ATG :: Volume #19

#1991: Evil God

Helian Jue chest cavity fluctuating wants to crack, even if word of Zhai Liancheng and Ximen Qi, has not made him shame the anger hence. 赫连玦胸腔起伏欲裂,哪怕是砦连城西门祺之言,都未曾让他羞怒至此。 You indeed pick the face countenance for Us for a while, We will not kill you.” “你的确为朕捡得一时颜面,朕不会杀你。” Helian Jue restrains by force the five main internal organs (entrails) to be hot-tempered the chaotic air current, said appropriate reason. 赫连玦强压着五脏六腑躁乱的气流,说出了一个再恰当不过的理由 But, even if We do not kill you, you think, you can escape chasing down of Qilin Worshipping Alliance! You have dug one's own grave, actually also dares to talk before Us.” “不过,就算朕不杀你,你以为,你逃得过拜麟盟的追杀吗!你都已自掘坟墓,却还敢在朕面前狂言。” You best soon roll to this place! Do not presumptuously think my Helian to guarantee you, does not send under custody Qilin Worshipping Alliance you, is Our greatest tolerance and gracious gift!” “你最好早日滚离此地!不要妄想我赫连会保你,不将你押送拜麟盟,已是朕莫大的宽容与恩赐!” Pā! 啪! Pā! 啪! Pā! 啪! Yun Che claps to highly praise: Worthily is Country Lord Helian, the words that said may not be really disappointing.” 云澈拍手盛赞:“不愧是赫连国主,说出的话可真是一点都不让人失望。” My safety does not need the Country Lord Helian worry, because Qilin Worshipping Alliance and three sects should not be stupid, does not put in the eyes them, but can also same Realm defeat in their mouth so-called talent person, they are also insufficient to before investigating thoroughly my details stupid begin to me rashly.” “不过我的安危无需赫连国主忧心,因为拜麟盟三宗应该并不蠢,一个不将他们放在眼中,还能同境界完败他们口中所谓‘天才’的人,他们还不至于蠢到在查清我的底细前贸然对我动手。” Yun Che in abyss is the from head to tail passive person. Qilin Worshipping Alliance and three sects, even if using still only to check a bareness full power. 云澈深渊是彻头彻尾的无源之人。拜麟盟三宗就算倾尽全力也只能查到一片空无。 But this, will make them dread without doubt. 而这,无疑会更让他们忌惮。 What concept do they check less than a wee bit trace people the origin...... that are? 一个他们连来历都查不到丁点痕迹的人……那是什么概念? Again in addition, Qilin god nearing, after the meeting of Qilin god, wants to found a nation to change toward, at this time, how they can be willing to cause complications.” “再加上,麟神之会在即,麟神之会后又要‘立国改朝’,这种时候,他们岂会愿意节外生枝。” On the contrary,” Yun Che narrowed the pupil: They , if intelligent enough, while probing my, uses/gives some the method wins over me.” “相反,”云澈眯了眯眸:“他们若是足够聪明,就会在试探我的同时,施些手段拉拢我。” „......” The Helian Jue corners of the mouth obviously twitched. “……”赫连玦嘴角明显抽搐了一下。 At this time, beside royal palace the wind sound/rumor erupts, a high adult male innertube numerous Imperial City is guarding the extreme speed, but. 这时,皇殿之外风声大作,一个高大男子带着一众皇城守卫极速而至。 Helian Imperial Family Crown Prince, Helian Ling jade. 赫连皇室太子,赫连玲琅。 Imperial Father! Lingzhu!” He flies to fall to Helian Jue and Helian Lingzhu body side, being frightened of whole face and worried: „Are you all right? Heard that some people rush offend, I came lately.” 父皇玲珠!”他飞落到赫连玦赫连玲珠身侧,满脸的惊惶与担忧:“你们没事吧?听说有人强闯冒犯,我来迟了。” When Yun Che sneers lightly...... Zhai Liancheng and Ximen Qi intrude rampantly, this goods shadow does not dare to reveal one, looks that the person escapes distressedly, he braved come out at the right moment. 云澈淡淡冷笑……砦连城西门祺嚣张闯入时,这货影都不敢露一个,看着人狼狈而逃,他又适时冒了出来 Really worthily is the Helian Jue son! 真不愧是赫连玦的儿子! Helian to the present soon the perishing country, special will be a miracle. 赫连到现在才即将亡国,都特么算个奇迹。 Imperial Brother, has been all right.” Helian Lingzhu said. 皇兄,已经没事了。”赫连玲珠道。 That does not have the dependence and comfortable look, could see, Helian Lingzhu as Crown Prince Elder Brother has no expectation to this. 那毫无依赖与宽慰的眼神,看得出,赫连玲珠对这个身为太子兄长没有任何期望。 That is good.” Helian Ling jade relieved, saw Yun Che suddenly, thought over his profound energy, immediately sinking eyebrow say/way: Who are you?” “那就好。”赫连玲琅长舒一口气,忽然一眼看到了云澈,掂量了一下他的玄气,顿时沉眉道:“你是何人?” Yun Che simply has not actually paid attention to him, said indifferently: Since Country Lord Helian so does not welcome, I cannot stay behind brazenly. Crown Princess benevolence, was returned reluctantly some.” 云澈却是根本没有理会他,漠然道:“既然赫连国主如此不欢迎,我也总不能厚着脸皮留下。长公主的恩情,也算是勉强回报了些许。” He deeply looked at Helian Lingzhu one: Has another chance to meet.” 他深深看了赫连玲珠一眼:“后会有期。” Then, he has turned around, at a moderate pace walks toward the palace. 说完,他转过身,不紧不慢的向殿外走去。 Yun...... Che.” Forward Helian Lingzhu one step, between lips sends out does not shout, but is somewhat blurred low nan. 云……澈。”赫连玲珠向前一步,唇间发出的不是呼喊,而是有些迷离的低喃。 oh right.” Yun Che stops the footsteps suddenly: jue for the jade of filling, Country Lord Helian in the name of jue character, has not been your older generation uses to alert your pride goes before a fall, the moon/month is full , then owes. But this with your is the say/way of Monarch, is actually very different.” 哦对了。”云澈忽然停住脚步:“‘玦’为未满之玉,赫连国主以‘玦’字为名,想必是你的先辈用以警醒你亢龙有悔,月盈则亏。可这与你的为君之道,却是相去甚远。” Was inferior, in the name of floats. So-called floats lives, when extends the millenium, perhaps this may guarantee your Helian to continue the millenium again, hehe.” “不如,以‘浮诺’为名。所谓浮生一诺,当亘千秋,说不定此名可保你赫连再续千秋,呵呵。” Smiles indifferently, he does not stay, goes far away moment. 漠然一笑,他再不停留,须臾远去。 damned bastard!” The Helian Ling jade is angry at the scene: The outcastes that where comes, also match butt in my Imperial Father given name! Takes to me him......” 混账东西!”赫连玲琅当场大怒:“哪来的贱民,也配置喙我父皇的名讳!将他给我拿……” You shut up!” Helian Jue shouted angrily, shakes the Helian Ling jade hastily to lower the head, quite a while spoke haltingly does not dare to say. “你闭嘴!”赫连玦一声怒喝,震得赫连玲琅连忙垂首,半天嗫嚅不敢言。 The Helian Lingzhu vision has followed the back that Yun Che is going far away, until completely vanishes in the field of vision. 赫连玲珠的目光一直追随着云澈远去的背影,直至完全消失于视野之中。 Finally, she nips the lip, the flying pursued. 终于,她还是咬了咬唇,飞身追了过去。 accidental/surprised, Helian Jue has not prevented. 意外的,赫连玦没有阻止。 wu...... Wu! 唔…唔! He is covering the chest little, the body soft. 他捂着心口,身躯一点点软了下去。 In heart arteries profound energy, if innumerable scurries about in cutting the sharp blade, has compelled him to the brink of collapse. He can support now, is not easy. 心脉玄气如无数把利刃在切割乱窜,几已将他逼至崩溃的边缘。他能支撑到现在,已是万般不易。 The Helian Ling jade supports by the arm him hastily. 赫连玲琅连忙搀扶住他。 Floats...... to float......” he to be startled to look at the front, in the mouth low nan, unexpectedly in very earnest ponders over Yun Che to throw down the name that. “浮诺……浮诺……”他怔看着前方,口中低喃,居然在很认真的琢磨云澈丢下的这个名字。 Floats lives, when extends the millenium...... 浮生一诺,当亘千秋…… Millenium! 千秋啊! jue for not the jade of filling...... could it be that, was really Our name affected the Helian destiny? 玦为未满之玉……难道,真的是朕的名字影响了赫连的气运? The Mo Cangying eyebrow upturns, really cannot tolerate, coldly said: Country Lord might as well considered these two characters in reverse.” 陌苍鹰眼眉上翻,实在看不过去,冷冷说道:“国主不妨将这两个字倒过来思虑。” Floats............ 浮……诺…… Floats...... 诺浮…… Cowards! 懦夫! The Helian Jue both eyes circle stares, did not suppress easily in the wound in collapse edge is hit hard suddenly, bursts a dike instantaneously. 赫连玦双目圆瞪,本毫不容易压制在崩溃边缘的创伤骤遭重击,瞬间决堤。 !” “噗!” His blood arrow spits crazily, rolled the eyes, faints at the scene. 他血箭狂吐,白眼一翻,当场昏死过去。 ...... …… ...... …… Yun Che flight in the Helian Imperial City sky, field of vision yellowish gray. 云澈飞行于赫连皇城的上空,视野一片灰黄。 He still cannot fully adapt to existence of abyss dust. But that sluggish uncomfortableness, is obviously desalinating each double-hour. 他依然未能完全适应渊尘的存在。但那种粘滞的不适感,每个时辰都在明显的淡化着。 But invisible corrosion from abyss dust... 而来自渊尘的无形侵蚀… ... Almost could not have felt. …几乎已感觉不到。 Qilin Abyss Realm, Qilin God Realm...... 麟渊界,麟神境…… abyss earth element most active place. 深渊土元素最活跃之地。 It looks like dark some direction. 就像是冥冥中的某种指引。 Arrived at this moment, his hearts in has too many new thought. 到了此刻,他的心间已经有了太多新的念想 In the past Evil God threw down abyss the Evil God seed of earth attribute, really does not want to make Evil God's Profound Veins belong to completely, did the derivation exceed the present world to withstand the boundary power? 当年邪神土系邪神种子丢下深渊,真的只是不想让邪神玄脉归于完整,衍生超越现世承受界限的力量吗? Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor through her keen sensation to the dark element, detects the abyss unusual condition. 劫天魔帝通过她对黑暗元素的敏锐感知,察觉到深渊的异状。 But Evil God , he dark has the extremely strong affinity to the water, fire, thunder, wind and earth. Although no Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor to dark like that extreme, but considered carefully, possibility that he discovers the abyss unusual condition, even compared with on the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor also big several points. 邪神,他对水、火、雷、风、土、黑暗都有着极强的亲和力。虽然没有劫天魔帝对黑暗那般极端,但仔细思虑,他发现深渊异状的可能性,甚至要比劫天魔帝还大上数分。 If took him to discover that the abyss unusual condition...... Jie Yuan is unable to penetrate abyss for the premise, Evil God naturally cannot. Then he invests abyss a Evil God seed...... 若是以他早已发现深渊异状为前提……劫渊无法深入深渊,邪神自然也不能。那么他将一颗邪神种子投入深渊…… Can for...... 会不会是为了…… Yun Che has not continued to think deeply, because in time, it should be almost done. 云澈没有继续深思,因为时间上,应该差不多了。 He looks at the front, in the mouth reads lowly: 他看着前方,口中低念: Three,” “三,” Two,” “二,” One.” “一。” Young Master Yun Che!” 云澈公子!” Helian Lingzhu brings several points of rapid shout to transmit from the rear area. 赫连玲珠带着几分急促的呼喊声从后方传来。 Yun Che stopped the figure, Helian Lingzhu had also pursued, on the face brings the one anxious under sunset glow slightly. 云澈停住身形,赫连玲珠也已追了上来,脸上微微带着一抹焦急之下的红霞。 „Does Crown Princess come to see off for me specially?” Yun Che transfers the pupil, the smile looks at her. 长公主是特意来为我送行?”云澈转眸,微笑看着她。 Helian Lingzhu does not have nod, has not shaken the head, she looks at Yun Che, the pupil light moves gracefully: „Do you...... really want to walk?” 赫连玲珠没有点头,也没有摇头,她看着云澈,眸光盈盈而动:“你……真的要走吗?” Naturally.” Yun Che replied: I heavily have touched the crime your Imperial Father, trades to make slightly unyielding Country Lord, feared that has taken me, I am not naturally able to stay behind again.” “当然。”云澈回答:“我已重重触罪了你父皇,换做一个稍微硬气些的国主,怕是早就将我拿下,我自然无法再留下。” Said, I to your Imperial Father, Crown Princess don't blame me?” “说起来,我那么对你父皇,长公主不怪我吗?” Helian Lingzhu has no hesitant shaking the head: My Imperial Father, I am how clearest. You to these words that he spoke, although shame, but words was clear. If can suppress his person saying that to him early these words were good.” 赫连玲珠没有任何犹豫的摇头:“我父皇如何,我最为清楚不过。你对他说的那些话,虽辱,但字字真切。若是早早能有一个压得住他的人对他说这些话就好了。” In her voice gradually had faint sorrowful. 她的话音里逐渐有了隐隐的哀戚。 The Yun Che eyelid falls, the pupil band of light has one point of tender: „Before you, some date and time go to Fog Sea alone, in worry...... the meeting of Qilin god?” 云澈眼睑微落,眸光带起一分怜惜:“你前些时日独自前往雾海,是在忧心……麟神之会?” Yes.” Helian Lingzhu nods slightly: Qilin God Realm, to cultivating earth attribute Profound Arts profound practitioner, is cultivates, breakthrough and opportunity sacred ground. To the growth of present age as well as junior is important.” “是。”赫连玲珠微微颔首:“麟神境,对修炼土系玄功玄者而言,是修炼、突破和机遇的圣地。对当代以及后辈的成长至关重要。” At first, Helian in Qilin Abyss Realm covers the sky, who may enter Qilin God Realm, is decided by a Helian Imperial Family word. At that time, whenever opened close to Qilin God Realm, the major influences went all out to flatter the imperial family, hoping can make natural talent junior remarkably enter.” “最初,赫连麟渊界一手遮天,谁可进入麟神境,由赫连皇室一言而定。那时,每当临近麟神境开启,各大势力都拼命讨好皇室,以期能让天赋卓然的后辈进入其中。” Was once magnificent, all the dust, has been unattainable. 曾经辉煌,皆已化尘埃,遥不可及。 Afterward, the rock was unreliable, ten thousand Ren, fierce sand three sects gradually rose, Helian also started to lose little drove a horse to the absolute palm of Qilin God Realm. Therefore, then had the meeting of Qilin god.” “后来,磐玄、万仞、烈砂三宗门逐渐崛起,赫连也开始一点点失去了对麟神境的绝对掌驭。于是,便有了麟神之会。” Existence of meeting of Qilin god, is the decision square influence on Qilin God Realm assignment. According to the rank, decided that each influence enters the Qilin God Realm population. But the decision ranks, is under ten sixty-year cycle striving for hegemony of junior.” “麟神之会的存在,便是决定四方势力对麟神境的‘分配’。依排位,决定每个势力进入麟神境的人数。而决定排位的,便是十甲子之下小辈的争雄。” In this case,” Yun Che not implicit say/way: „To come recent several era, Helian Imperial Family to set the base.” “这样的话,”云澈毫不含蓄的道:“想来最近几个时代,赫连皇室应该都是垫底。” On the "Yes......" Helian Lingzhu face adds mournfully: However to my Imperial Father this generation, he resembled has accepted fate, he did not strive, only asked the fool's paradise, after three Sect Master can evade , then evaded...... experienced the Mo Beichen incident, he is demoralized, swallowed an insult to three sects probe again and again, even if were touched the bottom line , behind only dared to curse angrily, never front surface outbreak.” “是……”赫连玲珠脸上更添凄然:“而到了我父皇这一代,他似已认命,他不求有所进,只求苟安,对三宗主能避则避……经历了陌悲尘一事后,他更是意志消沉,对三宗门的试探一次次忍气吞声,哪怕被触及底线,也只敢背后怒骂,从不迎面发作。” Drives a horse entire realm to arrive from the palm rules in one corner of the kingdom, how also satirized dismal. 从掌驭全界到偏安一隅,何其悲凉又讽刺。 Helian Lingzhu continued: These years, doing obeisance the Qilin alliance the potential is gradually big, Honored Master warned Imperial Father with me several times, if begins a big influence, perhaps, Helian Imperial Family will lose enters the qualifications of Qilin God Realm. If that is right, that Helian Imperial Family will be thorough...... broke the future.” 赫连玲珠继续道:“这些年,拜麟联盟逐渐势大,师尊与我数次告诫父皇,若再起一个大势力,或许,赫连皇室会就此失去进入麟神境的资格。若如此,那赫连皇室将彻底……断了未来。” But Imperial Father said, Qilin Worshipping Alliance concentrates on the belief, does not have the ambition. If the too quick rise had the threat seriously, does not need the imperial family to act, three sects will then give the suppression. reason is three sects cannot tolerate some people to threaten their control to the Qilin God Realm.” “但父皇却说,拜麟盟专注信仰,不具野心。若当真过快崛起有了威胁,也根本无需皇室出手,三宗门便会给予压制。理由三宗门更不能容忍有人威胁他们对麟神境的掌控权。” Imperial Father always this, asks secure to strive for forever steadily, forever hands over in the initiative others hand...... when really the opportunity approaches, he actually on the grounds of may not make an exception on the grounds of cold others heart, ordered to stop to the asylum of Mo Beichen wife and daughters.” 父皇总是这样,永远求安求稳,永远把主动权交到别人手里……真当机会来临,他却又以‘不可破例以寒他人之心’为由,责令停止对陌悲尘妻女的庇护。” In her eyes is dense the mist, she is pouring out, even if in most familiar, in front of Mo Cangying that most trusts, she presents also throughout is the most tenacious stance, never so intense wants to pour out. 她的眼眸之中氤氲着水雾,她在倾诉,哪怕是在最熟悉,最信赖的陌苍鹰面前,她呈现的也始终是自己最坚韧的姿态,从未如此强烈的想要倾诉。 Qilin Worshipping Alliance could participate in the news of meeting of Qilin god, one month ago I then heard, but Imperial Father actually does not believe, he is believing as before three sects will not allow absolutely some people threaten their control to the Qilin God Realm. My Crown Prince Imperial Brother is always always follows to Imperial Father......, therefore, I can do, only has from oneself seeks breaks through.” 拜麟盟可能要参与麟神之会的消息,一个月前我便有所听闻,但父皇却并不相信,他依旧坚信着三宗门绝对不会容许有人威胁他们对麟神境的掌控。我的太子皇兄父皇从来都是言听计从……所以,我能做的,唯有从自身寻得突破。” If the Qilin god will really have the fifth side influence on join...... if, I can obtain the breakthrough, becomes Divine Lord, will present on possibility at least few such several points of worst result......” “如果麟神之会真的有了第五方势力加入……如果,我能获得突破,成为神主,出现最坏结果的可能性至少会少上那么几分……” But.” She shakes the head, the teardrops tumble in the cheeks slowly: Reality, is actually compared with the worst result that I think, but must go bad that the time.” “可是。”她摇头,泪珠在脸颊缓缓滚落:“现实,却是远比我想的最坏的结果,还要坏了那么多倍。” I...... could not have seen in the future.” “我已经……看不到未来了。” She was also tired, exhausted. 她也累了,心力交瘁。 Yun Che lifts the hand, the fingertip scarlet flame, diverged the tear stains on Helian Lingzhu face, maps her cold and dreary heartstrings one warm. 云澈抬手,指尖一点赤炎,散去了赫连玲珠脸上的泪痕,也将一袭温热映入她凄冷的心弦。 Finally is not perhaps bad.” Yun Che smile language: At least, the meeting of this time Qilin god, you do not need such as they to be willing to give up.” “结果或许没有那么坏。”云澈微笑而语:“至少,此次的麟神之会,你们没必要如他们所愿就此放弃。” Helian Lingzhu was startled being startled, lightly said: But, real also hope? Qilin Worshipping Alliance did not estimate that up-and-coming influence, instead is to make three sects be willing to bow the head, how Abyss Knight of meeting of even/including this testimony Qilin god is stems from Qilin Worshipping Alliance...... Qilin God Realm to be able also our Helian position.” 赫连玲珠怔了怔,轻声道:“可是,真的还有希望吗?拜麟盟并非预想中的后起势力,反而是让三宗愿意俯首,就连此次见证麟神之会的深渊骑士都是出自拜麟盟……麟神境又怎会还有我们赫连的位置。” He looks at the eye of Helian Lingzhu: „Do you believe me?” 他看着赫连玲珠的眼睛:“你信我吗?” Facing his Jing Lake general clear eyes, Helian Lingzhu has no hesitation nod: Letter/believes, I believe certainly.” 面对他镜湖一般澄澈的眼眸,赫连玲珠没有任何犹疑的点头:“信,我当然信。” That admonishes your Imperial Father full power, attended the meeting of this time Qilin god. My own means allow you to enter the qualifications of Qilin God Realm.” “那就全力规劝你父皇,参加此次的麟神之会。我自有办法让你们得到进入麟神境的资格。” Yun Che moderately light, has broken to Helian does not have the hopeless matter that may, in his mouth, actually as if to be able at fingertips for it minor matter. 云澈语气温和平淡,对赫连来说已断无可为的无望之事,在他的口中,却仿佛一件信手便可为之的小事。 Helian Lingzhu flowery lips opens, for a while is difficult the spoken language. 赫连玲珠唇瓣张开,一时难有言语。 I do this, to also your benevolence, have the selfishness.” Yun Che is everywhere confident: I want to enter a Qilin God Realm view.” “我如此做,既为还你恩情,同时也有着私心。”云澈满目坦然:“我想入麟神境一观。” Qilin God Realm is Abyss Sovereign supposes after all, when opening also has Abyss Knight in the side, enters the risk to be extremely high secretly, rushes does. 神境毕竟是渊皇所设,开启时又有深渊骑士在侧,暗入风险极高,强闯更是作死。 Accompanying to enter without doubt is most sane, even nearly is the only choice. 随同而入无疑是最理智,甚至近乎是唯一的选择。 Has not closely examined Yun Che to enter the Qilin God Realm reason, even had not asked that he will have what means to guarantee Helian Imperial Family to win the qualifications, her pupil light avoided Yun Che's looking straight ahead lightly, voice/sound suddenly several points: You and Ximen Qi do not have the enmity without the injustice, actually the next that heavy hand humiliates the severe wound he, for...... repays a debt of gratitude?” 没有追问云澈想入麟神境的原因,甚至没有问他会有什么办法能保赫连皇室赢得资格,她眸光避开云澈的直视,声音忽然轻了几分:“你和西门祺无冤无仇,却下那么重的手折辱重伤他,也只是为了……报恩吗?” Expensive is the person of imperial family, facing three sects, actually can only swallow an insult, swallows the humiliation. 贵为皇室之人,面对三宗,却从来只能忍气吞声,咽下屈辱。 Including her Imperial Father, always...... anyone cannot so protect her dignity, vents anger for her. 包括她的父皇在内,从来……从来没有任何一人可以如此护她尊严,为她出气。 „...... All is not.” Yun Che replied. “……不全是。”云澈回答。 The short three characters, direct the infinite daydream fully. 短短三个字,足引无限遐思。 one strange delighted emerges in the heart, almost or controlled overflowing in cheeks. Her small head lifts, pair of bright eyes do flicker looks at the Yun Che close face: Good, I will admonish Imperial Father full power. If Imperial Father does not listen, I go to...... seeks an audience Great Ancestor.” 一抹奇异的欢欣在心底涌现,几乎要不受控的溢于脸颊。她螓首抬起,一双明眸一瞬不瞬的看着云澈近在咫尺的面庞:“好,我会全力规劝父皇。若父皇不听,我就去……求见太祖。” Therefore, you...... do not walk temporarily, right?” “所以,你暂时……不走了,对吗?” Un!” Yun Che nod. “嗯!”云澈点头 Actually, Helian Lingzhu admonishes the failure even, he also leaves leeway another way. 其实,赫连玲珠就算规劝失败,他还留有另外一途。 He previous one insult Helian Jue that does not have being forgiving, not for shame, but shame, after all Country Lord that breaks the keel, even if has half step Divine Extinction cultivation base, does not match to make him deliberately waste the lips and tongue. 他先前一顿毫无留情的辱骂赫连玦,可不是为辱而辱,毕竟一个断脊的国主,即使有着半步神灭修为,也不配让他刻意浪费唇舌。 But to enrage him. 而是为了将他激怒。 But the anger extremely, must launch a psychological attack. 而怒极,必攻心。 His heart arteries shackles the strength of half god Mo Beichen is leaving behind, most envies/avoid, then loses one's temper. 他的心脉缠缚着陌悲尘留下的半神之力,最忌的,便是动怒。 Helian Jue first arrives by Zhai Liancheng and Ximen Qi air/Qi spits blood, in addition his pierce heart punctures the word of soul...... Yun Che to see, creation of his heart arteries has fully erupted, uses suppresses full power, close to collapse out-of-control. 赫连玦先被砦连城西门祺气到吐血,再加上他一顿锥心刺魂之言……云澈看得出,他的心脉之创已全面爆发,倾尽全力才堪堪压制,临近崩溃失控。 If comes on such a again...... 若是再来上那么一下…… Therefore before he leaves, delivers him to float specially two characters. 所以他离开前,又特意送他“浮诺”二字。 When he understands that these two characters, almost also this/should air/Qi fainted. 待他品明白这两字,差不多也该气晕过去了。 Yun Che had visited his heart arteries condition previously in detail, today so the degree...... is one meets a anger to bite the heart extremely, almost forces into the hopeless situation Helian Jue sufficiently. 云澈先前详细探视过他心脉的状况,今日这般程度……还是一番又接一番的怒极噬心,差不多足以将赫连玦逼入绝境。 But hopeless situation roadless, whom will he think of? 而绝境无路之下,他会想到谁呢? Previously got angry however rejects. 先前怒然拒绝。 If requested again...... that may be other price. 若再来相求……那可就是另外的价钱了。 Helian Lingzhu left, before leaving, exchanged sound transmission mark with Yun Che, giving back to his shelter...... is she beyond one that the Imperial City boundary was used for calmly to cultivate/repair the palace. 赫连玲珠离开,离开前与云澈交换了传音印记,还给了他一处栖身之地……是她在皇城边际用来静修的一个外殿。 The distant place, the Mo Cangying form shook in a flash, he treads one step, as if wanted to say anything with Yun Che. But immediately, his footsteps and figure retract hastily hidden , after several breaths, departs quietly. 远方,陌苍鹰的身影晃了一晃,他踏出一步,似乎想要和云澈说什么。但马上,他的脚步和身形又连忙缩回隐下,数息之后,悄然离去。 Yun Che has turned round, in pupil pleasantly warm and tender changes into a quiet cold silencing instantaneously. 云澈回过身,瞳中的温软和怜惜瞬间化为一片幽寒的静寂。 This is he arrives at abyss the third day. 这是他到来深渊的第三天。 Before arriving at abyss, he continuously the first way of conceiving, such quick then has paved. 到来深渊前,他一直在设想的第一途,如此之快的便已铺就。 Qilin God Realm, is very likely is he has complete Evil God's Profound Veins, can thus break the boundary the essential place. 神境,极有可能便是他拥有完整邪神玄脉,从而能够突破界限的关键之地。 If all goes well. 若一切顺利。 Then his Yun Che, then in light of this becomes complete, true...... 那么他云澈,便将就此成为完整的,真正的…… Presently world Evil God! 现世邪神
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