AC :: Volume #4

#364: Extreme Abyss, Extreme Abyss

The dream demon spoke, wielded the hand, in the midair has reappeared the ray ripples, these ripples each were an corner/horn picture, after interconnection, appeared a fuzzy scene. 梦魔说话间,将手一挥,半空中已经浮现出一个个光芒涟漪,这些涟漪每一个都是一角画面,相互连接之后,现出一片模糊的景象。 A giant funnel-shaped endocrater, is the same like the sound box loudspeaker is vibrating faintly! 一个巨大的漏斗状的巨坑,正如同音箱喇叭一样在隐隐震动! These ray ripples, each is the dreamland of some abyss lifeform, is scene that they just saw. 这些光芒涟漪,每一个都是某个深渊生物的梦境,是他们刚刚看到的场景。 These lifeform near Extreme Abyss, after their dreamland joining together, is the Extreme Abyss scene. 这些生物就在极渊附近,他们的梦境拼合之后,就是极渊的景象。 Extreme Abyss long like this? Why will vibrate? 极渊就长这样?为什么会震动? In the Li Fan heart shocks, in the surface maintains composure, said: 李凡心中震惊,面上不动声色,说道: I naturally know.” “我自然知道。” The dream demon said hastily: 梦魔连忙说道: Was the subordinate moved unnecessarily, asking under the crown to make reparations.” “是属下多此一举了,请冕下赎罪。” Li Fan had not replied, in the heart has actually transferred a lot of thoughts. 李凡没有回答,心中却已经转过了千百个念头。 Why will Extreme Abyss vibrate? 极渊为什么会震动? That that in the abyss the face of composition ground shouted came quickly, where oneself have listened probably...... on that mysterious worn-out cell phone in Suppressing Prison! 深渊中组成地面的人脸喊的那句“快来”,自己好像在哪里听过……就在镇狱之中那个神秘的破旧手机上! ...... True did Suppressing Prison lord? 难道……真正的镇狱之主回来了? Thinks of this possibility, in the Li Fan heart the instantaneous icy coldness. 想到这个可能性,李凡心中瞬间一片冰凉。 If this is really the case, oneself this fake goods have no good end absolutely...... 如果真的是这样的话,自己这个冒牌货绝对没有什么好下场…… Also or, what in Extreme Abyss had, does not know that is related with the lord of Suppressing Prison? 又或者,极渊之中发生了什么,不知道是否和镇狱之主有关? Said some supreme control did return from Extreme Abyss? 还是说有某个至尊主宰从极渊之中归来了? It is not good, must have a look! 不行,必须要去看看! Li Fan has set firm resolve in an instant, in the surface maintains composure, said lightly: 李凡转眼已经下定了决心,表面上不动声色,淡淡地说道: Has a look.” “去看看。” If before, he naturally does not dare to go out of Suppressing Prison at will, goes to Extreme Abyss not to mention. 如果是以前,他自然不敢随意走出镇狱,更别提前往极渊 Now just absorbs energetic body that shouted the devil sovereign, shocked Suppressing Prison convicts thoroughly, they do not dare to have in a short time absolutely any hurriedly, even if discovered that the lord of Suppressing Prison did not have the strength, only thinks that was an abnormal trap. 现在刚刚吸收了呼魔鬼皇的精神体,又彻底震慑了镇狱囚徒们一番,他们短时间内绝对不敢有任何造次,哪怕发现镇狱之主没有力量,也只会以为又是一个变态的陷阱。 Moreover has the dream demon and lord of two supreme control silver desire, in addition these abyss feudal lords, even if encounters what danger in the abyss, solved absolutely sufficiently. 而且拥有梦魔和银欲之主两个至尊主宰,再加上这些深渊领主,哪怕在深渊之中遇到什么危险,也绝对足以解决了。 Now in Extreme Abyss the matter of the lord of Suppressing Prison may be very related, concerns his life and death, must have a look to feel relieved. 现在极渊之中发生的事情很可能和镇狱之主有关,关乎到他自身的生死存亡,必须要去看看才能放心。 After all, if the lord of return real Suppressing Prison, even if he hides in the reality, simply is not useful, instead might as well face confidently, a slim chance of survival. 毕竟,如果是真的镇狱之主归来,就算他躲到现实之中,也根本没有什么用,反而不如坦然面对,还有一线生机。 Does! 干了! Must pass to have a look! 必须过去看看! During the speeches, the strength of Suppressing Prison starts, that bronze small sword has appeared in the hand of Li Fan, that attrition serious black screen cell phone, other fragmentary goods, was also installed in a bag, lost for conveniently lived wickedly. 说话间,镇狱之力发动,那柄青铜小剑已经出现在李凡的手中,那个磨损严重的黑屏手机,还有其他的一些零碎物品,也同样被装在一个袋子里,随手丢给了恶生。 Hears Suppressing Prison mainly the order that goes to Extreme Abyss to find out, the life three giants first goes into action, the confusion crawls directly in the place, making the prison lord take him as the mount. 听到镇狱之主要前往极渊一探究竟的命令,生命三巨人第一时间行动起来,混乱更是直接匍匐在地,让狱主以他为坐骑。 Lives with wickedly decayed, then stands in the one side. 恶生和腐朽,则是在一旁侍立。 These three brothers' behaviors made a surrounding numerous Suppressing Prison convict despise, when saw that under the prison Lord crown takes a step to step onto the chaotic shoulder directly, really treated as the mount him, an numerous Suppressing Prison convict regretted. 原本这三兄弟的行为令周围的一众镇狱囚徒十分不齿,只是当看到狱主冕下直接迈步走上混乱的肩头,真的将他当做了坐骑,一众镇狱囚徒不由后悔不已。 If we had known, oneself have fallen face down! 早知道,自己早就趴下了! Also has a need for the confusion? 还用得着混乱? A lord of incarnation giant goat silver desire, opens mouth, wants to invite under the prison Lord crown to ride the sheep, after all goat anything is better to ride a lot, but had words on the tip of the tongue finally or does not dare to say anything. 银欲之主化身一头巨大的山羊,张了张嘴,想要邀请狱主冕下骑羊,毕竟山羊什么的比人要好骑得多,只是话到嘴边最终还是没敢说什么。 He just pledged allegiance to Suppressing Prison to advocate to become the Suppressing Prison convict, a lot cannot find out, how also does not know the prison Lord mental disposition, is more careful, next time will make the prison lord ride again...... 他刚刚归顺镇狱之主成为镇狱的囚徒,很多事情都摸不清楚,也不知道狱主的秉性到底如何,还是要小心一些,下次再让狱主骑吧…… Just thinking, the chaotic figure has been rising suddenly again, becomes several -meter giant, the life three giants also all appear the original form, walks with the candid stance in the abyss, the starting to walk step, goes toward Extreme Abyss. 正想着,混乱的身形已经再次暴涨,成为高达数十米的巨人,生命三巨人也全都现出原形,在深渊之中以本真的姿态行走,迈开步伐,向着极渊而去。 The eight heads of Eight Heads Dharma king stretch, after the brain, blooms rounds round of seven color light halos, carries to sink to carry to float. 八首法王的八个脑袋舒展开来,脑后绽放一轮轮七彩光圈,载沉载浮。 The dream demon changes to a shadow that obstructs continually the world, follows in Suppressing Prison Lord behind. 梦魔化作一片遮连天地的影子,跟随在镇狱之主的后面。 Sur transforms a blood-color high sea, howls the line. 克苏尔幻化成一股血色怒涛,呼啸而行。 The misfortune hidden in black mist, in the mist broadcasts the sound that sad and shrill neighing and tens of thousands of both feets take a walk, flutters toward the front. 厄运隐藏在一片黑色的雾气之中,雾气中传来凄厉的嘶鸣和成千上万双脚走动的声音,朝着前方飘去。 An numerous Suppressing Prison convict shows special prowess at this time, is crowding around chaotic shoulder the lord of Suppressing Prison, leaves Suppressing Prison, forwards rapidly. 一众镇狱囚徒此时纷纷各显神通,簇拥着混乱肩头的镇狱之主,离开镇狱,迅速向前。 After leaving Suppressing Prison, Li Fan also feels that immediately the Suppressing Prison strength abates from his within the body rapidly, the whole person becomes weak. 当离开镇狱之后,李凡也立刻感觉到镇狱的力量从他体内迅速消退,整个人都变得虚弱。 Only has to get hold in the hand that to shine more than ten patterns the azure bronze sword, makes him slightly relieved. 唯有握紧手中那亮起十几道花纹的青铜剑,才让他稍稍安心。 Is good because of having now this lineup, basically can walk sideways in the abyss. 好在有现在这个阵容,在深渊之中基本上可以横着走了。 These low abyss lifeform, do not wait for the Suppressing Prison convicts to approach, has scattered in all directions to escape in abundance, even looks at these powerful Suppressing Prison convicts merely, becomes the hysterical/frenzy dead. 那些低等的深渊生物,根本不等镇狱囚徒们靠近,就已经纷纷四散而逃,很多甚至仅仅看一眼这些强大的镇狱囚徒,就变得狂乱而死。 But in the abyss these have to compare with high wisdom's existence, then makes an appearance continually has not made an appearance. 而深渊中那些拥有较高智慧的存在,则是连露面都没有露面。 The lord of silver desire leads several abyss feudal lords to enter the Suppressing Prison news together, before had spread in this region. 银欲之主带着几名深渊领主一同走进镇狱的消息,之前就已经在这片区域传开了。 mo qi sha drills the yun jiao adze han geng xia deserted nail dusk to beat cen yu fermium fan adze umbrella yue wu jiao Qi Chan to stamp the shen Jian Huxi cu fine jade li kan mo umbrella 銆愭帹鑽愪笅锛屽挭鍜闃呰昏拷涔湡鐨勫鐢锛岃繖閲屼笅杞澶跺幓蹇鍙浠瘯璇曞惂銆傘 At this time looks from afar, only then the lord of silver desire goes out from Suppressing Prison, other abyss feudal lords have disappeared, who could not have guessed correctly that what had? 此时远远看着只有银欲之主从镇狱走出,其他的深渊领主都已经不见踪影,谁还猜不到发生了什么? Obviously these pitiful abyss feudal lords have died in Suppressing Prison. 显然那些可怜的深渊领主都已经死在了镇狱之中。 Even possibly becomes the food of other convicts. 甚至可能成为了其他囚徒的食粮。 The great strength and cruelty of lord of Suppressing Prison, have made these in the lifeform in the darkness peeping at thoroughly scared. 镇狱之主的强大和残忍,已经让那些在黑暗中窥视的生物们彻底胆寒。 The speed of one group of abyss feudal lord and supreme control is extremely fast. 一群深渊领主和至尊主宰的速度极快。 The life three giants send dash about wildly fully, every step shoots up to the sky, falls loudly, and finally, even is one vertical leaps merely, is stretch of city ruins is plundered. 生命三巨人发足狂奔,每一步都冲天而起,又轰然落下,到了最后,甚至仅仅是一个纵跃,就是一片城市废墟被一掠而过。 Grasps the azure bronze sword to stand in the chaotic shoulder, Li Fan remembers the legend of Kua Fu chasing the sun. 手持青铜剑站在混乱的肩头,李凡不由想起夸父逐日的传说。 To come nothing more than such as is. 想来不外如是。 This above, he also saw clearly the appearance of abyss finally thoroughly. 这一路之上,他也终于彻底看清了深渊的样貌。 Everywhere is the ruined city ruins, the giant lifeform skeleton, as well as survives the low abyss lifeform in the dark corner slaughtering. 到处都是破败的城市废墟,还有巨大的生物骸骨,以及在幽暗的角落之中生存厮杀的低等深渊生物。 The abyss is more like the end later world. 深渊更像是末日之后的世界。 Crashes into the world of pandemonium. 或者是坠入鬼域的世界。 As you might guess, the abyss should also be the shape of some star, was covered entirely the backdrop package of eye? 可以想见,深渊应该也是某个星球的形状,被布满眼睛的天幕包裹? Where he does not know Extreme Abyss, but these Suppressing Prison convicts seem clear, saves the trouble that he inquired again actually. 他并不知道极渊到底在什么地方,不过这些镇狱囚徒似乎都十分清楚,倒是省却了他再去询问的麻烦。 Extreme Abyss, wants to come to be in this ruins same abyss, some giant hollow place...... 极渊,想来应该就是这废墟一样的深渊中,某个巨大的凹陷之处吧…… Hasn't arrived? 只是怎么还没到? If the abyss really corresponds with the world of reality, they should run this period of time almost 1/4 stars. 如果深渊真的与现实的世界对应的话,他们这段时间应该已经跑过了差不多四分之一个星球。 These cover entirely the backdrop of eye, as if also became more remote, somewhat did not see clearly fuzzily...... 那些布满眼睛的天幕,似乎也变得更加遥远了,有些模糊看不清楚…… Li Fan is just thinking, suddenly feeling chaotic speed slow, a speed of surrounding numerous Suppressing Prison convict gradually was also slow. 李凡正想着,突然感觉混乱的速度慢了下来,周围的一众镇狱囚徒的速度也逐渐慢了下来。 Afterward the confusion is on the rise, looks toward the above backdrop. 随后混乱抬起头,朝着上方的天幕望去。 Li Fan also looks up, but next actually trembles instantaneously suddenly. 李凡同样抬头望去,只是下一个瞬间却猛然一颤。 That covers entirely the backdrop of eye to vanish in this region. 那布满眼睛的天幕在这片区域已经消失。 Displaces, is one like black hole ultra giant hollow! 取而代之的,是一个如同黑洞般的超巨型凹陷! There is so profound with dark, this piece of backdrop has the flesh same sense of reality, the center is that gradually the hollow giant sinkhole. 那里是如此的深邃和黑暗,这片天幕本身有着血肉一样的质感,中央就是那个逐渐凹陷的巨型天坑。 Li Fan turns the head to look toward the surrounding sky, sees not far away to see several giant stars impressively, each calmly hangs there, before that black hole giant is hollow hovering. 李凡转头朝着周围的天空中望去,就见不远处赫然能看到几个巨大的星球,每一个都静静地悬在那里,在那黑洞般的巨型凹陷前悬停。 He even can see these star surface scarlet storms, burns the hell flame of half star! 他甚至能够看到这些星球表面猩红的风暴,还有燃烧半个星球的地狱般的火焰! Li Fan only felt that own heart in thump thump keeps jumping, present made him see clearly the abyss and Extreme Abyss finally exists. 李凡只感觉自己的心脏在咚咚跳个不停,眼前的一幕终于让他看清了深渊和极渊到底是何等存在。 All that he imagined before, had been thoroughly overthrown! 他之前所想象的一切,都已经被彻底推翻! The entire abyss, entire Extreme Abyss, before is not him, such that thinks. 整个深渊,整个极渊,都根本不是他之前所想的那样。 Stave fragmentary pictures and information, as well as in field of vision, joins together in the Li Fan mind at present rapidly. 一个个破碎的零星的画面和信息,以及眼前视野之中的一幕,迅速在李凡的脑海中拼合。 In an instant, he finally straightens out in the thought the entire abyss and Extreme Abyss shape, to the place, had a direct-viewing and three-dimensional understanding. 转眼间,他终于将整个深渊和极渊的形态在思维中理顺,对自己所处的地方,有了一个直观而立体的认识。 This is a close space. 这是一个封闭的空间。 Under, is a giant boundless trap, is Extreme Abyss. 在下方,是一个巨大的无垠的陷坑,也就是极渊 In above, is that covers entirely the blood-color backdrop of eye. 在上方,则是那布满眼睛的血色天幕。 In this space center, is hell stars, on float above Extreme Abyss! 在这空间的中央,则是一颗颗地狱般的星球,就悬浮在极渊之上! This is a prison that does not have the limit! 这是一座没有止境的监狱! ~ ~ ( Everyone good night ~) (大家晚安~)
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