Douluo Dalu

Douluo Dalu

Tang Jia San Shao 307 2016-04-01

15 Negative
9 Neutral
235 Positive

Tang Sect, the most famous martial arts sect of all. By stealing its most secret teachings to fulfill his dreams, Tang San committed an unforgivable crime. With his ambition attained, he hands his legacy to the sect and throws himself from the fearsome "Hell's Peak." But he could have never imagined that this would reincarnate him in another world, one without magic, martial arts, and grudges. A land where only the mystical souls of battle lay. The continent of Douluo. How will Tang San survive in this unknown environment? With a new road to follow, a new legend begins...

Doulou Dalu's Traverser Ronin

Doulou Dalu's Traverser Ronin

Daoist philosopher 15 2020-04-20

3 Negative
1 Neutral
12 Positive

Doulou Dalu 1 Fanfic.


Doomsday's Edge

Doomsday's Edge

Chenran (辰燃) 34 2019-06-02

8 Negative
5 Neutral
22 Positive

On the dawn after the war, Earth entered the era of advanced war. Invasions and invading civilizations from other planets have become mere highlights. The horn of expeditions has already been blown, and ambition and desire are freed from their shackles. And so we rob and destroy. Yet in the end, we find that yesterday's paradise turned out to be Doomsday's Edge!

Doomsday Lord

Doomsday Lord

Wishing For A Pillow To Sleep With 177 2017-05-02

10 Negative
19 Neutral
139 Positive

The world had started doomsday, and I struggled for a year, before I died under an enchanted beast’s claw. Heaven has given me another chance, back a day before the end happen. Will I be able to change my fate, and that of my loved ones? Now, I will start my journey on becoming the strongest on the planet that the Gods have changed into a game world.

Dominating The World

Dominating The World

Skeleton Wizard 124 2017-08-19

8 Negative
12 Neutral
52 Positive

A passionate otaku for a fighting game passed through into the world governed by the beast tribes, filled with hope.

The peak of martial ability?

Extreme beauties?

This brother was miserable! Such an event would force even civilised people to turn crazy!

The pious scoundrel Zou began his unrestrained and destructive journey through the Among De Beast God Continent.

Rules? There are no rules!

Principles? His actions define the principles!

Occupations? Occupations are as unimportant as fleeting clouds; this brother sought omnipotence!

A different world but the same passions. A story of an unimportant person becoming the great conqueror—step by step—as a human would: filled with touching emotions, explosive anger, and hot-bloodedness forever!

Dominating Sword Immortal

Dominating Sword Immortal

JianYou TaiXu 251 2016-07-16

10 Negative
13 Neutral
199 Positive

On this land of real souls, with millions of different martial art institutions, there’re so many strong fighters just like the trees in the forests. Among all, a mediocre apprentice from one of the mediocre institutions suddenly became a martial art genius after a mysterious incident, not only has he got a photographic memory and keen perception but he also came to discover that his ability to comprehend martial arts is astronomically good, which eventually made him an almost godly existence. From the hot-blooded intense battles to the clashes between the top geniuses, Martial art is no longer limited to the mortal world, it reaches to a level that can do everything from controlling the oceans to flying up the sky and diving under the ground.

Divine King of All Directions

Divine King of All Directions

Sleepy Dragon 136 2017-12-23

10 Negative
2 Neutral
76 Positive

In Ten Heavens Domain, full of respected powerhouses, juvenile Ling Tian accidentally obtained a mysterious iron sword. He refined the Supreme Martial Dao, studied the Divine Spirit Array Laws, fought Ten Thousand proud and arrogant Heavenly Clans, and was undefeated! Seven Feet Sword Tip sweeps away the world, within the Ten Heavens, I am the Supreme God Monarch!

Dimensional Tour

Dimensional Tour

Century Catgave 52 2020-03-01

6 Negative
4 Neutral
32 Positive

"Today I just wanted to extinguish the fire, who has been repeatedly blocking me!"

"Sir Ashes, the fire has been put out and the King Soul has disappeared."

"If it's lost, then it's lost, it wasn't useful anyway."

"Sir Ashes, people will..."

"Fine...I'll go search for it"

Just like this, Ashes once again set foot onto the road of going forward, even though he just wanted to act as a salted fish.

Dimensional System Online

Dimensional System Online

Cockroach fond of eating oranges 62 2018-02-10

70 Negative
11 Neutral
29 Positive

Worlds: Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash, Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?, Magical Warfare, Gate, Akame ga Kill!, Black Bullet, Sword Art Online:Ordinal Scale, Gantz: O.