WG :: Volume #5 God Slayer of the World of Magic (魔法界的屠神者)

#1176: Chapter 1174, you a little worship blindly me

So long as can kill Odin in ten years, he is willing to pay this price. Once Odin loses concentration to support for ten years, obtains ninth plane to present , Odin very probably obtains to reverse the Dusk strength. Zeus has to do that.” The main road of grey Dwarf. “只要能在十年内杀死奥丁,他愿意付出这个代价。一旦奥丁分神撑过十年,获得第九次位面馈赠,那么,奥丁很可能获得扭转黄昏的力量。宙斯不得不这么做。”灰矮人之主道。 Suye sighed, said: Sur Turle Garney Hogue, basically is equivalent to two Godking, Wolf of Dusk and this mortal world python adds the Hell great dog again, three near Godking, in addition is also equivalent to Godking together. Three Godking hadn't act together in view of Godking Odin, Zeus felt relieved?” 苏业叹了口气,道:“苏尔特尔加尼德霍格,基本相当于两尊神王,黄昏之狼、尘世巨蟒再加地狱巨犬,三尊近神王,加一起也相当于一尊神王。三神王联手针对一个神王奥丁,宙斯还不放心?” What god is Zeus? Experienced and careful, virulent. In the past Kronos caused heavy losses to Uranus, mainly by the Great Mother Earth Goddess Gaia strength, but Zeus mother may the nothing ability, subvert Kronos Divine Right, completely by a Zeus oneself plan. If Odin can return to the maturity, Zeus does not have the means that but Odin now is too old, the Dusk battlefield arrives, the influence that he comes under is biggest. Let alone, his undying, Nordic Countries new student/life? The most important thing is, he saves to die the heart.” The lord of grey Dwarf lowers the head slightly, is sipping the god ale of white and shiny bubble. 宙斯是什么神?老谋深算,恶毒至极。当年克洛诺斯重创乌拉诺斯,主要是凭借大地母神盖娅的力量,而宙斯的母亲瑞娅可没什么能力,颠覆克洛诺斯神权,完全由宙斯一己策划。奥丁如果能回到壮年,宙斯根本毫无办法,但奥丁现在太老了,黄昏战场降临,他受到的影响最大。更何况,他不死,北欧怎么新生?最重要的是,他存必死之心。”灰矮人之主微微低下头,抿着白花花泡沫的神麦酒。 Yes, he has been striving.” Suye sighed. “是啊,他一直在求死。”苏业叹了口气。 What malicious remarks also spoke my in the back?” “又在背后说我什么坏话呢?” A unharmonious sound interrupts two people dialogues, Odin middle-aged Incarnation sits near the table towering. 一个不和谐的声音打断两人的对话,奥丁的中年化身突兀坐在桌子边。 The lord of grey Dwarf looked at Odin one secretly, discovered that he, relaxes with a smile, advances in front of the wine pot Odin, said grinningly: This is the god ale that I make, you taste.” 矮人之主偷偷看了奥丁一眼,发现他笑吟吟的,松了口气,把酒壶推到奥丁面前,笑嘻嘻道:“这是我酿的神麦酒,你尝尝。” Odin received with a smile, poured one cup, drinks completely. 奥丁笑着接过,倒了一杯,一口饮尽。 Belch...... tasty!” Odin is saying, horizontal the back of the hand dries the corners of the mouth remnant liquor, drinks three cups to put down the wine pot continually. “嗝……好喝!”奥丁说着,横起手背擦干嘴角残酒,连喝三杯才放下酒壶。 Is saying the Zeus matter?” “在说宙斯的事?” Suye nods, said the matter. 苏业点点头,把事情说了一遍。 How do you continue to be Commander Dusk?” Odin asked. “你继续当黄昏指挥官怎么样?”奥丁问。 Suye curls the lip saying: I direct the magician line, directs the Gods words, definitely is inferior to Til. My understanding of numerous divine power quantity, but also insufficiently.” 苏业一撇嘴道:“我指挥魔法师行,指挥众神的话,肯定不如提尔。我对众神力量的理解,还不够。” So many years, how your didn't magician have massive God births?” “这么多年了,你们魔法师怎么还没有大量神灵诞生?” Our magician will be very from the beginning slow, but is very steady, in the future, magician God will be certainly quick and many, still will be very steady.” Suye said. “我们魔法师一开始会很慢,但很稳,在未来,魔法师神灵一定会又快又多,依旧会很稳。”苏业道。 Odin smiles, said: Pitifully.” 奥丁笑了笑,道:“可惜了。” In his eye, flashes through desolately. 他的眼中,闪过落寞。 nothing was a pity that you support for several years, gives us magician to create more opportunities to grow.” The Suye smile said. 没什么可惜的,你多撑几年,给我们魔法师创造更多的机会成长。”苏业微笑道。 Nine years how?” Odin was asking. “九年怎么样?”奥丁微笑着问。 „Can't you support again for several years?” “你就不能再多撑几年?” Difficult.” “难。” „It is not difficult.” Suye said. “一点都不难。”苏业道。 The lord of grey Dwarf lowers the head to drink. 矮人之主低头喝酒。 The Odin smile is pale gradually, is staring at Suye. 奥丁笑容渐淡,盯着苏业 Suye cannot see the manners of two people probably, said: You, so long as runs in front of Lokey, grasps him, shed bitter tears saying that Younger brother, I was unfair to you, was the Elder Brother is wrong. He changes certainly an attitude, not only will not attack you, instead with your act together, helping you cope with Zeus.” 苏业好像看不到两个人的神态,自顾自道:“你只要跑洛基面前,一把抱住他,痛哭流涕说,弟弟,我对不起你,是哥哥错了。他一定回心转意,不仅不会进攻你,反而会跟你联手,帮你对付宙斯。” I come this you not to joke with you!” Odin coldly looks at Suye. “我来这你不是跟你开玩笑的!”奥丁冷冷地看着苏业 I have not spoken the joke to you.” A Suye face is indifferent. “我也没跟你讲笑话。”苏业一脸淡然。 My Odin, does not lower the head.” “我奥丁,绝不低头。” Do not blow, you drilled in the destiny pants crotch.” Suye said. “别吹了,你都钻命运裤裆里了。”苏业道。 Odin took a deep breath, is staring Suye, while drinks, the wine glass emptied, the lord of grey Dwarf hurried on full, Odin drinks again. 奥丁深吸一口气,一边瞪着苏业,一边喝酒,酒杯空了,灰矮人之主急忙满上,奥丁再喝。 Drank enough five big cups, Suye looked at lord of the grey Dwarf. 喝了足足五大杯,苏业看了一眼灰矮人之主。 The lord of grey Dwarf leaves behind the god liquor, said: I must supervise the artisan to forge, first walked!” 矮人之主留下神酒,道:“我还要监督工匠锻造,先走了!” Looks that the lord of grey Dwarf disappears, Suye said: Said that you were dying in any case immediately, said that what your innumerable doppelgänger infinite plane is making to prepare?” 看着灰矮人之主消失,苏业道:“说吧,反正你马上就要死了,说说你那无数分身都在无限位面做了什么准备?” Un?” Odin is looking at Suye vigilantly. “嗯?”奥丁警惕地望着苏业 I glance through various countries to record now frequently, particularly some magic images, so long as is the material of that one-eyed red hair person, I will do everything possible to inquire. Finally I discovered, starts from the human historical record, your doppelgänger in the innumerable plane activities, I did not believe so many years to pass, your doppelgänger had not found to help you pass the Dusk strength.” Suye said. “我现在经常翻阅各国记录,尤其是一些魔法影像,只要是那种独眼红发人的资料,我都会想方设法打探。结果我发现,从人类历史记载开始,你那些分身就在无数位面活动,我不信这么多年过去了,你的分身没有找到帮助你度过黄昏的力量。”苏业道。 Odin deeply looks at the Suye jet black eyes, said: All that my doppelgänger makes, reflect in the mirror of destiny.” 奥丁深深地看着苏业漆黑的双眼,道:“我分身所做的一切,都倒映在命运的镜子中。” Suye knits the brows, will say anything, Odin continues saying: Except for Plato Academy that doppelgänger.” 苏业皱眉,正要说什么,奥丁继续道:“除了柏拉图学院的那个分身。” The Suye small arm keep flat on the table, the body leans forward, asked: What did you discover?” 苏业小臂平放在桌子上,身体前倾,问:“你到底发现了什么?” „A Plato Academy person, the destiny changed.” Odin is staring at Suye. 柏拉图学院的一个人,命运发生了改变。”奥丁盯着苏业 Suye Suye did not say a word. 苏业苏业一言不发。 Do not misunderstand, I mean Euclid.” The Odin tone quite ponders. “别误会,我是说欧几里德。”奥丁的语气颇为玩味。 Suye did not say a word as before. 苏业依旧一言不发。 He should live for a long time, actually passed away early, this is very unusual. Also wanted me to continue?” Odin asked. “他本应该活得更久,却早早去世,这很不寻常。还要我继续说下去吗?”奥丁问。 Said that I want to listen.” Suye said. “说啊,我很想听。”苏业道。 If must say, do not feel embarrassed Aristotle.” Odin is staring at the eyes of Suye. “如果非要说的话,不要为难亚里士多德。”奥丁盯着苏业的双眼。 „Are you earnest?” Suye is cold the face to ask. “你是认真的?”苏业冷着脸问。 Earnest.” “认真的。” Said again.” Suye not salty is not pale responds. “再说吧。”苏业不咸不淡回应。 Odin looked at a Zeus Pantheon direction suddenly, has turned head saying: today, we discussed officially the war of Dusk, said accurately, was the war of later matter Dusk.” 奥丁突然望了一眼宙斯神系的方向,回过头道:“今天,我们正式谈一谈黄昏之战,准确说,是黄昏之战之后的事。” What's wrong, you have determined the result of war of Dusk, therefore discussed after unbearably anxiously ?” Suye asked. “怎么,你已经确定了黄昏之战的结局,所以急不可耐谈以后?”苏业问。 My strength in failure.” Odin tranquil said/tunnel. “我的力量在衰竭。”奥丁平静地道。 Suye opens mouth, anything had not said. 苏业张了张嘴,什么都没说。 „Before the Dusk battlefield arrives, I...... Odin have stopped Sur's daughter, Towle's son Marcom, my son god Valee naturally suddenly, sighed in a soft voice, I also want to make my son, god of Vida forest also leave, but didn't expect, Lokey killed him.” 黄昏战场降临之前,我已经将苏尔的女儿苏娜、托尔的儿子马克姆、我的儿子自然之神瓦利……”奥丁突然停下,轻声一叹道,“我原本还想让我的儿子,森林之神维达也离开,但没想到,洛基杀了他。” I do not know at that time Lokey wants to kill him.” Suye said. “我当时并不知道洛基想杀他。”苏业道。 Regardless of there are you, he will do that. You believe, I can also forgive Lokey now?” Odin asked. “无论有没有你,他都会这么做。你认为,我现在还能原谅洛基吗?”奥丁问。 This must be decided by your oneself, you must ask your oneself, what do you want? You and Lokey swear brotherhood for blood sworn brothers' that time, what elder brother you actually want to become, what younger brother you want.” Suye said. “这要由你自己决定,你要问问你自己,你到底想要什么?你和洛基结拜为血盟兄弟的那个时刻,你到底想当什么样的兄长,你到底想要什么样的弟弟。”苏业道。 Odin had not replied, continues saying: I hope, you can shelter future Nordic Countries Gods.” 奥丁没有回答,继续道:“我希望,你能庇护未来的北欧众神。” God that you said that mostly is the high-rank god, Valee is Main God, do I shelter them with what?” “你说的神灵,大都是上位神,瓦利更是主神,我拿什么庇护他们?” Zeus will not let off them.” 宙斯不会放过他们。” „Do I shelter with what?” “我拿什么庇护?” I believe that you can achieve.” “我相信你可以做到。” Your this Godking, a little worships blindly me.” Suye said. “你这个神王,有点盲目崇拜我。”苏业道。 Odin took a deep breath, said slowly: Their future destinies, I see clearly, only have to stand, when you behind, I am unable to see clearly.” 奥丁深吸一口气,缓缓道:“他们未来的命运,我看得清清楚楚,唯有站在你身后的时候,我无法看清。” Suye is silent, drank several big liquor, said: I do not want to compel Zeus to start to me ahead of time, we have almost 100 years of Peace time.” 苏业沉默着,喝了几大口酒,道:“我不想逼宙斯提前对我下手,我们还有差不多一百年的和平时间。” You can hide them.” “你能隐藏他们。” Receives God Star? Sorry, I am impossible to expose my God Star, only if they deliver the state of mind, becomes my Servant God.” Suye said. “接到神星吗?抱歉,我不可能暴露我的神星,除非他们上交神魂,成为我的从神。”苏业道。 200 years of Servant God how?” “两百年的从神怎么样?” What?” “什么?” 200 years of Servant God, they for 200 years at your service in your God Star, my reward......” “两百年的从神,他们会在你的神星为你服务两百年,以及,我的报酬……” Odin said incomparably mysterious words and expressions, Suye has not understood from the beginning unexpectedly, latter responded instantly that was Na Veung. 奥丁说了一个无比玄妙的词语,苏业一开始竟然没听懂,刹那后才反应过来,那是鲁纳文。 Suye stares the big eye, is looking at Odin unbelievable. 苏业瞪大眼睛,难以置信地望着奥丁 Odin shows the gentle smile, said: This is the reward that you are unable to reject.” 奥丁露出慈祥的微笑,道:“这是你无法拒绝的报酬。” The Suye only sleep/felt has a parched mouth, supported for a long time, sighed: Worthily is Odin.” 苏业只觉口干舌燥,强撑了许久,叹息道:“不愧是奥丁。” My this arranges their several to go to the demon prison city, offers the state of mind, becomes your Servant God 200 years.” “我这就安排他们几个前往魔狱城,献上神魂,成为你的从神两百年。” Suye nods gently. 苏业轻轻点头。 The Odin smile said: Our transactions are closed, as for your main body whether enters the Dusk battlefield, I do not care, I hope that do not come.” 奥丁微笑道:“我们的交易完成,至于你本体是否进入黄昏战场,我并不在乎,我更希望你不要进来。” My main body must come, I have the Dragon Race Godking Bahamut to cooperate with Lord of Fire Elementals, make a move to cope with Sur Turle and Hogue.” “我的本体必须来,我已经与火元素之主还有龙族神王巴哈姆特合作,出手对付苏尔特尔与尼德霍格。” Thank you.” The Odin smile said. “谢谢你。”奥丁微笑道。 Unrequited love, I in view of Sur Ghale and Hogue, have nothing to do with you.” A Suye face is desolate. “自作多情,我针对苏尔格尔和尼德霍格,跟你无关。”苏业一脸冷淡。 „Your Dusk spindle and Dusk page, do not need to use carelessly, best after...... I fall from the sky absorbs the strength of Dusk, that is the strength of richest time Dusk. However, once absorbs the strength of Dusk, once the Dusk battlefield to split open, you want first to escape.” The Odin look is serious. “你的黄昏纺锤与黄昏之页,不用胡乱使用,最好在……我陨落后吸收黄昏之力,那是黄昏之力最浓郁的时候。不过,一旦吸收完黄昏之力,一旦黄昏战场开裂,你要第一时间逃跑。”奥丁神色严肃。 Why?” “为什么?” „The war of large-scale Dusk, likely brings in unknown God. Several hundred thousand years ago brilliance Pantheon fall from the sky, brings in evil Divine Descent to be near, swallows the final Dusk afterglow and entire battlefield, God that some can leave, including many Main God, was swallowed instantaneously.” “大型的黄昏之战,很可能引来未知的神灵。几十万年前的光辉神系陨落,引来邪神降临,吞噬最后的黄昏余晖和整个战场,一些原本能能离开的神灵,包括多位主神,被瞬间吞噬。” That evil god is......” “那个邪神是……” The Odin vision stares, preventing Suye to inquire. 奥丁目光一瞪,阻止苏业询问。 Cannot mention his name, we called his alias generally, dull-witted blood.” “不能提他的名字,我们一般叫他的化名,愚钝之血。” Evil god of Godking level?” 神王级的邪神?” „It is not able the sensation, possibly yes, possibly is above Godking.” Odin sinking sound said. “无法感知,可能是,也可能是神王之上。”奥丁沉声道。 No wonder......” “怪不得……” In brief, infinite plane is hiding the endless secret, we even can induce to a grander strength with existing , various god Dusk end, what regardless has, do not yearn, wants first to leave, yes?” “总之,无限位面隐藏着无尽的秘密,我们甚至能感应到更宏伟的力量与存在,所以,诸神黄昏落幕时,无论发生什么,你都不要留恋,一定要第一时间离开,明白吗?” Understood. How however...... can you tell me to aim at Zeus?” “明白。不过……你能告诉我如何针对宙斯吗?” On the Odin face flashes through wipes the mysterious smile, said: When you need, will have the strength to help you. However, before that I happen to give you things of these year of collections.” 奥丁脸上闪过一抹神秘的笑容,道:“在你需要的时候,会有力量帮助你。不过,在那之前,我正好把这些年收集的东西交给你。” Odin is saying, gives Suye glittering and translucent carving crystal. 奥丁说着,递给苏业一个晶莹剔透的水晶 Inside what does not have at first sight, but Suye felt that contains the terrifying strength. 里面乍一看什么样也没有,但苏业却感到蕴藏着恐怖的力量。 This feeling, oneself has met. 这种感觉,自己遇到过。 In perfectly clear, sensation to similar strength. 在观火的时候,感知到到类似的力量。 At first star?” Suye asked. “最初之星?”苏业问。 Right, five initial stars that inside seal the naked eye cannot be seeing. You remain well, in you make a move before Zeus, gives Apophis this, he likes eating at first star very much. Must make him establish the heavy oath, coordinates you to attack Zeus...... not, Apophis is evil and greedy, he may not make a move to Zeus. Un...... you make him help after the Zeus severe wound, removes Zeus read remnantly, avoided Zeus regaining consciousness.” “对,里面封印着肉眼看不到的五颗最初之星。你留好,在你对宙斯出手之前,把这个交给阿波菲斯,他很喜欢吃最初之星。要让他立下重誓,策应你攻击宙斯……不,阿波菲斯邪恶又贪婪,他可能不会对宙斯出手。嗯……你让他帮忙在宙斯重伤后,除掉宙斯的残念,避免宙斯苏醒。” Your why not does oneself use?” “你为什么不自己用?” Odin shrugs, said: I in the future, have not seen Apophis to act.” 奥丁耸耸肩,道:“我在未来,没看到阿波菲斯出手。” Good.” Suye receives at first star. “好。”苏业收起最初之星。
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