ATS :: Volume #22

#15: Fuxi board game piece

Eight Trigram's Star Field, exchanges the territory! 八卦星域,兑域! The Wang Xiong fight fights Yong Ye 2nd, suddenly, exchanges the earth-shattering that in the territory hits, a numerous star disintegration, void collapse. 王雄斗战永夜二号,一时间,兑域之中打的天崩地裂,一众星球崩碎,虚空塌陷。 Is impossible, your strength, how, how......!” Yong Ye No. 2 surprised looks to Wang Xiong. “不可能,你的力量,怎么,怎么……!”永夜二号惊讶的看向王雄 Does obeisance you to bestow, my already 18th Level!” Wang Xiong said coldly. “拜你所赐,我已经十八重了!”王雄冷声道 You 18th Level, why strength such big?” Yong Ye 2nd not channel. “你才十八重,为什么力量如此之大?”永夜二号不相信道。 But Yong Ye 2nd 19th Level, aren't intense dashing, unexpectedly stronger than Wang Xiong? This impossible Ah! single layer cultivation base single layer day Ah! 永夜二号可是十九重,一次次强烈冲撞,居然不比王雄强?这不可能啊!一重修为一重天啊! I have looking of Pangu, Pangu True Dragon big resentment thought!” Wang Xiong said coldly. “我有盘古之望,盘古真龙怨念!”王雄冷声道 Bang ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~!” “轰~~~~~~~~~~~~~!” Again, two people of fist astral are bumping into void! 再度,二人拳罡在虚空相撞! Another side, High Priest wants to counter-attack the first adviser, was actually pressed firmly between the fingers the shoulder by the first adviser flash, keeping it from moving general. 另一边,大祭司想要反击第一谋士,却被第一谋士一瞬间捏住了肩膀,让其无法动弹一般。 You, your cultivation base, are you also 19th Level? This, this......!” High Priest was startled to call out. “你,你的修为,你也是十九重?这,这……!”大祭司惊叫道。 The first adviser has not replied High Priest, but is one is pinching High Priest, holds two sarcophagi single-handedly, in the sarcophagus, naturally is two Grass and Wood Hong Jun that Wang Xiong gives. 第一谋士并没有回答大祭司,而是一手捏着大祭司,一手托着两口石棺,石棺之中,自然是王雄给的两份草木鸿钧 Among steps, the first adviser figure in a flash, to Xun trigram territory! 踏步间,第一谋士身形一晃,到了巽域! Initially, the first adviser by one eight, branched out eight clone, operated Eight Trigrams great array in eight territories respectively. 当初,第一谋士以一化八,分出八个分身,分别在八域操纵八卦大阵的。 In Xun trigram territory at this moment , the there is one first adviser, but that first adviser clone is operating formation, the absorption billowing strength comes. 此刻的巽域之中,也有一个第一谋士,只是那个第一谋士分身正在操纵阵法,吸收滚滚力量而来。 Lets loose me, lets loose me!” High Priest was startled to call out. “放开我,放开我!”大祭司惊叫道。 Now, may be beyond control you!” Exchanges first adviser said coldly of territory. “现在,可由不得你了!”兑域的第一谋士冷声道 Buckled High Priest to exchange the territory center, the place of great lake a blue energy formed the vortex. 扣着大祭司到了兑域中心,一个蓝色能量形成漩涡的大湖之地。 Ji Chang, you have said that does not build up my state of mind, you had said does not build up my state of mind!” High Priest panic-stricken say/way. 姬昌,你说过,不炼化我的神魂的,你说过不炼化我的神魂的!”大祭司惊恐道。 !” The first adviser reveals sneering that a trace disdains. !”第一谋士露出一丝不屑的冷笑。 Bang!” “嘭!” High Priest was invested in the blue great lake, ties up with the chains. 大祭司被投入蓝色大湖之中,用锁链捆缚起来。 Refining up!” First adviser shouted. “炼!”第一谋士一声断喝。 Bang!” “轰!” Immediately, the billowing Blue Lake energy direct impact High Priest mind goes. 顿时,滚滚蓝湖能量直冲大祭司脑海而去。 No, do not build up me, does not want, no!” High Priest panic-stricken howling. “不,不要炼化我,不要,不!”大祭司惊恐的吼叫。 What a pity, at this moment the two first advisers also make a move, quite other place two times of strength direct impact High Priest mind. 可惜,此刻有两个第一谋士同时出手,相当于其它地方两倍的力量直冲大祭司脑海。 Rumble!” “轰隆隆!” The mind seemed was severely hit, the High Priest quick lethargic sleep in the past. 脑海好似遭到了重击,大祭司很快昏睡了过去。 The two first adviser plays the near, simultaneously stimulates to movement the strength to flood into High Priest within the body. 两个第一谋士一起到了近前,同时催动力量涌入大祭司体内。 Is awaking High Priest is unable to resist, let alone now lethargic sleep High Priest? 醒着的大祭司都无法抵挡,何况如今昏睡了的大祭司呢? Buzz under the cry, whole body tight High Priest relaxed slowly, the gradually whole body emits an intermittent blue light. 一阵嗡鸣之下,浑身紧绷的大祭司慢慢放松了下来,渐渐的周身冒出一阵阵蓝光。 Lock!” The two first adviser shouted at simultaneously. “锁!”两个第一谋士同时一声断喝。 Bang!” “轰!” High Priest shakes fiercely, opening eye slowly. 大祭司猛地一震,缓缓的睁开眼睛。 At this moment, opens the High Priest again also no longer previous look of eye, but became docile. 只是此刻,睁开眼睛的大祭司再也不复先前的眼神,而是变得温顺了很多。 Pays a visit Exalted Lord!” High Priest to the two first adviser respectful say/way. “拜见主上!”大祭司对着两个第一谋士恭敬道。 High Priest, kneels down!” First adviser said in a deep voice. 大祭司,跪下!”一个第一谋士沉声道 High Priest knelt immediately, incomparable obedient. 大祭司顿时跪了下来,无比的听话。 Now, feels my in the heart to think!” That first adviser opens the mouth to say again. “现在,感受我心中所想!”那第一谋士再度开口道。 High Priest induced a bit, immediately was kowtowing to the first adviser, even if there is chains to lock at this moment, desperate specific use hitting the ground. 大祭司感应了一会,顿时对着第一谋士磕头了起来,哪怕此刻有锁链锁住,都拼命的用头撞地。 Um, can be interlinked with my intention, your indeed already was built up to melt by me thoroughly, good! These two Grass and Wood Hong Jun, eat up now, you became my another 19th Level subordinate!” The first adviser satisfies said. ,能和我心意相通,你的确已经彻底被我炼化了,好!这两个草木鸿钧,现在吃下,你就成了我又一个十九重的属下!”第一谋士满意道。 Yes!” Nods of some High Priest look delay. “是!”大祭司神色有些呆滞的点了点头。 Finally two Grass and Wood Hong Jun, feed High Priest to eat fast. 最后两个草木鸿钧,快速喂着大祭司吃了下去。 !” “啊!” The High Priest body surface emits the innumerable cyanogens suddenly. 大祭司体表忽然冒出无数青气。 Rumble!” “轰隆隆!” Cyanogen, on the entire star grows the innumerable green grass general suddenly, in green grass innumerable snake vine, proliferated the entire star in a flash. 青气一出,整个星球上忽然长出无数青草一般,青草中无数蛇藤,一瞬间遍布了整个星球。 Broke through 19th Level, copes with Wang Xiong!” The two first adviser anticipates to say. “等突破到十九重,就去对付王雄吧!”两个第一谋士期待道。 Rumble!” “轰隆隆!” Really, the High Priest whole body aura is getting stronger and stronger, all around snake vine are also getting more and more, looks fierce, as if sends out dreadful fierce crazily howling general. snake vine wraps High Priest, making the High Priest whole body tremble greatly. 果然,大祭司周身气息越来越强,四周蛇藤也越来越多,龇牙咧嘴,似乎发出滔天狰狞的狂啸一般。蛇藤包裹大祭司,让大祭司浑身巨颤。 buzz buzz ..................!” 嗡嗡嗡嗡………………!” Bang ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~!” “轰~~~~~~~~~~~~~!” With the last loud sound, huge 19th Level aura erupts, snake vine on entire star, did obeisance toward central High Priest suddenly. 随着最后一声巨响,一股庞大的十九重气息爆发而出,整个星球上的蛇藤,忽然间朝着中心的大祭司拜了下来。 High Priest eyes closed, motionless. 大祭司闭目,一动不动了起来。 Breakthrough? Good, now, you cope with Wang Xiong to go! With Yong Ye together, holds Wang Xiong on the 2nd, delivers to the stem field!” The first adviser told. “突破了?好,现在,你去对付王雄去!与永夜二号一起,将王雄抓住,送到乾域!”第一谋士吩咐道。 But, originally already obedient High Priest, these has not actually paid attention to time general. 但,本来已经听话的大祭司,这一次却没有理睬一般。 sits cross-legged, even eyes closed does not pay attention to the first adviser. 盘膝而坐,甚至闭目的不理会第一谋士。 High Priest, did you hear the words that I spoke?” That first adviser indifferent say/way. 大祭司,你听到我说的话了吗?”那第一谋士冷眼道。 At this time, High Priest opened both eyes slowly. 这时,大祭司才缓缓睁开双目。 The High Priest look at this moment, again also no longer the previous delay, is not the previous vehement feeling look, High Priest look at this moment, seems deep pool deep water, the ancient well without ripples, making one look that seems the feeling that must fall. 只是此刻的大祭司眼神,再也不复先前的呆滞,更不是先前情绪激烈的眼神,大祭司此刻的眼神,好似一潭深水,古井不波,让人看一眼都好似要陷进去的感觉。 High Priest? Do you want to disobey orders?” First adviser said coldly. 大祭司?你想抗命吗?”第一谋士冷声道 Actually saw that the ancient well without ripples High Priest stands up slowly, has not acted, all around innumerable snake vine charge into oneself suddenly, tears, tore completely cleanly chains. 却看到古井不波的大祭司缓缓站起身来,并没有怎么行动,四周无数蛇藤忽然冲向自己,一阵撕扯,将身上的锁链全部撕扯了干净。 High Priest of black Daoist robe, the steps forwarded one step. 一身黑色道袍的大祭司,踏步向前走了一步。 Among, High Priest black Daoist robe seemed turned into the white instantaneously, turned into a white Daoist robe. In the hand does not know when had/left white Horsetail Whisk. 一步之间,大祭司身上的黑色道袍好似瞬间变成了白色,变成了一身白色的道袍。手中也不知何时多出了一根白色的拂尘 High Priest that High Priest, but, now seems like, makings completely different of whole person. It is not the cultivation base aura, is the makings. 大祭司还是那个大祭司,但,现在看上去,整个人的气质完全不一样了。不是修为气息,就是气质。 Previous High Priest, although is not the enthusiasm like the fire, actually also vehement feeling, but present white robe High Priest, seems the whole body has the type not say the air/Qi of dust, has to plant to jump out of outside Three Realms, does not eat the feeling of Human World smoke and fire, that pair of look, is passing ice-cold brutal aura. 先前的大祭司,虽不是热情如火,却也情绪激烈,而眼前的白袍大祭司,好似浑身有种说不出的出尘之气,有种跳出三界外,不食人间烟火的感觉,那一双眼神,更透着一股冰冷无情的气息。 The High Priest difficulty-relief, looked up all around starry sky, seemed does not pay attention to the nearby first adviser general, finger alone counted on the fingers gently. 大祭司脱困,抬头看了看四周星空,好似根本不理会一旁的第一谋士一般,独自的指头轻轻掐算。 Fuxi? This is your arrangement Ah! High Priest tranquil looks to this starry sky great array. 伏羲?这就是你的布置啊!大祭司平静的看向这片星空大阵 High Priest, what's the matter? Can't you hear my speech? Is disobedient?” The first adviser is berating to High Priest. 大祭司,你怎么回事?你听不到我的说话吗?还敢忤逆?”第一谋士对着大祭司喝斥道。 This does High Priest disregard oneself unexpectedly? 大祭司居然无视自己 Because of angrily rebuking of first adviser, the High Priest consciousness was called back. 因为第一谋士的怒斥,大祭司意识才被叫回。 Turns head, High Priest looked at the eye's first adviser. 扭头,大祭司看了眼第一谋士。 „Are you Fuxi board game piece?” White robe High Priest tranquil say/way. “你就是伏羲的棋子?”白袍大祭司平静道。 What Fuxi board game piece? What did you say?” The first adviser angry sound said. “什么伏羲的棋子?你说什么?”第一谋士恼声道。 „Before bending down Xi Li opens, once with me had played chess, in that chess, will contain the innumerable future information that he is deducing, before leaving, will leave behind one to Pangu World evolution Star Field, originally conceals here, was found by you, and will help Fuxi be him not to have the matter that the time will handle! Done good!” White robe High Priest tranquil say/way. “伏羲离开前,曾与我对弈过一盘,那一盘棋中,蕴藏着他推演的无数未来信息,包括临走前,给盘古世界留下一个‘进化星域’,原来藏在这里,被你找到了,并且帮伏羲做着他没时间去做的事情!做的不错!”白袍大祭司平静道。 You, who are you? What did you say?” The first adviser stares to say. “你,你是谁?你说什么?”第一谋士瞪眼道。 You thought that who I am?” White robe High Priest tranquil say/way. “你觉得我是谁?”白袍大祭司平静道。 Hong Jun, you are Hong Jun, is impossible, High Priest? High Priest?” The first adviser calls out in alarm withdrew one step. 鸿钧,你是鸿钧,不可能,大祭司呢?大祭司呢?”第一谋士惊叫的退后了一步。 White robe had High Priest, after achievement 19th Level, been seized the shed by Hong Jun? But Hong Jun seizes the shed, naturally broke the own control. 白袍大祭司,在成就十九重之后,已然被鸿钧重新夺舍了?而鸿钧夺舍,自然破了自己的控制。 Hong Jun looked at the eye's first adviser, has not explained the reason. 鸿钧看了眼第一谋士,并没有解释缘由。 The first adviser is actually one surprised uncertain. 第一谋士却是一阵惊疑不定。 Your what meaning? This piece of Eight Trigram's Star Field, indeed is I discovered that and already grasped thoroughly, here all are my, even if Fuxi comes back, still gave up any idea of that is potential achievement!” The first adviser stares to say. “你什么意思?这片八卦星域,的确是我发现的,并且已经彻底掌握了,这里的一切都是我的,伏羲就算回来,也休想有所作为!”第一谋士瞪眼道。 Actually, at this moment the first adviser innermost feelings are also startled, because, High Priest turns into Hong Jun suddenly, already went beyond the oneself expectation, oneself calculated that did not have this Ah! this moment Hong Jun words, made the first adviser innermost feelings jump, wants to plead innocence, those who proved Hong Jun to say was the mistake. 其实,此刻第一谋士内心也是一阵惊慌,因为,大祭司忽然变成鸿钧,已经超出了自己预料,自己推算中没有这一出啊!此刻鸿钧的话,更是让第一谋士内心直跳,想要辩白,证明鸿钧说的是错的。 !” Hong Jun looked at the eye's first adviser, reveals the a trace chuckle. !”鸿钧看了眼第一谋士,露出一丝轻笑。 In this a trace chuckle, has one to despise. 一丝轻笑中,更带着一股蔑视。 My «Changes of Zhou», is more accurate than the deduction of Fuxi, covers up the secret, no one can calculate that my head, Fuxi hundreds of thousands of years ago, can calculate me? Do you want to deceive me?” The first adviser looks indifferently to Hong Jun. “我的《周易》,比伏羲的推演还要精准,遮掩天机,谁也算不到我头上来,伏羲在数十万年前,能算到我?你想骗我?”第一谋士冷眼看向鸿钧 Your «Changes of Zhou», where comes?” Hong Jun light say/way. “你的《周易》,从哪里来的?”鸿钧淡淡道。 Naturally is I......!” The first adviser also wants to say. “当然是我……!”第一谋士还想说。 Changes of Zhou? Derives from Eight Trigrams?” Hong Jun said again. 周易?是从八卦中衍生出来的吧?”鸿钧再度说道。 The words of first adviser were broken suddenly, actually does not know how to plead innocence. 第一谋士的话忽然被打断,却不知如何辩白。 Why can you create Changes of Zhou? Good that if I guess, should be Fuxi intentionally for it, your deduction, during his deduction. Your calculation, is his projection result. You can deduce Heaven and Earth, he can deduce you. Now looks like, in that chess suspends is very good, you do is very good!” Hong Jun light say/way. “你为何能创出周易?我若猜的不错,应该是伏羲故意为之吧,你的推演,都在他的推演之中。你的推算,都是他的推算结果。你能推演天地,他能推演你。现在看来,那盘棋中摆的很不错,你做的很好!”鸿钧淡淡道。 Is impossible, is impossible, Hong Jun? Snort, you said is false, do you also want randomly my mind? Has a dream! You do not listen to my words, does not need to exist!” First adviser icily said. “不可能,不可能,鸿钧?哼,你说的都是假的,你也想乱我心神?做梦吧!你不听我话,就没必要存在了!”第一谋士寒声道 During the speeches, the first adviser searches the hand to present a golden Eight Trigrams Chart case, when seeming to inspire grasped High Priest initially, gets down under its soul deep place the ban. 说话间,第一谋士探手出现一个金色八卦图案,好似要引动当初抓大祭司时,下在其灵魂深处下的禁制。 You must explode my soul, with it?” Hong Jun tranquil say/way. “你要爆了我的灵魂,用它?”鸿钧平静道。 Actually sees, the Hong Jun fingertip, presents golden small Eight Trigrams, was the first adviser initially to the High Priest under ban. 却看到,鸿钧指尖,出现一个金色的小八卦,正是第一谋士当初对着大祭司下的禁制。 How do you take?” The first adviser startled anger said. “你怎么取出来的?”第一谋士惊怒道。 Kāchā!” 咔嚓!” Hong Jun pinches gold fragments Eight Trigrams slowly. 鸿钧缓缓捏碎金八卦 With your hand, collection simultaneous/uniform all Grass and Wood Hong Jun, I did not process you, immediately left my line of sight! I do not want to listen to you to be boisterous!” Hong Jun tranquil say/way. “借你之手,集齐了所有草木鸿钧,我就不处理你了,马上离开我的视线!我不想听你聒噪!”鸿钧平静道。 Good guts!” The two first adviser bellows immediately, goes toward Hong Jun killing. “好胆!”两个第一谋士顿时一声大吼,向着鸿钧扑杀而去。 !” Hong Jun coldly smiles. !”鸿钧冷冷一笑。 Saw, snake vine that in the entire star ground grows, rises suddenly instantaneously, the direct impact two first adviser flushes away. 就看到,整个星球地面上长出的蛇藤,瞬间暴涨而起,直冲两个第一谋士冲去。 Roar!” snake vine explodes the roar. “吼!”蛇藤爆吼。 Bang ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~!” “轰~~~~~~~~~~~!” A loud sound, the huge impact explodes breaks out black hole void. The two first adviser was blown off this star instantaneously. 一声巨响,巨大的冲击炸的虚空破出一个黑洞。两个第一谋士瞬间被炸飞出了这个星球。 On the two first adviser, has a giant blood hole respectively, was injured a moment ago by snake vine. 两个第一谋士身上,各有着一个巨大的血洞,都是刚才被蛇藤伤到了。 But treads above the starry sky, looks at that star again, innumerable snake vine grow ten thousand li (0.5 km), proliferates across the star, seems, the entire star turned into vast Horsetail Whisk, does not have several tens of thousands li (0.5 km) long snake vine is the Horsetail Whisk silk. 而踏在星空之上,再看那颗星球,无数蛇藤长出万里,遍布星球各地,好似,整个星球都变成了一个浩大的拂尘,无数万里长的蛇藤就是拂尘丝。 Treads tranquilly in star Central, Hong Jun Dao Ancestor looks to Eight Trigram's Star Field four sides eight directions, seems does not care to the first adviser general. The huge Eight Trigram's Star Field that in the eye only then Fuxi leaves behind! 踏在星球中央,鸿钧道祖平静的看向八卦星域的四面八方,好似对第一谋士根本不在乎一般。眼里只有伏羲留下的这巨大的八卦星域
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