WG :: Volume #5 God Slayer of the World of Magic (魔法界的屠神者)

#1180: Lokey arrives, Dusk favoured

After exercises long time, after having the exercises of enough 10,000 spirit level, Gods both exhausted and excited, gathering together, the complexion is exhausted, but the vision is sparking, indulge in loud and empty talk. 经过多日演习,进行了足足一万遍精神层次的演习后,众神既疲惫又兴奋,汇聚一堂,面色疲惫但目光闪亮,高谈阔论 After Gods rest, Odin middle-aged Incarnation leaves behind Suye alone, complained: You have such good divine spell, why doesn't use early? Your position doppelgänger taking advantage of me, displays this divine spell sequence, I must enter the virtual battlefield with all Nordic Countries Main God, has ten thousand exercises.” 众神休息之后,奥丁的中年化身单独留下苏业,抱怨道:“你有这么好的神术,为什么不早用?把你的中位分身借我,施展这个神术序列,我要和所有北欧主神进入虚拟战场,进行万遍演习。” Helpless Suye said: You think that this virtual battlefield is so simple? To fighting the ordinary God consumption is not big, simulates Godking battle, I use every time one time, needs to consume magnanimous divine power, consumes energy. These 10,000 times, my brain must explode.” 苏业无奈道:“你以为这虚拟战场这么简单?对战普通神灵消耗不大,模拟神王战斗,我每用一次,都需要消耗海量的神力,同时消耗精力。这一万次下来,我脑子都要炸了。” „Do you give do not use to me?” “你到底给不给我用?” Does not give.” “不给。” Really not possibly?” “真没可能?” Must add money.” “得加钱。” Odin white Suye, the hesitant moment, looks up to other Asijiade outer space divine power moon, said: „Do you take several?” 奥丁白了苏业一眼,犹豫片刻,抬头望向阿斯加德太空其他的神力月亮,道:“你要几个?” Un?” “嗯?” You make us use the virtual battlefield, before the final war, my seal divine power moon, gives to you.” “你让我们使用虚拟战场,在最后大战之前,我封印神力月亮,送给你。” Godking god moon/month?” Suye asked unbelievable. 神王神月?”苏业难以置信地问。 Un.” Odin nods. “嗯。”奥丁点点头。 Suye was instead silent. 苏业反而沉默了。 This is like the previous transaction, which buys and sells, this holds simply at the point of death this solitary one. 这和上次交易一样,哪是买卖,这简直是临死托孤。 Silent for a long time, Suye said: Simulation individual War of the Gods, I can also achieve, but simulates finally the war that you want, my strength is insufficient, next, might be inaccurate. both sides are more, is accurately lower.” 沉默许久,苏业道:“模拟个体神战,我还可以做到,但模拟你想要的最终之战,我的力量不够,其次,可能很不准确。双方人数越多,准确越低。” Can borrow my strength.” “可以借用我的力量。” You must give my enough information, can construct a more precise battlefield.” Suye said. “你要给予我足够的信息,才能构建更精确的战场。”苏业道。 Ok!” “可以!” Afterward, with the help of Odin, Suye displays the divine spell sequence: Virtual battlefield. 随后,在奥丁的帮助下,苏业施展神术序列:虚拟战场。 Finally, Suye underestimated the fearfulness of simulating the war of Gods. 结果,苏业低估了模拟众神之战的可怕。 Establishes both sides all Main God or the Godking virtual shape merely, spent day , after Nordic Countries Gods formally enters the virtual battlefield, Suye brain humming sound. 仅仅建立双方所有主神神王的虚拟形态,就花费了一天的时间,等北欧众神正式进入虚拟战场后,苏业脑子嗡嗡的。 Suye has to regard a cultivation this, endures the illness of body, maintains the virtual battlefield unceasingly. 苏业只好把这当成一场修炼,忍受身体的不适,不断维持虚拟战场。 Causes the ill reason, not only the numerous War of the Gods field is too difficult to simulate, because also Suye must absorb lots of battlefield information to form the big data deduction, the information that Nordic Countries Gods supplies is extremely huge, makes a Plato Academy first-grade student read several million books probably simultaneously, the brain has not blasted is lucky. 导致身体不适的原因不只是众神战场太难模拟,还因为苏业要吸收大量的战场信息形成大数据推演,北欧众神提供的信息太过庞大,就好像让一个柏拉图学院的一年级学生同时阅读几百万本书,脑子没炸掉已经算是幸运。 Suye is clenching teeth to support, although now is a little difficult, so long as insists, digests and studies many information, later will repeat the information that will present not to cause the burden. 苏业咬着牙支撑,现在虽然有点难,但只要坚持下去,消化和学习更多的信息,以后重复出现的信息就不会造成负担。 Such after tens of thousands of virtual exercises, Nordic Countries Gods there is no secret in front of oneself. 这样成千上万次的虚拟演习之后,北欧众神自己面前将没有任何秘密可言。 Through information that they supply, makes Gods of Dusk ethnic group also no longer have the secret, so long as and other opposite party Main God and Godking make a move, the learn/study, can understand all of opposite party slightly, other battle ways, battle customs and battle ability details. 通过他们提供的信息,也让黄昏族群的众神也不再有秘密,只要等对方主神神王出手,稍加学习,就能了解对方的一切,无论是战斗方式、战斗习惯、战斗能力还是其他细节。 Suye silently through the virtual battlefield as well as Dusk War of the Gods, builds the Gods capability model. 苏业默默地通过虚拟战场以及黄昏神战,建立众神的能力模型。 Time slowly in the past, Gods fell from the sky unceasingly. 时间慢慢过去,众神不断陨落。 Except that Godking and Main God have not acted, all God of both sides have at least participated in War of the Gods. 除了神王主神没有出手,双方的所有神灵都至少参与过一次神战 As falling from the sky God are getting more and more, even if the Dusk battlefield is unable to eliminate the Gods fear, Gods was more sober, death God reduced one after another. 随着陨落的神灵越来越多,哪怕黄昏战场都无法消除众神的恐惧,众神清醒了许多,死亡的神灵陆续减少。 But, God that every day falls from the sky are still thousands. 但,每天陨落的神灵依然数以千计。 Several months later, most hero soul gods and Valkyrie died in battle, the most Main God guard rolled and Godking guard group died in battle. 几个月后,绝大多数英灵神与女武神战死,大半的主神近卫团与神王近卫团战死。 Numerous Nordic Countries True God fall from the sky. 众多北欧真神陨落。 Nordic Countries God quantity few disadvantages, appear. 北欧神灵数量少的劣势,显现出来。 The balance of victory, starts to lean toward Lokey. 胜利的天秤,开始向洛基倾斜。 In the third month that the Dusk blood tree arrives , the giant dark yellow egg-shaped battlefield edge, a jet black space vortex appears. 黄昏血树降临的第三个月,巨大的昏黄色蛋形战场边缘,一个漆黑的空间漩涡浮现。 Gods looks startled to the Dusk battlefield. 众神愕然望向黄昏战场之外。 The tower of Dusk emerges the space big vortex. 黄昏之塔浮出空间大漩涡。 The tower of that nearly destroyed Dusk, not only complete restore, even is huger, the aura is stronger. 那座近乎被摧毁的黄昏之塔,不仅完全修复,甚至更加庞大,气息更加浓烈。 The Godking aura surrounds the tower of Dusk. 神王的气息环绕黄昏之塔。 The blood that in four tower Giant's eyes, dark gold/metal and interweaves bright red flows. 四尊塔巨人的双眼之中,暗金与鲜红交织的血液流淌。 The blood of Godking, stimulates to movement giant statue. 神王之血,催动巨像 The tower of Dusk crashes in the sardine group to be the same just like a great shark, enters the Dusk battlefield. 黄昏之塔宛如一头巨鲨冲进沙丁鱼群一样,进入黄昏战场。 The sky of tower of entire Dusk, is grow darked by the Dusk color slowly, reappearing silver stars. 整座黄昏之塔的上空,由黄昏色徐徐变黑,浮现一颗又一颗银色星辰。 The tower of Dusk, becomes the starry sky. 黄昏之塔,自成星空。 Observing Gods is dumb as a wooden chicken, this means that only if Odin personally lashes out, otherwise all marvelous sights or the strengths of entire Dusk battlefield, are unable to affect this War divine artifact and above God. 观战的众神呆若木鸡,这意味着,除非奥丁亲自出手攻击,否则整个黄昏战场的所有奇景或力量,都无法影响到这座战争神器和上面的神灵 Even if the Dusk blood tree is not good. 哪怕黄昏血树都不行。 What terrifying divine object did the tower of new Dusk use? 新的黄昏之塔到底动用了什么恐怖的神物? Tower of center Dusk float a giant disc commander's cupola. 黄昏之塔中心悬浮着一个巨大的圆盘指挥塔。 In the disc, impressively is a complete mainland, the diameter several tens of thousands kilometers. 圆盘之中,赫然是一片完整的大陆,直径数万公里。 During the construction, the terrifying aura same fills the air just like the strong winds anger cloud. 建筑之中,恐怖的气息宛如狂风怒云一样弥漫。 By the transparent window, sees inside is arranging dense and numerous God. 透过透明的窗户,看到里面排列着密密麻麻的神灵 Suye is looking at Lokey's behind God unbelievable. 苏业难以置信地望着洛基身后的神灵 Beast god and puppet god, angel god and element god and abyss demon god wait/etc total over 1 million. 兽神、傀儡神、天使神、元素神、深渊魔神等等总数超百万。 Dozens times in nowadays Nordic Countries Gods. 几十倍于现如今的北欧众神 In the tower of Dusk, horrible not only has the quantity. 黄昏之塔中,令人恐怖的不仅仅有数量。 Head length thousand-mile Giant Wolf lies down in whistling rests greatly, the whole body is sending out with Dusk big day exactly the same the light of Dusk, as if the space is even declining, all God evading like the viper, in the thousand li (500 km) does not have any God dare to approach. 一头长达千里的巨狼躺在其中呼呼大睡,周身散发着与黄昏大日一模一样黄昏之光,仿佛连空间都在衰亡,所有神灵避之如蛇蝎,千里之内没有任何神灵敢靠近。 Is more terrorist than Dusk Giant Wolf Lear, is one, even if the plate in occupies the white black spot python of less than half mainland together. 黄昏巨狼芬里尔更恐怖的,是一头哪怕盘在一起都占据小半个大陆的白色黑斑巨蟒。 The head of that python, is similar to a mountain range. 那巨蟒的一个头颅,就如同一片山脉。 This mortal world python, Ye Mengjia. 尘世巨蟒,耶梦加得。 The black spot dark clouds of his whole body seem same, moves in the body surface slowly, is especially strange. 他周身的黑斑仿佛黑云一样,在身体表面徐徐移动,格外诡异。 Two monsters, send out far ultra ordinary to advocate God's Strength, presses up to Godking. 两尊巨物,散发着远超普通神的力量,直逼神王 Lear and Ye Mengjia is Lokey's heir, has the strength of exceeding the father. 芬里尔与耶梦加得是洛基的子嗣,却拥有超越父亲的力量。 Not far away, first more than 100 kilometers black Hell dogs appear that ordinary, but, the aura of body sending out merely compared with the first two weak frontline, as before is near Godking. 不远处,一头一百多公里长的黑色地狱犬就显得那么普通,但是,身上散发的气息仅仅比前两位弱一线,依旧是近神王 These three monsters captured all God's attention, making Gods neglect that million God. 这三头巨物吸引了所有神灵的目光,让众神忽视了那百万神灵 However, some God, even if there are these three monsters, also keeps Gods from neglecting. 但是,还有一些神灵,哪怕有这三尊巨物在,也让众神无法忽视。 Above tall coal thorn throne, profile corroded Lokey main body top of the head golden color crown, even lazy of face, a black-and-white coattails still makes him especially conspicuous. 高大的黑金荆棘王座之上,半边脸被腐蚀的洛基本体头顶金色王冠,即便一脸的慵懒,一身黑白色燕尾服也让他格外惹眼。 By virulently with a sorrowful queen Angle jet black ultra low chest miniskirt that savage is famous, relies on like the docile kitten in Lokey's body. A pair of golden vertical pupil just like the dragon snake, the arm equally long blood tongue rolls up and pushes along gently, is smiling the glance battlefield, overlooks Gods. 以恶毒与凶残著称的悲恸王后安格尔一身漆黑的超低胸超短裙,像温顺的小猫一样倚在洛基的身上。一双金色的竖瞳宛如龙蛇,手臂一样长的血舌轻轻卷动,微笑着扫视战场,俯视众神 In addition, township of Main God and Hogue's various giant beast Main God and fire subordinate Main God and ancient frost Giant Main God wait/etc stood in Lokey's rear area. 除此之外,各种巨兽主神、火之乡主神、尼德霍格的下属主神、古霜巨人主神等等站立在洛基的后方。 The Main God quantity, is Nordic Countries Pantheon over three times! 主神的数量,是北欧神系的三倍以上! Suye is well aware, the sums of their strength, but also is not enough to open starry skies in the Dusk battlefield. 苏业心知肚明,他们的力量之和,还不足以在黄昏战场开辟一片星空。 In the tower of Dusk, is certainly also hiding the strength of true Godking level. 黄昏之塔之中,一定还隐藏着真正神王级的力量。 Sur Turle and Hogue, is one of them? 苏尔特尔与尼德霍格,是不是在其中? Suye understands suddenly Odin why wisdom, actually the choice submits to the destiny. 苏业突然明白奥丁为什么那么智慧,却选择臣服命运。 Even if oneself now facing this terrifying strength, has the thought of retreating. 哪怕自己现在面对这恐怖的力量,也生出撤退的念头。 enemy was too strong. 敌人太强了。 This is only the strength that the Dusk ethnic group displays, who not clear Dusk ethnic group is also hiding what strength. 这只是黄昏族群展现出的力量,谁也不清楚黄昏族群还隐藏着什么力量。 Let alone, behind the Dusk ethnic group also has Greece Godking Zeus. 更何况,黄昏族群背后还有希腊神王宙斯 The despair aura fills the air in Nordic Countries Pantheon sky. 绝望的气息弥漫在北欧神系天空 These only in God that in the Gods nightmare presents, arrives at the reality. 那些只在众神噩梦中出现的神灵,降临现实。 When the tower of Dusk is at close to War divine artifact, four tower Giant move suddenly, two hold War divine artifact respectively. 黄昏之塔靠近战争神器所在,四尊塔巨人突然动起来,两手各抓住一件战争神器 Strange blood golden color rays of light gushes out from the Giant's hand, covers eight War divine artifact. 奇异的血金色光芒巨人的手中涌出,笼罩八件战争神器 Scared proliferation. 恐慌扩散。 Each War divine artifact construction cost, ten times in same rank ordinary divine artifact. 每一件战争神器的造价,都十倍于同位阶普通神器 Gods has not thought that carrying innumerable God's lord War of the Gods to struggle divine artifact sufficiently, was really regarded weapon! 众神从没想过,足以搭载无数神灵的神战神器,真的被当成武器 Meanwhile, the entire Dusk battlefield shakes gently. 与此同时,整座黄昏战场轻轻一震。 An inexplicable aura flies from starry sky depths, moves mountains, sweeps across ten thousand stars. 一种莫名的气息从星空深处飞来,排山倒海,席卷万星。 Gods is panic-stricken, this level strength, they have met. 众神惊骇,这种层次的力量,他们都遇到过。 The infinite plane will guides they enter the place of World Creation the time, is this strength. 无限位面意志引导他们进入创世之地的时候,就是这种力量。 What exactly had? 到底发生了什么? Only then God that a few has participated in large-scale various god Dusk guesses correctly a possibility faintly, simultaneously looks to Lokey. 只有少数参与过大规模诸神黄昏神灵隐隐猜到一个可能,齐齐望向洛基。 The Dusk color meteor falls together, hits in the Lokey forehead, the golden light explodes flashes, the black hair surges, golden ripple spread. 一道黄昏色流星落下,撞在洛基眉心,金光爆闪,黑发激荡,一圈圈金色波纹扩散。 ...... 咔嚓…… The clear and slight sound spreads over trillion li (0.5 km) starry sky. 清脆又细微的声音传遍亿万里星空。 Lokey's forehead increases bottom-up blood-color scabs, the scabs separate to the both sides slowly, squeeze out an amber brown eye, the pupil golden yellow. 洛基的额头增添一个自上而下的血色伤疤,伤疤徐徐向两侧分开,挤出一只琥珀色的眼睛,瞳孔金黄。 In this eye, reflects Dusk battlefield all Nordic Countries God as well as their reinforcements God. 这只眼睛中,倒映黄昏战场所有北欧神灵以及他们的援军神灵 In the eye, all God all do not have the head. 眼睛之中,所有神灵皆无头颅。 Several tens of thousands headless God stand the world in Lokey's eyes. 数万无头神灵站立在洛基眼中的世界。 The eye of Dusk, shines upon various God. 黄昏之眼,映照诸神。 Gods is scared. 众神胆寒。 Lokey grins, separates the greasy long hair, the fingertip circles the edge of eye of Dusk to try to find out, smiles happily. 洛基咧开嘴,分开油腻的长发,指尖绕黄昏之眼的边缘摸索一圈,开心地笑起来。 Smiles half, Lokey smile solidifies, three rotations, the vision across the starry sky, falls on Valhalla plane, falls on Suye body. 笑到一半,洛基笑容凝固,三眼转动,目光穿过星空,落在英灵殿位面上,落在苏业身上 Suye smiles is looking to Lokey, gently nod. 苏业微笑着望向洛基,轻轻点头。 Lokey sighed one lightly, the nod, lowered the head gently later the ponder. 洛基轻叹一声,轻轻点头,随后低头沉思。 Why the eye of own Dusk shines upon various God, doesn't see Suye? 为什么自己的黄昏之眼映照诸神,不见苏业 Side Suye, many lord divinization bodies with amazement. 苏业身边,多位主神化身骇然。 Real didn't expect, Uncle Lokey actually Dusk favoured......” sighed one lightly. “真没想到,洛基叔叔竟然如此得黄昏眷顾……”芙蕾雅轻叹一声。 Enters the battlefield, Dusk adds the body, this should be in history one of the Dusk favoured God. Past World Creation god war, is only this degree.” “直入战场,黄昏加身,这应该是有史以来最得黄昏眷顾神灵之一了。当年的创世神大战,也只是这种程度而已。” Dusk battlefield, too eccentric.” 黄昏战场,太偏心了。” „Very normal, with destroying Lokey's ethnic group compares, destroys the strength of Dusk Nordic Countries entire Pantheon has more, therefore Dusk meets favour Lokey.” “很正常,和毁灭洛基的族群比起来,毁灭北欧整个神系产生的黄昏之力更多,所以黄昏青睐洛基。” We in his eyes, are headless divine bone, what does this mean?” The lord of grey Dwarf asked. “我们在他的眼中,都是无头神骸,这意味着什么?”灰矮人之主问。 Gods is silent. 众神沉默不语。 Suye asked: Lokey's is the eye of Dusk, same as the eye of true Dusk?” 苏业问:“洛基的黄昏之眼,和真正的黄昏之眼一样吗?” Bahamut said: This is the eye of temporary Dusk, is only effective in the Dusk battlefield, luckily is this, otherwise the eye of only Dusk, Lokey can establish a Great Pantheon that compares favorably with Nordic Countries Pantheon. However, even the eye of temporary Dusk, is still much more than we expected.” 巴哈姆特道:“这是临时的黄昏之眼,只在黄昏战场有效,也幸好是这样,不然单凭黄昏之眼,洛基就能建立起一个媲美北欧神系大神系。不过,即便是临时的黄昏之眼,也远远超出我们的预料。”
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