WG :: Volume #5 God Slayer of the World of Magic (魔法界的屠神者)

#1175: Great city wall

The war of dark red shield, shock infinite plane. 深红之盾之战,震惊无限位面 Afterward, the news spreads in Gods one after another. 事后,一个接一个消息在众神之中流传。 Wall of blasting open galaxy, all Divine-Level following Dusk ethnic groups died. 星河之壁炸裂,所有神级以下的黄昏族群全部死亡。 Lokey's beast god Legion and Sur Ghale's fire Giant Legion, Khayra's undead Legion and abyss sorceress Legion and frost of Giant Legion and other Legion devil Legion and sorrowful queen, all death. 洛基的兽神军团、苏尔格尔的火巨人军团、海拉的亡灵军团、深渊的恶魔军团、悲恸王后的女巫军团、霜巨人军团和其他军团,尽数死亡。 Under the ordinary god the Legion death, looked like in Gods is not anything. 普通神下军团死亡,在众神看来不算什么。 Because of following Dusk War of the Gods, Divine-Level is the true main force, under the god Legion is unable to approach the battlefield. 因为接下来的黄昏神战,神级才是真正的主力,神下军团根本无法靠近战场。 The loss is biggest, the tower and the Main God guard Dusk roll and Godking guard group. 损失最大的,还是黄昏之塔和主神近卫团以及神王近卫团。 Various god Dusk have opened, the Dusk battlefield arrives, War of the Gods is ready to be set off, waits for the tower of Dusk to restore, perhaps War of the Gods had finished. 诸神黄昏已经开启,黄昏战场降临,神战一触即发,等黄昏之塔修复,神战恐怕已经结束。 Only if Godking personally makes a move to restore. 除非神王亲自出手修复。 Main God and Godking guard group, is can only with the god who under Divine-Level contends with the strength, but Lokey lost half of many guard groups. 主神神王近卫团,是唯一能与神级抗衡的神下力量,但洛基一方损失了一半多的近卫团。 Guard group not hundred years, is unable to train. 近卫团没有百年的时间,无法重新培养。 Nordic Countries main force Legion has withdrawn, loses in wall of blasting open galaxy are extremely few. 北欧的主力军团早就撤走,在星河之壁炸裂中损失极少。 Disappearance of wall of galaxy, making Nordic Countries God Star turns into a city that does not have the city wall, completely exposes in the outside world field of vision. 星河之壁的消失,让北欧神星系变成一座没有城墙的城市,彻底暴露在外界的视野中。 At this moment, Nordic Countries all God Star migrate to Odin God Star is completely around plane that Asijiade is. 此刻,北欧所有神星全部迁移到奥丁神星即阿斯加德所在的位面周围。 The Nordic Countries God Star department is a giant vortex galaxy. 北欧神星系是一个巨大的漩涡星系。 The most center of vortex galaxy, is Asijiade Godking galaxy. 漩涡星系的最中心,则是阿斯加德神王星系。 A shape strange Solar System. 一种形态奇异的太阳系。 Looks from afar, Asijiade God Star covers by the green forests, the blue sea, the yellow fertile soil and white snow and ice. 远远望去,阿斯加德神星被绿色的森林、蓝色的海洋、黄色的沃土以及白色的冰雪覆盖。 This is not a Sun, but each Godking God Star, will be tacitly approved as is a Sun, imitates, if a Solar System. 这并不是一颗太阳,但每一尊神王神星,都会被默认为是一颗太阳,仿若一处太阳系。 Godking God Star, can the shining trim galaxy. 一颗神王神星,能够照耀整片星系。 Godking God Star sends out unceasingly far exceeds the strength of Sun, nourishes all stars and lives of Godking galaxy. 神王神星不断散发远超太阳的力量,滋养神王星系的所有星辰与生命。 Here, Sun moves around Godking God Star. 在这里,太阳围绕着神王神星旋转。 This huge such as above God Star of Sun, is living the innumerable Odin god people. 这颗巨大如太阳的神星之上,生活着无数奥丁的神民。 After several hundred thousand years of multiplication, here god people total already over 100 billion. 经过几十万年的繁衍,这里的神民总数已经超过千亿。 The gods are privately owned the exceptional superiority, can absorb the Godking Odin strength to grow, therefore, just like all Godking God Star, here Legendary god people many like dog, the false god god people walk everywhere. 神民有着得天独厚的优势,可以吸收神王奥丁的力量成长,因此,和所有的神王神星一样,这里的传奇神民多如狗,伪神神民满地走。 So long as situated in Godking God Star, the level of has god people, will enhance one. 只要位于神王神星,所有神民的位阶,都会提高一层。 This is the God Star easily defensible basic reason. 这是神星易守难攻的根本原因。 However, peculiar circumstance exception. 但是,特殊情况例外。 The Dusk battlefield arrives. 黄昏战场降临。 In the Dusk battlefield, player and enemy not by the asylum of God Star. 黄昏战场之中,敌我双方将不受神星的庇护。 The Nordic Countries God only advantage, can derive the storage from own God Star unceasingly divine power. 北欧神灵唯一的优势,就是可以从自己的神星中不断汲取储存的神力 Outside the Godking star, is floating monster War divine artifact of one after another stars size, constructs most inner layer offensive and defensive force. 神王星外,漂浮着一座座星辰大小的巨物战争神器,构建成最内层攻防力量。 100,000 ten-km enormous long spear/gun gathering same places, stand erect on the long rifle rack, the lance point star light sparkle, the furniture silver light flows, regarding Asijiade revolution, this is famous Heaven spear/gun, builds with the World Tree wreckage and god gold/metal, each long spear/gun, has the terrifying prestige energy of destruction high-rank god. 十万根长达十公里的巨型长枪汇聚一起,屹立在长枪架上,枪尖星光闪耀,枪体银光流淌,围绕着阿斯加德公转,这是著名的天界枪阵,用世界树残骸与神金打造,每一根长枪,都有毁灭上位神的恐怖威能。 3000 black vortex gather in together, composes one group of absolute dark places, this is the dark group whorl, even if Main God is involved, must die without doubt. 三千颗黑色漩涡汇聚在一起,组成一团绝对的黑暗之地,这是黑暗群涡,哪怕主神深陷其中,也必死无疑。 The tower of standing erect outer space thunder, the snow white, dense and numerous blue thunder and lightning flows outside the tower all over the body. 雷霆之塔屹立太空,通体雪白,密密麻麻的蓝色雷电在塔外流淌。 The tower withstand/top the items of ten thunder to revolve slowly, the goal of thunder, the thunder saved for several hundred thousand years, black like dark ink. 塔顶十颗雷霆之目徐徐旋转,雷霆之目的内部,雷霆积蓄了几十万年,黑如浓墨。 Each article War lord divine artifact or high-rank divine artifact is the same just like the satellite, surrounds on Asijiade low earth orbit. 一件件战争神器或上位神器宛如卫星一样,环绕在阿斯加德的近地轨道上。 These War divine artifact outer layers, dozens divine power moon surround Asijiade. 这些战争神器的外层,数十颗神力月亮环绕阿斯加德。 Above divine power moon. The innumerable resources were mined, is producing after the factory that magic transforms innumerably, innumerable Demon Beast are roaring, the innumerable armies are training. 神力月亮之上。无数的资源被开采,无数经过魔法改造的工厂在生产,无数的魔兽在咆哮,无数的大军在训练。 These divine power moon, just like an ultra enormous army storehouse. 这些神力月亮,宛如一座超巨型的军库。 Beside the track of divine power moon, a piece is surrounded Asijiade by the asteroid belt/bring that divine power quenchings innumerably, is reflecting rays of light of Sun, in starry sky splendid. 神力月亮的轨道之外,一片由无数被神力淬炼的小行星带环绕阿斯加德,反射着太阳的光芒,在星空之中熠熠生辉。 From the ground, this piece of asteroid belt/bring just like Asijiade long skirt, tall and pleasing to the eye. 从地面看去,这片小行星带宛如阿斯加德的长裙,美轮美奂。 This piece of asteroid belt/bring, is called great city wall, is powerful War lord divine artifact. Is built by famous great strength frost Giant King, but Nordic Countries Gods is perfidious finally, not only does not pay the reward, but also killed great strength frost Giant King. 这片小行星带,被称为“伟岸城墙”,也是一件强大的战争神器。由著名的巨力霜巨人王打造,但最后北欧众神背信弃义,不仅不支付报酬,还杀了巨力霜巨人王 Outside the great city wall, the entire Asijiade Godking galaxy was surrounded by small big two light balls. 伟岸城墙之外,整个阿斯加德神王星系被一小一大两个光球包围。 The small light ball is the silver, wraps the great city wall, the divine power moon and War divine artifact as well as Asijiade Godking star completely. 小光球呈银色,完全包裹伟岸城墙、神力月亮、战争神器以及阿斯加德神王星。 On translucent guard/shield that this silver rays of light compose, is mounting Nordic Countries all Main God God Star, including Nordic Countries Queen of Gods Fu Lijia's God Star. 这片银色光芒组成的半透明护罩上,镶嵌着北欧所有主神神星,包括北欧神后芙丽嘉的神星 This is the famous Main God wall barrier. 这是著名的主神壁障。 Again outward, in Godking galaxy edge, an ultra-large golden sphere guard/shield surrounding entire Asijiade Godking galaxy. 再往外,在神王星系的边缘,一个超大的金色球形护罩包围整个阿斯加德神王星系。 Covers the entire Solar System like the golden light. 如同金光笼罩整个太阳系。 In the golden wall barrier, is mounting dense and numerous God Star. 金色的壁障之中,镶嵌着密密麻麻的神星 Under Nordic Countries Main God all God Star, mount in the golden wall barrier, becomes one that the golden light wall bonds. 北欧主神之下所有的神星,都镶嵌在金色壁障之中,成为金光壁障的一员。 This is nowadays the Nordic Countries Pantheon first defense line, the Gods wall barrier. 这便是现如今北欧神系的第一道防线,众神壁障。 These God Star majorities are God Star of low-rank god, moreover mostly because of place of conferred the title of God World Creation. 这些神星大部分都是下位神的神星,而且大都因创世之地封神 Is facing the Zeus Pantheon direction, all God Star gather in together, has a plane continually, as if at the same time giant shield. 在面向宙斯神系的方向,所有的神星汇聚在一起,连成一个平面,仿佛一面巨大的盾牌。 Most core is high-rank God Star, inner circle is position God Star, massive low-rank God Star gather in the outer ring. 最核心是上位神星,内圈是中位神星,大量的下位神星汇聚在外圈。 Among all neighboring God Star, was been connected by a rainbow light bridge. 所有相邻的神星之间,都被一条彩虹光桥相连。 At crucial moments, all God main body can gather together, composes God Legion, sends out the attack of destroying heavens and extinguishing earth. 在关键时刻,所有的神灵本体都可以汇聚到一起,组成神灵军团,发出毁天灭地的攻击。 Nordic Countries at this moment, as if changes to a starry sky giant beast, assembles the strength and resources unceasingly, transforms to strengthen the Pantheon strength. 此刻的北欧,仿佛化作一头星空巨兽,不断调集力量与资源,转换成增强神系的力量。 Almost every Nordic Countries God is ready that must die. 几乎每个北欧神灵都做好必死的准备。 Dusk arrives, soulless eternal life. 黄昏降临,无神永生。 On this day, they waited is too long. 这一天,他们等了太久。 Since Odin said saw Nordic Countries Dusk the time, entire Pantheon is preparing for this reason. 自从奥丁说出看到北欧黄昏的时候,整个神系都在为此准备。 Now, the Nordic Countries Pantheon muscle ballooning, the mail-armor and helmet is sparking, the long sword is sharp. 现在,北欧神系肌肉鼓胀,甲胄闪亮,长剑锋利。 Aims at the remote starry sky. 指向遥远的星空。 Innumerable God main body stand on own God Star, looks to the same direction, the direction of Dusk ethnic group, static waiting. 无数的神灵本体站在自己的神星上,望向同一个方向,黄昏族群的方向,静静等待。 Valhalla god moon/month. 英灵殿神月。 This is a divine power moon that is surrounding Asijiade Godking star, entire enormous plane, is called Valhalla. 这是一颗环绕着阿斯加德神王星的神力月亮,整个巨型位面,都被称为英灵殿 In several hundred thousand years, Zeus and Gods select the outstanding hero soul in Mortal World unceasingly, receives and instructs Valhalla. 在几十万年中,宙斯众神不断在人间选拔优秀的英灵,接引到英灵殿 The Valhalla god moon/month has developed a huge battle world, above the divine power moon, hero soul undying, the eternal life does not extinguish. 英灵殿神月已经发展成一个庞大的战斗型世界,在神力月亮之上,英灵不死,永生不灭。 Some most outstanding hero soul warrior, even was granted the strength by Odin , to promote hero soul god. 最优秀的部分英灵战士,甚至被奥丁赐予力量,晋升英灵神。 These hero soul gods are unable to grasp Strength of Belief, is unable to have the god people, is unable to have Divine Right and other strengths. 这些英灵神无法掌握信仰之力,无法拥有神民,无法拥有神权等各种力量。 However, they entire life in battle, battle ability strong far ultra imagination. 但是,他们一生都在战斗,战斗能力之强远超想象。 They can easily kill ordinary God with god position. 他们能够轻易杀死同神位的普通神灵 The war of previous half red shield, Valhalla only sent out the ordinary hero soul. 之前的半红之盾之战,英灵殿只派出了普通英灵。 But hero soul guard group, as well as renowned hero soul god health/guard round/ball, when Asijiade comes across the crisis, will send out. 而英灵近卫团,以及著名的英灵神卫团,只有在阿斯加德遇到危机的时候,才会出动。 Now, lots of outside world reinforcements gather at Valhalla plane. 现在,大量的外界援军聚集在英灵殿位面 The militant reinforcements are comparing notes with the hero souls. 好战的援军正在跟英灵们切磋。 More reinforcements enter this mainland various leading a life of comfort places, wants before to relax at the point of death thoroughly. 更多的援军进入这片大陆各种享乐的地方,希望在临死前彻底放松。 The Godking conference has not convened, Suye doppelgänger and magic Legion is stationed in Valhalla together, waits for the final order. 神王会议还没有召开,苏业分身魔法军团一起驻扎在英灵殿,等待最后的命令。 Suye throws away with great difficulty is entangling own all day, rushes to a tavern, with old friend grey Dwarf main Incarnation drinks, while spoke freely. 苏业好不容易甩脱整天缠着自己的芙蕾雅,跑到一个酒馆,跟老朋友灰矮人之主的化身一边喝酒,一边畅谈。 Two people obviously in lively tavern, but two people by the invisible cover isolation, nearby all hero souls do not seem to see two people probably, eats and drinks extravagantly as before, loud shouting. 两个人明明在热闹的酒馆之中,但两人好像被无形的罩子隔绝,附近的所有英灵好像没看到两个人,依旧大吃大喝,大声叫嚷。 The lord of grey Dwarf heaved a sigh: I was really initially blind, the choice turns to Nordic Countries Pantheon, can only also migrate here own God Star. Unsurprisingly, I could not escape. You are not Nordic Countries God, the Dusk battlefield excessively will not fetter you, you find the opportunity to escape.” 矮人之主唉声叹气道:“我当初真是瞎了眼,选择投靠北欧神系,只能把自己的神星也迁移到这里。不出意外,我是逃不掉了。你不是北欧神灵,黄昏战场不会过多束缚你,你还是找机会逃掉吧。” „Is this you moves the most outstanding grey Dwarf artisan to the reason of demon prison city?” Suye asked. “这就是你把最优秀的灰矮人工匠迁徙到魔狱城的原因?”苏业问。 The lord of grey Dwarf smiles awkwardly, said: Inside has my illegitimate child, several. You give me a face, does not need to look after specially, at least makes them go on living, has some children , to continue my bloodlines.” 矮人之主尴尬一笑,道:“里面有我的私生子,好几个。你给我一个面子,不用特别照顾,至少让他们活下去,多生一些孩子,延续我的血脉。” „The previous taking a bath that account, I have not calculated with you.” Suye swept his one eyes careless, takes up the wine glass to drink. “上次洗完澡的那笔账,我还没跟你算。”苏业漫不经心扫了他一眼,拿起酒杯饮下。 The lord of grey Dwarf gawked, drank alcohol to drown one's sorrows, said: This time, your main body do not enter the Dusk battlefield.” 矮人之主愣了一下,喝了一口闷酒,道:“这次,你本体就别进黄昏战场了。” You determined that Odin does certainly fall from the sky?” “你确定奥丁一定陨落?” „His heart of suiciding is urgent, let alone, I obtain the news, Zeus will begin to restore the tower of Dusk . Moreover, likely dispatches Incarnation in view of Odin.” The lord of grey Dwarf said in a low voice. “他的寻死之心非常迫切,更何况,我已经得到消息,宙斯会动手修复黄昏之塔,而且,很可能派遣化身针对奥丁。”灰矮人之主低声道。 Calculates that your conscience, has not a little concealed this matter. However, Zeus because a while ago the death and the Goddess of Destiny Hermes matter air/Qi spits blood, now is also willing to restore the tower of Dusk?” “算你有点良心,没有隐瞒这件事。不过,宙斯前一阵因为赫尔墨斯之死和命运女神的事气吐血,现在还愿意修复黄昏之塔?” Does not have the means that if not restore the tower of Dusk, Dusk Legion will be passive, can't Zeus send Titan games star?” “没办法,如果不修复黄昏之塔,黄昏军团会非常被动,宙斯总不能派泰坦星吧?” „Is Titan games star so really strong?” Suye asked. 泰坦星真的那么强?”苏业问。 The principal point of grey Dwarf nods, said: In infinite plane, strongest War divine artifact, is Egypt Solar Ship, true World Creation divine artifact, next, was Titan games star. After all, that thing gathered the innumerable Titan skeleton and Kronos God Star builds, although also lord divine artifact War divine artifact, but was regarded Godking divine artifact actually. This thing, is nearly invincible in War of the Gods, when two Godking fight, the role is not specially big, is equivalent to a shield at most.” 矮人之主点点头,道:“无限位面之中,最强的战争神器,就是埃及太阳船,真正的创世神器,其次,就是泰坦星了。毕竟,那东西是汇聚了无数的泰坦尸骨和克洛诺斯神星打造,虽然也是主神器战争神器,但实际被当成神王神器。这东西,在神战中近乎无敌,不过,在两位神王交手的时候,作用不是特别大,顶多相当于一件盾牌而已。” „The tower of Dusk damages is very serious, the Zeus restore, can only use the blood of Godking. Does he give up?” 黄昏之塔破损很严重,宙斯修复,只能动用神王之血。他舍得?” He has Wuluo Nourse's divine blood, imprisons his father Kronos time, draws blood a lot, the blood of his Godking are many. This time, Lokey turns misfortune into a blessing, by blood of restore Godking the tower of Dusk, will be been only stronger.” “他有乌洛诺斯的神血,囚禁他老爸克洛诺斯的时候,也没少抽血,他的神王之血很多。这次,洛基是因祸得福,被神王之血修复的黄昏之塔,只会更强。” Zeus, once personally makes a move to restore, the injury may drag for dozens years to be able recovery.” 宙斯一旦亲自出手修复,伤势可能还要拖几十年才能恢复。”
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