Second "anniversary"!


Xev (2017-10-09 09:20:10)

Heyo~ long time no see~

What can I say? Hurrah. It's already 2 years since unofficial start of community, commonly known as lnmtl. No words can express how glad I am that we have reached this point, but deeds can that's why today we have added:

  • Venerable Yuan
  • Thriller Paradise
  • Gourmet of Another World
  • Forty Millenniums of Cultivation
  • Shrouding the Heavens
  • Mad God
  • World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination

Regarding Two QI novels

I know, many will be surprised what two novels of QI are doing there. We have not changed our policies, and did it only for the sake of anniversary (selected two mostly upvoted novels on lnmtl, and those that could benefit from having pre-prepared terms).

Have fun.