ATG :: Volume #10 Snow Song's Flame God (吟雪炎神)

#1011: Broken Moon's Flickering Shadow

Ice Phoenix bloodline enters the body, Yun Che felt that is similar to bloom ice-cold in within the body to the ice crystal of pure highest sage, but pure brilliance. 冰凰血脉入体,云澈感觉到仿佛有一枚至纯至圣的冰晶在体内绽放出冰寒而纯净的光华 Compares in Dai to burn to extinguish the ability greatly strengthened the Phoenix blood and Golden Crow blood, the Ice Phoenix blood wants peaceful temperate many, it nearly is amenable under Yun Che's profound energy, slow random walk in the Yun Che's whole body, such as ice crystal of melting, fusion bit by bit in his bloodline. 相比于带着极强焚灭能力的凤凰血与金乌血,冰凰血要安静温和的多,它近乎是顺从的在云澈的玄气之下,缓慢的游走于云澈的周身,如融化的冰晶,一点一点的融合在他的血脉之中。 Yun Che opened the eye, both eyes has flashed through immediately wipes the unusual blue light. Although merely is only a drop of Ice Phoenix source blood, but he felt the change of oneself cold ice profound strength clearly. 云澈睁开了眼睛,双目顿时闪过一抹异样的蓝光。虽然仅仅只是一滴冰凰源血,但他清晰感觉到了自己寒冰玄力的变化。 He lifts the palm, a small ice bead congeals in the palm. Although similarly is the ice, but with formerly compared with, the hand in ice bead seemed having the life, its aura, also its ray, had qualitative change, such as his flame is common, is flooding strong Divine Dao aura. 他抬起手掌,一枚小小的冰珠在掌心凝结。虽然同样是冰,但和先前相比,手中的冰珠仿佛拥有着生命,它的气息,还有它的光芒,都发生了的质变,如他的火焰一般,充斥着浓烈的神道气息 Without a doubt, had Ice Phoenix bloodline, he displays Frozen End Divine Art --- also Ice Phoenix God Conferring Codex, will certainly have the might of formerly several fold. 毫无疑问,拥有了冰凰血脉,他施展冰夷神功——冰凰封神典,必将拥有先前数倍的威力。 Half quarter.” “半刻钟。” Near the Yun Che's ear, resounds the Mu Xuanyin ice-cold sound. 云澈的耳边,响起沐玄音冰冷的声音。 Yun Che sets out, respectful [say / way]: Thanked the Honored Master gracious gift.” 云澈起身,恭敬的道:“谢师尊恩赐。” „... Comes with me.” “…跟我来。” Mu Xuanyin looks at his one eyes, has turned around, the snow shade is indistinct, beside hundred zhang (333 m), Yun Che followed hastily. 沐玄音看他一眼,转过身去,雪影缥缈间,已在百丈之外,云澈连忙跟上。 World peaceful silent, only whether there is flying snow and cold ice completely, nobody's aura, does not have aura of any other lives. Yun Che in suddenly had a strange feeling suddenly... This world, as if only remaining he and Honored Master. 世界安静无声,唯有无尽的飞雪和寒冰,没有人的气息,更没有其他任何生灵的气息云澈在恍然间忽然有了一个奇异的感觉…这个世界,仿佛只剩下他和师尊两人。 Yun Che with Mu Xuanyin, arrived in temple. 云澈跟着沐玄音,来到了圣殿之中。 Not extremely accidental/surprised, although at present is one main hall, actually cannot look at the boundary, the palace top completely cannot see. In which cold qi is extremely heavy, almost not under the Netherfrost Heavenly Lake pool. The entire world pale piece, is very peaceful. 没有太过意外,眼前虽是一个“大殿”,却一眼望不到边际,就连殿顶都完全看不到。其中的寒气极重,几乎不下于冥寒天池池畔。整个世界苍白一片,无比安静。 Very obviously, here is the same with the Ice Phoenix Palace practice room, has special space principle... Compared with many of practice room peak. 很显然,这里和冰凰宫的修炼室一样,有着特殊的空间法则…只是要比修炼室极致的多。 Here, as well as Netherfrost Heavenly Lake, after is you, place that cultivates.” “这里,以及冥寒天池,就是你以后修炼的地方。” The Mu Xuanyin sound bitter cold is bringing heartlessly: You already became for direct disciple of master, must have enough consciousness, later practicing, must compared with the brutality that you imagined! Do not expect that can one day of idleness. Even if you now regretted... Also was beyond control you!” 沐玄音的声音酷寒中带着无情:“你既已成为为师的亲传弟子,就要有足够的觉悟,以后的修行,要远比你想象的残酷!不要奢望能有一天的懈怠。你现在纵然后悔…也由不得你了!” Yun Che deep nod , the brow tightens, displays no fear. He takes the enormous risk to do obeisance Mu Xuanyin for the master, wants is the practice of most peak. 云澈深深的点了点头,眉头紧起,毫无惧色。他冒着极大风险拜沐玄音为师,要的就是最极致的修炼。 You already fused Ice Phoenix Divine Blood, for the master should teach first you practice Ice Phoenix God Conferring Codex. But, you use Heavy Sword as weapon, has the extremely heavy dependence to the movement. in addition you can be separated from Ice Phoenix bloodline to build Ice Phoenix God Conferring Codex forcefully, feared that does not need to teach for the master.” “你现已融合冰凰神血,为师本该先教导你重新修炼冰凰封神典。但,你以重剑为武器,对身法有着极重的依赖。加之你能脱离冰凰血脉强行修成冰凰封神典,怕是也根本无需为师教导。” The Mu Xuanyin outstretch right hand slowly, the jade white palm faces Yun Che: Then first teaches you for the master Broken Moon's Flickering Shadow!” 沐玄音缓缓的伸出右手,玉白的掌心朝向云澈:“为师便先教你【断月拂影】!” Concentrates mind, favored!” “集中精神,看好了!” The Mu Xuanyin sound falls, Yun Che just about to the subconscious nod, suddenly felt an awl soul cold qi does not have the omen after own neck raids, he like receiving an electric shock turning round, saw impressively behind presented another Mu Xuanyin unexpectedly, same that jade white right hand... The five fingers of micro tune are away from his nape of the neck, only then half inch distance, spits the strength slightly, then can destroy his throat bone instantaneously. 沐玄音声音落下,云澈刚要下意识的点头,忽然感觉到一股锥魂的寒气毫无预兆的从自己的颈后袭来,他如触电般的回身,赫然看到身后竟出现了另外一个沐玄音,同样的那只玉白色的右手…微曲的五指距离他的脖颈只有半寸之距,稍一吐力,便会瞬间摧断他的喉骨。 In Yun Che heart one cold, has not responded completely that suddenly felt unexpectedly the right and upper side have terrifying cold qi to puncture separately together suddenly... When he realizes, already ice-cold touching above his day spirit and side neck. 云澈心中一凛,还未完全反应过来,竟又忽然感觉到右侧、上侧分别有一道更加恐怖寒气骤然刺来…在他察觉之时,已冰冷的触在他的天灵和侧颈之上。 „...” Yun Che somewhat crabbed turning head, vision in own right and sky over, has discovered unexpectedly two Mu Xuanyin. “…”云澈有些艰涩的回头,目光在自己的右侧和上空,竟又发现了两个“沐玄音”。 Along with it, the Mu Xuanyin form disappears in the flash completely, before his body, Mu Xuanyin stands in the original position as before, is maintaining the initial movement, resembling has not moved. 随之,沐玄音的身影在一瞬间全部消失,他的身前,沐玄音依旧站在原来的位置,保持着最初的动作,似是根本就没有移动过。 „... This is... Broken Moon's Flickering Shadow?” Yun Che frightened said. “…这就是…断月拂影?”云澈惊声道 The Mu Xuanyin arm puts down, said indifferently: Broken Moon's Flickering Shadow and Star God Realm Star God's Broken Shadow is flickers body Profound Technique, the Star God's Broken Shadow formidable place not only lies in flickers the body, but can also while flickering the body opens several remnant shades broken, and these remnant shades before dissipation releases and true body almost same aura instant, thus keeps the match from tracking down.” 沐玄音手臂放下,漠然道:“断月拂影星神界星神碎影都属瞬身玄技,星神碎影的强大之处不仅在于瞬身,还能在瞬身的同时碎开数个残影,且这些残影会在消散前的刹那释放出和真身几乎完全相同的气息,从而让对手无从追寻。” Yun Che nods... Very obviously, Mu Xuanyin quite knew about Star God's Broken Shadow. 云澈点头…很显然,沐玄音星神碎影相当了解。 Reason that Heavenly Slaughter Star God will teach your Star God's Broken Shadow, should not want to make you die is too early.” 天杀星神之所以会传授你星神碎影,应该是不想让你死的太早吧。” The Yun Che vision moves slightly, then nods once more. When he and Jasmine initially knowledge, cannot withstand the word weakly. But if he dies, Jasmine also with soul loose... Indeed, she taught oneself Star God's Broken Shadow at that time, to maintain life to use. 云澈目光微动,然后再次点头。他和茉莉初识之时,弱不堪言。而他若死,茉莉也会跟着魂散…的确,那时候她传授自己星神碎影,就是为了保命用。 Later to New Moon City, he has chosen Heavy Sword is a weapon, he dependency on Star God's Broken Shadow also immediately multiplies. 之后到了新月城,他选择了重剑为武器,他对星神碎影的依赖也顿时倍增。 Although my Snow Song Realm cannot with be compared with King Realm Star God Realm, but Broken Moon's Flickering Shadow decidedly not weakly in Star God's Broken Shadow! In flickering body distance and broken shade ability, although Broken Moon's Flickering Shadow is inferior to Star God's Broken Shadow, but also has its enormous superiority, that is --- Hiding!” “虽然我吟雪界远不能和身为王界星神界相比,但断月拂影断然不会弱于星神碎影!在瞬身距离和碎影能力上,断月拂影虽不如星神碎影,但亦有其巨大优势,那就是——匿息!” Conceals... Rest?” Yun Che read one lowly: Concealment aura?” “匿…息?”云澈低念一声:“隐匿气息?” Broken Moon's Flickering Shadow, by the cold ice profound energy stimulation of movement, in flickering body instant, the remnant shade and aura will not dissipate, but stations under cold ice aura short. Although the way is different, but in harassing match sensation, not weakly in Star God's Broken Shadow.” 断月拂影,是以寒冰玄气催动,在瞬身的刹那,残影和气息并不会随之消散,而是在寒冰气息下短暂驻留。虽方式不同,但在扰乱对手感知上,绝不会弱于星神碎影。” The Yun Che mouth opens, eye of dew being astonished light. Flickers behind that instant, the form and aura can also station in same place, making the opposite party not realize that immediately has flickered the body, will also continue to attack or guard against the remnant shade... Although only then instant, but lets the match flaw big dew sufficiently. 云澈嘴巴张开,目露讶光。瞬身后的那一个刹那,身影和气息还能驻留原地,让对方不会在第一时间察觉到已经瞬身,还会继续攻击或防备残影…虽然只有一个刹那,但足以让对手破绽大露。 Instant confusing that if can like this, that effect, indeed under not create after “Broken Shadow” to the match in Star God's Broken Shadow. 如果真的可以这样,那效果,的确不会下于星神碎影“碎影”之后给对手造成的刹那迷惑。 But, to achieve this grade of ‘In Shadow’ Realm, needs to cultivate Broken Moon's Flickering Shadow to big accomplishment can achieve. But, if can practice to great perfection Realm...” The Mu Xuanyin ice pupil concentrates slightly: That is not only ‘Hiding’, but can also achieve ‘Stealth’!” “不过,要想达到这等‘驻影’境界,需要把断月拂影修至大成方能做到。而,若能修炼至大圆满境界…”沐玄音冰眸稍凝:“那将不仅仅是‘匿息’,还可以做到‘匿影’!” Stealth!? 匿影!? „Is could it be that, makes the form go into hiding to vanish completely?” [Say / Way] that Yun Che some cannot believe. Stealth listens like fantasy story, but far from does not exist. He knows that one type can achieve Stealth condition wondrous item --- Star Concealing Grass! 难道,是让身影完全隐匿消失?”云澈有些不敢相信的道。“匿影”听上去如天方夜谭,但绝非不存在。他就知道一种可以达成“匿影”状态的奇物——星隐草 Not only knows that he has also used! 不但知道,他还用过! Good.” During Yun Che's shocks, Mu Xuanyin has given the affirmative reply: Although the boundary of ‘Stealth’ including for the master, never some people builds, some people have not seen, but Broken Moon's Flickering Shadow is not the Sect Master ancestor creates, but is the same with Ice Phoenix God Conferring Codex, loses from Ice Phoenix Divine Spirit, decidedly will not be the lies.” “不错。”在云澈的震惊之中,沐玄音给了肯定的回答:“虽然‘匿影’之境包括为师在内,从未有人修成,更未有人见过,但断月拂影并非是宗主先祖所创,而是和冰凰封神典一样,是来自冰凰神灵所遗,断然不会是虚言。” But this is not the matter that you need to consider now,” Mu Xuanyin sound faint and cold several points: Broken Moon's Flickering Shadow is Primordial divine skill that Ice Phoenix Divine Spirit leaves behind, its practice does not need Ice Phoenix bloodline, but wants to build, actually compared with Ice Phoenix God Conferring Codex wanting difficult over a hundred times! At present entire sect, builds Broken Moon's Flickering Shadow, only promising master.” “但这并非是你现在需要考虑的事,”沐玄音声音隐隐又冷了几分:“断月拂影冰凰神灵留下的上古神技,它的修炼无需身具冰凰血脉,但想要修成,却比冰凰封神典要难上百倍!目前整个宗门,修成断月拂影的,也唯有为师一人。” Only then does a Honored Master person practice?” Yun Che is more surprised. “只有师尊一个人练成?”云澈更加惊讶。 Snort, if Frozen Cloud (Bingyun) can build Broken Moon's Flickering Shadow, how also plots by Huo Rulie that compelled easily.” “哼,若是冰云能修成断月拂影,又岂会被火如烈那被逼老贼轻易暗算。” high level movement Profound Technique, must be hard to practice compared with high level Profound Arts, you already can build Star God's Broken Shadow, does not have the reason unable to build Broken Moon's Flickering Shadow!” 高等的身法玄技,都要远比高等玄功难以修炼,你既能修成星神碎影,那么,就没理由无法修成断月拂影!” Mu Xuanyin both hands stretch out, left hand finger in his between the eyebrows, the right hand middle finger selects separately on three Main Profound Entrances of his chest: Presently entrusts with you Broken Moon's Flickering Shadow total Secret Art and profound energy revolution way for the master, concentrates mind.” 沐玄音双手伸出,左手手指点在他的眉心,右手三指分别点在他胸口的三个主玄关上:“为师现将断月拂影的总诀和玄气运转方式赋予你,集中精神。” Yes.” Yun Che accordingly, closes the eye. “是。”云澈应声,闭上眼睛。 Four blue light also flash before, the Broken Moon's Flickering Shadow total Secret Art has printed the Yun Che's soul instantaneously. Meanwhile, his profound energy given Mu Xuanyin aura extremely fast, but complex revolution. 四点蓝光同时闪现,断月拂影的总诀已瞬间印入云澈的心魂。与此同时,他的玄气沐玄音气息的牵引下极速而复杂的运转。 After counts breaths, both hands of Mu Xuanyin put aside from Yun Che body, Yun Che has also opened the eye at this time. 数息过后,沐玄音的双手从云澈身上移开,云澈也在这时张开了眼睛。 How many have remembered?” Mu Xuanyin asked. “记住了多少?”沐玄音问道。 Remember completely.” Yun Che replied. “全部记下了。”云澈回答。 „... Completely?” Mu Xuanyin crescent moon eyebrow micro pressed, in the foreheads clearly brings not to believe. “…全部?”沐玄音月眉微蹙,眉宇间分明带着不相信。 Yun Che nods: Um, remember completely.” 云澈点头:“嗯,全部记下了。” Since has taken down completely,” Mu Xuanyin is maintaining the brow light pressed condition: You revolve one time to have a look for the master!” “既然全部记下了,”沐玄音保持着眉头轻蹙的状态:“那你运转一次给为师看看!” Good.” “好。” Yun Che closes the eye, first is the careful revolution cold ice profound energy, the body blue light fluctuates, after static has counted breaths fully, his eye opens suddenly. 云澈闭上眼睛,先是小心的运转起寒冰玄气,身上蓝光浮动,在静止了整整数息之后,他的眼睛忽然睁开。 Whiz ~! 嗖~! A cold wind passes, the Yun Che's body plunders a long blue shade immediately, after instantaneous, moved to distance of hundred feet, but after shifting, his body blue light moves fast, the body has also swayed, nearly throws down. 一阵冷风晃过,云澈的身体顿时掠起一道长长的蓝影,瞬间后移了十丈之距,但移位之后,他身上蓝光一阵飘忽,身体也晃荡了一下,险些摔倒。 Mu Xuanyin: „...!!” 沐玄音:“…!!” Yun Che hurries coming to a stop body, implored the one breath lightly, somewhat ashamed [say / way]: Really is quite difficult, has no way to compare with the Honored Master basis.” 云澈慌忙站稳身体,轻吁一口气,有些惭愧的道:“果然好难,和师尊的根本没法比。” „...” Mu Xuanyin is speechless for a very long time. “…”沐玄音久久无言。 Broken Moon's Flickering Shadow of most foundation, must simultaneously use 37 Profound Entrances, each Profound Entrances profound energy revolution way and strong and weak are various, moreover severe incomparable, has slightly carelessly, even if were only some Profound Entrances profound energy were slightly weak, or leaning little, will cause the profound energy chaos, if serious can also injure and Profound Vein. 最基础的断月拂影,也要同时动用37个玄关,每个玄关玄气运转方式、强弱各不相同,而且严苛无比,稍有不慎,哪怕只是某个玄关玄气稍稍弱了,或偏了少许,都会导致玄气大乱,严重的话还会伤及玄脉 Is the Profound Entrances control, then already so complex, do not say , must guide revolution of profound energy in meridians. 仅仅是玄关控制,便已如此复杂,更不要说之后还要引导玄气在经脉中的运转。 She just now towed Yun Che's profound energy to complete a revolution... Merely one time, he takes down unexpectedly really completely, is not slightly wrong. His flickering body, although has used of counting breaths, although the speed is slow, receives the potential to be distressed, but also has left behind a very deep ice shade... But that distinct is the Broken Moon's Flickering Shadow embryonic form! 她方才牵引云澈的玄气完成了一次运转…仅仅一次而已,他竟真的全部记下,丝毫未错。他刚才的瞬身,虽然用了数息之久,虽然速度缓慢,收势狼狈,还留下了一个很深的冰影…但那分明已经是断月拂影的雏形! This is entire sects all elders and Palace Master Primordial divine skill that used several thousand years of even ten thousand years not to practice, he unexpectedly... Only closes right up against itself to entrust with his profound energy revolution way of total Secret Art and demonstration, then has completed an inferiority, but extremely complete Broken Moon's Flickering Shadow. 这是全宗所有长老、宫主用了数千年甚至万年都无一练成的上古神技,他居然…只靠着自己赋予他的总诀和演示的玄气运转方式,便完成了一次蹩脚,但极为完整的断月拂影 Silent within, Mu Xuanyin pupil light most deep place was the deep hidden shock, in the heart regarding the Yun Che's appraisal and cognition also had the enormous change. Formerly, Yun Che gave her impression, basically only then Sky Poison Pearl and Evil God Inheritance, at this moment, she detected in the shock that abandoned the Evil God's inheritance, Yun Che own perception, as well as his profound energy control, simply as high as degree of shocking everybody. 默然间,沐玄音的眸光最深处是深隐的震惊,心中对于云澈的评价和认知也发生了极大的变化。先前,云澈给她的印象,基本只有“天毒珠”和“邪神传承”,此刻,她在震惊中发觉,抛开邪神的传承,云澈自身的悟性,以及他的玄气控制能力,简直高到惊世骇俗的程度。 The history unknowingly is repeated. In the past when Jasmine taught Yun Che, secretly amazed astonishingly to simply was not then understandable in him comprehends the ability, at the present, Jasmine later Yun Che second Master, in the heart has emerged with Jasmine initially the same shock. 历史在不经意间重演。当年茉莉教导云澈时,便暗自惊诧于他惊人到简直不可理解的领悟能力,而今,茉莉之后的云澈第二个师父,心中涌现了和茉莉当初一样的震惊。 Sees Mu Xuanyin not to say for a very long time, ices face cold qi to be threatening, Yun Che thinks her in disappointedly, said in a low voice: Honored Master, a moment ago... Volume, but hurried under slightly has the fault, to disciple day, disciple makes certainly Honored Master satisfy, otherwise is willing to be punished.” 沐玄音久久不言,冰颜寒气逼人,云澈以为她在失望,小声道:“师尊,刚才…额,只是匆忙之下小有失误,给弟子一天的时间,弟子一定让师尊满意,否则愿受责罚。” „...” Mu Xuanyin has turned around, coldly said: Knows well, you also fell far short! Today, you then defer to for master just now teach, cultivates Broken Moon's Flickering Shadow fully, can not idle. After four double-hour, if the also ice shade remains... Your following three days do not rest!” “…”沐玄音转过身去,冷冷的道:“知道就好,你还差得远了!今日,你便依照为师方才所教,全力修炼断月拂影,不得懈怠。四个时辰后,若还有冰影残留…你接下来三天就别休息了!” Yes.” Yun Che slightly wrinkled face. “是。”云澈微微苦脸。 The strict order issues, Mu Xuanyin no longer spoke, then must leave. 严令下达,沐玄音不再说话,便要离开。 Honored Master!” Yun Che spoke to stop by calling her suddenly, fast then put out Yan Wancang three people of sending congratulatory gift: This is Sect Master Yan...” 师尊!”云澈却忽然出言喊住她,然后快速拿出焱万苍三人送来的“贺礼”:“这是焱宗主…” For the master did not say that kindly gave you!” Mu Xuanyin coldly said: Snort, what that inside puts is together Vermilion Bird Jade, is actually priceless, you remain are playing!” “为师不是说赏给你了么!”沐玄音冷冷道:“哼,那里面放的是一块朱雀玉,倒是价值连城,你留着玩吧!” Vermilion Bird Jade? Does not know that with Nine Suns Jade can be a kind of thing, if so... 朱雀玉?不知道和九阳玉会不会是一类东西,如果是的话… Yes, Honored Master.” Yun Che no longer said anything, this feels relieved receives: Was right, also incident. disciple meets by chance Senior Brother Hanyi before the sect congress, Senior Brother Hanyi Imperial Father has half a month again is the millennium birthdays, he holds disciple to invite Honored Master to go.” “是,师尊。”云澈不再多说什么,这才放心的收起:“哦对了,还有一事。弟子宗门大会前偶遇寒逸师兄,寒逸师兄父皇再有半月便是千年寿辰,他托弟子邀请师尊前去。” Snort!” Mu Xuanyin does not return, incomparably ice-cold light: Small Monarch , does matching make this King arrive? also... Che'er, you, Mu Hanyi are not having the qualifications to make you by Senior Brother symmetric, can not violate again.” “哼!”沐玄音头也不回,无比冰冷的一声轻哼:“小小一个国主,也配让本王到场?还有澈儿,你记着,沐寒逸没有资格让你以师兄相称,不得再犯。” Then, the Mu Xuanyin form in a flash, such as the floating snow of melting vanishes in Yun Che's at present. 说完,沐玄音身影一晃,如融化的飘雪般消失在云澈的眼前。 Hu! 呼! Without Mu Xuanyin in the side, the pressure descent on Yun Che body and mind, his long Shu one breath, then fast condenses mind, cultivates Broken Moon's Flickering Shadow fully. 没有沐玄音在侧,云澈身体和精神上的压力陡降,他长舒一口气,便快速凝聚精神,全力修炼断月拂影 --- --- --- --- --- —————————— Congratulates Renminbi player Yun Che to obtain official external --- Broken Moon's Flickering Shadow.】 【恭喜人民币玩家云澈获得官方外挂——断月拂影。】 Has hit the anaesthesia, still point has dizzy, definitely can not record to write some anything...】 【打了麻醉,依然点有晕,完全不得记写些了啥…】 ( This chapter ends) (本章完)
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