ADM :: Volume #24

#2316: Gas attack concentration camp

„Do this armed forces have the issue the brain?” Zhao Manyan puzzled [say / way]. “这个军将脑子有问题吗?”赵满延不解道。 Temporarily draws back, is not the wounded person, is the Mana withered charge soldier. 暂退下来的,不是伤员,就是魔能干枯的冲锋士兵。 The charge soldiers have done in a big way had such sacrificed, can live is lucky, how also to call on exhausted them the battlefield? 冲锋士兵都已经做了这么大牺牲,能活下来是万幸了,怎么还叫精疲力尽的他们上战场? Will do this, main battlefield was mostly cool.” Mo Fan said. “会这样做,多半主战场凉了。”莫凡说道。 „, Won't be cool such quickly?? Isn't that many people?” “不会吧,凉得这么快??不是那么多人吗?” I smelled the strange stink that floats from the battlefield a moment ago...... It is estimated that had the rebel army to leave to incur.” Mu Bai said. “刚才我就闻到了从战场那边飘来的奇怪臭味……估计是有叛军又出强招了。”穆白说道。 The Mu Bai words just said that outside the military compound group has heard a disorderly sound of footsteps. 穆白话刚说完,军营团外面就传来了一阵凌乱的脚步声。 The people have not arrived, the thick smell of blood and wicked stink passed on, then saw that a troop person carried a troop person to run into the rear camp. 人还没有到,浓浓的血腥味和恶臭味就传了过来,紧接着便看到一大群人抬着一大群人跑入了后方营地之中。 Also complete, hurries to help the wounded person!!” A medical military officer shouted loud. “还完整的,赶紧过来帮助伤员!!”一名医疗军官高声呼道。 The people of good cavalry regiment are also warm-hearted good, they ran immediately, gave to lift to spread out the those wounded person. 蛮牛骑兵团的人也是热心善良,他们马上跑了过去,将那些伤员都给抬到了地铺上。 On this No. 3 wounded person concentration camp, is lying down probably more than 1000 wounded person, lacks the arm breaks the leg nobody to take care, let alone is those, only then some wounds, basically want to wrap up. 就这个3号伤员集中营里,大概躺着1000多名伤员,缺胳膊断腿的都没有人照应,更别说是那些只有一些伤口的,基本上要自己包扎。 But at this time , the large quantities of wounded person brought in No. 3 wounded person concentration camp to crowd all of a sudden, the sleeping place was insufficient, can only place on the aisle them. 而此时,又有一大批伤员抬进了3号伤员集中营一下子拥挤了起来,铺位都不够,只能够将他们放在了走道上。 Had not seen that here filled, but also lifted toward here?” A rear service battalion commander called out. “没看到这里都满了吗,还往这里抬?”一名后勤营长叫道。 Other wounded person concentration camps are fuller.” That medical military officer said. “其他伤员集中营更满。”那名医疗军官说道。 Mo Fan and the others in this concentration camp, the wounded person body symptom that they can behind clear seeing be lifted is also strange. 莫凡等人也在这个集中营里,他们能够清楚的看到后面被抬过来的伤员们身体症状非常奇怪。 They by Magic to the heavy losses, instead likely were not intrude in the monster bee cavern likely, was stung the whole body purple pustule and green edema. 他们不像是被魔法给重创的,反而像是闯入到了妖蜂洞穴里,被蜇得满身紫色脓包和绿色浮肿。 Blood that overflows, the color changed, seems was more like has overturned pigment version, any color had. 就连溢出来的血,颜色都变了,看上去更像是打翻了的颜料版,什么色彩都有。 This senior official, you cannot lift them.” At this time Mu Bai suddenly walked, serious saying. “这位长官,你不能将他们抬进来。”这个时候穆白忽然走了过去,一脸严肃的说道。 You were saying any thing!” A that medical military officer temperament point explodes, was spurting the saliva to Mu Bai, they risked neck to slaughter with the enemy in the main battlefield, wanted them to die above is utterly loyal to fulfill duty!! They are the wounded person, the wounded person must rescue now!” “你在说什么东西!”那位医疗军官脾气一点就炸,对着穆白喷起了口水,“他们在主战场冒着生命危险与敌人厮杀,难道非要他们全死在上面才算是尽忠尽职!!他们现在是伤员,伤员就要救!” I am not this meaning, you must get their physical exams first and ensure they......” Mu Bai then said. “我不是这个意思,你得先检查他们身体,确保他们……”穆白接着说道。 They for the appearance that the federation was wounded disgusting to you? Looks at your fair and clear, has not come up including the battlefield probably, has any qualifications here gesticulate while talking, one side get lost!” The medical military officer hand pushes, directly Mu Bai shoving open. “他们为联邦而负伤的样子恶心到了你是吗?看你一身白白净净,大概连战场都没上去,有什么资格在这里指手画脚,滚一边去!”医疗军官手一推,直接将穆白给推开。 Also is Mu Bai this green tea personality can endure, trades to do is Mo Fan, already a palm of the hand incited on that medical military officer face. 也就是穆白这种绿茶人格可以忍受,换做是莫凡,早就一巴掌煽在那医疗军官脸上了。 Any gadget! 什么玩意儿! You look at your hand, looks at my skin again.” Mu Bai has the patience said to the medical military officer. “你看自己的手,再看我的皮肤。”穆白非常有耐心的对医疗军官说道。 The medical military officer pushes is the chest of Mu Bai, his dirty hand imprint also pressed on the Mu Bai chest, Mu Bai happen to have not worn the clothes, can see that his front the skin was the same with the allergy, crawled rapidly the roseola. 医疗军官推得是穆白的胸膛,他肮脏的手印也摁在了穆白胸口上,穆白正好也没穿衣服,可以看到他胸前的皮肤跟过敏了一样,迅速爬出了红疹。 The military officers saw the roseola, looks at own hand immediately. 军官看到了红疹,又马上去看自己的手。 When does not know, his palm has swollen is the same with the pig's feet, the appearance is fearful. 不知道什么时候,他的手掌已经肿得跟猪蹄一样,样子非常可怕。 This......” medical military officer then realizes the gravity, the whole face in consternation panic-stricken looks at Mu Bai. “这……”医疗军官这才意识到严重性,满脸愕然惊恐的看着穆白 As the medical officer, your voodoo is easy to infect the spread not to know that directly toward here delivers the wounded person who these were poisoned, isn't equal to killing in this concentration camp all people?” Mu Bai aggravated the expression at this time. “作为医疗官,你连巫毒容易传染蔓延都不知道,就直接把这些中了毒的伤员往这里送,不等于害死这集中营里所有人吗?”穆白这个时候才加重了语气。 The medical officers were startled, he looked all around, discovered that the surrounding person was staring at him. 医疗官怔住了,他环顾四周,发现周围的人都盯着他。 The medical officers truly have not thought that this, now in looking in own hand these inflamed, the conditions of several other assistants, they caught in the situation of glove seeping by that type of insect toxin. 医疗官确实没有想到这一层,现在在看自己手上的这些红肿,还有其他几个助手的状态,他们都逮着手套的情况下还是被那种虫毒给渗透了。 That...... What to do should that??” The medical officers really somewhat could not suddenly have made up mind. “那……那该怎么办??”医疗官一时间还真有些拿不定主意了。 These people need to treat, cannot throw them outside. 这些人需要治疗,总不能将他们扔到外面吧。 Outside strong winds bone-chilling cold, rainstorm ice-cold, to those pollution dirty rain wash their bodies, they will quickly also die. 外面狂风凛冽,暴雨冰冷,任由那些浑浊肮脏的雨水冲刷他们的身体的话,他们也会很快死去的。 Iriss out together the position, isolates the soldier who they and those have not been poisoned, disinfects to them with the thing as soon as possible.” Mu Bai said. “圈出一块位置,将他们和那些没有中毒的士兵隔离开,尽快用东西给他们消毒。”穆白说道。 The medical officers know one have made the huge mistake, does not dare to neglect again, made the person build a temporary isolation circle hurriedly. 医疗官知道自己犯了大错,也不敢再怠慢,急忙让人搭建出了一个临时的隔离圈。 Main battlefield what happened?” Mu Bai asked. “主战场发生了什么事?”穆白问道。 originally our cross military compound group occupies the enormous place above, toward the rear area that the enemy keeps drives away, but in the brown rebel army presented a troop to summon creature suddenly, they broke to our military compound groups, almost by the person who their venom and antenna thorns bumped, turned into this appearance.” The medical officers said hurriedly. 原本我们的十字军营团占据极大的上方,将敌人不停的往后方驱赶,但忽然褐色叛军中出现了一大群召唤生物,它们冲入到我们的军营团中,几乎被它们的毒液和触角刺碰的人,都变成了这个样子。”医疗官急忙说道。 summoned beast??” 召唤兽??” „, That is not summoned beast!” At this time, lay down the insect poisonous wounded person on stretcher opens the mouth. “不是的,那不是召唤兽!”这个时候,一名躺在担架上的虫毒伤员开口了。 This person is poisoned is not deep, is only the roseola are many, just like over a thousand ants on his skin, seems very fearful. 此人中毒还不算深,只是红疹非常多,宛如上千只蚂蚁在他的皮肤上,看上去非常可怕。 What is that??” Mu Bai asked. “那是什么??”穆白问道。 Insect sorcerer, is those can the insect demon insect sorcerer, we saw with one's own eyes one to rip open our leather bag with our same revolting Military Mage, from full was in the muscle of blood grows has been similar to the carapace same insect muscle!” This gas casualty said. “虫巫师,是那些可以虫魔化的虫巫师,我们亲眼看到一名跟我们一样的叛军法师撕开了自己的皮囊,从满是血的肌肉之中长出了类似于甲壳一样的虫肌!”这名中毒伤员说道。 Yes, yes, I also saw, was too fearful, resembled the live person wrapping by the insect, turned into a fearful insect person demon!” Another wounded person said. “是的,是的,我也看到了,太可怕了,就好像活人被虫子给包裹住了,化成了一种可怕的虫人魔!”另一名伤员说道。 Mu Bai hear these, has turned the head to look at Zhao Manyan. 穆白听完这些,不由的转过头去看赵满延 „, Before not describing a little looks like us, in the those insect sorcerer who Ojosnegros Saint school hump runs into.” Zhao Manyan said. “不会吧,形容得有点像我们之前在奥霍斯圣学府山岗遇到的那些虫巫师。”赵满延道。 It seems like was really an insect sorcerer clan.” Mu Bai nodded. “看来真是虫巫师一族了。”穆白点了点头。 Since an insect sorcerer clan works oneself to death for Black Church, then they will appear in the middle of the brown rebel army are not strange. 虫巫师一族既然是为黑教廷卖命的,那么他们会出现在褐色叛军当中也不奇怪。 But the main battlefield was routed, wants to come these insect sorcerers to play very essential role. 而主战场被击溃,想来这些虫巫师起到了很关键的作用。 No wonder more and more wounded person will be delivered, no wonder that wrinkle armed forces with insane same will drive away on the wounded person the battlefield. 难怪越来越多伤员会被送过来,也难怪那个皱纹军将跟疯了一样驱赶伤员上战场。 An emergence of insect sorcerer clan, making the war somewhat leans toward one side. 虫巫师一族的出现,让战局变得有些一面倒了。 „The people of these poisons, is situation what kind of?” Mo Fan asked. “这些中毒的人,情况怎么样?”莫凡问道。 „It is not very optimistic, moreover......” Mu Bai shook the head, the vision gazes at those to be lifted the gas casualty to quarantine area territory, said in a low voice, these insect sorcerers extremely evil and cruel.” “很不乐观,而且……”穆白摇了摇头,目光注视着那些正被抬到隔离区域的中毒伤员,低声道,“这些虫巫师极其歹毒。” Mu Bai drew Mo Fan to walk several steps toward behind. 穆白拉着莫凡往后面走了几步。 Mo Fan saw Mu Bai to look serious, it seems like some does not facilitate to work as the words that other soldier surface were speaking to say. 莫凡穆白神情严肃,看来是有一些不方便当着其他士兵面说的话要说了。 Soldier of poison, even if has cut the skin, it is estimated that also lives is about four hours.” “中毒的士兵,即便是划破了皮,估计也活不过四个小时。” What is more fearful, the those insect sorcerer intends to make the wounded person association of federal army die a violent death completely, they do not kill the those federation soldier intentionally, quite makes the insect toxin be able in these wounded person concentration camps to proliferate.” “更可怕的是,那些虫巫师有意要让联邦军的伤员团体全部暴毙,他们故意不杀死那些联邦士兵,好让虫毒能够在这些伤员集中营扩散。”
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