WG :: Volume #5 God Slayer of the World of Magic (魔法界的屠神者)

#1173: Frost Giant Legion

The action of Dusk Legion, went beyond everyone's expectation. 黄昏军团的行动,超出了所有人的预料。 Even if most radical Suye, thinks the opposite party gives at most for a month. 哪怕最激进的苏业,也认为对方至多给一个月的时间。 In presented for the eighth time passed half a month merely, the abyss devil army arrived in the dark red shield. 在第八次馈赠仅仅过了半个月,深渊恶魔大军抵达深红之盾。 Dense and numerous abyss giant beasts float above starry sky, emits the bunch of blood-color light balls, pounds on the dark red shield, blows out tens of thousands of white lights every seconds. 密密麻麻的深渊巨兽悬浮在星空之上,喷吐一团团血色光球,砸在深红之盾上,每一秒都爆出成千上万白光。 The innumerable abyss devils descend to node plane, called the charge to slaughter. 无数深渊恶魔降落到节点位面,嗷嗷叫着冲锋厮杀。 Third day, the Hell Gods symbol dispatches Hell Devil, prevents the abyss devil, but the total is less than 1% of devil. 第三天,地狱众神象征性派遣地狱魔鬼,阻挡深渊恶魔,但总数不到恶魔的百分之一。 The pressure of dark red shield, increases suddenly. 深红之盾的压力,骤然增大。 Expressed that the plane diagrams of various node plane degrees of hazard have been the pink, has not returned to the green again. 表示各节点位面危险程度的柱形图一直呈浅红色,再也没有回到绿色。 The Suye Gods classroom stops suddenly, the entire command hall falls into the busy direction and anxious discussion. 苏业众神课堂戛然而止,整个指挥大厅都陷入忙碌的指挥与急切的讨论中。 The abyss is more powerful than Nordic Countries, the quantity of abyss devil, thousand times of ten thousand times in Nordic Countries warrior. 深渊比北欧还强大,深渊恶魔的数量,千倍万倍于北欧战士 If not the abyss is unable to unify, various plane operate independently, abyss already series infinite plane. 若非深渊无法统一,各层位面各自为战,深渊早就一统无限位面 „It is not good, gets down, the enemy side does not need the tower of Dusk, can break through the dark red shield! Most mostly month!” Til complexion is gloomy. “不行,这么下去,敌方不需要黄昏之塔,就能攻破深红之盾!最多半个月!”提尔面色阴沉。 Yes, the abyss devil took to our pressure on be too big. This fellows have experienced the bloody battle battlefield, by the battle experience, far superegos Nordic Countries, let alone magician.” “是啊,深渊恶魔带给我们的压力太大了。这帮家伙都经历过血战战场,论战斗经验,远超我们北欧,更别说魔法师。” No, magician has the simulation illusion strength, so long as the experience actual combat, the battle experience will progress by leaps and bounds slightly, battle experiences of these year of entering the war magician, not weakly in devil.” Suye said. “不,魔法师有模拟幻境力量,只要稍稍经历实战,战斗经验就会突飞猛进,这些年参战的魔法师战斗经验,不会弱于恶魔。”苏业道。 magic Legion, is a little few.” Til said, turns the head to look to the distant place. 魔法军团,有点少。”提尔说完,转头望向远方。 Gods gawked, suddenly stops, looks at Suye, looks at Til, the line of sight unceasingly back and forth between two gods. 众神愣了一下,一时间都停下,看一看苏业,看一看提尔,视线不断来回于两神之间。 Since Suye expressed on that day after withdrawing magic Legion momentarily, two people's relations reach the impass. 自从那天苏业表示随时撤走魔法军团后,两个人的关系就陷入僵局。 Til was complaining more than once in private Odin tolerates Suye. 提尔不止一次在私下抱怨奥丁太纵容苏业 Now, was Nordic Countries God of War Til speaks these words, the intention was extremely obvious. 现在,身为北欧战神的提尔说这句话,用意太过明显。 God of thunder Towle throws the hammer to play, while observes two gods, light cough, said: Teacher Su, or do you additionally appoint to select magician and float the empty city? If you double, no no no, only needs to increase 20%, can hit the abyss devil unable to find north. You and magician were good, I want to transfer the duty to become thunder attribute magician now.” 雷神托尔一边抛着锤子玩,一边观察两神,轻一声,道:“苏老师,要不您加派点魔法师和浮空城?您要是增加一倍,不不不,只需要增加20%,就能打得深渊恶魔找不到北。您和魔法师太牛了,我现在都想转职成雷系魔法师。” Gods does not know whether to laugh or cry, present situation really dangerous to the extreme, otherwise being insufficient makes tall Towle watch a person's every mood, pats Suye flattery. 众神哭笑不得,现在的情况实在危险到了极点,否则不至于让五大三粗的托尔察言观色,拍苏业马屁 Although Towle Bitir is hot tempered, but the manner is frank, in barbaric Nordic Countries Pantheon, is half good person, the personal connection has been good. 托尔虽然比提尔还暴躁一点,但为人爽朗耿直,在野蛮的北欧神系,已经算是半个好人,人缘一直不错。 Suye shakes the head, said: I have deduced, magician that at present can transfer, is my limit. If assembles many magician, will then affect the production and magic research of demon prison city.” 苏业摇摇头,道:“我推演过,目前所能调动的魔法师,是我的极限。如果调集更多的魔法师,则会影响魔狱城的生产和魔法研究。” Is the wall of galaxy is important, is that money is important?” Til asked. “是星河之壁重要,还是那点钱重要?”提尔问。 Gods holds one's breath to collect the sound, the heart jumps crazily. 众神屏气敛声,心脏狂跳。 Short time looked, naturally is the wall of galaxy is important. But for a long time looked, the sustainable growth of World of Magic is important.” “短时间看,当然是星河之壁重要。但长时间看,魔法界的可持续成长重要。” Is the war of Dusk is important, is these 1-2 years of World of Magic growth is important?” “是黄昏之战重要,还是这1-2的魔法界成长重要?” Answer with on.” Suye indifferently said. “答案同上。”苏业淡然道 Til took a deep breath, is staring at Suye, said slowly: Suye, we really need you.” 提尔深吸一口气,盯着苏业,缓缓道:“苏业,我们很需要你。” Nordic Countries Gods calmly is looking at Suye. 北欧众神静静地望着苏业 Suye takes a fast look around Gods, finally is also staring at Til's eyes, said: But magician needs me.” 苏业扫视众神,最后同样盯着提尔的双眼,道:“但魔法师更需要我。” You have certainly the preparation strength, this point, we were clear.” Dirda. “你一定还有预备力量,这一点,我们都清楚。”提尔道。 Suye said: Has, but requires the time.” 苏业道:“是有,但需要时间。” „, Defends the wall of galaxy, is winning the time for you.” “那么,守住星河之壁,就在为你争取时间。” Nordic Countries can look for other reinforcements.” Suye said. 北欧可以寻找其他援军。”苏业道。 Does not have God to let War that the letter/believes people help one probably lose.” “没有神灵会让信民帮助一场必输的战争。” Since must lose, what you also hit, what also looks for magician to make?” Suye asked back. “既然必输,你还打什么,还找更多魔法师做什么?”苏业反问。 Til coldly looks at Suye. 提尔冷冷看着苏业 Now, I, Suye, present all God by the commander-in-chief various God name order, immediately dispatches doppelgänger, goes to various infinite plane places, seeks with God that you are on good terms, the request aid. Remember, visits each God! Regardless how you think, regardless of this whether harms and your self-respect. Moreover, you must deliver the visiting list, requests reinforcements ineffective, punishes mercilessly! Negativity, cuts Incarnation! Disobeys orders the non- follower, cuts main body! Now, immediately goes!” “现在,我,苏业,以诸神总指挥官的名义命令在场所有神灵,马上派遣分身,前往无限位面各处,寻找与你们交好的神灵,请求援助。记住,是拜访每一个神灵!无论你们心里怎么想,无论这是否伤及你们的自尊。另外,你们要上交拜访名单,求援不力者,严惩不贷!消极者,斩化身!违令不从者,斩本体!现在,马上去!” Compliant!” “遵命!” Most God Incarnation or main body leave in abundance, finally, the command hall only remains God Incarnation that a few participates in the direction. 大多数神灵化身本体纷纷离开,最终,指挥大厅只剩少数参与指挥的神灵化身 Next day, the first group of reinforcements have not arrived, an earth-shaking news spreads over infinite plane. 第二天,第一批援军还未到,一个石破天惊的消息传遍无限位面 The innumerable God strengths arrive outside half red shield, is looking at new Legion of Dusk ethnic group with amazement. 无数的神灵力量降临在半红之盾外,骇然望着黄昏族群的新军团 Frost Giant Legion. 巨人军团 Giant clan that the ancient frost Giant's descendant ethnic group, is equivalent to the Greece Titan descendant. 古霜巨人的后裔族群,相当于希腊泰坦后裔的巨人族。 These whole bodies by white hair Giant that covers frost, arrives to No. 1 plane. 这些全身被冰霜覆盖的白毛巨人,降临到一号位面 In the command hall, Suye and Nordic Countries Gods is cloudy the face to watch No. 1 plane magic light screen. 指挥大厅中,苏业北欧众神阴着脸观看一号位面魔法光幕。 These frequently dozens meters high Giant, just like mountain of one after another crazy charge, regardless of Nordic Countries Legion uses what tactic, in the face of absolute strength, collapse at first blow. 这些动辄几十米高的巨人,宛如一座座疯狂冲锋的大山,无论北欧军团使用什么战术,在绝对的实力面前,都不堪一击 Shield warrior that these powerful Berserker, these fierce do not fear, these fierce Demon Beast, these firm puppets, in front of frost Giant just like clay sculpture woodcarving. 那些强大的狂战士,那些悍不畏死的盾战士,那些凶猛的魔兽,那些坚固的傀儡,在霜巨人面前宛如泥塑木雕。 Frost Giant has the strong magic protection capability, is adding on assisting of Giant sorcerer, even if in large number of magic artillery at present, is fearless. 巨人本身拥有强大的魔法防护能力,在加上巨人巫师的相助,哪怕在大量魔法炮的目前,也无所畏惧。 In the battlefield of half red shield, welcomed most fearful enemy. 半红之盾的战场上,迎来最可怕的敌人 Various Suye long-term usage tactics, but is unable to make very good progress. 苏业连续使用各种战术,但都无法取得很好的效果。 The god of productivity said suddenly: Teacher Su, you tries to find the solution quickly. My another Incarnation is seeking help in chaos Pantheon the god of planter, finally he said that so long as we can defeat frost Giant, he sends the reinforcements. If could not defeat, he sent the reinforcements is also useless.” 丰饶之神突然道:“苏老师,你快想想办法。我的另一个化身正在混乱神系的种植之神求助,结果他说,只要我们能战胜霜巨人,他就派援兵。如果战胜不了,他派来援兵也没用。” „The Impact strength that frost Giant brings was too strong, after all, their body within the body are flowing the ancient frost Giant's bloodlines, true God descendant.” “霜巨人带来的冲击力太强了,毕竟,他们身体内流淌着古霜巨人的血脉,真正的神灵后裔。” „Haven't you prepared to additionally appoint to float spatially become?” Til coldly asked. “你还不准备加派浮空成吗?”提尔冷冷问。 Suye thinks, said: High Rank mage attacks.” 苏业想了想,道:“高阶法师出击。” Before then, all high rank magician place oneself in floating the empty city or magic great shipboard, does not have personally to act. 在此之前,所有的高阶魔法师都置身于浮空城上或魔法巨舰上,并没有亲自出手。 Sky over No. 1 plane main city, magician of whole body glow sparkle floats in the midair, according to whole city is brightly lit. 一号位面的主城上空,一个个全身辉光闪耀的魔法师漂浮在半空,照得满城通明。 Does not need the Suye direction, Legendary and Hero even Grandmaster Demi-God makes the exchange slightly, then displays magic spell that oneself excel at respectively. 不需要苏业指挥,传奇英雄甚至半神大师们稍作交流,便各自施展自身擅长的法术 Without the destroying heavens and extinguishing earth strength, does not have brilliant rays of light, seems like that very common magic falls above the battlefield one after another. 没有毁天灭地的力量,也没有绚烂的光芒,一个个看似很寻常的魔法陆续落在战场之上。 Some magic rays of light change to dense and numerous mire Giant, can be victorious frost Giant, but was not killed by frost Giant easily, can rely on the powerful mire strength, delays the frost Giant's action effectively. 有的魔法光芒化作密密麻麻的泥沼巨人,打不过霜巨人,但也不容易被霜巨人打死,偏偏又能凭借强大的泥沼力量,有效延缓霜巨人的行动。 Transformation of some magic rays of light in the battlefield are the dense and numerous demon vines, does not kill people, but pesters unceasingly, stirs up frost Giant to fly into a rage. 有的魔法光芒在战场上转化为密密麻麻的魔藤,也不杀人,只是不断纠缠,惹得霜巨人暴跳如雷。 Sometimes, piece of black Guangpiao, big sheet frost Giant has vanished does not see, by banish to starry sky depths, was taken many days to return completely. 有时候,一片乌光飘过,一大片霜巨人消失不见,全部被流放到星空深处,需要很多天才能返回。 rays of light of plane labyrinth falls, looks from afar, massive frost Giant were stranded in same place takes a walk carelessly, even if goes all out to attack, is unable to decode Illusion Spell. 位面迷宫的光芒落下,远远望去,大量的霜巨人被困在原地胡乱走动,哪怕拼命攻击,也无法破解幻术 The red light of heart of slaughtering flashes through, rear frost Giant goes crazy to be the same suddenly, suddenly the sneak attack front teammate, provodes the frost Giant chaos. 杀戮之心的红光闪过,后方的霜巨人突然发了疯一样,突然偷袭前方的队友,引发霜巨人大乱。 Non- directly injure magic to proliferate in the battlefield, this is magic spell that the magic artillery is unable to form, with the ingenious coordination, plays compared with any kills a magic more terrifying effect. 一道道非直接伤害魔法在战场扩散,这是都是魔法炮无法形成的法术,在巧妙的配合下,起到远比任何杀伤魔法更恐怖的效果。 battle a day, frost Giant Legion left behind a lot of skeletons finally, helpless retreats. 足足战斗了一天,霜巨人军团终于留下大量的尸骸,无奈撤退。 In front of flexible Legendary magician, without frost Giant of brain, even if are many, is not the opponent. 在战术多变的传奇魔法师面前,没脑子的霜巨人哪怕再多,也不是对手。 Next day, frost Giant Legion attacks again. 第二天,霜巨人军团再度进攻。 This time, they follow behind lots of undead sorcerer and flame scattering. 这一次,他们身后跟着大量的亡灵巫师和火焰驱散者。 High Rank Magicians smiles , to continue battle. 高阶魔法师们只是笑了笑,继续战斗 Had undead mage and joining of flame scattering, high rank Magicians is blocked everywhere, was more difficult than yesterday. 有了亡灵法师和火焰驱散者的加入,高阶魔法师们处处受阻,远比昨天更艰难。 Even so, Magicians can control the situation as before. 但即便如此,魔法师们依旧能掌控局势。 Saw that the situation stabilizes gradually, Nordic Countries Gods relaxes. 看到局势渐渐稳定,北欧众神松了口气。 The great strength of magician, making Gods be reassured, some outside was the reinforcements that God sent arrives one after another. 魔法师的强大,让众神吃了定心丸,一些外系神灵派遣的援军陆续抵达。 slowly, half red shield stabilizes unexpectedly again, whatever Dusk Legion startled big wave strikes, I from standing one's ground steadfastly. 慢慢地,半红之盾竟然再一次稳定下来,任凭黄昏军团惊涛拍击,我自岿然不动。 Also after several days, sad sorceress in groups drives away is taking care of their beast groups, arrives in the battlefield. 又过了几天,成群结队的悲伤女巫驱赶着服侍她们的兽群,抵达战场。 Lokey's sweetheart, the sorceress army corps of sorrowful queen, join the battlefield. 洛基的情人,悲恸王后的女巫兵团,加入战场。 When the beast group conducts special activity casting with the sad sorceress after the battlefield, the stimulated Demon Beast group build was inflated, changes to the crazy giant beast, enters the battlefield. 当兽群与悲伤女巫在战场上进行一幕特别的活动施法后,受到刺激的魔兽群体形膨胀,化作疯狂巨兽,杀入战场。 The Impact strength of these crazy giant beast short time above frost Giant, the Nordic Countries Legion defense line were even still broken through repeatedly. 这些疯狂巨兽短时间的冲击力甚至还在霜巨人之上,北欧军团的防线屡屡被突破。 Even, these sad sorceresses one after another after frost Giant moves casting, if even frost Giant also shape insanity. 甚至于,这些悲伤女巫陆续与霜巨人活动施法之后,连霜巨人也状若疯魔。 Suddenly, continually high rank Magicians also helpless. 一时间,连高阶魔法师们无能为力 Finally, high rank magician has to use the final strength, assumes respective Mage Tower, uses the Mage Tower increase, can arrive at obstruct sorceress Legion Impact. 最终,高阶魔法师不得不动用最后的力量,坐镇各自的法师塔,利用法师塔的增幅,才能抵挡住女巫军团冲击 On massive node plane, both sides slaughter unceasingly, everywhere skeleton, everywhere stench, death and terrifying aura billowing surges. 大量的节点位面上,双方不断厮杀,遍地尸骸,漫天腥臭,死亡与恐怖的气息滚滚翻腾。 The color of fog of Dusk, deepened one. 黄昏之雾的颜色,又加深了一层。 On behalf of the plane diagram of plane node situation, again the comprehensive transformation for the red, mostly and dark red between passes in the red back and forth. 代表位面节点形势的柱形图,再度全面转化为红色,大部分在红色与深红之间来回流转。 The bearing capacity of half red shield, is the upper limit. 半红之盾的承受能力,达到上限。 The battlefield is pinching the hair silk tug-of-war like two Titan Giant, is possibly cut off momentarily. 战场就像两尊泰坦巨人捏着头发丝拔河,随时可能断掉。 Outside half red shield, more and more Dusk ethnic groups arrive. 半红之盾外,越来越多的黄昏族群抵达。 The Dusk ethnic group is very powerful, but the Nordic Countries ethnic group is competitive. 黄昏族群很强大,但北欧族群韧性十足。 Until presented for the eighth time over the past month, even if many node plane were seized unceasingly is recaptured unceasingly, half red shield has not collapsed. 直到第八次馈赠过去一个月,哪怕许多节点位面不断被占领又不断被夺回,半红之盾始终没有崩溃。 Command hall. 指挥大厅。 „A month......” god of thunder Towle's Incarnation muttered. “一个月了……”雷神托尔的化身喃喃自语。 Gods is looking at the outer space, 1000 node plane just like the twinkle gem mounting that 1000 colors vary in the starry sky, the strength of eruption interweaves the red hemisphere shape enormous light shield. 众神望着太空,1000个节点位面宛如1000个颜色各异的闪烁宝石镶嵌在星空中,喷发的力量交织成红色的半球状巨型光盾。
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