ATG :: Volume #7 Heavenly Calamity Shakes the World

#760: Said goodbye Ling Jie

Yun Che, lets loose my mother!!” 云澈,放开我母亲!!” In the big roar, a young man of whole body white clothing from the distant place soars, but, him grasps Celestial Yuan Sword, whole body sword intent surges, to holding under duress Xuanyuan Yufeng Yun Che is flushing away at the quickest speed. 大吼声中,一个全身白衣的青年男子从远处腾空而至,他手持天鸳剑,全身剑意激荡,以自己最快的速度向挟持着轩辕玉凤云澈冲去。 Ling Yun?” Yun Che vision one slanting, but immediately, he saw followed closely Ling Yun after that person... His age seems compared with it Ling Yun wants on small some, the stature was approximate with Ling Yun, once had piled up with on the face that the naivete and made widely known, now are more, actually after was the mature solemnness and firm and resolute. 凌云?”云澈目光一斜,而马上,他又看到了紧随凌云其后的人…他的年纪看上去比之凌云要小上一些,身材却已与凌云近似,曾经堆满了稚气和张扬的脸上,如今更多的,却是成熟之后的冷峻与坚毅。 Little Jie...” Yun Che read one lowly, look immediately became especially complex. This comes Heavenly Sword Villa, person who he most does not want to run into, is Ling Jie. 小杰…”云澈低念一声,眼神顿时变得格外复杂。此来天剑山庄,他最不想遇到的人,就是凌杰 For several years does not see, Ling Yun profound strength progresses by leaps and bounds, is the breakthrough to Sky Profound Realm. But Ling Jie because of receives Xuanyuan Jue to like extremely, these years under the personal cultivation that Xuanyuan Jue spares no effort, the advancement is ten thousand li in a day, Yun Che one saw that Ling Jie now not only marched into Sky Profound Realm, but also in the strength already almost and Ling Yun keeps pace. Has not the long time again, can surmount Ling Yun inevitably comprehensively. 数年不见,凌云玄力突飞猛进,已是突破至天玄境。而凌杰因极受轩辕绝喜爱,这些年在轩辕绝不遗余力的亲自栽培之下,进境更是一日千里,云澈一眼就看到的,凌杰如今不但已经步入天玄境,而且实力上已经几乎和凌云并驾齐驱。再有不长的时间,必然能全面超越凌云 Yun'er Jie'er, do not pass!!” Ling Yuefeng puts out a hand to say. In the past in Blue Wind ranking tournament, Ling Yun and Yun Che was a plane/level match, but now, is 10,000 Ling Yun, dares to offend Yun Che is pure courting death. 云儿杰儿,不要过去!!”凌月枫伸手疾呼。当年在苍风排位战,凌云云澈还是一个层面的对手,而如今,就是10000个凌云,敢去触犯云澈都是纯粹的找死。 Ling Yun turns a deaf ear, Celestial Yuan Sword swings together the half a Zhang long sword glow, cut-throat punctures to Yun Che. He and Ling Jie this practices the sword in the back side of the mountain, then has had the news that the Mighty Heavenly Sword Region honored guest approaches, then with great speed returns to the village. Above is extremely not the normal air wave and sound, but chapter of villa, they then saw Xuanyuan Yufeng was kidnapped one in hand by Yun Che. 凌云充耳不闻,天鸳剑荡起一道半丈长的剑芒,凶狠的向云澈刺去。他和凌杰本在后山练剑,然后得到有天威剑域贵客来临的消息,便火速回庄。一路之上都是极不正常的气浪和声响,而一回山庄,他们便看到了轩辕玉凤云澈劫持在手中的一幕。 Ling Yun bristles with anger, but the Ling Jie mood be more complex than Ling Yun are too many. From knowing Yun Che is also living, he wild with joy shouts wildly, does not know that many time cannot repress to look for Yun Che. Today finally sees, sees is actually such picture... Let his whole person brain loudly one piece. He follows in Ling Yun behind, the speed is actually more and more slow, the whole person in shocking, puzzled and startled, loses presence of mind ignorant, is at a loss. 凌云怒发冲冠,而凌杰的情绪要比凌云复杂太多。从知道云澈还活着,他就狂喜狂呼,不知有多少次按捺不住想要去找云澈。今天终于见到,看到的却是这样的画面…让他整个人大脑轰然一片。他跟在凌云身后,速度却是越来越慢,整个人在震惊、不解、惊慌、失措中浑浑噩噩,无所适从。 Facing approaching of Ling Yun, Yun Che another hand stretches out toward him... His movement makes Ling Yuefeng have a big shock, exclaimed crazily: Yun Che... stops!” 面对凌云的临近,云澈另一只手向着他伸出…他的这个动作让凌月枫大惊失色,狂吼道:“云澈…住手!” Bang!! 砰!! The Ling Yuefeng sound has not fallen, Yun Che is a palm promotes, instantly, the air wave of hundred zhang (333 m) space was promoted, to hit maliciously in the body of Ling Yun and Ling Jie, making them instantaneously unbalanced, in the airborne several tumblings, then planted to fall the ground. 凌月枫声音未落,云澈已是一掌推出,霎时,百丈空间的气浪被狠狠推动,撞击在凌云凌杰的身上,让他们瞬间失衡,在空中数个翻滚,然后栽落到了地上。 Saw that falls falls immediately stands up on place Ling Yun and Ling Jie, whole body sends without the wound, including aura not feeble, the nerve of Ling Yuefeng whole body relaxes all of a sudden, a whole body prostration, the cold sweat braves, trembling sound track: Yun Che, how you must... My wife has made the mistake anything!” 看到摔落在地的凌云凌杰又马上站起,全身毫发无伤,连气息都没有衰弱,凌月枫全身的神经一下子松弛下来,全身一阵虚脱,冷汗直冒,颤声道:“云澈,你到底要如何…内子到底做错了什么!” clouds... Big Brother Yun,... What had? Had an accident?” Alarmed and afraid and confusedness of Ling Jie whole face, to Yun Che , before having used, completely different name. He does not even dare to believe firmly that present Yun Che is really Yun Che. “云…云大哥,到底…发生了什么?到底出了什么事?”凌杰满脸的惊惧与迷茫,对云澈,也用了和之前全然不同的称呼。他甚至不敢去确信眼前的云澈真的就是云澈 Yun Che has not paid attention to Ling Jie, has disregarded Xuanyuan Jiuding and Mu Yuanzhi that fully therapy directly, both eyes are staring at Ling Yuefeng, low and deep [say / way]: Matter that in the past Chu Yuechan harbored the pregnancy, in your Heavenly Sword Villa, by one person who called Grandmother Jiumu found out, but at that time presented that besides Chu Yuechan, Grandmother Jiumu and Chu Yueli, beside you, did not have other people again... That why this matter within several days, in Chu Yuechan returns to Frozen Cloud Asgard before your Heavenly Sword Villa is the world all knows!? Ling Yuefeng, your again stupid ten times, should know this matter, if spreads, to her can be any consequence, you may have blocking the passage of information!!” 云澈没有理会凌杰,也直接无视了正在全力疗伤的轩辕九鼎穆渊之,双目盯着凌月枫,低沉的道:“当年楚月婵怀有身孕的事,是在你天剑山庄,由一个叫九牧婆婆的人所探出,而当时在场的,除了楚月婵九牧婆婆楚月璃,还有你之外,再无他人…那为什么这件事会在短短几天之内,在楚月婵从你天剑山庄回到冰云仙宫之前就已是天下皆知!?凌月枫,你就算再愚蠢十倍,也该知道这件事若是传开,对她而言会是什么后果,那你可有封锁消息!!” The Yun Che's words let Ling Yuefeng at heart one thump, said hastily: This matter, I know certainly the weight. Yueli Fairy was needless saying that Grandmother Jiumu was the medical hundred years, is half character will not talk too much. Why this matter will spread, I also continuously to have doubts deeply...” 云澈的话让凌月枫心里一咯噔,连忙道:“这件事,我当然知晓轻重。月璃仙子自不用说,九牧婆婆为医百年,更是半个字都不会多言。这件事为什么会传开,我也一直深为疑惑…” Doubts!?” Yun Che's vision suddenly cold, such as two knife straight thrust Ling Yuefeng souls, let his sound and breath instantaneous stagnation: Ling Yuefeng, you were always called as in the sword the gentleman, now this diligently false appearance, but also really does not suit you! On the same day knew this matter, really that four people, only then I said! You on that day, had not run into the person who some listens secretly exactly! Is who disseminates this matter, moreover adding fuel to the flames that spares no effort, all knows until the marketplace, you, do not have the answer really!” “疑惑!?”云澈的目光陡然冷下,如两把刀子般直刺凌月枫的心魂,让他的声音和呼吸瞬间停滞:“凌月枫,你一向被人称作剑中君子,现在这努力虚伪的样子,还真是不适合你!当日知晓了这件事的,真的只有我说的那四个人吗!你那天,就没有遇到某个恰好偷听到的人吗!是谁把这件事散播出去,而且不遗余力的推波助澜,直至市井皆知,你心里,难道真的没有答案吗!” „...” Ling Yuefeng lip shivers, for a very long time could not speak. This matter, from the beginning, he knows that is the Xuanyuan Yufeng behavior, because besides her, is impossible to have other people. But he has never called to account to Xuanyuan Yufeng, does not have to investigate to confirm, even raises continually has not raised. Chu Yuechan had the pregnancy with other people, his heart also died most probably, things have gotten to this point, although he indignant with the Xuanyuan Yufeng action, actually cannot make their husbands and wives relate to worsen again, but must try hard to patch... After all, her father, is the Mighty Heavenly Sword Region's elder. “…”凌月枫的嘴唇一阵颤抖,久久说不出话来。这件事,从一开始,他就知道是轩辕玉凤所为,因为除了她之外,再不可能有其他人。但他从未向轩辕玉凤责问过,也没有去调查确认,甚至连提都没有提过。楚月婵与他人有了身孕,他的心也死了大半,事已至此,他虽气愤与轩辕玉凤的举动,却也不能再让他们夫妻关系恶化而下,而是要努力修补…毕竟,她的父亲,是天威剑域的长老。 Afterward, after he then heard Chu Yuechan just returned to Frozen Cloud Asgard, is discarded Profound Arts, expelled Sect, since then did not have the message again. Frozen Cloud Asgard also in light of this Bi Gong. 后来,他便听闻楚月婵刚回到冰云仙宫后,便被废掉玄功,逐出师门,从此再无音讯。冰云仙宫也就此闭宫。 He is very clear, because if not for this matter passed on world all knows, has created the millennium unprecedented pressures to Frozen Cloud Asgard, by Chu Yuechan in the Frozen Cloud Asgard status, even if offends propriety, will not be expelled the imperial city gate decidedly, will not abandon Profound Arts. 他很清楚,若不是因为这件事被传的天下皆知,给冰云仙宫造成了千年未有的压力,以楚月婵冰云仙宫的地位,纵然触犯门规,也断然不会被逐出宫门,更不会废了玄功 Right... Is I does!” Ling Yuefeng loses one's voice, Xuanyuan Yufeng is actually whooshing, on the face has even revealed smiling of distortion: That inexpensive woman... The scandal that one make, has the qualifications all not to say for her keep quiet! As for was known is any consequence, that is the scandal that you and she make, has any relations with me, ha ha ha ha...” “没错…就是我做的!”凌月枫失声,轩辕玉凤却是嘶吼着,脸上甚至露出了扭曲的笑:“那个贱女人…自己做下的丑事,难道还有资格让所有人为她缄口不言吗!至于被人知道了是什么后果,那是你和她做下的丑事,又和我有什么关系,哈哈哈哈…” Yun Che's both eyes have narrowed the eyes slightly, low and drawn out [say / way]: I and Chu Yuechan are two sentiments like each other, I and her child are ascend the sky to bestow, where is any scandal! Cheap person these two characters, said from your mouth, was really the least bit does not make me be angry, will only make the person laugh. It is estimated that you are also very clear, these two character 100 lifetime cannot fall on Chu Yuechan, but you, 10,000 dislike insufficiently!” 云澈的双目微微眯了起来,低缓的道:“我和楚月婵是两情相悦,我和她的孩子是上天所赐,哪里是什么丑事!贱人这两个字,从你嘴里说出来,真是半点都不让我生气,只会让人发笑。估计你自己心里也很清楚,这两个字100辈子都落不到楚月婵身上,而你,10000个都嫌不够!” You...” “你…” On Yun Che one tight, has locked in the Xuanyuan Yufeng sound, leisure [say / way]: Xuanyuan Yufeng, you should thank my Chu Yuechan well, thank is not overrated for a lifetime. Because you certainly are clearer than anybody, if not for my Chu Yuechan with has never been seeing Ling Yuefeng, you let alone became this Madame Villa Master, it is estimated that Ling Yuefeng this whole life much will not look at your one eyes! On the appearance, by the makings, the theory training and theory feelings, you and Chu Yuechan is just like the difference of under foot mud and Tianshan snow lotus! But you actually because of being jealous of oneself, deliberately planning must compel the dead end her... My Yun Che little kills the woman, but your Xuanyuan Yufeng, actually success makes me want you to tear to shreds!!!” 云澈手上一紧,锁住了轩辕玉凤的声音,慢悠悠的道:“轩辕玉凤,你本来是应该好好感谢我的楚月婵的,感谢一辈子都不为过。因为你心里一定比任何人都清楚,若不是我的楚月婵从未用正眼看过凌月枫,你别说当这庄主夫人了,估计凌月枫这辈子都不会多看你一眼!论长相,论气质、论修养、论心肠,你与楚月婵就好比脚下烂泥和天山雪莲的区别!可你却因一己之妒,处心积虑的要把她逼上绝路…我云澈很少杀女人,而你轩辕玉凤,却成功的让我想要把你碎尸万段!!!” Yun Che!!” Imposing killing intent, lets count Ling Yuefeng outside hundred feet such as the falling ice hole, his running together of two syllables in rapid speech exclaimed: „The matter of Ice Fairy Chan, my wife indeed blunder. But... The woman instinct is jealous friendly, female's being jealous to Ice Fairy Chan, because of my Ling Yuefeng, all concerns the root, is the mistakes of my Ling Yuefeng! And...” Ling Yuefeng deeply inspires, clenches teeth to say slightly: My wife she, even if there is mistake, actually also merely under the jealousy feeling, spreads really has the matter, but the non- evil intention fabricates falsely accuses, basic crime undeserved of death ... also please spare and not punish too severely, lets loose my wife, this crime, my Ling strength undertakes, does not have the complaint certainly.” 云澈!!”凛然的杀意,让数十丈之外的凌月枫都如坠冰窟,他急声吼道:“冰婵仙子之事,内子的确大错。但…女人天性善妒,女子对冰婵仙子之妒,也是因我凌月枫而起,所有论及根源,都是我凌月枫之错!而且…”凌月枫深吸一口气,微微咬牙道:“内子她纵然有错,却也仅仅是在妒意之下,传开一些确有之事,而非恶意捏造诬陷,根本罪不至死…还请高抬贵手,放开内子,此罪,我凌某人一力承担,绝无怨言。” „, crime undeserved of death ?” The Yun Che squint looks to him, look becomes more and more cloudy and cold: It seems like, you do not know really... In the past, Chu Yuechan from waste Profound Arts, after leaving Frozen Cloud Asgard, was unable to go out of Snow Region of Extreme Ice, then encountered waited for chasing down of a long time three person, but that three people, may be your Heavenly Sword Villa people, you told me crime undeserved of death !?” “呵,罪不至死?”云澈斜眼看向他,眼神变得越来越阴冷:“看来,你是真的一点都不知道啊…当年,楚月婵自废玄功,离开冰云仙宫后,还未能走出冰极雪域,便遭到了等候许久的三个人的追杀,而那三个人,可都是你天剑山庄的人,你告诉我‘罪不至死’!?” What... What!?” The Yun Che's words let Ling Yuefeng fierce raise one's head, the eye pupil enlargement. Below Ling Jie is the whole body is also stiff, cannot believe each character that one hear. “什…什么!?”云澈的话让凌月枫猛的抬头,眼瞳放大。下方的凌杰也是全身僵挺,不敢相信自己所听到的每一个字。 No... Is impossible! Is impossible! My wife is impossible to make such matter, my Heavenly Sword Villa anybody is impossible to make this wicked matter, is absolutely impossible! Is absolutely impossible! This certainly is the huge misunderstanding...” Ling Yuefeng fierce shaking the head and roaring, but his movement and sound in behind unconscious slow, because he remembers suddenly, in the past, in Frozen Cloud Asgard to that night of village, Xuanyuan Yufeng personally had dispatched three Sky Sword elders, making them escort Ling Kun to the thousand li(500 km) beyond. He also had doubts at that time, by the Ling Kun strength, does not need to escort, is insufficient to become lost, but is in front of Ling Kun, he naturally is unable to reject and question that later has not thought. “不…不可能!不可能!内子绝不可能做出这样的事,我天剑山庄的任何人都不可能做出这种恶事,绝无可能!绝无可能!这一定是天大的误会…”凌月枫剧烈的摇头和咆哮,但他的动作和声音在后面不知不觉的缓了下来,因为他忽然想起,当年,就在冰云仙宫离庄的那天晚上,轩辕玉凤亲自调遣了三个天剑长老,让他们护送凌坤到千里之外。他当时还有所疑惑,以凌坤的实力,根本不需要护送,也不至于会迷路,但当着凌坤之面,他自然无法拒绝和质疑,之后也并未多想过。 ... 难道… Is impossible? Huge misunderstanding? Ha Ha Ha Ha...” Laughing of Yun Che taunt: Xuanyuan Yufeng, you have the courage to do, your some courage acknowledgments!!” “不可能?天大的误会?哈哈哈哈…”云澈嘲讽的大笑:“轩辕玉凤,你有胆子做,那你有胆子承认吗!!” Has anything not to dare to acknowledge!!” Xuanyuan Yufeng hissing called out, on the fierce pale face does not even have the too big fear. Is taking advantage of the Sword Domain elder's daughter's status, in her heart is still assured Yun Che absolutely not to have the guts to kill her, not only does not have the fierce fear, the sound and manner are still instead extremely arrogant and arrogant: I only hate that three waste management to be disadvantageous, unexpectedly made that cheap person run away...!” “有什么不敢承认的!!”轩辕玉凤嘶叫道,狰狞惨白的脸上甚至没有太大的恐惧。依仗着剑域长老之女的身份,她心中依然笃定着云澈绝对没有胆量杀她,非但没有过于剧烈的害怕,声音、神态反而依然狂妄和傲慢:“我只恨那三个废物办事不利,居然让那贱人逃了…呃!” Under wrist|skill that in Yun Che locks suddenly, Xuanyuan Yufeng entire Duan Hougu twists completely, outside eyeball raised, cannot shout half character again. 云澈猛然锁紧的手腕下,轩辕玉凤整段喉骨完全扭曲,眼珠外凸,再也喊不出半个字来。 Xuanyuan Yufeng acknowledgment of personally, lets Ling Yuefeng is holding diligently the lucky and fantasy instantaneous broken powder, the eye is dizzy a while ago: Yufeng, you... How you will make... Such matter comes...” 轩辕玉凤的亲口承认,让凌月枫努力抱着的侥幸和幻想瞬间破散,眼前一阵天旋地转:“玉凤,你…你怎么会做出…这样的事来…” Not real... This is not possibly really...” The Ling Jie whole body fell down softly, being absentminded muttered whispers. “不是真的…这不是可能是真的…”凌杰全身软倒在了地上,失魂落魄的喃喃低语。 „, Since you acknowledged... Very good, you relieved dies!” Sneering on Yun Che face and vanished low and deep, becomes a piece does not have the faintness of sentiment, in the space, shakes something killing intent of its piercing tap web. “呵,既然你已经承认了…很好,那你就安心的去死吧!”云澈脸上的冷笑和低沉消失了,变得一片毫无感情的淡漠,空间之中,荡动其刺骨锥心的杀意 This killing intent, lets Mu Yuanzhi and Xuanyuan Jiuding is surprised. Mu Yuanzhi cannot give a thought to the injury again, the going forward violent exclaims: Yun Che! She is Ninth Elder Xuanyuan Jue...” 这股杀意,让穆渊之轩辕九鼎都大吃一惊。穆渊之再也顾不得伤势,上前暴吼道:“云澈!她是九长老轩辕绝的…” Shuts up to me!!” Yun Che turns the head, that fearful look lets Mu Yuanzhi fierce quickly grasping the meaning of something unexpectedly: I, no matter she is, no matter also you are who... Today who dares to stop me to kill her, I kill who!! Mu Yuanzhi, Mighty Heavenly Sword Region's Fifteenth Elder..., I remember probably, three months ago dies before me that Sun Moon Divine Hall elder, is ranks 15 th, you are look forward to me to deliver you today the palace of hell and he keep company!!” “给我闭嘴!!”云澈一转头,那可怕的眼神竟让穆渊之猛的一个激灵:“我不管她是谁,也不管你是谁…今天谁敢阻拦我杀她,我就杀谁!!穆渊之,天威剑域的十五长老…呵,我好像记得,三个月前死在我面前的那个日月神宫长老,也是排位第15,你是巴不得我今天就送你阎王殿和他做个伴吗!!” Mu Yuanzhi all over the body sends coldly, the body backed up unexpectedly backward one step. Is covering him, is one chill in the air and killing intent that makes his Intermediate stage Sovereign Divine Soul all fear. Similar words, if said from others mouth, he will only laugh three, but the present person, was Yun Che... is one has killed Divine Phoenix Sect two big Sovereign, but also has almost destroyed the Phoenix City lunatic! 穆渊之遍体发寒,身躯竟是向后倒退了一步。笼罩着他的,是一股让他一个中期帝君神魂皆惧的寒意和杀意。同样的话,若是从别人口中说出,他只会大笑三声,但眼前的人,是云澈…是一个只身杀了凤凰神宗两大帝君,还差点毁了凤凰城的疯子! Perhaps, could not kill him by the Yun Che's ability only, but his Princess Xue can achieve absolutely! 或许,单以云澈的能力杀不了他,但他身边的雪公主绝对可以做到! His body side, Xuanyuan Jiuding put out a hand firmly to hold his arm, hinted him do not enrage Yun Che with the look... Yun Che Feng Xue'er to have them forever keeps the ability of this place, therefore, this time this scenery, even if must look at Xuanyuan Yufeng dead helplessly, was not suitable threatens and enrages Yun Che. 他的身侧,轩辕九鼎伸手牢牢抓住了他的手臂,用眼神示意他不要触怒云澈云澈身边的凤雪児有将他们永远留在此地的能力,所以,此番此景,就算要眼睁睁的看着轩辕玉凤死,也绝不适宜威胁和触怒云澈 Does not want... Does not want.” “不要…不要啊。” The sound of desire, shivers is having the pain, Ling Jie has knelt on the ground, then him regards, if life Celestial Yang sword already sheath. He looks up airborne Yun Che high, on the face has covered entirely the tear stains: Big Brother Yun, my mother she is not feelings evil and cruel villian, she is only... For a while impulses really... Asked Big Brother Yun to forgive my mother life, the crime of mother, was redeemed by my life, asking Big Brother Yun to help.” 乞求的声音,颤抖中带着痛苦,下方,凌杰已经跪在了地上,那把他视若生命的天鸯剑已经出鞘。他高抬着头看着空中的云澈,脸上布满了泪痕:“云大哥,我母亲她绝不是一个心肠歹毒的坏人,她只是…真的只是一时冲动…求云大哥饶过我母亲性命,母亲之罪,由我的命来赎,求云大哥成全。” The sound falls, the Celestial Yang sword has delimited together the cold brightness, suddenly thorn to the throat of Ling Jie. 声音落下,天鸯剑划过一道寒光,骤然刺向了凌杰的喉咙。 Jie'er!!” 杰儿!!” Ling Yuefeng and Ling Tianni in great surprise, insane general flushes away to Ling Jie. Xuanyuan Yufeng was the pupil contraction, on face final scarlet removes in alarmed and afraid completely, turned thoroughly pale... 凌月枫凌天逆大惊,疯了一般的向凌杰冲去。轩辕玉凤更是瞳孔收缩,脸上最后的一丝血色在惊惧中完全褪去,变成了彻底的惨白… Clang!! 锵!! A flame from day, but, flies the Celestial Yang sword distant bang instantaneously. Meanwhile, Xuanyuan Yufeng from airborne was thrown down by Yun Che, pounds to fall the body of Ling Jie. 一道火光从天而至,瞬间将天鸯剑远远轰飞。与此同时,轩辕玉凤云澈从空中丢下,砸落到了凌杰的身上。 Mother... Mother!” “母…母亲!” Yufeng!!” 玉凤!!” Ling Jie and Ling Yun hurry to grab the hand of Xuanyuan Yufeng, still cannot believe own eye in the excitements. Ling Tianni and Ling Yuefeng also flushed, encircled side mother and children. 凌杰凌云慌忙抓住轩辕玉凤的手,在激动间兀自不敢相信自己的眼睛。凌天逆凌月枫也冲了过来,围到了母子三人身边。 Xuanyuan Yufeng...” Airborne Yun Che has carried to pass away, cannot see him is what kind of facial expression, the sound, is ice-cold is having the deep hatred as before: Starting today, you pray their mother and child who should better go all out every day are safe, otherwise... Then...” 轩辕玉凤…”空中的云澈已经背过身去,看不到他是怎样的神情,声音,依旧是冰冷中带着深深的恨意:“从今天起,你最好每天拼命的祈祷她们母子平安,否…则…”
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