ADM :: Volume #24

#2377: Hunts for the eye

In the past had inspected, but also is really six, and these six were obviously closer. 过去检查了一番,还真是六道,并且这六道明显更紧密一些。 Had found the second trace, now looks at the examination of Lingling, if is really several years ago Red Devil stayed behind, they had a quite explicit direction. 找到了第二个痕迹了,现在就看灵灵的检测了,假如真是几年前红魔留下的,那他们就有了一个比较明确的方向。 Hello, you look at this!” Lu Zhengxin has discovered anything, greeted Mo Fan in the past. “喂,你看这个!”陆正新又发现了什么,招呼莫凡过去。 Mo Fan walked, discovered that had a dark iron sheet to insert in a water tank of short office building. 莫凡走了过去,发现有一块黑乎乎的铁片插入到了一栋矮办公楼的水塔上。 This water tank looked that was many year of nobody has used, that iron sheet inserted deeply, the normal person was very difficult to draw out, it is estimated that only then removed the water tank was good. 这个水塔一看就是很多年没有人用了,那铁片插入得非常深,正常人很难拔出,估计只有把水塔拆了才行。 To come here the person of work not to think at that time this iron sheet has anything to be an eyesore, had not gone to manage. 想来当时这里办公的人也没有觉得这铁片有什么碍眼的,就一直没去管。 The iron sheet is actually very big, carefully looks knows that is a doorframe of vehicle. 铁片其实很大,仔细看才知道,那是一个车子的门框。 Also does not know that what speed must arrive, can make vehicle door inserting fall to a water muddy water Tarry. 也不知道要到达什么样的速度,才可以让一个车门生生的插陷到一个水泥水塔里。 Has is exerted has separated moves to thing Magic spatially.” Lu Zhengxin very affirmative saying. “有被施加过隔空移物魔法。”陆正新非常肯定的说道。 Mo Fan turns the head, a face visits him earnestly. 莫凡转过头来,一脸认真的看着他。 What looks at to look that you know what my university study is what specialty?” Lu Zhengxin loud [say / way]. “看什么看,你知道我大学学的是什么专业吗?”陆正新大声道。 „Is dog nose specialized?” Mo Fan asked. “狗鼻子专业?”莫凡问道。 Demon material collection study. Looked, in you saved me to love in the share of car(riage), you think that I will help you look for these bored things!” Lu Zhengxin said. “魔物质采集学。要不是看在你救了我爱车的份上,你以为我会帮你找这些无聊的东西!”陆正新说道。 Demon material collection study...... 魔物质采集学…… It seems like Pearl Academy special is specialized, places that side the criminal police, was the scene forensic medicine. 貌似明珠学府的特别专业,放在刑警那边,就是现场法医学了。 Has not thought of Lu Zhengxin alumnus. 没有想到陆正新还是自己校友。 Aura was very pale was very pale, at least has volatilized for 34 years.” Lu Zhengxin said. “气息很淡很淡了,至少挥发了34年。”陆正新说道。 Mo Fan nodded. 莫凡点了点头。 Cold Hunter King Three Elements is also Space System, if here were he before and place of Red Devil war, that this was exerted has separated moves to the thing Magic vehicle door should very big probability to be spatially cold Hunter King does. 猎王的第三系也是空间系,这里如果是他之前与红魔大战的地方,那这被施加过隔空移物魔法的车门应该很大概率是冷猎王做的。 Can smell the bloodstain?” Mo Fan asked. “能嗅出血迹吗?”莫凡问道。 Father is not the dog!” Lu Zhengxin felt that the self-respect was injured, angry [say / way]. “老子不是狗!”陆正新感觉自尊心被伤害了,愤怒道。 Can find the past bloodstain, the bloodstain is very important.” Mo Fan asked. “能找到过去的血迹吗,血迹很重要。”莫凡重新问了一遍。 I open to hunt to regard.” Lu Zhengxin said. “我开个猎视。”陆正新说道。 Mo Fan is puzzled. 莫凡一脸疑惑。 At this time, Lu Zhengxin has displayed Magic, his under foot presented together Light Element star atlas, the star atlas unceasing distortion, the rule structure has become according to Mo Fan has not seen the constellation. 这时,陆正新已经施展起了魔法,他的脚下出现了一道光系星图,星图不断的扭变,按照一种莫凡没有见过的规律构架成了星座。 The constellation raises, and turned into the radiant incomparable two groups of blue photospheres in the land new top of the head. 星座升起,并在陆正新的头顶变成了璀璨无比的两团蓝色光球。 Lu Zhengxin visual blue photosphere, the photosphere was also actually reducing along with it a little bit, submerges in Lu Zhengxin the double pupil. 陆正新目视着蓝色光球,光球却也随之一点点缩小,没入到了陆正新的双瞳之中。 Instantly, Lu Zhengxin the double pupil becomes bright gorgeous, pure incomparable blue radiance that releases, the surrounding object, was swept by his eye, will present the similar blue color. 霎时,陆正新双瞳变得灿烂绚丽,释放出的纯粹无比的蓝色光辉,周围的物体,被他的眼睛扫到,都会呈现出同样的蓝色。 Teyrat stone alloy dog eye??” Mo Fan startled is a beauty, has not thought that Lu Zhengxin also has such special ability. “泰拉石合金狗眼??”莫凡惊为天人,没有想到陆正新还有这么特殊的本领。 Probably the flaminging lamp crustifications of two blue high powers in Lu Zhengxin the eye socket, Lu Zhengxin the science and technology person takes a walk in the nearby generally. 就好像两盏蓝色高功率的炽灯镶嵌在了陆正新的眼眶中,陆正新科技人一般在附近走动。 This ability, seems a huge consumption, his complexion in unceasing change, when starts the pain time, he has closed the eye immediately, received this very surreptitious special condition. 这种能力,似乎是一种巨大消耗,他脸色在不断的变化,等到开始痛苦的时候,他马上闭上了眼睛,收起了这种非常诡秘特殊的状态。 This hunts for the eye, our Lu Family inherited ability, can see that the those Magic material remains, blood, mucus, not loose aura.” Lu Zhengxin the whole face is proud. “这是猎眼,我们陆家的祖传本领,可以看到那些魔法物质残留,血液,黏液,未散气息。”陆正新满脸骄傲。 Your Mo Fan big fiendish person is fierce, can have these abilities? 莫凡大魔王再厉害,能有这些本领吗? In searching for this domain, his Mo Fan is also a younger brother! 在搜寻这领域上,他莫凡也是个弟弟! Flamboyant, chicken row of elder brother.” Mo Fan has raised up the thumb to Lu Zhengxin, „, therefore, you did find the bloodstain?” “牛逼啊,鸡排哥。”莫凡给陆正新竖起了大拇指,“所以,你找到血迹了吗?” In the underwater surface, behind this street, is the bloodstain...... Your seniors are very miserable.” Lu Zhengxin said. “在水下面,这条街后面,全是血迹……你们那位前辈很惨啊。”陆正新说道。 What meaning?” “什么意思?” He should flow many blood, which spot should be dug, then spurts the blood to be towed the line, has towed in that warehouse.” Lu Zhengxin points at the independent warehouse in farther away position to say. “他应该流了很多血,应该是被刨开了哪个部位,然后一路喷血一路被拖行,一直拖到了那个仓库里。”陆正新指着更偏远位置的一个独立仓库道。 The Mo Fan heart sinks. 莫凡心一沉。 Good Lingling is not, if she hears these words, it is estimated that must break down. 还好灵灵不在,她要是听到这些话,估计又要垮了。 „Did that monster bleed?” Mo Fan asked. “那个怪物流血了吗?”莫凡问道。 The blood of cold Hunter King does not have the significance, must find the blood of Red Devil. 猎王的血没有意义啊,必须找到红魔的血。 Some, mixes up with the blood of your senior.” Lu Zhengxin said. “有一些,和你们前辈的血混在一起。”陆正新说道。 Has the means collection.” Mo Fan asked. “有办法采集吗。”莫凡问道。 Big brother, in the underwater surface, the street was submerged. Has my such god same eyes, do not want to seek the bloodstain for a lifetime, let alone the air seasoning, others have washed and rinsed, but also had been flooded by the sea!” Lu Zhengxin said. “大哥,在水下面,街道都被淹没了。要不是有我这样神一样的眼睛,你们一辈子都别想寻到血迹,何况风干过,别人洗涮过,还被海水淹过!”陆正新说道。 My friend also many car(riage)s, he has specially-made lunar shadow, blew before me was inferior, turned head I to make him give to you.” Mo Fan said. “我朋友也有不少车,他有一辆特制的月影,在我面前吹了很多次了,回头我让他送给你。”莫凡说道。 Real false, this car(riage) world three, his what person, can this do??” Lu Zhengxin pleasantly surprised ten thousand skip roads. “真的假的,这辆车全球就三台,他什么人啊,这都能够搞到??”陆正新惊喜万分道。 Lu Zhengxin is a car(riage) is crazy, is quite rigid to the rare car(riage). 陆正新是一个车狂,对稀有车相当执着。 You leave alone, you today laboriously, helping me get so far as that monster the bloodstain, I ensure seven days and so on lunar shadow delivers to your family entrance, is almost brand-new, he because of the special matter, had no way.” Mo Fan said. “你别管,你今天辛苦一点,帮我弄到那怪物的血迹,我保证七天之类月影送到你家门口,几乎全新,他自己因为特殊事情,没法开了。”莫凡说道。 Do not deceive me!” Lu Zhengxin said. “你可别骗我!”陆正新道。 „Who my Mo Fan is, aren't you clear? Initially I said that must chop Presiding Judge Lu Zhantian of your Lu Family north Yu Shan, I gave to chop! Can I go back on word to your car(riage)?” Mo Fan said. “我莫凡是什么人,你不清楚吗?当初我说要砍了你们陆家北雨山的审判长陆斩天,我就给砍了!我能对你一辆车食言?”莫凡说道。 Lu Zhengxin the face pulled down immediately. 陆正新脸马上拉下来了。 You were saying Fuck, has chopped oneself cousin, but also such saying of righteousness words! 你在说尼玛呢,砍了自己堂哥,还这么义正言辞的说出来! However, he must express the speech to keep a promise this meaning to have the persuasive power absolutely very much. 不过,他要表达说话绝对算数这个意思是很有说服力了。 Injustice has a debt to have main, relax, I am a rights and wrongs are clear person, your cousin and Lu Yilin want me to assign, I will not be certainly softhearted. You and I, the good and evil is also an alumnus.” Mo Fan has patted Lu Zhengxin the shoulder. “冤有头债有主,放心,我是一个是非分明的人,你堂哥和陆一林想要我命,我当然不会心慈手软。你和我,好歹也是校友。”莫凡拍了拍陆正新的肩膀。 Good was good, that two goods I was not ripe, but you also leave again father mian premise. I look to you, vehicle three days later I must see!” Lu Zhengxin said. “行了行了,那两货我本来就不熟,但你也别再老子面前提这个。我给你找,车子三天后我就要看到!”陆正新说道。 Deal!” Mo Fan nodded. “成交!”莫凡点了点头。 That specially-made car(riage) that Mo Fan said that naturally is Zhao Manyan that god is bold. 莫凡说的那辆特制车,当然是赵满延那个神豪的。 Lu Zhengxin this collection, with Zhao Manyan this buying an underground garage, under the garage is compared with his personal luxury car person, feels dwarfed. 陆正新这点收藏,和赵满延这种买了一个地下车库,车库下面全是他的私人豪车的人相比,真的小巫见大巫。 That specially-made lunar shadow price is not much higher, but at that time to celebrate their Zhao bought stock this automobile company, three of special manufacture, Zhao Manyan took. 那辆特制月影价格也不是高得离谱,只是当时为了庆祝他们赵氏入股该汽车公司,特别制造的三台,一台赵满延拿了。 Zhao Manyan does not want by Zhao Yougan to be known own whereabouts, therefore that lunar shadow he will not bump, before had saying that must give Mo Fan, Mo Fan was disinclined to take. 赵满延不想被赵有乾知道自己行踪,所以那月影他是不会去碰的,之前有说要送给莫凡,莫凡懒得去拿。 Happen, brings here to handle Lu Zhengxin. 正好,拿来这边搞定陆正新。 The land newly-opened words, Zhao Yougan could not suspect that Zhao Manyan here, original Lu Zhengxin is the Magic Capital City famous car(riage) is crazy. 陆正新开的话,赵有乾也怀疑不到赵满延这里,本来陆正新就是魔都有名的车狂。 Car(riage) quick become moldy car(riage), after completing Bounty compared with end product Galaxy Cluster day lineage/vein that obtains, is a toy. 一辆车都快发霉了的车,和完成悬赏后获得的成品星海天脉相比,就是一玩具罢了。
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