One year "anniversary"


Xev (2016-10-09 10:47:01)

Well... it's that long already huh? Good.

It was most likely, exactly one year ago when it struck me that "hey, website with automated scripts could use power of community to make mtl bearable" and I started writing this website.

Thanks for being there, and proving that there is a need for such place to exist.

Due to anniversary, just as I've promised, I added novels today:

  • Battle Frenzy
  • Five Way Heaven
  • Undefeated God of War
  • Beast Piercing The Heavens
  • Spirit Realm
  • History's Strongest Senior Brother
  • Crazy Lich's Experimental Diary
  • The Legend of the Dragon King

Have fun reading.



dustbunni3s (2016-10-20 16:47:05)

hello, i am the translator of the alchemist god. When you plan on adding the novel hit me up, ill send you the link of the glossary! contact me through my email. [email protected]


Zectas (2016-10-21 01:47:32)

Thank you very much keep up the good works


baichengko (2017-02-08 01:03:59)

Note: bad grammar OT mind if you guys add the ability to adjust the gmt according to user only?

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