All-Heaven Armageddon Online 诸界末日在线

When the first magic weapon from the game appears in the real world, everyone gets caught up in the frenzy.

This is the best of times. People enter the game to bring back equipment, special abilities and cultivation techniques to the real world.

This is the worst of times. Demons have crossed over from the game to the real world, their terrifying power bringing despair to humans, a sign of the world's End of Days.

Veteran player Gu Qingshan died after successfully soloing the Final BOSS. Suddenly, he is thrown back in time to a period before the game's release.

This was a time when the game hadn't even started open beta, the storyline yet to begin. Gu Qingshan soon found he had brought back the Final BOSS drop item with him, and had already entered the game...

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