also to let off the absorption to refine the opportunity of Innate source? 事实上有进步的又何止是他,无论碧落各派大能还是地狱魔鬼一族的强者,甚至包括那些真理巫师和永恒巫师,此刻全都处于先天本源之气当中,又怎么会放过吸收炼化先天本源的机会? The difference is the sorcerer in ignores the consumption uses the powerful witchcraft to oppose the enemy mostly, regardless of immortal air/Qi eternal air/Qi all in consumption fast, the Innate source that therefore they absorb is mainly used to restore the fundamental force in within the body consumption. 区别是巫师大都在不顾消耗的施展强大巫术对敌,无论不朽之气还是永恒之气全都在飞快的消耗当中,所以他们吸收的先天本源主要用来恢复体内消耗的根本力量。 Cannot all refine the Innate source to strengthen itself greatly to cultivate/repair with the hell powerhouse in the absorption like various blue sky factions for the background, so long as can also support, will not easily consume the source. 不像碧落各派大能和地狱强者全都在吸收炼化先天本源增强自身修为底蕴,只要还能支撑,就不会轻易消耗自身本源。 In fact if unnecessary, no one will be willing to consume, if not these powerhouses of sorcerer were forced this step by the situation, they will not do that! 事实上如非必要,没有谁会舍得这么消耗,巫师界的这些强者若非被局势逼迫到了这一步,他们也不会这么做! However the enemy not only has rushed to the independent space that the heart of the world was , the seal that ancient times the heart of catastrophe period world damaged was broken, witch ancestor corpses were blasphemed, the truth law stick was almost won by the hell's seventh monarchy, don't they get angry? 但是敌人不但已经冲到了世界之心所在的独立空间,就连远古浩劫时期世界之心破损的封印都被人打破,巫祖尸身都被亵渎,真理法杖都差点被地狱第七君主夺走,他们如何不怒? It can be said that this war is related to sorcerer the destiny future, if outside fortunately, but here, they cannot lose! 可以说这一战事关巫师界的命运前途,如果是在外面还好,但是在这里,他们根本就输不起! Lost, perhaps the heart of entire world will be won by the opposite party, their where dares to lose? 输了,整颗世界之心恐怕都会被对方夺走,他们哪里敢输? How even if the air/Qi of these Innate sources treasure, but where these sorcerers have what mood to absorb these precious Innate sources to enhance the strength at this moment, is used, in two powerhouses who restore the strength with the invasion go on an expedition on. 所以即便那些先天本源之气如何珍重,但是这些巫师此时此刻哪里有什么心情去吸取这些珍贵的先天本源提升实力,全都用来在了恢复力量跟入侵的两界强者征战上。 Naturally, the effect can also foresee! 当然,效果也是可以预见的! The blue skies send cultivator to be better respectively, their thoughts are eventually uneven, the methods are more, at this moment in several is good at deducing the secret under can direct greatly composed the battlefields of several small scale, enabling various factions greatly to lend a hand mutually, for a while the contingency will have the damage. 碧落各派修士还好一些,他们终究心思更齐,手段更多,此刻在几位擅长推演天机的大能指挥下组成了几个小规模的战阵,让各派大能相互帮衬,一时不虞会有损伤。 However a hell devil side powerhouse number are not only more, the disposition is also greedier, many powerful devils all attempt to plunge the witch ancestor corpse or world heart, therefore receives aiming at sorcerer powerhouse especially, was killed several big devils very much! 但是地狱魔鬼一方不仅强者数量更多,心性也更加贪婪,不少强大的魔鬼全都尝试过扑向巫祖尸身或者世界之心,因此格外受到巫师强者的针对,很是被打死了几尊大魔鬼! As the time passes gradually, the sorcerer gradually got the winning side by the numerical advantage, can compel with a powerhouse of hell devil clan various blue sky person clan factions to two corners greatly respectively, saw that the general situation has decided that the victory and loss just will be sooner or later issue. 随着时间渐渐推移,巫师凭借数量优势逐渐占据了上风,将碧落人族各派大能和地狱魔鬼一族的强者分别逼到两个角落,眼看大局已定,输赢只不过是早晚的问题。 Moreover, witch Zu's corpse absorbed the air/Qi of more and more Innate source, the body dead air/Qi is gradually dissipating, the fluctuation that the body experiences, the finger presented shivering of unconsciousness, this lets the blue sky and hell two powerhouses all feels the heart startled! 而且,巫祖的尸身吸收了越来越多的先天本源之气,身上死气正在逐渐消散,身体出现的波动,手指都出现了无意识的颤抖,这让碧落和地狱两界的强者全都感到心惊! witch does ancestor really want to resurrect? 难道巫祖真的要复活了? Once witch ancestor resurrects, their these powerhouses do add are not the opponents? 巫祖一旦复活,他们这些强者加起来也不是对手啊? Looked fierce that not the hell's seventh monarchy clamored, but he knows that oneself and between the disparity to powerhouses were giant. 莫看地狱第七君主叫嚣的厉害,但是他知道自己和至强者之间的差距有多么巨大。 In two both powerhouses all fearful and apprehensive, all sorcerer powerhouses are all wild with joy, was anticipating witch ancestor thoroughly resurrecting time, in the ghost ancestor look flashes through the strange dim light! 就在两界双方强者俱都胆战心惊,所有巫师强者全都欣喜若狂,期待着巫祖彻底复活的时候,鬼祖眼神中闪过诡异的幽光! He knows, cannot this way, otherwise only fears this time not only will rout to lose, will also make sorcerer many to the powerhouse. 他知道,不能继续这样下去了,否则只怕这次不仅会大败亏输,还会让巫师界多出一尊至强者。 In the ghost ancestor heart makes a determined effort, the body imposing manner rises suddenly suddenly, the endless gloomy black air/Qi changes to together the dreadful ghost in him behind. This ghost is strong, the strength unparalleled, appeared flash throws directly toward the sorcerer group, throws one after another strikes, disrupted the battle formation of sorcerer powerhouse forcefully, caused heavy losses to 78 sorcerer big energies! 鬼祖心中发狠,身上气势陡然暴涨,无尽阴森黑气在他身后化作一道滔天鬼影。这尊鬼影强势无比,战力无双,出现的一瞬间就直接朝巫师群中扑去,接连扑击,硬生生打乱了巫师强者的阵势,重创了七八尊巫师大能! However these sorcerer powerhouses are not affable, under protecting witch king the leadership displays jointly combines the big witchcraft unsurpassedly, routed this huge ghost forcefully. 不过这些巫师强者也不是好惹的,在守护巫王的带领下联手施展无上组合大巫术,硬生生击溃了这尊庞大的鬼影。 The ghost is split up, then disperses trillion gloomy ghosts air/Qi toward many sorcerers on to throw, the sorcerer powerhouse intercepts. 鬼影四分五裂,转而分散成亿万道阴森鬼气朝诸多巫师身上扑去,巫师强者纷纷拦截。 They have not noticed, in these trillion gloomy ghost air/Qi, seven common black smokes breaks through their interception, fluttered following witch Zu's seven orifices! 只是他们没有注意到,在这亿万道阴森鬼气中,有七道不起眼的黑烟突破他们的拦截,顺着巫祖的七窍飘了进去! After many sorcerers block these ghost air locks, then sees the ghost ancestor, the handsome face at this moment were many a paleness, obviously that attack is not just now relaxed, making him consume very in a big way! 当众多巫师将这些鬼气阻拦住后,再看鬼祖,原本英俊的脸庞此刻多了一丝苍白,显然方才那种攻击并不轻松,让他消耗很大! Protects witch king to sneer: „ Acts out of desperation, how many powerhouses even if magic art of this powerful force can injure to our can how? 守护巫王冷笑一声:“狗急跳墙,这种威力强大的法术即便能够伤到我方几尊强者又能如何? Then I to must have a look at you also to have what skill, if the technique stops in this, when witch ancestor recovers, when was others was killed! ” 接下来我到要看看你还有何本事,若是技止于此,等到巫祖复苏,就是尔等丧命之时!” Hehe......” “嘿嘿……” The ghost ancestor also sneers several: Right? Only feared when the time comes you will discover, witch Zu's so-called recovery, to you not necessarily is what good deed!” 鬼祖同样冷笑几声:“是吗?只怕到时候你会发现,巫祖所谓的复苏,对你们而言未必就是什么好事!” Snort!” “哼!” Protects witch king not to spare a glance: „ What's wrong, you think witch ancestor quiet innumerable years, after the recovery, did not know that I did wait inadequately? 守护巫王不屑一顾:“怎么,你以为巫祖沉寂了无数岁月,复苏后就不认识我等了不成? Even if really did not know that we have not related, so long as he still remembers that oneself mission on the line, when the time comes by the witch Zu's tyrannical strength, anyone of you are an opponent? ” 就算真不是认识我们也没关系,只要他还记得自己的使命就行,到时候以巫祖强横的战力,你们谁是对手?” Just said in his these words, the distant place lay down in witch ancestor of ground opened the eyes suddenly! 就在他这番话刚刚说完,远处原本躺在地上的巫祖陡然睁开了双眼! The eye pupil is jet black, imitates, if bottomless trench, just like two jet black whirlpools, was disclosing the faint trace is strange! 眼瞳漆黑幽深,彷如无底深渊,犹如两道漆黑的旋涡,透露着丝丝诡异!
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