Supreme of the Milky Way

Supreme of the Milky Way

Rainy Evening Buddha 29 2019-02-18

7 Negative
4 Neutral
24 Positive

“This is the era of science and technology, and it’s also my time!” If the feet reach, the stars will tremble! When the space for arms stretch, the time will be destroyed! With the backing of the backbone, the people of all ethnic groups must Surrender! In the direction of the fists waving, the universe must be shattered! The fairy demon inherits, the body lords it, and it breaks the world. It reads out the power to cross the universe and suppress the people! Dump everything and crush everything, creating the most powerful universe body!…

Noble Emblem

Noble Emblem

Soaring Flame 72 2019-02-18

8 Negative
1 Neutral
63 Positive

A young Brave walked out of his village, gathered companions to his side, defeated the Great Demon King, became famous, then came back with beauties in hand! This was a legend that appears in the world of Seyrol every 200 years! Our protagonist, however, isn't a Brave. Even so, for over a thousand years his figure has loomed throughout its history. Unwittingly, the name of the Red-robed Priest began to resound throughout the world. Red-robed Priest's legend included extraordinary sword techniques and magic, erudite knowledge, and an almost prophetic ability to lead young Braves toward the proper path. People of the world think of him as a descendent of the ancient Yellow Race which led to his omnipotence. In essence, however, this was just the characteristics of the profession known as 'Noble'.

Everlasting Sword God

Everlasting Sword God

White Mist 87 2019-02-18

6 Negative
6 Neutral
59 Positive

He was The Greatest Talent in the Nine Hells Realm.

Shen Zhenyi began to practice his sword when he was four years and two months old.

At the age of seven, he studied the Ten Thousand Sword Sutra. By the age of eleven, he fought against the Yudao in Shangqing Palace. In an instant, he unleashed one hundred and eighty-five sword strikes, making it impossible for anyone to retaliate. The Yudao admitted defeat and deemed him as “The Peerless Genius.”

At the age of 14, Shen Zhenyi, with his Six Forms of the Ancient Sword, surpassed the swordsman Zuo Tianxing who was ranked among the top ten masters in the world, and won the title of “The First Swordsman of the Abyss.”

He now lies crippled. A fraction of the state he was in before. Or so they thought.

Stormwind God

Stormwind God

Flying in Clouds 81 2019-02-18

10 Negative
3 Neutral
68 Positive

A young man, who has transmigrated to the world of Azeroth, who is kind and just (in order not to become a ghoul), who is not afraid of sacrifice (can resurrect), becoming a mage 1 year prior to opening of a Dark Portal. What kind of story will he create?

Galactic Garbage Station

Galactic Garbage Station

Small City's Ancient Road 90 2019-02-18

16 Negative
9 Neutral
116 Positive

Su Jing, after the graduation, run up against the wall, discouraged, then he return to his home to adjust the mood. Then he discover that his own backyard had become the Galactic Garbage Station. Every day there are massive trash appears, some are from Tomb of God, Battle Through the Heavens, Coiling Dragon, One Piece, Naruto, Bleach, X-Men, Captain America, Iron Man, and other novels, animes, and Marvel universes. As the garbage station owner, Su Jing has to process these trash duty. From the beginning, he thought it's a hard and unprofitable task, afterwards, he discovered that's his whole life found the most beautiful cushy job.

Marvel's Sun God

Marvel's Sun God

Red Sea's Grand Admiral 39 2019-02-02

65 Negative
8 Neutral
51 Positive






Unparalleled Exchange

Unparalleled Exchange

Happy Little Handsome 46 2018-12-24

30 Negative
10 Neutral
43 Positive







Super Floating City

Super Floating City

Eminent Student Of Buddha 54 2018-12-24

6 Negative
5 Neutral
49 Positive

Legendary Alchemist Steven was sentenced to be imprisoned at the void's edge for eternity for trying to find a way to break through the mortal chains and become truly immortal through forbidden Abomination research.

On route the fleet escorting him encountered the Space-Time Turbulent Flow. He barely managed to escape the flow by detonating all his equipment stored in his demiplane and lost almost all his power in the process. He didn't forget to grab a mysterious golden oak seed floating alone in the flow on the way.

He landed on a rather strange world and now has to start over from scratch. As a former Legendary level Alchemist he should not have a problem finding his way again, but there is something very wrong with the way things are done on this planet. All the while there is a terrible feeling of impending doom coming from overhead.

-Super Floating City is a very loose sequel to Abyss Domination with its own plot in the same universe. It is not necessary to read Abyss Domination. It is a Dungeons & Dragons based universe.

Buer's Grand Dao

Buer's Grand Dao

文刀手予 14 2018-12-24

41 Negative
2 Neutral
4 Positive

Wei Buer believed that as long as he put in enough effort, then he could become the leader of his village's storytelling population. However, he discovered that there were freaks with gold fingers everywhere in this world. Wei Buer believed that he would definitely be able to find his beloved girl, but discovered that girls were really quite scary.

Speaking seriously:【This is a large-scale Xianxia novel filled with feelings, relationships, and logic】 Welcome to the starting point hiding the most indecisive person and the jaw-clenching battlefield where you want to beat this indecisive person to death. Welcome to the extremely tragic Asura Field and the scene where this indecisive person is well received. Welcome to the place where Makoto Ito fought. [+1 Reference to Makoto Ito from School Days]

Even if he's dead, nailed in a coffin, Wei Buer wanted to use his broken vocal cords to shout——[+1 Reference to Lu Xun]

Twelve Zodiac Guardian Gods

Twelve Zodiac Guardian Gods

Tang Jia San Shao 19 2018-12-24

2 Negative
0 Neutral
16 Positive

Twelve zodiac animals represented the months of the Lunar calendar. No one was aware,however, that these twelve representations were Guardian Gods. These twelve positions were passed down the twelve patron bloodlines. They possessed the ability of the zodiac guardians and silently protected the East.

In the East, the auspicious Qilin, possessing royal blood, descended, reigning over the Twelve Zodiac Guardian Gods, who devote all of their power into protecting the East.

A ruffian Qilin, an Earth that transcends all expectations, a legendary city, and the patronage of the Zodiac animals together create an unforgettable novel.

(Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Ram/Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Pig)