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Xev (2016-08-18 10:36:52)

Inevitable has happened, and Adsense has sent a notice that there has been some sort of copyright infringement, and chapter #561 of Emperor's Domination has been pointed out as an example.

In those cases there are only 5 solutions:

  1. Deleting Emperor's domination and hoping that it was the only thing they had problems with,
  2. Hiding Emperor's domination from eyes of the bot, and hoping that it was the only thing they had problems with,
  3. Switching from Adsense to different ads platform,
  4. Discarding ads platforms and managing them individually,
  5. Deleting all ads and switching to Patreon model, where monthly pledges of donation would be the only source of income keeping the website alive.

If anyone wonders what Google Adsense and ads platform are, then in very short it's middleman between those that want sth advertised, and those that want to earn money for displaying ads. Why is it so good? Mostly because it requires zero effort on my part, and there are absolutely zero of annoying ads for readers, so it's perfect even if revenue from ads is subpar. It's also nice because in case of Adsense it displays ads depending on size of your browser (so it won't break page because of ad).

As for what I have chosen, it's obvious - I have selected second option. But it's temporary solution, since who knows when google will strike back, and it doesn't solve the core of the problem.

The ideal solution for me would be 5th option, even if the current revenue were to drop by 30%, because I myself am not fan of ads. Still, I doubt it's possible, and that's why I will in some days create survey for that purpose.

Not ideal, but most realistic option is the 4th option. I have deeply rooted hatred for annoying ads in my bones, and also I am far too lazy and inexperienced with that type of ads, so with all the cons - I am against that solution, even if the pro is most likely rise in the income.

Still, since it's most realistic option then I would appreciate if someone were to share his experience of how self-managing ads works, and how to efficiently deal with it, so that I am not too abruptly awakened from my utopia, and prepared for that case. If someone wishes to contact me, then My Chat Profile is the best way.

So with all that in mind, it's time for you all to pray.



kyoushunsui (2016-08-27 04:10:03)

How about the next series instead of uploading the whole thing, put a system in place where each chapter needs $1 to unlock or something like that. Instead of reaching a goal and putting the whole one up.

Idk, if you thought of something like that before. dunno.

Oh and yeah nsfw ads are a big no no. it'll push people in a certain direction for sure...


Vanhellsing (2016-08-27 12:01:32)

well most the later chapter from 1396 is incomplete so i think taking ED down is good choice. Well i hope only ED has problem otherwise who knows, not only google but a bigger force might strike.


StaticHD (2016-08-27 16:32:33)

If you look at Kissmanga.com/kissanime.com - you could tell how most of the series they host are all copyrighted material and they are still standing strong. Why not use the advertising methods that they are using. I'm sure it'll be of enlightening help.


forneus_zero (2016-08-27 19:57:06)

when will you add new novel from donation? it seems it reached 100$ goal twice already.


kyoushunsui (2016-08-28 07:50:22)

Yes, please add The Nine Cauldrons before it gets passed in votes. It's been at first place reluctantly for a while now.


Bossun0910 (2016-08-28 08:17:29)

It will be added around the time when the vote expired maybe. And as for that $100 donation, I guess it's for Tempest of Stellar War since it was added directly after that


xD (2016-08-29 12:52:51)

Xev sorry for posting in a wrong place.. But i donno how to reach u..

What happn yo lord xue ying.. There are four releases in raw which r not translated in lnmtl..

If anything is wrong plzz adjust it..


WarHog (2016-08-29 20:26:10)

I don't know if this is the right place to address it. But can someone report Volume 19 on Emperor's Domination? It jumps from CH 1823 --> 1883 in a single chapter. In other words, Chapter 1824 --> 1882 are missing. Thanks in advance.


quarkrj (2016-08-31 07:19:44)

Don't know where else to put a request so i will put it here - King of Gods ... Thanks :)


killerbers (2016-09-05 13:01:00)

whats the jokes with 100points for vote? how many people gona vote this way? it's better to remove this thing...


SomeGuy (2016-09-08 10:36:03)

Could you please add Legend of the Cultivation God to the survey. http://www.novelupdates.com/series/legend-of-the-cultivation-god/


Phoenix.cF (2016-09-10 21:06:50)

Hello! Please add to the survey: Killing Grounds of Gods and Devils (NU rating 4.0/5.0) or My Girlfriend is a Zombie (NU rating 4.6/5.0).


Aardwark (2016-09-12 08:38:27)

Hi, this might be an odd place to post, but Lord Xue Ying chapters have stopped updating. Could it be a problem with the raw source? Piaotian ha contstant updates. Please check.


Chosen (2016-09-19 17:35:23)

Can you please add History’s Number 1 Founder to surveys?!!


Amethyss (2016-09-25 06:42:19)

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