ATS :: Volume #20

#68: Buddhism goes to battle

Beyond day, outside Golden Crow galaxy! 天外,金乌星系外! Sun Bin leads the Pangu garrison troops, arranges huge formation, welcomed to that hundred zhang (333 m) Ancient Shi Clan. 孙膑带领盘古守军,排列一个巨大的阵法,迎向了那百丈古食族 Hǒu~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~!” 吼~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!” Ancient Shi Clan bellows, trembles void innumerably, waves, that Ancient Shi Clan fights with the fists, tears innumerably void. 古食族一声大吼,虚空震颤无数,挥手间,那古食族一拳打出,撕裂无数虚空。 Ah~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~!” 啊~~~~~~~~~~~!” Many Pangu garrison troops pitiful yells, by turbulent void involve, Life and Death are not known. 多少盘古守军一声惨叫,被动荡的虚空卷入,生死不知。 That Ancient Shi Clan opens the mouth opens, under a suction, meteorites were inhaled in its immediately, including massive Pangu garrison troops. 古食族张口一开,一股吸力下,一片陨石群顿时被吸入其口中,包括大量的盘古守军。 Be careful, this Ancient Shi Clan has 17th Level peak, do not spell hardly, arranges formation, arranges formation!” Sun Bin panic-stricken is roaring. “小心,这古食族十七重巅峰,不要硬拼,布阵,布阵!”孙膑惊恐的吼叫着。 But, vertical is arranges formation, is not that Ancient Shi Clan opponent, because, this Ancient Shi Clan was too strong, the origin must swallow the innumerable lives. But previously first attacked his Su Dingfang, fought with the fists to fly into the universe starry sky by this Ancient Shi Clan, quite a while has not come back. 但,纵是布阵,也不是那古食族的对手,因为,这古食族实在太强了,出则必吞无数生灵。而先前第一个冲击他的苏定方,被这古食族一拳打飞入了宇宙星空,半天没有回来。 When the numerous Pangu garrison troops retreat in defeat again and again, distant place stream of light flashes through suddenly. 就在众盘古守军节节败退的时候,远处陡然一道流光闪过。 Actually sees, a star from distant place lasing. 却看到,一颗恒星从远处激射而来。 Makes way!” Behind the star hears one to bellow. “让开!”恒星后方传来一声大吼。 Bian Que!” Sun Bin opened mouth startled called out. 扁鹊!”孙膑张嘴惊叫道。 A star, was the star of combustion billowing flame, pushed by Su Dingfang? 一颗恒星啊,燃烧滚滚火焰的恒星啊,被苏定方推了过来? Dispersing!” Sun Bin orders immediately. “散开!”孙膑马上一声令下。 Military commands are strictly obeyed, the Pangu garrison troops scatter in all directions to open instantaneously, leave behind Ancient Shi Clan that incomparably has a greedy appetite, does not abandon caught several Pangu garrison troops to throw in the entrance. 军令如山,盘古守军瞬间四散而开,留下无比贪食的古食族,不舍的抓了几个盘古守军丢入口中。 But the next quarter, saw instantaneously a star hit. 可下一刻,瞬间看到一颗恒星撞了过来。 Roar!” “吼!” That Ancient Shi Clan bellows. The double palm promotes. 古食族一声大吼。双掌推出。 Bang ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~!” “轰~~~~~~~~~~~~!” The giant star was pushed to stop by Ancient Shi Clan instantaneously. 巨大的恒星瞬间被古食族推停了下来。 The next quarter, saw that Ancient Shi Clan figure inflates fiercely changes into thousand zhang (3.33 m), opens the big mouth. 下一刻,就看到那古食族身形猛地膨胀化为千丈大小,张开大口。 Roar!” “吼!” Thousand zhang (3.33 m) Ancient Shi Clan, the big mouth was definitely worse than the star was far, but, this moment mouth seemed has Divine Ability, the thing of attracting, when changed close to his mouth is slowly small, a vast star, fell into its unexpectedly slowly. 千丈的古食族,大口肯定比恒星差远了,但,此刻嘴巴好似有着神通,所吸之物,在靠近其嘴巴的时候慢慢变小,以至于一颗浩大的恒星,居然慢慢落入了其口中。 Bang!” “嘭!” The mouth shuts, that battlefield suddenly one dark, black Qi covers Ancient Shi Clan, actually looked to stay everyone. 嘴巴一闭,那战场陡然一暗,黑气笼罩古食族,却看呆了所有人。 Was a star, eaten by him? Ate? 一颗恒星啊,被他吃了?吃了? No!” The innumerable Pangu garrison troops reveal the desperate color. “不!”无数盘古守军露出绝望之色。 Su Dingfang is also one dull, changes into the poisonous lake great snake instantaneously, the huge body hits hard Ancient Shi Clan loudly. 苏定方也是一呆,瞬间化为毒湖巨蛇,庞大身躯轰然重击古食族 Su Dingfang was also the 17th Level strength, was inferior compared with it this Ancient Shi Clan, but, has poisonous lake incantation seal to assist, the natural might was vast. 苏定方也是十七重的力量了,比之此古食族不如,但,有着毒湖咒印相助,自然威力浩大。 Rumble!” “轰隆隆!” Suddenly, the earth-shattering that two big powerhouses hit, the place visited, is stars scraps opens. 一时间,两大强者打的天崩地裂,所过之处,更是一颗颗星辰炸碎而开。 Quickly, goes to Pangu World quickly, informs Zhuangzi, also has, informs Ying Sihai!” Sun Bin in distant place anxious is calling. “快,快去盘古世界,通知庄子,还有,去通知嬴四海!”孙膑在远处焦急的叫着。 Rumble!” “轰隆隆!” Void scrap that Su Dingfang and that Ancient Shi Clan hit, two flesh bodies also had the huge destruction, two people by wound to wound, every time as sincere as the meat, fought ten days ten nights more frigid than Su Dingfang past. 苏定方和那古食族打的虚空炸碎,二人肉躯也发生了巨大的破坏,两人以伤对伤,每一次的拳拳到肉,都比苏定方昔日战斗十日十夜还要惨烈。 Roar!” “吼!” That Ancient Shi Clan cannot rip Su Dingfang for a very long time, is roars incomparably, Su Dingfang fight is also quite frigid. 古食族久久不能撕了苏定方,也是咆哮无比,苏定方战斗的也极为惨烈。 Ancient Shi Clan? Ancient Shi Clan, death!” Su Dingfang puts together the severe wound to roar. 古食族古食族,死!”苏定方拼着重伤吼着。 But the Pangu garrison troops cannot meddle. 盘古守军根本插不上手。 Two people fought a meeting, that Ancient Shi Clan strength is eventually stronger, opens the big mouth, swallows down Su Dingfang. 二人战斗了一会,终究,那古食族实力更强,张开大口,一口将苏定方吞了下去。 Bang!” “轰!” Trembles void, this fought to stop. 虚空一颤,这才战斗停了下来。 That Ancient Shi Clan is also the whole body is the wound, face upwards the long and loud cry. 古食族也是浑身是伤,仰天长啸。 Bian Que! Was eaten?” Sun Bin was startled to call out. 扁鹊!被吃了?”孙膑惊叫道。 That is Bian Que, transfers poisonous lake incantation seal, initially fought long time with the Guiguzi strongest mortal body, unexpectedly doesn't beat this Ancient Shi Clan? 那可是扁鹊啊,调动毒湖咒印,当初和鬼谷子最强肉身战了好长时间,居然不敌这古食族 When everyone felt Su Dingfang died. 就在所有人觉得苏定方死定了的时候。 That Ancient Shi Clan suddenly figure one stiff, exudes one to angrily roar. 古食族忽然身形一僵,发出一声怒吼。 Bang ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~!” “轰~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!” Saw that Ancient Shi Clan explodes to open loudly, changes into the innumerable fragments. 就看到,那古食族轰然爆炸而开,化为无数碎片。 Bian Que!” Sun Bin pleasantly surprised calling out. 扁鹊!”孙膑惊喜的叫道。 Actually is the explosion center, presents Su Dingfang in an extremely difficult situation. Su Dingfang exploded the Ancient Shi Clan brace. 却是爆炸的中心,出现一个狼狈不堪的苏定方苏定方古食族撑爆了。 Quickly, suppresses its each fragment!” Su Dingfang weak calling out. “快,镇压它的每一个碎片!”苏定方虚弱的叫道。 Yes!” The innumerable Pangu garrison troops threw immediately. “是!”无数盘古守军顿时扑了上去。 Rumble!” “轰隆隆!” Under all Pangu garrison troops work as one, the Ancient Shi Clan fragment suppression of scrap. 在所有盘古守军齐心协力之下,才堪堪将炸碎的古食族碎片镇压而起。 Sun Bin flies the near, Su Dingfang this moment already restores the primary form, but the whole body trembles, wants to stand up, is actually one staggers, the figure is not steady. 孙膑飞到近前,苏定方此刻已经恢复原形,只是浑身发颤,想要站起身来,却是一个踉跄,都身形不稳。 Sun Bin supports Su Dingfang: Bian Que Mister, you now how?” 孙膑一把扶住苏定方:“扁鹊先生,你现在如何?” cough!” !” Su Dingfang cough sheds a blood, polished. 苏定方出一口血,擦了干净。 Good terrifying Ancient Shi Clan! Finally suppression!” Su Dingfang has a being survivor of disaster sigh. “好恐怖古食族!终于镇压了!”苏定方有种劫后余生的感叹。 indeed, finally suppression!” Sun Bin also laughs to say. 是啊,终于镇压了!”孙膑也大笑道。 But two people of smiling faces, stiffened quickly, because, the distant place sword spirit door back, gushed out billowing black Qi again, in black Qi, presented forms, that form, is exactly the same as Ancient Shi Clan that the people suppressed a moment ago. 可二人的笑容,很快僵住了,因为,远处剑灵门背面,再度涌出了滚滚黑气,黑气中,出现了一个又一个的身影,那身影,就和刚才众人镇压的古食族一模一样。 This time, is 1000! 只是这一次,是一千个! 1000 Ancient Shi Clan? That each aura, with a moment ago suppression is the same, 17th Level peak aura Ah! 一千个古食族?那每个的气息,都是和刚才镇压的一样,十七重巅峰的气息啊! Each indeed, each indeed! 每一个都是啊,每一个都是啊 Su Dingfang and Sun Bin reveal a desperate color immediately. 苏定方孙膑顿时露出一股绝望之色。 A moment ago was only Ancient Shi Clan, made the Su Dingfang almost body perish, by the goal of perishing together, its suppression, even so, the Su Dingfang also whole body was the wound. 要知道,刚才只是一个古食族,就让苏定方差点身殒,以同归于尽的目的,才将其镇压,即便如此,苏定方也浑身是伤。 But at this moment, is actually 1000? 可此刻,却是一千个? 1000?” Sun Bin felt that must suffocate. “一千个?”孙膑感觉都要窒息了。 However, these 1000 Ancient Shi Clan do not have first to throw, but is lining up in formation, arranged in order two teams, looks at the access of sword spirit door back. 不过,这一千个古食族并没有第一时间扑上来,而是在列队,列了两队,看着剑灵门背面的出入口。 In could it be also has?” Su Dingfang surprised say/way. 难道里面还有?”苏定方惊讶道。 Really, is evil black Qi gushes out from the interior, this aura, making Su Dingfang have a desperate feeling time, that aura. 果然,又是一股邪恶至极的黑气从内部涌出,这一次的气息,让苏定方有种绝望的感觉,那气息。 18 heavy, 18 heavy?” Su Dingfang was startled to call out. “十八重,十八重吗?”苏定方惊叫道。 Actually saw, steps forward another Ancient Shi Clan from the interior slowly, is only this Ancient Shi Clan, the head has a pair of giant blood-color corner, both eyes no longer resembles ordinary Ancient Shi Clan only to be left over the instinct like that the pollution, Ancient Shi Clan of this blood-color corner, in both eyes, seems has the sane limpidity, is only this look, filled cruelly! 却看到,从内部缓缓跨出又一个古食族,只是这个古食族,头有一对巨大的血色犄角,双目不再似普通古食族那般只剩下本能的浑浊,这血色犄角的古食族,双目之中,好似有着理智般的清澈,只是这眼神,充满了暴戾! Ancient Shi Clan of that blood-color corner turns head to look, merely one cruel look, with soul impact, impact people in the heart trembles. Also is this corner Ancient Shi Clan, or the huge soul deterrent, making numerous Ancient Shi Clan listen to own. 那血色犄角的古食族扭头望来,仅仅一个暴戾的眼神,都带着一股灵魂冲击,冲击的众人心中一颤。也是这犄角古食族,或有一股巨大的灵魂威慑,让一众古食族都听自己的 Corner Ancient Shi Clan treads in void, looked to the four directions, nature sees Pangu World, in the eye flashed through a greedy excitement suddenly, the next quarter, seemed is looking for any general, suddenly, the vision locked Su Dingfang and Pangu garrison troops direction. 犄角古食族踏在虚空,看向四方,自然一眼就看到了盘古世界,眼中陡然闪过一股贪婪的兴奋,下一刻,好似在找着什么一般,陡然,目光锁定了苏定方盘古守军方向。 „It is not good!” The Su Dingfang complexion changes. “不好!”苏定方脸色一变。 But, already was late, that corner Ancient Shi Clan induced to former that cutting edge instantaneously is killed the suppression, is one group of people does at present. 但,已经迟了,那犄角古食族瞬间感应到之前那个先锋被杀镇压,就是眼前一群人干的。 Eats!” A corner Ancient Shi Clan finger/refers of Su Dingfang direction. “吃!”犄角古食族一指苏定方方向。 Roar!” “吼!” Thousand Ancient Shi Clan roared immediately, direct impact. 千个古食族顿时一声咆哮,直冲而来。 No!” Su Dingfang was startled to call out. “不!”苏定方惊叫道。 Ties!” Sun Bin is also one bellows. “结阵!”孙膑也是一声大吼。 Buzz!” “嗡!” Pangu garrison troops fast knot, but, 1000 can Ancient Shi Clan, how possibly block? 盘古守军快速结阵,但,一千个古食族啊,怎么可能挡得住? Bang ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~!” “轰~~~~~~~~~~~~~!” great array of Pangu garrison troops was dashed to open loudly, an numerous Ancient Shi Clan opens the mouth gobbled up, but five Ancient Shi Clan were instantaneously to Su Dingfang in front. 盘古守军的大阵轰然被冲撞而开,一众古食族张口吞吃了起来,而其中五个古食族更是瞬间到了苏定方面前。 Su Dingfang the severe wound in the body, the heyday, still can only cope with Ancient Shi Clan now even, now does the severe wound, cope with five? 苏定方如今重伤在身,就算全盛时期,也只能对付一个古食族,如今重伤,对付五个? Walks quickly!” Su Dingfang pushes far Sun Bin, immediately moves forward to meet somebody. “快走!”苏定方孙膑推远,顿时迎了上去。 Bang ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~!” “轰~~~~~~~~~~!” Su Dingfang was blown off immediately, but, that five Ancient Shi Clan seem knows Su Dingfang to be fierce, eating him harvested greatly is ordinary, threw instantaneously again. 苏定方顿时被炸飞了出去,但,那五个古食族好似知道苏定方厉害,吃了他收获更大一般,瞬间再度扑了过来。 During Su Dingfang spits blood, felt that the whole body bone wanted the scrap, where also has strength resisted, must be gobbled up by five Ancient Shi Clan shortly. 苏定方吐血之中,感觉浑身骨头都要炸碎了,哪里还有力气抵挡,眼看就要被五个古食族吞吃了。 Ancient Shi Clan? How to keep off Ah? Su Dingfang to reveal a despair. 古食族?怎么挡啊?苏定方露出一股绝望。 But vertical is desperate, in the Su Dingfang eye the fighting spirit soars to the heavens as before: I die, must bite your meat! I do not enter Hell, who enters Hell?” 可纵是绝望,苏定方眼中依旧斗志冲天:“我就是死,也要咬下你们身上一块肉!我不入地狱,谁入地狱?” Su Dingfang of whole body disruption, fierce plunging Ancient Shi Clan, but, the whole body of this moment severe wound was incapable, where is the Ancient Shi Clan opponent? 浑身碎裂的苏定方,狰狞的扑向古食族,但,此刻重伤的都浑身无力了,哪里是古食族的对手? You awakened greatly finally!” A sound resounds in Su Dingfang behind. “你终于大彻大悟了!”一个声音在苏定方身后响起。 Also, a golden palm alternates from Su Dingfang, welcomed to five Ancient Shi Clan. 随之,一个金色手掌从苏定方后方穿插而过,迎向了五个古食族 Bang ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~!” “轰~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!” A golden light ten thousand zhang (3.33 m) palm, the might is vast, the impact, the void instantaneous scrap are innumerable. Kept off that five Ancient Shi Clan. 金光万丈的手掌,威力浩大,冲击而出,虚空瞬间炸碎无数。堪堪的将那五个古食族挡了下来。 Who?” Su Dingfang was startled to call out. “谁?”苏定方惊叫道。 At this time, some people helped oneself, did a palm block five Ancient Shi Clan? 这个时候,有人帮自己,一掌挡住了五个古食族 Amitabha!” Actually is a golden light ten thousand zhang (3.33 m) person, treads in the universe starry sky, a palm, was he hit a moment ago. 阿弥陀佛!”却是一个金光万丈之人,踏在宇宙星空之中,刚才一掌,就是他打出来的。 Sakyamuni Buddha? Tathagata god palm?” Su Dingfang was startled to call out. 释迦佛?如来神掌?”苏定方惊叫道。 Actually in this is at a crucial moment, Sakyamuni Buddha appears suddenly. 却在这千钧一发之际,释迦佛陡然出现。 Su Dingfang has the Sakyamuni Buddha help, can block five Ancient Shi Clan, but, the Pangu garrison troops actually met with a disaster, immediately in the pitiful yell, was gobbled up by the Ancient Shi Clan army more than half. 苏定方释迦佛帮助,可以挡住五个古食族,但,盘古守军却是遭殃了,顿时在惨叫中,被古食族大军吞吃了过半。 No!” Innumerable Pangu garrison troops desperate roar. “不!”无数盘古守军绝望的吼着。 World!” Sakyamuni Buddha holds their palms together, the flash golden light covers various Golden Crow galaxy places. “娑婆世界!”释迦佛双手合十,一瞬间金光笼罩金乌星系各处。 The golden light illuminates it place, presents a light phantom world, in this light phantom world, sits cross-legged to sit each and every one Buddha, Bodhisattva and Arhat. 金光所照之地,却是出现一光影世界,这光影世界中,盘膝坐着一个个佛陀菩萨罗汉 Has the world, the guard common people!” Sakyamuni Buddha holds their palms together to say. “出娑婆世界,护卫苍生!”释迦佛双手合十道。 Reveres the Buddha Ancestor command!” “尊佛祖令!” Innumerable Buddha, Bodhisattva and Arhat accordingly, trod from the light phantom world. 无数佛陀菩萨罗汉应声,从光影世界踏了出来。 Bang, bang and bang ..................!” “轰、轰、轰………………!” In a flash, the war sticks out suddenly. Although Buddha of the world does not beat Ancient Shi Clan, but, the quantity is big, at this moment, is to guard Heaven and Earth, does not fear Life and Death, each and every one golden light ten thousand zhang (3.33 m) plunging numerous Ancient Shi Clan. 一瞬间,大战暴起。娑婆世界的佛陀虽然不敌一个古食族,但,数量众多啊,这一刻,为捍卫天地,不惧生死,一个个金光万丈的扑向众古食族 Pangu garrison troops in a panic can gasp for breath. 盘古守军仓皇的能喘了一口气。 Sakyamuni Buddha charges into the numerous Ancient Shi Clan army not to stop. 释迦佛一刻不停的冲向众古食族大军。 The Ancient Shi Clan army, thousand, each strength is dreadful, in the Sakyamuni Buddha world, not only has Buddha to assist, the entire world covers this side universe, seems forms giant to say the domain, is suppressing the Ancient Shi Clan strength, in increase Buddha, Bodhisattva and Arhat strength. 古食族大军,有千个之多,各个实力滔天,释迦佛的娑婆世界内,不仅仅有佛陀相助,整个娑婆世界笼罩这一方宇宙,也好似形成一个巨大的佛道领域,在压制着古食族们的力量,在增幅着佛陀菩萨罗汉们的力量。 Sakyamuni Buddha leads Buddhism to come, blocks the Ancient Shi Clan army, but, resists is also quite reluctant, seeming the collapse is momentarily ordinary. 释迦佛带领佛家前来,堪堪挡住古食族大军,但,抵挡的也极为勉强,好似随时崩溃一般。 But the distant place, that corner Ancient Shi Clan has not begun. 而远处,那犄角古食族还未动手。 Saw world that the distant place golden light covers, in corner Ancient Shi Clan eye one cold, steps must rush immediately. 看到远处金光笼罩的娑婆世界,犄角古食族眼中一冷,踏步就要冲来。 1000 Ancient Shi Clan without sane, is awed by the corner Ancient Shi Clan aura, obviously its strong. 要知道,一千个古食族在没有理智的情况下,都慑于犄角古食族的气息,可见其有多强。 But at this moment, distant place Pangu World access, Wang Xiong and Ying Sihai also steps. 而此刻,远处盘古世界的出入口,王雄嬴四海也踏步而出。 In the moment, Wang Xiong saw this chaotic war picture immediately. 在出来的一刻,王雄顿时看到了这混乱的大战画面。 Sakyamuni Buddha, Teacher?” Wang Xiong surprised say/way. 释迦佛,老师?”王雄惊讶道。 Sakyamuni Buddha leads the world, blocked thousand Ancient Shi Clan? 释迦佛带领娑婆世界,挡住了一千古食族 Captain Ancient Shi Clan, 18 heavy? Su Dingfang they could not keep off, your Teacher, resisted also reached the limit! Perhaps!” Ying Sihai looked that sinks to that corner Ancient Shi Clan complexion. “那古食族首领,十八重?苏定方他们挡不了,你老师,抵挡的也到极限了!恐怕!”嬴四海看向那犄角古食族脸色一沉。 But, that corner Ancient Shi Clan already to the world mouth. 但,那犄角古食族已经到了娑婆世界口。 Teacher is careful!” Wang Xiong was startled to call out. 老师小心!”王雄惊叫道。 Sakyamuni Buddha in fight has not paid attention to other places, even has not cared to corner Ancient Shi Clan general, Wang Xiong of distant place is beyond control radically, for a while reveals the anxious color. 战斗中的释迦佛没有理会外界其它地方,甚至对犄角古食族都没有在意一般,远处的王雄根本鞭长莫及,一时露出焦急之色。 On road that also in this flash, that corner Ancient Shi Clan goes forward, suddenly emits a fireball baseless. 也就在这一霎那,那犄角古食族前进的路上,忽然间凭空冒出一个火球。 A star fireball, fireball bang, the flame of eruption, seemed this piece of universe lit generally, the sea of fire of blotting out the sky, let that corner Ancient Shi Clan figure a pause. Looks to the fireball center. 一颗恒星般火球,火球‘轰’的一声,爆发的火焰,好似将这片宇宙都点燃了一般,铺天盖地的火海,让那犄角古食族身形一顿。看向火球中心。 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~!” “哇~~~~~~~~~~~!” The fireball center, howling of Golden Crow, spreads over the square universe instantaneously, even transmits the remote universe deep place, place visited, void turbulent, the star trembles greatly. 火球中心,一声金乌之啸,瞬间传遍四方宇宙,甚至传达遥远的宇宙深处,所过之处,虚空动荡,星球巨颤。 Wang Xiong stares the big eye. Actually sees that billowing flame kernel, the Golden Crow flame concentrates, changes into a gold/metal robe man. Is he, blocked corner Ancient Shi Clan by the powerful aura. Make that Captain Ancient Shi Clan face reveals dignified. 王雄瞪大眼睛。却看到那滚滚火焰中心,金乌火焰一凝,化为一个金袍男子。就是他,以强大的气息挡住了犄角古食族。让那古食族首领面露凝重。 Big Brother?” Wang Xiong pleasantly surprised calling out. 大哥?”王雄惊喜的叫道。 Has seen Teacher!” Distant place Sakyamuni Buddha to the gold/metal robe man is also being a respectful designation. “见过老师!”远处释迦佛对着金袍男子也是一声敬称。 Pays a visit Amitabha!” Innumerable Buddha, Bodhisattva and Arhat are also a respectful do obeisance. “拜见阿弥陀佛!”无数佛陀菩萨罗汉也是一声恭拜。
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