KOMI :: Volume #13

#1293: Secret

Chapter 1293 第1293章 Secret 秘密 In room that the lights drag, Li Luo eye pupil like earthquake general looks is standing in the bedside, the whole body sends out light delicate fragrance aura Jiang Qing'e, the throat is rolling crazily, is facing so the scene, even his willpower, the innermost feelings are jumping crazily. 灯火摇曳的房间内,李洛眼瞳如同地震一般的望着站在床边,浑身散发着淡淡幽香气息姜青娥,喉咙疯狂的滚动着,面对着这般场景,即便是他的定力,都内心在狂跳。 sister Qing'e, do you come real?” Finally, Li Luo cannot bear said spoiling the fun words. 青娥姐,你来真的么?”最终,李洛忍不住的冒出了一句煞风景的话来。 Is unsatisfied about this reward? That even.” Jiang Qing'e strikes an attitude to turn around to walk. “对这个奖励不满意?那就算了。”姜青娥作势欲转身而走。 Li Luo hurries to put out a hand, held the Jiang Qing'e tender and delicate icy cold white hands directly, said: Too is happily sudden, making me be somewhat caught off guard!” 李洛赶紧伸出手,直接抓住了姜青娥娇嫩冰凉的玉手,道:“只是幸福太突然,让我有些措手不及!” His finger also mischievous cancelled the Jiang Qing'e palm blazingly, was ordinary like the flame that in the eye flowed, that blazing even made latter's flesh have to plant the fired feeling. 他手指头还调皮的勾了勾姜青娥手心,眼中流淌的炽热如同火焰一般,那股炽热甚至都让后者的肌肤有种被灼烧的感觉。 Do not want to be crooked.” On Jiang Qing'e white enamel cheeks, ruddily even more rich, said hastily: Rests an evening together, you, you do not permit to handle other things.” “你可别想歪了。”姜青娥白瓷般的脸颊上,红润愈发的浓郁,连忙道:“只是一起睡一晚,你,你不准做其他的事情。” „?” “啊?” Li Luo puts on a long face immediately, said: „Are you reward or punish?” 李洛顿时哭丧着脸,道:“你这是奖励还是惩罚?” A night is strange bedfellows, actually does not permit him to work, is this disciplines his temperament small seductress/evil spirit? 一夜同床共枕,却不准他做什么事,这是来磨练他心性的小妖精吧? Jiang Qing'e complexion slightly red, feels somewhat embarrassed, but she was compelled by Li Luo anxiously, can only find out a method of such reward temporarily, but if must have anything with Li Luo at this time, feels inexplicably somewhat hasty. 姜青娥脸色微红,也感觉到有些不好意思,只是她被李洛逼急了,只能暂时想出这么一个奖励的法子,但若是此时就要与李洛发生什么,又感觉莫名有些仓促。 In this case, even usually conduct calm calm Jiang Qing'e, felt somewhat puzzled. 在这种情况下,即便是素来行事从容冷静的姜青娥,都感觉到了有些纠结。 Li Luo sees her so appearance, is somewhat feels funny, after all this manner that cannot bear appears on Jiang Qing'e, was extremely really rare. 李洛见到她这般模样,也是忍不住的有些感到好笑,毕竟这种神态出现在姜青娥身上,真的是太过的罕见了。 He thinks, has not pressed on step by step, so as to avoid really stirs up to shame to be angry Jiang Qing'e, the benefits that succeeds in obtaining also flew, after all the road must walk step by step, Jiang Qing'e today's reward, is an extremely bold opening. 他想了想,也没有步步紧逼,免得真将姜青娥惹得羞恼起来,到手的福利也是飞了,毕竟路要一步步的走,姜青娥今日的奖励,已经是一个极其大胆的开头。 Moreover there is this upholstery, can the next reward, go a step further after all? 而且有了这个铺垫,下次的奖励,终归得更进一步吧? Therefore Li Luo does intentionally disappointed sighing, said: Ok, who makes me love dearly sister Qing'e, tonight we chatted with the bed night, revealed one's innermost feelings.” 于是李洛故作失望的叹了一口气,道:“行吧,谁让我心疼青娥姐呢,今夜咱们就只是同床夜聊,倾诉衷肠。” Jiang Qing'e relaxing of quietly, she does not know, if Li Luo really must continue to pester, she can relent tenderheartedly, after all two people have the engagement in the body, really must happen that step, is justifiable. 姜青娥悄悄的松了一口气,她也不知道如果李洛真要继续纠缠下去,她会不会心软松口了,毕竟两人有着婚约在身,真要发生那一步,也是名正言顺。 In her heart deep place, wants to wait for Li Taixuan after all, the Tantai Lan safe return, then when the engagement turned into the true wedding, she true unretentive giving Li Luo. 只是在她的内心深处,终归还是想等李太玄,澹台岚平安归来,然后两人将婚约变成了真正的婚礼时,她再真正的将自己毫无保留的交给李洛 I have a condition.” Li Luo said suddenly. “不过我也有个条件。”李洛突然说道。 You said.” The Jiang Qing'e eyelash winks lightly. “你说。”姜青娥睫毛轻眨。 Tonight I biggest, you must listen my.” Li Luo grinning say/way. “今晚我最大,你要听我的。”李洛笑嘻嘻的道。 Jiang Qing'e looks at his badly bad smile, hesitant, nods. 姜青娥瞧得他这坏坏的笑容,犹豫了一下,就点点头。 Li Luo stood up immediately, puts out a hand to embrace to the Jiang Qing'e waist, the palm first touches that tissue pajamas, a pressure, depressed a big truncation gently unexpectedly, just now held in the arms that slender small waist. 李洛顿时站起身来,伸手揽向了姜青娥腰肢,手掌先是触碰到那薄纱般的睡衣,轻轻一压,竟是压下了一大截,方才搂住了那纤细小腰。 Jiang Qing'e has not avoided, but the golden bright eyes are staring at Li Luo, such near distance, she even can feel Li Luo that to bring blazing breath crude swatting as before on her tender cheeks. 姜青娥也没躲避,只是金色明眸盯着李洛,这么近的距离,她甚至能够感受到李洛那依旧带着炽热的鼻息粗暴的扑打在她柔嫩的脸颊上。 Outstretch finger that Li Luo smiles, frivolous is selecting the Jiang Qing'e snow white high and steep chin, said: First cry Elder Brother Li brother Luo listens.” 李洛笑眯眯的伸出手指,轻佻的挑着姜青娥雪白尖俏的下巴,道:“先叫声李洛哥哥来听。” Next flickers, the Li Luo smile is stiff immediately, because slender five fingers grasp the fist that gathers together, directly impolite pounding on his belly. 下一瞬,李洛笑容顿时僵硬,因为一只纤细五指握拢的拳头,直接不客气的捣在了他肚子上。 Jiang Qing'e hacked this fellow one eyes ill-humoredly, then the flexible turning bed, got into bed, was being wrapped the moving curve thinly. 姜青娥没好气的剐了这家伙一眼,然后灵活的翻床,钻进了被窝中,薄被包裹着动人的曲线。 Li Luo the face, was saying painstakingly: Acts shamelessly.” 李洛苦着脸,道:“又耍赖。” However at once his hand wields, in the room the lights are dim immediately, is the sneaking in bedding that the heart jumps crazily, simultaneously bold putting out a hand, hugged Jiang Qing'e, felt in the bosom the soft temperature of beautiful person, the Li Luo whole person is feeling a grace. 不过旋即他手一挥,屋内灯火顿时昏暗下去,也是心脏狂跳的钻进被窝,同时大胆的伸手,将姜青娥搂了过来,感受着怀中玉人的柔软温度,李洛整个人都感觉到了一种飘飘欲仙。 These days exhausted of intense war, sweeps away simply. 这段时间激烈大战的疲惫,简直就是一扫而空。 Jiang Qing'e is static shrinking in the Li Luo bosom, is exuding a golden eye pupil that shames intent, in the dim environment, is pasting the soul-stirring charm. 姜青娥则是静静的缩在李洛怀中,泛着一丝羞意的金色眼眸,在昏暗的环境下,流转着惊心动魄的魅力。 Li Luo is only hugging Jiang Qing'e, felt satisfaction, because of this on behalf of two people relations, entered one step. 李洛光是搂着姜青娥,就感觉到了一种满足,因为这代表着两人的关系,又更进了一步。 Jiang Qing'e tender body tying tight quite, was full of the guard, but after seeing Li Luo is quite honest, gradually relaxes, she looks at the outstanding face that Li Luo that is closing one's eyes, in the eye is also has the soft color to reappear. 姜青娥娇躯本来颇为的紧绷,充满着防范,但在见到李洛比较老实后,又是渐渐的放松下来,她望着李洛那微闭着眼睛的俊逸脸庞,眼中也是有着柔软之色浮现出来。 Two people from small grow up together, so-called friends from childhood are also mediocre. 两人自小一起长大,所谓的青梅竹马也不过如此。 That sentiment under flowing of years, had exceeded many emotions, most beforehand time, in the Jiang Qing'e perhaps heart treats as the younger brother who Li Luo needs her to protect, but these years later, that once empty resonance youngster, gradually had the skill of assuming sole responsibility for an important task. 那份感情在岁月的流淌下,已是超越了许多的情感,最以前的时候,姜青娥或许心中还是将李洛当作一个需要她来保护的弟弟,可这些年下来,那个曾经的空相少年,也是逐渐有了独当一面的本事。 The emotion in her heart, is presenting the notable shift. 她心中的情感,也是在出现着明显的转变。 Jiang Qing'e understands, this this lifetime is impossible to have least bit the sentiment of men and women to other person again, present Li Luo, is her life-long home to return. 姜青娥明白,她这辈子不可能再对另外的人有半点的男女之情,眼前的李洛,就是她终生的归宿。 She puts out a hand suddenly, holds down the palm that Li Luo hovered secretly, said: Li Luo, I asked your matter.” 她突然伸出手,按住了李洛偷偷游动的手掌,道:“李洛,我问你一件事。” The palm of Li Luo was pressed on that smooth smooth lower abdomen, he spoke thoughtlessly saying: You asked.” 李洛的手掌被按在那光滑平坦的小腹上,他随口说道:“你问。” „Am I master and master's wife innate primordial seed that brings from Sacred Void Resonance Sect?” “我是不是师父师娘无相圣宗带出来的先天原始种?” However then Jiang Qing'e a few words, were almost to the pouring will actually extinguish the flame that the Li Luo heart moved restlessly shortly instantaneously, his entire body was shakes, the look that could not bear was shocking. 然而接下来姜青娥的一句话,却几乎是顷刻间就将李洛心头躁动的火焰瞬间给浇灭了下去,他整个身体都是忍不住的一抖,眼神震惊。 sister Qing'e, are you, what you saying? Isn't primordial seed I?” Li Luo said with a dry smile. 青娥姐,你,你在说什么?原始种不是我吗?”李洛干笑道 He has not thought that Jiang Qing'e actually thinks toward this aspect. 他从没想到过,姜青娥竟然会往这个方面去想。 Jiang Qing'e shakes the head slightly, said: You when really I don't have a sensation? I do not have the Luolan Mansion beforehand memory, but actually grows up with you together, has many secrets on my body, this point I from a young age on knowing.” 姜青娥微微摇头,道:“你真当我没有一点感知吗?我没有洛岚府之前的记忆,但却与你一起长大,在我的身上有许多的秘密,这一点我自小就知道。” Must say compared with specially, I should be more special than you.” “要说比起特殊,我应该比你更特殊许多。” Bystander is very difficult to make this guess, but I actually, that so-called innate primordial seed, bigger possibly is I, rather than you.” “外人或许很难做这种猜测,但我却可以,那所谓的先天原始种,更大的可能是我,而不是你。” Person who that Qin Lian wants, is I, rather than you.” “那秦莲想要的人,也是我,而不是你。” You know this matter, had not said with me, wants to shoulder this danger for me.” “你知晓此事,却未曾与我说,是想要替我背负着这份危险吧。” Is hearing the Jiang Qing'e that incomparably gentle sound, during Li Luo was also falls into to be silent, finally he smiled bitterly saying: sister Qing'e, this matter after all is only your my guess, perhaps, after must waits for father mother they to come back, we can know these.” 听着姜青娥那无比轻柔的声音,李洛也是陷入到了沉默之中,最终他苦笑道:“青娥姐,此事终归只是你我的猜测,或许,还是得等老爹老娘他们回来后,我们才能知晓这些。” Therefore your guess, is not no need with anybody to say.” “所以你这份猜测,就不必与其他任何人说了。” Jiang Qing'e said with a smile lightly: „Do you want to protect me with your method?” 姜青娥轻笑道:“你这是想要用你的方法来保护我吗?” Protects my fiancee, why not?” Li Luo snort/hum said, simultaneously embraces tightly her. “保护我的未婚妻,有何不可?”李洛哼道,同时将她搂紧。 Jiang Qing'e extends the slender white hands, caresses Li Luo that handsome such as the blade is carving the face lightly, said: Initial Little Brother, started some spirits.” 姜青娥伸出纤细玉手,轻抚着李洛那俊朗如刀刻般的脸庞,道:“当初的小弟弟,也开始有一些气概了呢。” Li Luo is angry: Whose said Little Brother? If were not you begged for mercy a moment ago, tonight must make you know what Weifu the outline!” 李洛大怒:“说谁小弟弟呢?如果不是你刚才求饶,今晚必让你知道何为夫纲!” The Jiang Qing'e chuckle, she knows that Li Luo is inserting the joke to hit the branch, therefore also pays no attention to him, is only quietly said: Li Luo, as I step into Duke Realm, my faint feeling, my body has the enormous secret, this secret may be very serious, when I am worried about arrival of that day, will change many things.” 姜青娥轻笑,她知道李洛在插诨打科,所以也不理他,只是幽幽的道:“李洛,随着我踏入封侯境,我隐隐的感觉到,我身上有着极大的秘密,这个秘密或许会很沉重,我担心那一天到来时,将会改变许多的东西。” Including, you and I.” “包括,你和我。” The Li Luo heart trembles, he is hugging Jiang Qing'e, earnestly said: „Nothing can change us!” 李洛心头一颤,他搂着姜青娥,认真的道:“没有什么东西能够改变我们!” Do not want is too many, by having secret, on me are not necessarily less than you, we who is more ominous, is uncertain.” He comforts to say. “你不要想太多,论起秘密,我身上不见得就比你少,咱们谁更凶,还不一定呢。”他安慰道。 Jiang Qing'e lies down in the bosom of Li Luo, her golden color eye pupil closing gradually, dim, there is low twittering the sound gets up. 姜青娥躺在李洛的怀中,她金色眼瞳渐渐的闭拢,昏暗中,有低低的呢喃声响起。 Li Luo.” 李洛。” No matter how, in my heart...” “不管如何,在我心中...” Luolan Mansion, is my family/home.” 洛岚府,就是我的家。”
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