WG :: Volume #5 God Slayer of the World of Magic (魔法界的屠神者)

#1179: Ten thousand law plane

Ten thousand law group cities probably are ten ten thousand Mage Tower, when million Mage Tower ten thousand law can plane become?” Lord of Fire Elementals asked. “万法群城大概是十万法师塔,百万法师塔的万法位面什么时候能成?”火元素之主问。 How do you also worry compared with me? So long as there is sufficient resources, Mage Tower total quantities within 20 years, can definitely achieve 1 million, but the issue is, connects ten ten thousand Mage Tower and connects million Mage Tower, the difficulty is completely different. 350 years, are very not difficult to make million Mage Tower fuse together, become true ten thousand law plane, form the sufficient battle strength.” “你怎么比我还着急?只要有足够的资源,二十年内的法师塔总数量,完全可以达到百万,但问题是,连接十万法师塔和连接百万法师塔,难度完全不一样。没有三五十年,很难让百万法师塔融为一体,成为真正的万法位面,形成足够的战斗力。” Is this...... that makes ten ten thousand law group cities, in can 20 years achieve?” “是这样么……那制造十座万法群城,二十年内能做到吧?” Wants the resources to be enough, my personally acts, makes Wang Dachui act again, does not have any technical difficulty. So long as succeeds in building the first ten thousand law group cities, behind can definitely achieve half assembly line manufacture, is simple.” Suye said. “只要资源足够,我亲自出手,再让王大锤出面,没有任何技术上的难度。只要成功建立第一座万法群城,后面完全可以做到半流水线制作,非常简单。”苏业道。 Lord of Fire Elementals deeply looked at Suye one, said: „The war of Dusk ended, fire Elemental Plane helps you build ten thousand law group cities full power, full power.” 火元素之主深深地看了苏业一眼,道:“黄昏之战结束,火元素位面全力帮助你打造万法群城,全力。” When the time comes do not regret.” Suye said. “到时候你别后悔。”苏业道。 Did not regret.” Lord of Fire Elementals smiles. “绝不后悔。”火元素之主笑起来。 Bahamut hesitation moment, said: In my dragon nest also has the resources that cannot use, remains also remains. After this war, so long as Hogue falls from the sky, I am willing to put out part, subsidizes free of charge to you establishes ten thousand law plane.” 巴哈姆特沉吟片刻,道:“我的龙巢里还有一些用不到的资源,留着也是留着。此战之后,只要尼德霍格陨落,我愿意拿出一部分,无偿资助给你建立万法位面。” That was really thanks two.” Suye said with a smile. “那真是太感谢两位了。”苏业笑道。 But, we must solve various god Dusk now. What view do you have to the Dusk bone river and Dusk blood tree?” Lord of Fire Elementals asked. “不过,我们现在要解决诸神黄昏。你对黄昏骨河与黄昏血树有没有什么看法?”火元素之主问。 Suye thinks, said: And other god Dusk since the end, if possible, I will fish the bone. As for the Dusk blood fleshy fruit, I feared that eats up is influential to me, the interest is not big.” 苏业想了想,道:“等诸神黄昏进入末期,如果有机会的话,我会捞骨。至于黄昏血肉果,我怕吃下对我有影响,兴趣不大。” You do not want to eat, can eats to your servant or World Tree.” Lord of Fire Elementals. “你不想吃,可以给你的仆从或者世界树吃。”火元素之主 You is a little high to my anticipation.” Helpless Suye said. “你对我的期待有点高啊。”苏业无奈道。 „Before Dusk blood fleshy fruit is mature, Sur Turle should not be mature, I with Bahamut, can help you pick one. When the time comes, your oneself eats or leaves your servant, was decided by you. However, I suggested your oneself eats up, strengthens the own life essence.” Lord of Fire Elementals. 黄昏血肉果成熟前,苏尔特尔应该不会成熟,我和巴哈姆特,可以帮你摘一枚。到时候,你自己吃还是留给你的仆从,由你决定。不过,我还是建议你自己吃下,增强自己的生命本质。”火元素之主 My life essence was enough.” The Suye smile said. “我的生命本质足够了。”苏业微笑道。 Lord of Fire Elementals nods, said: We have erected to complete in Asijiade god, then, so long as Sur Turle approaches, we can the short time fetter him. By that time, first seizes his real hot demon sword by the strength of your void. Loses really hot demon sword, Sur Turle will then drop from Godking for near Godking, we then can kill or the seal he.” 火元素之主点点头,道:“我们在阿斯加德的神阵已经架设完成,接下来,只要苏尔特尔靠近,我们就可以短时间束缚他。到那时,凭借你的虚空之力先夺他的真火魔剑。失去真火魔剑,苏尔特尔便会从神王跌落为近神王,我们便可以杀死或封印他。” Suye knits the brows: You neglected an essential place, that is, how to make really hot demon sword leave the hand. I have the means to suppress really hot demon sword, but does not have the confidence to compel Godking to let loose really hot demon sword.” 苏业皱眉道:“你忽视了一个关键的地方,那就是,怎么让真火魔剑离手。我有办法压制真火魔剑,但没信心逼一尊神王放开真火魔剑。” This you do not need to manage, I solve. So long as you remember, when I let you prepare, you are ready, once really hot demon sword to the hand, you uses the most powerful space force, the impediment really hot demon sword and Sur Turle, capture really hot demon sword. Got it?” Lord of Fire Elementals stares at Suye. “这点你不用管,我来解决。你只要记住,当我让你准备的时候,你做好准备,一旦真火魔剑离手,你就动用最强大的空间力量,阻隔真火魔剑与苏尔特尔,夺取真火魔剑。明白了吗?”火元素之主凝视苏业 Got it.” “明白了。” Except for us, other God also possibly covets really hot demon sword, you must be extremely careful, should not be negligent.” “除了我们,其他神灵也可能觊觎真火魔剑,你也要万分小心,不要大意。” Suye nods. 苏业点点头。 Captures really hot demon sword, important, you determined that is ready?” “夺取真火魔剑,至关重要,你确定做好准备?” Suye looks at serious Lord of Fire Elementals, said: Puts with ease, you are so anxious, likely busy makes a mistake. Calm, calm.” 苏业看着一脸严肃的火元素之主,道:“放轻松点,你这么紧张,很可能忙中出错。淡定,淡定。” Lord of Fire Elementals took a deep breath, exhales slowly, squeezes the ugly smile, said: Good, I listen your. However, you must win really hot demon sword, cannot have any accident/surprise, yes?” 火元素之主深吸一口气,徐徐呼出,挤出难看的笑容,道:“好,我听你的。但是,你一定要夺走真火魔剑,不能出任何意外,明白吗?” Is clear, relax. So long as Sur Turle really drops, by my ability, 100 methods is successful.” Suye smiles, even Odin cannot win in Ruins Space World Tree magic staff, let alone Sur Turle. “明白明白,放心吧。只要苏尔特尔真放手,以我的能力,有一百种方法成功。”苏业笑了笑,连奥丁都夺不走废墟空间世界树法杖,更别说苏尔特尔。 Lord of Fire Elementals nods gently, said: Seizes in the sword action, definitely will have many accidents/surprises, you must do, is when really hot demon sword to hand, seizes. As for other matter, do not manage. You must concentrate on seizing the sword, neglects any influence on seize the factor of sword, otherwise, even if really hot demon sword leaving body, Sur Turle also possibly recaptures, got it?” 火元素之主轻轻点头,道:“夺剑行动过程中,必然会发生很多意外,你要做的,就是在真火魔剑离手的时候,夺走。至于别的事情,你不要管。你必须要专注于夺剑,忽视掉任何影响夺剑的因素,否则,哪怕真火魔剑离体,苏尔特尔也可能重新夺回,明白了吗?” Got it, got it, how you talked incessantly.” Suye is resigned-looking. “明白了,明白了,你怎么这么唠叨。”苏业一脸无奈。 Lord of Fire Elementals smiles, said: After all relates the fire Elemental Plane future. Waits to solve Sur Turle, I am then carrying really hot demon sword, helping Bahamut cut Hogue.” 火元素之主笑了笑,道:“毕竟关系火元素位面的未来。等解决苏尔特尔,我便拎着真火魔剑,帮巴哈姆特砍尼德霍格。” This scene thinks a little to be excitedly small.” Suye turns the head to look with a smile to Bahamut asked, what you do have to prepare to Hogue?” “这个场面想想就有点小激动。”苏业笑着转头望向巴哈姆特问,“你对尼德霍格有什么准备?” Bahamut sighed, said: „The latest news showed, the Hogue's strength large scale growth, unsurprisingly, he possibly before final Dusk , to promote Godking. Therefore, my objective changes, was killed him, changes to the heavy losses. So long as causes heavy losses to him, compelling him to recuperate for several thousand years, I can also accept.” 巴哈姆特叹了口气,道:“最新的消息显示,尼德霍格的实力大幅度成长,不出意外,他可能在最终的黄昏之前,就晋升神王。所以,我的目标有所改变,由原本的杀死他,改为重创。只要重创他,逼他休养数千年,我也可以接受。” Heard that Hogue's growth, is related with Zeus.” Suye said. “听说尼德霍格的成长,跟宙斯有关。”苏业道。 In the Bahamut eye flashes through wipes the snow light, said: Zeus was excessive! If Hogue causes the losses that Dragon Race is unable to bear, this tent/account, I in Zeus body!” 巴哈姆特眼中闪过一抹雪光,道:“宙斯过分了!如果尼德霍格造成龙族无法承受的损失,这笔帐,我会记在宙斯身上!” Therefore, you want the generous support I, many gives the resources to money. This Zeus helps Hogue, next time may help Tiamat.” The Suye smile said. “所以,你要多多支持我,多给钱给资源。这次宙斯帮助尼德霍格,下次就可能帮助提亚玛特。”苏业微笑道。 The Bahamut vision is gloomy. 巴哈姆特目光阴沉。 Bahamut and Tiamat, are the absolute mortal enemies, two gods fought for several hundred thousand years. 巴哈姆特与提亚玛特,是绝对的死敌,两神斗了几十万年。 With the aid of Marduk and other Persia God, Bahamut suppresses Tiamat temporarily, but if Zeus creates difficulties, Tiamat likely can again disaster Dragon Race. 借助马尔杜克波斯神灵,巴哈姆特暂时压制住提亚玛特,但如果宙斯从中作梗,提亚玛特很可能会再次祸乱龙族 I have supported you to construct ten thousand law plane.” Bahamut said. “我会一直支持你建造万法位面。”巴哈姆特道。 You are really brilliant Godking, like named some Odin, is not very stingy.” Suye said. “您真是一位睿智的神王,不像某个叫奥丁的,特别抠门。”苏业道。 Gods does not know whether to laugh or cry, here is the Godking galaxy, any mentioned with the Odin related matter, Odin can the sensation. 众神哭笑不得,这里是神王星系,任何提到跟奥丁有关的事,奥丁都可以感知到。 Bahamut sighed, said: „After Hogue is injured, definitely will enter the fog deep pool depths ambush. Even if I am Godking, will enter the fog deep pool also to encounter the fog deep pool beast gods to attack, must defeat with Hogue dogfight without doubt. This is also I gives up killing his reason.” 巴哈姆特叹了口气,道:“尼德霍格受伤后,必然会进入雾渊深处潜伏。哪怕我是神王,进入雾渊也会遭到雾渊兽神袭击,与尼德霍格缠斗必败无疑。这也是我放弃杀死他的原因。” The Lord of Fire Elementals comfort said: This cannot blame you, without God can in the fog deep pool in view of Hogue, even if Zeus.” 火元素之主安慰道:“这不能怪你,没有神灵能在雾渊针对尼德霍格,哪怕宙斯。” You said that Hogue has what ability in the fog deep pool, I very interested.” Suye said. “你们说说尼德霍格在雾渊都有什么能力,我挺有兴趣。”苏业道。 Un?” Gods simultaneously is staring at Suye. “嗯?”众神齐齐盯着苏业 „It is not good!” The Lord of Fire Elementals complexion disgruntled say/way, you cannot the mist deep pool!” “不行!”火元素之主面色不悦道,“你绝不能下雾渊!” My doppelgänger has a look, is not main body goes. You know, although our magician solution fog deep pool beast god, the method of but grasping the dispelling fog.” Suye said. “我的分身去看看,又不是本体去。你们知道,我们魔法师虽然解决不了雾渊兽神,但掌握排开灰雾的手段。”苏业道。 Un, doppelgänger goes but actually.” Lord of Fire Elementals nods. “嗯,分身去倒可以。”火元素之主点点头。 Bahamut looked at Suye, said: I said Hogue in the powerful place of fog deep pool.” 巴哈姆特看了看苏业,道:“那我就说说尼德霍格在雾渊的强大之处。” He, because swallowed too the World Tree root, all was like World Tree in the fog deep pool, has the drainless strength.” “他因为吞噬太多了世界树根,所有在雾渊和世界树一样,拥有不竭之力。” This......” Suye resigned-looking say/way, this means that even if his injury is serious, so long as returns to the fog deep pool, divine power also does meet instantaneous entire full?” “这……”苏业一脸无奈道,“这意味着,哪怕他伤势再重,只要回到雾渊,神力也会瞬间全满?” Bahamut forced smile said: Is this.” 巴哈姆特苦笑道:“就是这样。” Doesn't have the means solution?” Helpless Suye, really must like this, oneself not absolutely need Hogue's idea, all preparation waste. “没有办法解决吗?”苏业无奈了,真要这样,自己根本没必要打尼德霍格的主意,一切准备都白费了。 „Very simple. Who can transport/fortune World Tree, eliminates Hogue's innate skill, his divine power will dissipate directly.” Bahamut said. “很简单。谁能把世界树运过去,剥夺尼德霍格的天赋,他的神力会直接消散。”巴哈姆特道。 Suye is suddenly enlighted saying: „The World Tree root is his sword, is his prison.” 苏业恍然大悟道:“世界树根是他的剑,也是他的囚牢。” Right. However, even if he loses the drainless strength, has to control the fog ability, can make high condensation the fog continue to wrap enemy, such as the maggot attaches the bone, is quite hard to deal with. Said that even if Godking in the fog deep pool with him to the war, will also turn into the blind person in the fog deep pool.” “对。不过,哪怕他失去不竭之力,也拥有控雾能力,能够让高凝聚度的灰雾持续包裹敌人,如蛆附骨,极为难缠。这么说吧,哪怕神王在雾渊跟他对战,在雾渊也会变成瞎子。” Also?” Suye ten elemental body have really not feared this ability. “还有呢?”苏业的十元素体还真不怕这个能力。 Summon fog deep pool beast gods and other abilities, but cannot compare the drainless strength and control fog, is not important. Right, really must say importantly, after that is he promotes the dragon of despair, the strength of toxic will greatly enhance, perhaps will form the despair god territory, this is most terrifying. Even if my dragon flame god territory, will be suppressed by the despair god territory.” “召唤雾渊兽神等一些其他能力,但都比不上不竭之力和控制灰雾,并不怎么重要。哦,对了,真要说重要,那就是他晋升绝望之龙后,剧毒之力会大幅度提高,恐怕会形成绝望神域,这才是最恐怖的。哪怕是我的龙炎神域,也会被绝望神域压制。” Is a powerful Divine Right domain?” “就是一种强大的神权领域吧?” Godking god territory compared with Divine Right domain strong hundred times.” 神王神域比神权领域强百倍。” Suye whispered at heart, several hundred Divine Right domain act together, do not know that can resist the despair god territory. This is own trump card, but also is always useless. Probably insufficiently? That finds the time to offer sacrifices again a wave, has a look to form thousand heavy domains finally. 苏业心里嘀咕,几百个神权领域联手,不知道能不能对抗绝望神域。这可是自己的杀手锏,还从来没用过。好像不够?那找时间再献祭一波,看看最终能不能形成千重领域。 Suye said: We first chat simply, wait for main body to come, we start to deduce the plan, then exercises. Right, Lord of Fire Elementals, you use what means Gensoul Turle person sword to separate.” 苏业道:“我们先简单聊聊,等本体前来,我们开始推演计划,然后演习。对了,火元素之主,你用什么办法让苏尔特尔人剑分离。” Lord of Fire Elementals sighed, said: Fire Elemental Plane inherited treasure, the heart of flame, moreover consumes my ten thousand years of life span, the level drops temporarily, takes several hundred years to be able probably recovery.” 火元素之主叹了口气,道:“火元素位面祖传的宝物,火焰之心,而且消耗我万年寿命,位阶暂时跌落,大概需要几百年才能恢复。” This, are you a little miserable, do not have other means?” “这样啊,那你有点惨,没有别的办法?” This is the minimum price. The exercise time on abbreviation this point, can achieve in any case inevitably. Moreover, really needs to exercise?” “这已经是最低代价。演习时候就省略这一环,反正必然能做到。另外,真需要演习?” Is important! Before handling any important matter, a more sufficient preparation, more can strengthen our mentalities, more can guarantee successfully. Let alone, the full exercise, can find that all fit and unfit quality of player and enemy, further guarantee the success ratio. When my main body arrived, we connect spirit, now in the environment exercises 10,000, then looks for the Odin help to cover, we exercise in the reality again.” “非常重要!做任何重要的事情之前,越充足的准备,越能增强我们的心态,越能保证成功。更何况,充分的演习,可以发现敌我双方的所有优劣,进一步保证成功率。等我本体到了,我们连接精神,现在环境中演习一万遍,然后找奥丁帮忙遮挡,我们再在现实中演习。” 10,000...... are really the lunatics.” Lord of Fire Elementals does not know whether to laugh or cry. “一万遍……真是疯子。”火元素之主哭笑不得。 We drinks while chatted.” Suye waves, sprinkles the god tea and furniture, Gods tea, while chatted. “我们边喝边聊。”苏业一挥手,洒下神茶与桌椅,众神一边饮茶,一边聊天。 Soon, Suye main body arrives, and transfers the 30 th two divine spell sequences: The illusory battlefield, connects Gods spirit, enters exercises. 不多时,苏业本体抵达,并调动第三十二神术序列:虚幻战场,连接众神精神,进入其中演习。 From the beginning, Gods repletes with errors, after 100, Gods starts to be skilled, practices to 1000, Gods is this divine spell shocks, hopes that Suye manufactures divine artifact carrying/sustaining divine spell, they are willing to buy at a high price. 一开始,众神错误百出,一百遍后,众神才开始熟练起来,练习到一千遍,众神为这个神术所震惊,希望苏业制作一件神器承载这个神术,他们愿意高价收购。 Afterward, lord the divinization body to arrive, even including Nordic Countries God and some secret God, joined in view of Sur Turle and Hogue's exercise together. 随后,一个又一个主神化身抵达,甚至包括北欧神灵和一些原本隐秘的神灵,一起加入针对苏尔特尔和尼德霍格的演习。 Including Odin Incarnation. 包括奥丁化身
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