Ultimate Teacher

Ultimate Teacher

Liu Xia Hui 120 2016-09-13

12 Negative
10 Neutral
57 Positive

Fan Yanyuan is a Tai Chi Clan descendant, but because of a barbaric woman's intolerable bullying, he escaped from the Clan and abandoned his Martial background to become a language teacher at a Private High School. Thus, the ultimate teacher was born!

Ultimate Scheming System

Ultimate Scheming System

Lord Of The Common People 388 2017-12-24

19 Negative
16 Neutral
319 Positive

I am the best when it comes to taking divergent paths. With just a flip of my hand, I shall take the path less commonly travelled. I search far and wide, only to find myself unbeatable and unrivaled. So now I ask, who else can match my awesomeness?

Acting tough is second nature to me and I am a lone wolf.

The road is long and winding but I shan’t feel lonely as long as I am able to act tough!

Life and death bore me and I do whatever I deem fit.

“Young man, way back when I started acting tough, you were still learning how to put on your underpants!” Xu Que thus decided to take the path of acting tough. He decided to act tough every single god-damned day. If he wasn’t acting tough, he was scheming for the best way to act tough!

Ultimate of All Ages

Ultimate of All Ages

Tai Yi Sheng Shui 61 2018-09-30

11 Negative
5 Neutral
47 Positive

Previously one of the ten greatest Kings of martial arts, Gu Fei Yang somehow died near the mountain of Tian Dang. Fifteen years later, Gu Fei Yang was back, but he was in Li Yun Xiao’s body. Since then, Li Yun Xiao started a treacherous journey. Nine stages, ten Sage realms! The world is in turmoil once more!

Ultimate Martial Divine King

Ultimate Martial Divine King

Fish loving the Shrimps 36 2020-03-01

12 Negative
4 Neutral
19 Positive

A youth crept on the ground in a snowy night. Hours ago, his tendons were cut because the girl he liked plotted against him. A mysterious middle-aged man saved him, and a pair of gigantic purple pupils appeared in the sky. Under the thunders and lights, the rare Demon Pupils and Sacred Body were awakened. That was what he should have been.

However, in this world, strength was the only way to support a man to live. His adoptive father died for covering him. His true love fell into the abyss for saving him. He wanted to rise up, to take revenge, and to protect the ones he cared about.

Occasionally did a strange figure confuse him. Behind the huge demon pupils, he often saw a thirty thousand feet tall black figure. What was it? Who was that?

It was said that the ultimate bloodline of the universe was the Primal Chaos Divine Body. It was a divine existence which could break the heavens and annihilate the world in a second. However, this sort of divine body had been extinct ten thousand years ago.

Could it be that apart from the Sacred Body, there was another body in him?

Ultimate Assassin System

Ultimate Assassin System

Racoon-dog overloking the sea 113 2017-11-16

12 Negative
11 Neutral
61 Positive

Regardless on how developed a society becomes, assassins and prostitutes will never cease to exist. There’s no need to think of the former as anything mysterious, and there’s no need to look down on the latter. They are simply doing their jobs.

When Tang En crossed over planes, he was forced into this murderous and hopeless profession.

“You have great talent for assassination.”

Tang En: “Huh, I have this kind of talent?”

“That’s right, your looks are exceedingly plain, this is very useful to assassins.”

“……” Tang En, “But I haven’t even managed to kill a chicken.”

“Irrelevant, assassins don’t need to kill chickens, only people.”


The story is about a plain college graduate crossing over worlds after dying in an awkward situation. Inheriting the game-like Assassin System and a badass butler from the transition, he now has to adapt to survive in this dangerous, new world. Set in a Western Fantasy Universe.

Two Dimensional Fantasy System

Two Dimensional Fantasy System

Yinshanzhifeng 142 2018-09-09

14 Negative
10 Neutral
82 Positive

After crossing over to another world which seemed to be a fusion between many anime worlds, The Fantasy System was unlocked for Mu Fan. After finishing the tasks given by the system, Fantasy points are given which allows him to gain access to the Fantasy store that was full of daily talents and more.

Yuuki Asuna: You know how to cook a lot of dishes, Can you teach me?

Sagiri: I don’t know anyone called Eromanga-Sensei.

Many more characters and interesting plots await us.

Twelve Zodiac Guardian Gods

Twelve Zodiac Guardian Gods

Tang Jia San Shao 27 2018-12-24

3 Negative
0 Neutral
16 Positive

Twelve zodiac animals represented the months of the Lunar calendar. No one was aware,however, that these twelve representations were Guardian Gods. These twelve positions were passed down the twelve patron bloodlines. They possessed the ability of the zodiac guardians and silently protected the East.

In the East, the auspicious Qilin, possessing royal blood, descended, reigning over the Twelve Zodiac Guardian Gods, who devote all of their power into protecting the East.

A ruffian Qilin, an Earth that transcends all expectations, a legendary city, and the patronage of the Zodiac animals together create an unforgettable novel.

(Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Ram/Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Pig)

True Cultivators on Campus

True Cultivators on Campus

Tang Xiao 222 2017-02-25

21 Negative
9 Neutral
129 Positive

In order to live he must get close to girls, what kind of rule is this? Tang Zheng possess the Nine Yang Saint Body, a rare body constitution that is hard to come across within a millennium, yet he must absorb pure Yin energy to stay alive. In order to live, he will fight! Absolute campus bullies, goddess teachers, charming housewives, haughty lolis… all kinds of woman walk into his life causing him to be surrounded by beauties!

Tribulation of Tomorrow

Tribulation of Tomorrow

Bear Wolfdog 47 2019-10-08

2 Negative
2 Neutral
22 Positive

Description: The world went through great changes and the earth became distorted. The Grand Dao is whispering in my ear, my nascent spirit is twisting while my body is changing. Can I really become stronger by laying down? Zhou Bai skeptically laid down and then found out that he was actually getting stronger, even faster than when he was cultivating. All I have to do to get stronger than those pretentious geniuses is to lie down and sleep day and night, so don't talk to me about painstakingly cultivating, training hard, entering seclusions, refining flying swords and practicing dao arts.

Treading the Stars

Treading the Stars

Floating 38 2020-01-29

7 Negative
2 Neutral
10 Positive

In the vastness of universe exists myriads of endless races! One day in 2200, when mankind first stepped onto Neptune, they saw a battle blade and standing corpses!

Lu Yin, a youth from a faraway star, traveled to Earth. Earth at this moment experienced the verge of collapse–an apocalypse. See how Lu Yin distinguishes himself from the galactic space and rise to power.